Fusion is an F-word for Prashant D Rajkhowa.
It's a dark day for flash game devel­ opers around the world. Well, actu­ ally it was a dark day when games2win.com unleashed the terrorof lndian-themed games on the world. So, while the rest of us entertained omselves by getting Dubya toshootjihadis in order to save the Queen ofEngland, or laJiding a monkey-flying helicopter safelyon a pretty island, there were others trying to get Mika to kiss Rakhi Sawant (Kiss-Mat) orgetting a homdog safely out ofa dance bar (TheReturn ofthe Dance Bar Girls). Or, most recently, aiming kittens, TV sets and underwearat an unhelpful government official

(bearing a striking resemblance toJohnyJoseph himself) while a massive flood overwhelms the city (Flood Bath). Enter - ifyou dare- the world oflndian-themed PC games. These games are being marketed for "casual gaming". Serious gamers, we imagine, are those who play on consoles. Why, in light ofeverything that is funny about the plethora ofonline games out there, would I wantto-even casually - help homdogs kiss

slutty cows? And the censor board is worried about western culture ruining our sensibilities? This isn't just degrading- it's nausea-induc­ ing as well.It's as ifMumbai's culture is being hijacked by virtual terrorists. Terror is being bred and developed right here, on our own soil, in our cyberspace. Technology is a dangerous weapon. Iblame thegovernment What are they wasting their time with? Banning Naga blogs and question­ inga 17 yearold for creating a

websiteand a make-believe coun where ugly peoplearen'tallowed The movement has to start some­ where, ithas tostartsometime. What better place than here? Wba: better time than now? Before gamersand flash game developm are forever shunned, before the Indiangaming community is asso­ ciated with dance bars and flood bathsforever, wemusttakeastaoc.. In the words ofa previously mentioned thug, "You're either with us orwith the terrorists."

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