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Short Hall Stripper Rubber

Tubing stripper rubbers are used to help provide safe and cleaner working environments when running
or pulling tubing string. As tubing goes in or out of the hole it is wiped by the short halls or other
stripping rubber to minimize fluid waste. The Hall Housing is used to hold the housing to help provide a
clean and safe working environment. As moving tubing string through the Hall the housing secures the
Halls in place to reduce movement of the halls.
Available in sizes: 2.1/16, 2.3/8, 2.7/8, 3.1/2

Stripper Rubber
Guiberson Type Stripper Rubbers are made from a proven oil and abrasion-resistant rubber.
Tubing can be pulled or run-in with pressure still on the well while also stripping fluids off the tubing
O.D. to provide a cleaner job site.

Pulsation Diaphragms (bladder) is designed as a single unit to give maximum service life in comparison
to the conventional bladders, which have pre-vulcanized sections and provide low service life. The
bladders while flexing, tend to fold rather than wrinkle, thereby reducing the points of stress
concentration and practically eliminating elastomeric fatigue. Also the extrusion through the bottom
flange connection is prevented by molding a steel insert into the middle of the diaphragm.

Cup tester assemblies are designed to be attached to the drill string and lowered into the casing
beneath the wellhead to pressure test the blowout preventer stack and the wellhead.
Assemblies are available in sizes 5.1/2, 7, 9.5/8, 13.3/8. Cups are manufactured by using very tough
specially designed synthetic matter strongly bonded with metal cores to sustain very high testing
pressure and to restrain its original shape and size after prolonged test pressure is released.

Our Rod Stripper Rubbers efficiently remove oil and other fluids from the rod string being pulled from
the well. The special abrasion and wear-resistant rubber compound used in the stripper rubbers assures
maximum product service life

Dual Wiper
The main raw material that is used to make Drill Pipe Wipers is a very special scratch resistant rubber
mix which is very hard to cut or torn. They can be used in water and oil based drilling mud alike. The
pipe wipers are designed in such a manner so as to enable its application on drill pipe which uses a solid
master bushing.
Both Dual Split and Single Solid Type Drill Pipe variety of wipers are manufactured

Cementing Plug
Cementing plugs feature five wiper rubber coated aluminum core available in 5 to 20 casing sizes,
engineered for strength and dependability down a big hole. These plugs are Compatible with virtually all
common fluid systems. The usage of aluminum core in the plugs eliminates distortion from pressure in a
deep hole and gives firm support to a long column of cement slurry

Kelly Wiper
Kelly Wipers are manufactured using specially designed rubber compound with a bonded steel ring for
extra strength and wear, which offers tremendous resistance and resilience to cutting, tearing, abrasion,
water and oil-based muds. RRP Kelly Wipers extend the life of the Kelly bushing by keeping it clean
from the mud and abrasive substances. The Kelly Wipers are available for different sizes hexagonal and
square Kellies to fit the bushings.