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MCQS # 5

1.The amount of compensation has a direct effect on ------- of

earning capacity.
A) loss b) profit c) nil d) non of these
2.In awarding compensation, loss in earning capacity and not
loss in physical capacity of workmen is to be -------.
A) estimated b) accelerated c)initiated d)non of these
3.The amount of compensation payable depends
upon ............. Of workmen.
A)monthly wages b) daily wages c) yearly wages d)weekly
4.Under the law compensation is payable for.............
a)death b) permanent total /partial disablement
c) Temporary disablement
d)all of these.
5.Workmen compensation injuries is divided into .........
a) 4 b)3 c)6 d)9
6.Whenever a death is occurred to a workmen who is receipt
for monthly wages the amount of compensation shall
be .................
A)200000 b) 500000 c)6000000 d)non of these
7.When a workmen is injured in cause of permanent total
disablement the amount of compensation shall be ............
a)200000 b)4000000 c)500000 d)1000000

8.The loss of earning can only be determined by asserting

the difference in .................. capacity.
a)earning b)workmen c)output d) non of these
9.In case of permanent partial disablement results from injury
compensation will be calculated on the basis of................ .
a) percentage b)ratio c)division d)nonofthese
10.Compensation is payable in respect of .......... Workmen
a)death b)marriage c)Hard work d)non of these
11: In case of one registered trade in an industry there
should not be less than of the total number of
workman employed in such industry.a)One-third b)Two-third
12: In case of large establishment having its branches in
more than one town, hold the secret ballot within .
A)Thirty b)Twenty c)twentfive
13: To submit within the time specified in the notice, list of it
members showing, in respect of each member, his
percentage, age, the department and the place in which he
a)Is employed b)Lives c)Study
14: In case of workman employed in a seasonal factory
within the meaning of section of section 4 of the the
period during which he was employed in that factory during
the preceding season shall also be taken into account.
A)Factories act 1934 b)actories act 1930 c)Factories act

15: The registrar prepares lists of voters in which included

the name of every workman whose period of employment is
not less than . A)Three months b)Four weeks c)Two
16: Every workman whose name appears in the list of voters
shall be entitled to vote at the pole to determine the
a)Collective bargaining agents b)Ballotc)Manager
17: No person shall canvass for vote within a radius of
yards of the polling station.
A) Hundred b)Two hundred c)Fifty
18: For the purpose of holding secret ballot, the registrar shall fix
the date of the poll and also to every employer .. days prior
to such date.
A) Four b)Five c)Six
19: If the number of voters secured by two or more trade unions
securing the highest number of voters is..., further poll shall
be held between them until ..of them secures a majority of
the votes cast at such further poll.
A)Equal, one b)Half, two c)Equal, all
20: After an application is made to the registrar, no employer
shall transfer, remove and .. any worker who is office bearer
of any contestant trade union.
A)Terminate b)Send c)Bound
21)When was the IPO (Intellectual Property Ordinance) was
formed as an autonomous body? A)February 2001 b)April 2005
c)January 2001 d)April 2001

22)Where are the majority of the registered offices located?

A)Islamabad b)Lahore c)Karachi d)Quetta
23)How many offices are controlled by the IPO? a)3 b)2 c)5 d)6
24)List the names of the office(s) registered at IP? A)Patent office
and Trademark Registry b)Trademark registry and Copyright Office
c)Patent Office, Trademark Registry and Copyright Office
d)Copy right Office
25) Identify the essential function of Trademark Registry.
a)Registry works like a civil court, registrar hears cases relating to
registration, post registration, opposition and rectification
matters. B)To grant protection to Trademarks relating
goods c )Grant of patents d)To grant registration of various
copyrighted works.
26)The conciliator shall call a _____ of the parties to a dispute for
the purpse of bringing a settlement.
a)picnic b)get together c)meeting
27)conciliation proceeding means any proceding before a ____
A)manager b) officer c)conciliator
28)conciliator is a person appointed by ____ under section 26 ,
a)provincial govt b)fedral govt c)president
29)A ___ proceeding shall have deemed to be concluded. a)work
council b)trade union c)conciliation
30)____ is a person whether incorporated or not who or which are
always employes workmen.
a)commission b) unit c) employer
31)Penalties of ___ for unfair practices and all offences are
replaced by heavy fines .

a)imprisonment b)positive attitude c)robbery

32)Industrial disputes are between ___ and ___ . a)employer and
employee b) friends and family c)workmen and worken
33)No party is allowed to ____ or lock out while any conciliation.
a)fight b) strike c) lock out
34)Who is the middle man to solve the disputes by party .
a)arbitration b) work council c ) conciliator
35) Every employer or _____ shall be responsible for payment of
wages. a) Advisor b) teacher c) contractor
36) For ______ paid employee deduction can be made from wage.
a) Cash b) loan c) advance d) a & c
37) Deduction for absence from duty can be made from _____.a)
Allowances b) wages c) bonus
38) The first suggestion for legislation in the act was made by a
private member's bill called __________.a) Legislative Bill b) Wages
Bill c) Weekly Payment Bill d) None of the above
39) Provincial government can enforce it only after giving _____
month(s) advance notice.
a) two b)one c) three d) six

40) Under a contract of sale, the price is payable on a certain day

irrespective ____ and the buyer wrongfully neglects or refuses to
pay such price, the seller may sue him for the price. a. Delivery
b. Sales c. Damages d. Warranty