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Slings & Grommets

Heavy Lifting Cable laid Slings & Grommets

United Offshore Services has mastered the art of hand-splicing and grommet production.
Based on hard won experience, continuous upgrading and modern technology, our company is able to manage the handsplicing of large diamaters cable-laid ropes upto 500 mm Dia. and the production of grommets upto 300 mtr circumference to
be used under excessive loads.

of a large
cable laid sling. (1 of 3) [29/11/2007 14:19:15]

Slings & Grommets

Proper handling
of Cable laid Grommet.

Cable laid slings and grommets are designed in accordance to the PM 20 (the guidance note of the Health and Safe
The CALCULATED ROPE BRAEKING LOAD (or MBL) of the cable laid rope is the sum of the individual breaking force of
the component ropes multiplied by a spinning loss coefficient of 0.85.
For slings this result is multiplied by a TERMINATION EFFICIENY (ET), which for hand splice is 0.75 (now CSBL).
For slings and grommets the SAFE WORKING LOAD (SWL) is the maximum mass that a sling may raise, lower or
suspend under specific working conditions as certified by a component authority. In making its assessment this competent
person considers at least the following factors :

the angular displacement

the length tolerance legs
dynamic loading effects
the position of the centre of gravity of the load
the rigidity of the load
the minimum radius over which the slings (when doubled) and grommets are bent. For calculating the BENDING

Note : the D/d ratio shoud never be smaller than 1/1 (acc. PM 20). Our experience has taught that D/d ratio of 2/1 is better. (2 of 3) [29/11/2007 14:19:15]

Slings & Grommets

The WORKING LOAD LIMIT (WLL) is defined as Breaking Force devided by a safety factor 'F'. For heavy lifting slings and
grommets 'F' is taken as not less than 2.25 acc. to PM 20 or 3 in new EN-standard.
Note : Slings and/or grommets with different lay directions should never be connected.
Table for quick selection of the right cable laid sling or grommet for use in heavy lifting. (3 of 3) [29/11/2007 14:19:15]