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MCQS # 11

1) Wage period shall not exceed ______ month(s).

a) 3 b) 2 c) 1d)
2) In any factory or industrial establishment where less than 1000
employees are employed the wages shall be paid before the
expiry of the ____ day.
a) 10th day b) 2nd day c) 7th day d) None of the above
3) When was the payment of wages act passed?
a) 26th May, 1939
b) 23rd April, 1936
c) 21st April, 1934
c) 29th May, 1936
4) _____ can be granted in case of wrong deduction from wages.
a) Bonusb) deduction c) cash d) compensation
5) Deduction is also permissible in respect of ___________.
a)Recovery of advancement
b) loan
c) proposal of future
d) down payment
6) Penalties for offences are explained under the section:
a) 20b)19 c) 21 d) none of these
7) In what year was the act enforced?
a) 23rd April, 1936
b) 28th March, 1937c) 27th May, 1939
d) 26th April, 1937
8) In a factory if a person has been named as manager of the
factory under the clause (f) of sub section 1 of section 7 of the
factories act, he is responsible to make the payments of the
a. True b. False
9) Deduction for damage or loss is under __________ section.

a) Section 12

b) section 11

c) section 10d) section 9

10) All wages shall be paid in _____.

a) Currency notes and coins b) bonds c) shares d) machinery
11. The law relating to registration of partnership firm is
contained in sections _______.
a) Section 56-71 b) Section 58-59 c) Section 69 d) Section 46-48
12. Registration of partnership is ______.
a) Compulsory by law b) Optional c) Obligatory by circumstances
d) None of these
13. When a minor partner admitted to the benefits of partnership
attains majority and a notice is given to the registrar whether or
not he elects to become a partner, the registrar shall make a
record of such notice in his register.Which registration it
a) Registration of minor partner b) Registration of Subsequent
Alterations c) Voluntary Registration d) None of these
14. Which sections provide for the registration of various
alterations which may occur during continuance of the firm______.
a) Sec 69 b) Sec 46-48 c) Sec 58-59 d) Sec 60-68
15. Section 69 of the Partnership Act dealing with the effects of
non-registration came into force on.
a)October 1,1933 b) October 10,1932 c) October 10,1933 d)
November 1,1932
16. At what time the firm should get registered_______.

a) At the time of creating partnership b) After preparing

partnership deed c) As per the requirements of Partnership Act d)
At any time, During its life time
17. Non-registration does not effect
a) Right to claim set-off
b) Right to sue on third party
c) Rights, other than arising out of a contract
d) Rights to sue on partner
18. - Closing down of old place of business and opening a new
place of business
-Change in the names or addresses of partners
Above changes belong to which sections
a)Sec 61,Sec 62 b) Sec 63, Sec 64 c)Sec 60, Sec 61 d) None of
19. The partnership firm cant sue any partner of the firm for the
enforcement of any right arising from a contract. Which disability
it is
a) Partner cant sue firm b) Firm cant sue partner c) Third
party can sue firm d) None of these
20. Section 69 lays down the consequences which shall follow on
account of non-registration of a firm. How many disabilities are
a) 6 b) 5 c) 7 d) None of these
21) A single application may be presented under section ___ on
behalf or in respect of any number of employed persons.
a) Sub section 3 of section 15 b) Section 15 c) Section 14
d) Section 10

22) What is the penalty for those who contravene the provision of
section 4 sub section (4) or section 5 or 10 or 25?
a) 500 Rupees b) 5000 Rupees c) Up to 500 Rupees d)
None of the above
23) Section ______ of law explains permissible deductions:
a) 7 b)6 c) 9 d)6
24) Which section of the act covers wrongful deduction?
a) Section 15 b) Section 9 c) Section 12 d) Section 7
25) Penalties for offences are explained under the section:
a) 20 b) 19 c) 21 d) none of these
26) Wages means all remunerations which can be expressed in
terms of money.
a) True b) false
27).Companies are prevailed by Companies Act, 1956 while
Partnership is prevailed by (a)Partnership act 1935
(b)partnership act 1932 (c)partnership act 194
2 8). Companies are created by (a)Law
29). In
company liabilities of its shareholder is (a) Un limited
(b)limited (c)un countable
30.In partnership liabilities of its shareholder is(a)Unlimited
(b)limited(c)un countable
31. In public company at least . members are required
(a) 6

(b) 5

(c) 7

32. In private company at least .members are required (a)

(c) 6
33. A partnership can arise only by (a) Agreement
(c) other ways
34. In co-ownership partition is
(c) possible

(a) Not done

(b) law

35.A co-owner may transfer his interest or right in the property

without consent of (a) Owner
(b) partner
36- The representatives of the workmen in an institution where
there are one or more trade unions are nominated by ________.
(a) executive representative (b) a certified union (c) collective
bargaining agent
37- Where there is no collective bargaining agent, representative
shall be chosen from among the _______ in the establishment.(a)
employer (b) workmen (c) bosses (d) supervisor
38- The Works Council promotes measures for securing and
preserving good relations between _________.(a) employee and
workmen (b) labour and employer (c) employer and workmen
(d) bosses and workmen
39- Works Council improves production, productivity


40- Works Council endeavors to maintain continuous ________

between employers and workmen. (a) peace (b) sympathy (c)
harmony (d) good relations