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The Importance of Our Ancient Khel

Khel (Games) are essential for every child. Khel brings out a very positive experience on the Childs
Body & Mind.
The main objectives/values of Our Khel are
1) Vyayam (physical exercise)
2) Sanskars (qualities / character development)
3) Anushasan (discipline)
4) Utsah (inspiration)
Our ancient & traditional Khel are structured around these core values.
They guide the young Child by teaching these values to the Child in a fun way.
Some explanation of the above values is detailed below:1) Equipment / Space: - Most of our games do not require a lot of space and equipment. This is
advantageous compared to all the racket / equipment games of the modern world. Also they can
be played anywhere in streets, parks, home compounds, thus increasing their versatility. The
equipment required for a many games is very basic and readily available.
2) Team Spirit most of the traditional games are based on team games. The focus is on team
strength rather than individual strength. Very good examples are Kabaddi & Kho-Kho.
3) Sacrifice some of our games teach us to accept defeat gracefully. It assists a child in
developing the skill for handling disappointments, and also learns that we may have to sacrifice
ourselves for the good of the team. This also helps to generate a healthy spirit of competition.
4) Healthy Body Most of our games dont last long, but are very taxing to the body. This helps in
toning up the muscles and strengthens the bones. It also keeps our body in excellent shape and
makes the body supple. It improves body immune system thus promoting good health.
5) Inspiration - Games channelize the mental and physical energy in a more positive manner thus
preventing your child from going into wrong company, etc. It inspires and energizes youngsters.
It helps in Building ones self esteem and confidence