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Dear sureshbabu, Your Psyche or Nature Number is - 1
You are essentially a sports person in your life. You should avoid being boastful in life. You will progress in any field of work that you venture into. You care a lot about your image and social status. You are fond of luxuries and like to lead a lavish life. You usually desire to be the head of a project and be the best in your profession so that the people respect you. You should not criticize other people. You do not like anybody ordering or commanding you. You will lead your life with your own way and on your own terms. You should not feel any inferiority in taking other people’s help in your work. Health wise, you may be prone to heart diseases and irregular circulation. You should also get your eyesight checked regularly. You may also suffer from high blood pressure in the later part of your life. Hence, you should have oranges, lemons and dates, as this will prove to be useful to your health. You should also have as much honey as possible. You should avoid eating meat and oily food. You should also avoid spicy food and have early dinners. You are a very enthusiastic person. You are quick in taking decisions. You are usually successful in every part of your life and are also honoured in the society. You are a very systematic person and like to do things in a methodical way. You may not be such a good orator, but you have a great talent in writing and are very good at it. You may sometimes take hasty decisions in your life. This will not be in your favour. Hence you should come to a conclusion only after thinking over the matter carefully.
Lucky Number Favourable Period Favourable Days Favourable Dates Important Years Favaourable Colors Favaourable Stone Health Carrer 1 March 21 - April 28, July 21 - August 28 Sunday and Monday. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 19, 28. 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73. All Shades of Gold, Yellow, Bronze, Golden Brown. Topaz, Amber, Yellow Diamond and all stones of these colors. You may have problems due to irregular circulation and suffer from high blood pressure and palpitation. Likely to have trouble in eyes. You can shine in government jobs, jobs in semi-government organisations. Judiciary, politics, medical, jewellery, engineering are also favourable to you. Pride, anger, conceit, egoism, despotism.


SuperPower Report for

sureshbabu, born 1986 December 19 at 700PM, Madurai, INDIA (9N56 78E07 6E) House System: Koch

"It is my great pleasure to present your SuperPower Report. This document represents a culmination of 24 years of personal effort. I give you my best. I trust you'll enjoy it. For the most part, this report is positive and sincere. Because some people say they don't want to hear any bad stuff and other people want to be forewarned so as to be prepared, I have dealt with the issue by including what may be called reality sandwiches. This report is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is my hope that this report will provoke you to positive right action and entertain you simultaneously. It is my exercise in free speech and your reminder that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself." -- AdZe MiXXe This SuperPower Report can guide you to your best possible future. Revealing your most important personalized astrological information, the SuperPower Report is like an executive summary about you and for you. This report contains specific tactics to help you achieve your destiny. If you pick up just one appropriate tip and stick with it, this report will have paid for itself many times over. AdZe's SuperPower Report is developed over twelve chapters: 1 Your Most Important Cosmic Factors 2 Sun in Your Chart Please purchase the full report to enjoy the following additional chapters. 3 Moon in Your Chart 4 Mercury in Your Chart 5 Venus in Your Chart 6 Mars in Your Chart

7 Jupiter in Your Chart 8 Saturn (and Chiron) in Your Chart 9 Uranus in Your Chart 10 Neptune in Your Chart 11 Pluto in Your Chart 12 Your Past Lives AdZe's SuperPower Report is an astrological reading for sureshbabu. It is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is hoped that this Report will provoke positive action and entertain you simultaneously. It is an exercise of free speech, and your reminder that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.

Planet Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn

Longitude Rx Declination House System 27 Sagittarius 20 23S25 Koch 2 Leo 37 23N58 House Longitude 14 Sagittarius 01 22S22 1 4 Cancer 51 14 Scorpio 08 13S08 2 2 Leo 18 16 Pisces 04 5S55 3 0 Virgo 56 15 Pisces 48 6S40 4 1 Libra 02 13 Sagittarius 55 21S11

Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron Node Ascendant Midheaven

22 Sagittarius 49 5 Capricorn 09 9 Scorpio 08 18 Gemini 47 Rx 17 Aries 09 4 Cancer 51 1 Aries 02

23S19 22S20 0N41 28S24

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

5 Scorpio 36 6 Sagittarius 43 4 Capricorn 51 2 Aquarius 18 0 Pisces 56 1 Aries 02 5 Taurus 36 6 Gemini 43

Chapter 1. Your Most Important Cosmic Factors
Four or more planets in Water signs A CUP OF YOUR LOVE A great deal of your time is spent in the world of feelings, emotions and intuitions. For the most part, your life is experienced as an ebb and flow of emotional tides and currents. You usually react strongly to the emotional atmosphere of any given situation. You don't deal with people so much by their outward appearance as you do by their inner state. You seem to know things intuitively and have some degree of psychic power. Your best communication is often nonverbal. You are very impressionable though you try to hide it. Since intangibles play a great role in your life, practicality or intellectualism isn't necessarily your thing. Few things bring you greater happiness than a successful, close, personal relationship. You have an innate understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all forms of life. Empathy, compassion and emotional rapport can be your strongest virtues. However, not many people are ready to merge the way you are. Learn to recognize and respect other peoples' boundaries. Because of your constant awareness of other peoples' emotions, you need to insure your privacy and to practice some form of daily prayer or meditation. TIP: Master an art form such as poetry, music, photography or dance. You can do it sureshbabu. All things aquatic and nautical fascinate you; you are in your natural element when surrounded by water. So, get yourself a hot tub, a waterbed, an aquarium and a fountain. Or live by a great body of water. Because of your heightened sensitivity to fluids you are advised to drink purified water and to purchase and service a water-filtration system for your home. Four or more planets in Fire signs

THE FLAMES OF YOUR PASSION You tend to be active, dynamic, mobile and assertive. You know that you're special and enjoy a charmed life. Intuition is your thing and you live by your own code, which is usually positive and life affirming. Competitive and flamboyant, you give people a strong and immediate impression of who you are. Timid and slow folk may find you overwhelming, rash and willful. You are more or less selfmotivated. TIP: When dealing with regular people and mere mortals, be patient and polite. You may or may not carry a vision of the future. If you do, it is your passion and inspiration that can make you the hub of the wheel and an inspiration to others. Once you are sufficiently inspired, you can accomplish virtually anything. On the contrary, when you are without a vision, an aspiration or a goal, you become a candidate for spontaneous combustion. TIP: If you are a hot head or have dry skin, drink several glasses of pure water every day. You need to build up your energy and avoid burn out. Make the most of cat naps. Fewer than two planets in Earth signs ABOUT GETTING GROUNDED Because of a certain restlessness and discontent, you're not the most practical person in the world. You may even be a bit spacey. In fact, sometimes you may wonder if you are of this world. Try using a to do list to your advantage. Train yourself to do important things with the force of habit. You may be disinterested in the mundane. As long as stability alludes you, so will a complete and happy life. TIP: Get the things of the earth into your home. Add some live plants to your environment. Fill your home with tile, pottery, wicker, ceramics, rocks and crystals. Spend more time in the present moment. Constantly remind yourself to "be here now". Eat more solid foods such as stews, soups, cooked grains and casseroles. Get more into your body. Treat yourself to regular professional massage. Find a sport or exercise regime that you can enjoy. Walk around in your bare feet in the cool dewy grass. Work to acquire a sense of steady rhythm and endurance. Fewer than two planets in Air signs

ABOUT YOUR IDEAS You probably don't think or reason things out quite the way that other people do. Detached, objective thinking is just not one of your stronger innate abilities. It probably takes considerable effort for you to express yourself and you may even be distrustful of smooth and fast talkers. Although the university life per say may not be your thing, continuing education is necessary. If you do not allow tolerance for cultural diversity, you may suffer from corresponding rigid physical symptoms such as arthritis. TIP: Attend some classes, workshops and seminars on topics of interest. Since book learning probably brings frustration, learn more from hands on experience. Instead of people telling you, have them show you. Add some wind chimes and mobiles to your environment. Do regular breathing exercises. Have someone teach you pranayama which is the yogic science of breathing. Make a conscious effort to find an appropriate outlet for detachment. Five or more planets in Mutable signs YOU HAVE PLENTY OF INTERESTS You're more versatile than most people. You enjoy variety and become bored easily. You're pretty good at adapting to change and going with the flow. In fact, you'd rather go with the tide than against it. Put another way, you're accommodating and obliging. You can adjust. You're good at getting the word out- by phone, by pen or whatever. It's possible that you do six or seventeen dozen things at a time. You're certainly not suited for the Zen approach of one thing at a time; nevertheless, try and focus yourself more. Establish your top two priorities in each of several arenas of your life. TIP: You'll be happier as soon as you determine exactly what it is that you want. Concentration of planets in Sagittarius STRONG EXPANSIVE STYLE You're bantering, original, just, verve, frank, cavalier and direct. You have a

message to spread. You need travel and higher education and can be religious or moral. Then you have your ironical, preposterous and greedy sides. Sun Contraparallel Moon SELF-EXPRESSION BRINGS OUT TALENT FOR INSTINCTS To become a star, first get in touch with your own inner peace and serenity. Before going off, it is a good idea to figure out what you want and how you can get it. Sun Parallel Mercury SELF-EXPRESSION UNITES WITH CONCEPTS You have at least one indication of a high IQ. Put more power into your creative projects. Allow yourself time for self- reflection and introspection. You can become a star by making the most of your own intelligence. Get organized. Use common sense. Romantically speaking: clarify your desires, speak from the heart, send out clear signals, and enjoy more well-placed kisses. Sun Parallel Uranus SELF-EXPRESSION UNITES WITH LIBERATION FAME AND GOOD PR IS LIKELY You're brilliant, original and independent though somewhat erratic, impulsive, and rebellious. You're naturally innovative and can become a star by adjusting your talents to the information age. Marriage is challenging, to say the least. Before someone becomes your lover, see if you are friends. Give yourself permission to enjoy unusual relationships with outstanding characters. Sun Parallel Neptune SELF-EXPRESSION UNITES WITH FANTASY ARTISTRY, TALENT AND YOUTH You have refined aesthetic tastes and are better off with original art and live music in your life. You are like a Jaguar automobile. To run smoothly, everything must be tuned. You are keenly aware, sensitive and psychically attuned. Be selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become a star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them. You age very well and have the potential to extend your career far beyond the norm.

Moon Contraparallel Uranus INSTINCTS BRING OUT TALENT FOR LIBERATION Your mother was a character. Part of you is impulsive and ready for anything new and unusual. You can relate to others in a somewhat cool, detached and friendly way. Somehow, you need to be a nonconformist in a way that is comfortable and exciting. Once you make contact with progressive social elements, your life improves considerably. Be a free spirit. Contact some wild friends. You can go for some mutually creative sexy experiments. Otherwise, you can expect unconscious forces to rebel. You can learn to successfully relate to others by way of computer bulletin boards. You could find romance through personal classified advertisements that feature voice mail boxes. You're a bit frisky and desirous of excitement and stimulation. You can relate to people successfully once you learn appropriate ways to arouse their fancy. You were born to do something different. You were born to combine the love of romance with the love of freedom. Mercury Parallel Uranus CONCEPTS UNITE WITH LIBERATION Small and effective action is better than talk. Learn to speak with quick deeds. To make more money, learn to assimilate more information. Read more technical writing. When you feel that your job can be done by a robot or a computer, it is time for you to think about other jobs. You can make more money by becoming more independent in your thinking and progressive in your actions. TIP: Go for high band width communication. You've an intuitive, astute, independent and original mind. For an unusually exciting date, go hear a jazz vocalist. You can become very skilled at public communications, software development, chess, design and engineering. Mercury Parallel Neptune CONCEPTS UNITE WITH FANTASY Your imagination can work overtime. You can paint pictures with words. You can think on your feet. You can become a super salesperson. Some of your most creative work is done unwittingly, as if you are attuned to a faraway source. You

could be an actor, a dreamer, a mystic, a faith healer, a psychic and probably are some combination thereof. There is something artistic about your voice. Develop your musical and dramatic talents. Learn to deliver your lines with something extra. Instead of letting your imagination play tricks on you, work to communicate meaningful and significant information. Since you can unconsciously attune yourself to other people's thoughts and motivations, you need to stay centered, balanced and grounded. You are naturally psychic and prophetic. Organization is a key to your success. TIP: Evaluate plausibility and credibility. Learn a middle path between fantasy and reality. Be creative without being an escapist. Your imaginative powers are second to none, and you could create for a living. With an extra creative effort, you could turn your richest fantasies into reality. Prayer will play a pivotal role in your life. Mars Parallel Jupiter EXTRA ENERGY AND POWER You are an active, competitive person. You're blessed with an abundance of explosive energy and courage. You are motivated by your ideals. You just keep going and going and going. Sometimes, you're a rash hothead. You're known for your stamina and your persistent luck. Uranus Parallel Neptune NOVEL BELIEFS AND CREATIVE INNOVATIONS You can present your talent to the world or at least to a large audience. You'd do very well in the entertainment industry. You are inventive, insightful and ingenious. Pluto Parallel Node CLEANSING UNITES WITH INTERCHANGING NEEDS INTENSE ALLIANCES Transform your environment. Make some radical ecological changes. Study history in terms of ice ages. Find out what it means to move heaven and earth.

Sun beyond the Tropic of Capricorn ENERGY COMES AND GOES Your energy could come and go. Pack your schedule on the up swing. Give yourself more rest on the down swing. Moon beyond the Tropic of Cancer UNUSUAL EMOTIONAL IMPACT YOU'RE A POTENTIAL MILLIONAIRE You could be driven to achieve success and fame and make an extraordinary amount of money. You're emotionally cool and reserved. Though at times you exhibit extreme emotional over-reactions. Work to find the middle path to your emotional life, otherwise, a serious weight problem could develop. TIP: Learn to constructively react to how you feel. You may have been challenged to please your mom. Possibly, no matter what you do it is too little or too late. Do what you need to do with your mom, but don't focus on "making her happy." In some ways you could be an orphan or deprived of your mother's love. If that is not the case, then perhaps your mother or your father had some kind of "break" with the family and in some way you were emotionally abandoned or deserted. In your family, the mothering style could be distant. Uranus beyond the Tropic of Capricorn SPECIAL GENIUS KINKY CHARACTER You are a "Uranian Character." You can be a: scientist, eccentric, radical, iconoclast, soothsayer, wizard or mother of invention. Whether or not you are comfortable with the concept, you are in fact something of a genius. Maybe you're more accepting of yourself as a character, rebel, or someone who marches to the beat of a different drummer. You could be in the public eye a long time. TIP: Utilize electronic gizmos and gadgets more to your advantage. Become friends with computers, flying machines and positive forces from above. Something about you is futuristic or interested in ancient civilizations. You may not be much concerned with fashion and what's "in" by today's standards. You can create the standards of tomorrow. Sometimes it may seem as if your life is

on hold with nothing happening. Then, in an instant, your whole world is transformed. Chiron beyond the Tropic of Capricorn EXTRAORDINARY COACHING SKILLS You are a "Chironic Character." You're some kind of a mentor or maverick. You can be: a sage, medicine man, shaman, chiropractor, reverend, helper, guide and astrologer. You can face the crowd and show them your unique way of doing things. You have some natural nursing skills. You can develop a phenomenal power to teach or heal. Find the right mentor and then do what they do best. TIP: Learn a healing modality and bill by the hour or appearance for your efforts. Chiron Retrograde MENTORING FORCE IS TURNED WITHIN (APPARENT BACKWARD MOTION) The teachings that you were exposed to early in your life may not be the ones that work for you. A standard public school curriculum may not provide the education you require. You may need to search out a mentor or spend money on special teachers. It's likely that you will have to keep searching for the knowledge you need whatever that may be.

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