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Statue of Amenirdis

The Egyptian Museum: Floor 1 Hall 30

Material : Alabaster
Height : 170 CM
Found in : Thebes , Temple of Karnak (1858)
Period : The Third Intermediate Period And The Late Period
Reign of : Shabaka
Dynasty: XXVII
Belonged_to: Amenirdis
Archeologist : A . MARIETTE
Amenirdis was the daughter of the Libyan King Osorkon III and occupied the position of the "God's Wife of Amun" .
This alabaster statue portrays Amenirdis wearing a long tight-fitting tunic and a long smooth three-part wig and
holding a floral scepter in her hand . The scepter and the uraeus serpent on the forehead of the queen were
usually used as a symbol for royalty that is assured by the pose of the queen with her left leg advanced a step
forward . Over the wig of Amenirdis appears the vulture; the emblem of Mut the consort of Amun .