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Walking in Faith – Sowing Christ’s Love The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is derived from our core values - the essence of our purpose for existence and the criteria we should use to guide our congregational decisions and actions. Our Core Values: 1. Spirituality – to worship and to grow and develop spiritually as Christians. 2. Outreach – To spread the message of God’s love and grace by word and by action. 3. Service to Others – To live Christ’s message to Love one another. You can support the mission of our church by coming to worship, engaging in study, sharing the word, bringing a friend to church, joining a Care Team, volunteering at church or in the community and loving one another. We invite you to join us in this journey. We Worshipped: Our Response to God’s Love May 30, 2010— 8:00 am service–137 10:15 am service–59 May 31, 2010—13 New Church $849.00

We gather today as God’s beloved children to worship our Heavenly Father. We praise his holy name, we listen eagerly for his words of comfort, hope, and challenge to us, and we offer ourselves to him in dedicated service. May you be blessed as you worship here today.
June 6, 2010

Leading and Assisting in Worship Leader: Quentin Small Organist: Olga Otte Lectors: Carol Mansfield (8:00); Marjorie Rust (10:15) Deacons: Chris Otte (8:00); Milton Otte (10:15) Greeters: Merrell & Sara Otte (8:00); John & Amy Pierceall (10:15) Flowers: Teresa Brown Acolytes: Jess Hoevener (8:00); Chloe Bryden (10:15) Projectors: Erin Engelau (8:00) John Pierceall (10:15) Welcome Center: Need Volunteers for June

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a congregation of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (E.L.C.A.). It is referred to as “Borchers” since Rev. Henry Borchers, who served our congregation from 1857-1881, advised and influenced a small group of pioneer settlers that wanted to establish a congregation in the area. This year we celebrate 158 years of life and ministry in this beautiful country setting in Southern Indiana. We look forward to many more years of growth and change as we seek continually to be faithful to God’s call to mission. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is offered at the 8:00 a.m. services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and at the 10:15 a.m. service on the 1st and the 3rd Sundays of the month. Christians who believe in the true presence of Christ in the bread and wine for our forgiveness and salvation are invited to receive Holy Communion. Sunday School classes are held each Sunday for all ages at 9:10 a.m. Visitors are welcome to attend.

Total Offerings: Spending Plan Giving $3,618.00 Other Giving $295.00 Prayers for Our Homebound Members Helen Harding, Betty Hoene, Norma Mellenbruch. Continued Prayers Andy Runge, Hayden States, Gary Christopher, Melissa Corya, Peggy Meahl, Ron Mertz, Thelma Crider, Melanie Schroer, Buck Meek, Dewayne Greathouse, Claire Kidd, Mike Starr, Kate Madigan, Jerry Mellencamp, Geneva Hoene, Pastor David Yoder, The family and friends of Arnold Rotert. Prayers for those in Military Service Mike Albert, Donovan Shuler, Stephen Toppe, Andrew Toppe, Chad Brigdon, Evan Marshall, Randy Hooker II.

Readings for June 13th:
Third Sunday of Pentecost 2 Samuel 11:26-12:10; 12:13-15 Psalm 32 Galatians 2:15-21 Luke 7:36-8:3 Lector: Ruth Ann Newkirk

St. Paul Lutheran Church 10792 North 210 East, Seymour, IN 47274 Office 522-7364 Annex & Fax 522-7484 Parsonage 522-7421 email: Web Site: Office hours: Tuesday - Friday Staff The Reverend Stephen Wood………...Pastor Carolyn Jones......Director of Youth & Family Ministries Wendy Rotert ……………………….Secretary Jeanette Kruse…………..Borchers Preschool Director Trish Tangman…………..Care Team Director Amy Pierceall and Mandy Otte………………………...Custodians Jamie Baker…. Worship Technology Advisor and Web Master

Those assisting with worship June 13th: Communion Assistant:Merrell Otte Altar Care: Shirley Lewis Flowers: Karen Davis Acolyte: Zack Lawles Welcome Center: Need Volunteer Projector: Doris Rorick Sunday School Helpers: Carolyn Jones, Marj Rust, Hannah Wood

HEARING ASSISTANCE: We have head phones available for those in need of assistance with hearing. They are in a basket at the entrance of the sanctuary. LARGER PRINT BULLETINS—There are a handful of large print bulletins available. They are located at the welcome center.

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CALENDAR June 6th—12th Beginning of Summer Sunday School 7:00 pm Worship 7:00 pm Walking Bible Study 7:00 pm Council Meeting 9:00 am Youth Family Day 7:00 pm Walking Bible Study 6:30 pm Wednesday’s in the Park 9:00 am Borchers Breakfast Club 10:00 am Jr. High Setup for Sunday School Picnic June 13th—19th NEWLETTER DEADLINE 9:00 am LBW Communion 10:00 am Sunday School 11:15 am Sunday School Picnic/ Pastor Steve’s 15th Anniversary of ordination 9:15 am Start of Day Camp 2010 2:30 pm Pick up for Day Camp 7:00 pm Worship 9:15 am Day Camp 3:00 pm Old Tyme Wagon Display at Delbert Rust’s then Blacksmith Demonstration at the Picnic Grove 5:30 pm Meal at Picnic Grove 9:00 am Day Camp 3:00 pm Tour of Historical Jackson County 5:45 pm Meal at Brownstown Park 6:30 pm Wednesday’s in the Park 7:30 pm Swimming at Brownstown Pool 9:00 am Day Camp 3:00 pm Bike Ride from Seymour High School to Cortland 4:00 pm Fun Fair at Picnic Grove 5:30 pm Bon fire and Pitch in meal at Picnic Grove 9:00 am Day Camp 2:30 pm End of Day Camp 2010

2010 DAY CAMP ENROLLMENT FORMS are available at the Welcome Center. SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL begins today. The youth will meet in the Fellowship Hall for a fun new way of learning about the Bible. 15 ORDINATION ANNIVERSARY: We will be celebrating Pastor Steve’s 15th Ordination Anniversary at the June 13th church service at 9:00 am with Sunday School following the service. The Sunday School Picnic will follow Sunday School. Council will be serving ice cream, and would appreciate donations of desserts. There will be only one service that day at 9:00 am. WHAT IS STEPHEN MINISTRY? Stephen Ministry is a system through which members of St. Paul are trained and organized to help provide Christian care giving to members of our congregation and community. This will multiply the amount of caring ministry St. Paul can provide by giving us a whole team of skilled caregivers who are equipped to bring Christ’s healing love to people who are grieving, in crisis, or experiencing other stresses in life. WALKING BIBLE STUDY from 7:00- 8:00 pm each Monday and Wednesday until further notice. Walkers will meet in the narthex to receive a bible verse and discussion questions to be discussed as we walk. We will return to the narthex at 7:50 pm for a closing prayer. 2010 DAY CAMP is only two weeks away. A Volunteer is needed to host the breakfast for Friday morning. We also need the prizes for 1st place (a bike) and 2nd place (a Mp3 player) for the bike ride. If you are interested in hosting the breakfast or donating a prize please sign up at the Welcome Center in the white day camp binder.

HAND BELLS—Jo has arranged for a person to come and show the proper way to ring two bells in one hand. For those interested, it will be on Wednesday, June 9th at 6:30 pm. BORCHERS PRESCHOOL is now accepting enrollments. Enrollment forms are available at the Welcome Center. There are 3 classes available 4/5 year old, 3/4 year old and 2/3 year old. For more information please see Jeanette Kruse. HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GRADUATION RECOGNITION SUNDAY is Sunday June 20th. If you or someone you know is graduating please get their name to Wendy in the office. THE LUTHER LEAGUE will be serving a “Thank you” breakfast on Sunday, June 20th at 9:15 am for anyone interested in attending. A skit will also be performed for their mission trip send off. JR. HIGH YOUTH will meet at the Picnic Grove on Saturday, June 12th to set up for the Sunday School Picnic. Please bring buckets and rags to wipe down the tables. They will also be leading the games the next day for the Picnic. MISSION TRIP ACTIVITY KITS: Participants of the mission trip are going to pass out activity kits from the congregation to the children we encounter in the Bahamas. Check the Welcome Center for a list of items that we would like to include in the kits. FAMILY OUTING DAY will be on Wednesday, June 9th at 9:00 am. Please bring your ideas on activities that can be done each week.

SAVE YOUR PAPA JOHNS RECEIPTS: Save your Papa Johns receipts and turn them into the church office. Once a month the receipts will be taken to Papa Johns and the church will receive 10% of the profit. WEDNESDAY’S AT THE PARK “SUMMER OF LOVE”: This year for Jr. High and High School youth…Every Wednesday in June, the youth from around the county will be meeting at the Shield’s Park pavilion from 6:30-8:00 for music, fellowship, devotion, games, and snacks. Anyone interested in attending can talk to Carolyn. PRESERVING CHOICE AND DIGNITY WHEN YOU NEED CARE……Thrivent Financial for Lutherans along with Genworth Financial is presenting an Educational Gathering about Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI). This event is designed to give you the Facts and answer your questions about LTCI. Join us at Dakota Ridge on June 22, 2010. Dinner will be served at 6 pm. Please RSVP by June 14th by calling Todd Nash or Keith Mensendiek at (812) 519-3479 for reservations. You do not have to be a Thrivent member to attend. CHILDREN’S DAY: Lutheran Hills Children’s Day is on Saturday, June 12th. Children’s day is a camp OPEN HOUSE for the entire family that introduces youngsters and parents to camp by giving them a half day (10—3:00 pm) camp experience. It is free. No need to register, just arrive at 10:00 am. For more information go to or call 812-988-2519.

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