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Each question was scored using 1-10. A score of 10 being the highest score. A scoring of “I” was an incomplete or unanswered question. A Scored 10 Answer equals; The most through, complete, thoughtful, specific and responsive answer that demonstrated a strong level of understanding and commitment to constitutional conservative ideas. Answer(s) to Question 1 “What are your reasons for running AND Question 10, “What is your definition of limited government’ ARE THE CANDIDATE’S OWN WORDS Please refer to the M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire by clicking the link for the reminder of the questions

Results of M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire for Tom Stillings Candidate for 1st District House Congressional Seat
1. What are your reasons for running for office? I am running for Congress because I believe we can no longer trust the future of our nation to professional politicians. They have stolen

and destroyed our wealth as a nation. They have bankrupted our economy. They have trampled our liberties. They have not only done all of the above, but for the most part they don't even understand what they have done. They have no idea how they did it, nor do they have any clue about getting us out of this mess. It appears that their only true talent is an ability to sell us enough snake oil to get them elected. I believe that my business experience (Over 30 years in the steel business), knowledge of economics, and real world involvement in pursuits ranging from heavy industry to foreign trade qualify me to make the proper decisions to put this ship of state back on course. 2. 10 3. 9 4. 9 5. 10 6. 7 *Candidate is self-identified as Michigan Fair Tax supporter 7. 10 8. 10 9. 10 10. What is your definition of limited government?

Limited government, (Federal for my purposes) is one that agrees with Henry David Thoreau's observation in his essay, "On Dissent". To paraphrase-"That government which governs least, governs best'. The federal government must confine its activities to those powers enumerated in the constitution. As the 10th amendment states, all other powers are reserved to the states (through the state constitution) or to the people. Even in the exercise of enumerated powers, the government should be circumspect in intruding upon our liberties as little as is possible. 11. 10 12. 10

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