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10/26/2016 8:41 AM
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Cable CX3-20-Series data ports to switch ports



Remove the protective covers from each optical connector on the cables and switch ports.



Plug the cables into the Fibre Channel front-end ports on the SPs as shown in the diagram below. The
front-end ports are marked as follows:

CX3-20: marked 0 Fibre and 1 Fibre

CX3-20c: marked 4 Fibre and 5 Fibre
CX3-20f: marked 0 Fibre, 1 Fibre, 2 Fibre, 3 Fibre, 4 Fibre, and 5 Fibre

Figure 1


Cable as follows:
.a Clearly label all cables to indicate the storage system, SP, switch, and switch port it connects.

.b Depending on the location of the switch, route the cables either up or down the sides of the cabinet
to the switches. From the rear of the cabinet, use the right-side for SP A and the left-side for SP B.
.c Secure the cables with the Velcro straps so that they are clear of any hardware access areas.

Cable to the switch in accordance to your approved Enterprise Storage Network (ESN) design


Store all the protective covers for future use, should you need to disconnect the cables.

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