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Food Festival is located in a residential complex of Pakuwon City East Surabaya.

Standing on an area of 10,000 m2, and is integrated in the same location as the
East Coast Mall. Food Festival consists of three semi-open building mass, and the
rest is located in an open area (Figure 1). There are approximately 60 stalls
selling food and beverages, daily necessities, children's toys, clothing and
accessories for cars.The Semi-open building used as a food court, restaurants,
and retail, while the outdoor area functioned as an open stage, snack area and
rides like a trampoline, carousel (merry-go-round), tandem bicycles, becak,
horse-drawn carriage, etc.
Rental prices stand at the Food Festival is quite expensive, the tenant must pay a
tariff of Rp 6,000,000 / month for a stand measuring 3 x 2 meters, and Rp
10,000,000 / month for a stand measuring 3 x 3 meters with facilities which of
course more complete. The facilities provided by the Food Festival Pakuwon City
Surabaya for indoor booths are water and electricity. But less attention for the
fire extinguishers, only few small fire extinguishers are located in several spots
on the indoor dining areas.
When analyzed using the concept of sustainable modern markets (sustainable
concept), then some aspects that need to be considered include:
a. social Capital
Arrangement of tables and chairs in the dining area very well support the
process of interaction between visitors, so as to create an intimate atmosphere.
However, social interaction among traders seldom happen in Food Festival
Pakuwon City Surabaya. This can happen because the density of visitors who buy
the products they offer, so the interaction is merely a visitor to buy a product in
the form of goods or services without any bargaining process. However, there are
no signs of indication between traders that they are less able to communicate

b. Economic Capital
Products sold in the Food Festival Pakuwon City Surabaya is dominated by food
and beverages. Profits generated from the sale of sausage skewers in a day to
reach Rp 2,000,000 on weekdays (weekdays), while at the weekend (weekend)
obtained profits could reach Rp 6,000,000 / day
c. Ecological Capital
Ecology concept promoted by the Food Festival is one with nature, so many spots
are deliberately left open so that the visitors at the same time can feel the fresh
air without the use of artificial cooling (air conditioner). However, the lack of
concern for the management of the vegetation found on the Food festival is

causing a lot of spots that should be planted with a pretty flowers are left barren
and unkempt. Visitors frequently step on the grass because the pedestrian paths
are not available.

d. Infrastructure Capital
The number of infrastructure facilities owned by the Food Festival is sufficient
when compared with the size of the area. The existence of a landfill which serves
to remove the water is managed properly. Lighting facilities in the area Food
Festival is sufficient to illuminate the area. Included in the play area, parking lots
and places to eat. The existence of a functioning loudspeakers to the means of
information and entertainment facilities like music.
Parking lot in the area Food Festival has sufficient number of slots. There is some
division of the parking space. Parking lot A is a parking area closest to the main
access to the Food Festival. Parking lot B is in front of the food booths and
circulation of motor vehicles mixed with pedestrian circulation, causing
disorganized circulation between pedestrians and cars. While the parking lot C is
near to the East Coast Mall and is the furthest parking area from the central area
of the Food Festival.
In addition, only few fire extinguisher fire extinguishers are available in this area.
Only in a few spots and small-sized. This needs to be a concern, because Food
Festival Pakuwon City Surabaya is an area that is prone to fire.

e. institutional Capital
Area Food Festival is well managed by Pakuwon City. A large number of janitors
and security are scattered at various points in Food Festival Area, and they do
their job well.
Pakuwon City very aggressively marketing activities to attract visitors coming to
the Food Festival and increase revenue traders. The medium used for activities
such as spreading flyers, banners and billboards. In addition Pakuwon City also
market through online media or the Internet. Various events or events organized
so that people interested in visiting the city of Surabaya Food Festival, such as
Montong Durian Festival, Festival Bakaran, Nusantara Food Festival, and others.

Based on the analysis of the concept of sustainable modern market, the Food
Festival Pakuwon City generally have implemented these aspects well. However,
there are some aspects that have not been implemented optimally, such as
aspects of social capital is minimal happened between traders, as well as
aspects of capital infrastructure that less attention to pedestrian circulation
within the Food Festival Pakuwon City Surabaya.