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Empowering Others, Making a Difference, Causing an Effect


Seeking a position that will give me the opportunity to continue contributing to organizational and individuals growth
and development, as well as, the field of education by sharing my knowledge; and utilizing my planning, time
management, and organizational skills
Results-Oriented Instructional Design of learning opportunities that met core standards and the diverse
learning needs of students while integrating technology and 21st century skills; Maintained high standards and
in depth knowledge of the teaching and learning process that fostered consistent high performance: Maintained
student competency average mastery level of 86%; Concluded teaching tenure as a level 5 educator;
Established partnership and academic support for inmates with Tennessee Department of correctionsMemphis that resulted in 7 of 9 inmates in the initial cohort obtaining their high school credentials
Project Management which enabled me to plan, coordinate, and facilitate a career fair for seniors, collaborate
with After School Memphis Event Committee to design and distribute, invitations for the End of Year
Celebration, Organize Exhibition of Student Work to facilitate identification of student exhibits and ease of
scoring for jurors, Create signage for the HOPES Academy that was inviting and inspirational; Design literature
(programs, invitations, flyers, brochures) for various events and activities, Organize and facilitate the HOPES
Academy Community Service Project, Create and Manage database; and develop a schedule for students and
teachers participating in the ACT Workshop with an attendance in excess of 1,000 students, Organize and
facilitate Teacher Appreciation Week
Facilitative leadership that is trans-situational and enabled me to serve effectively in numerous leadership
roles within the education setting, i.e. School-Based SACS Committee Chair, School Improvement Plan
Committee Chair, Career and Technical Education Department Chair, School-based Decision-Making Council
Member, Small Learning Communities Leadership Team Member, HOPES Academy Dean, Teacher Education
Association Representative, Teacher Mentor, 7 Habits Client Facilitator
Self Management to include high expectations and moral standards, self-confidence, personal credibility,
versatility, flexibility, and stress management to function effectively and maintain self control when under
Intrinsic Motivation that facilitated achievement of the Dr. Marquita L. Irland Scholars Award during my
graduate studies, National Board Certification (2006-2016), becoming a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Phi
Gamma Sigma during my doctoral studies, and completion of doctoral dissertation: The Relationship of Two
Morale Factors to Teacher Effectiveness

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S o n y a P . W i l l i a m s

w i l l i a m s p w 5 2 6 9 @ y a h o o . c o m

Microsoft Office Suite


10 Key by Touch

Database Management

Windows Operating System

Macintosh Operating System

Use of the Internet as a Research Tool

Report Preparation

Writing & Editing

Project Management

Diagnostic Information Gathering

Data Analysis

Shelby County Schools
Adult Education Advisor (August 2015-March 2016)

August 2002 March 2016

Memphis, TN

Sought collaborative engagement to contribute to improved program performance

Developed community partnerships
Established program sites to increase access to identified populations in SDA area
Analyzed data and made recommendations for improvement;
Observed the classroom environment to conduct teacher performance evaluations using T-Eval Adult
Education Evaluation Model
Developed marketing, retention, attendance, & professional development plans for program improvement
Engaged in curriculum development
Studied and interpreted grant guidelines to communicate requirements and other pertinent information to team
Prepared agendas, talking points, handouts, and minutes for team meetings
Secondary Teacher (August 2002-August 2015)
Maintained high performance standards to improve student academic achievement
Worked collaboratively with administration to determine appropriate course offerings required to meet
program needs for CTE career pathways
Facilitated the development of departmental action plans
Coordinated departmental activities to ensure compliance with school-wide SIP/SACS goals and instructional
Ensured the implementation of state curriculum competencies for the CTE department
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S o n y a P . W i l l i a m s

w i l l i a m s p w 5 2 6 9 @ y a h o o . c o m

Organized and facilitated college/career fair for seniors

Studied and interpreted SLC grant guidelines to communicate requirements and other pertinent information to
HOPES team members
Planned and facilitated meetings to keep team members informed and actively engaged in activities related
to SLC implementation
Prepared agendas, talking points, handouts, and minutes for team meetings
Delegated responsibility
Researched, complied, and interpreted data for display on data board
Promoted collaboration and positive interaction among team members
Served as a liaison between MEA and Raleigh-Egypt High School faculty regarding union concerns
Provided a forum for teachers ideas, suggestions, and feedback
Conducted professional development sessions
Developed curriculum utilizing backward design
Planned lessons and implemented differentiated instructional strategies to engage students in the learning
Provided ongoing and productive feedback that facilitated student learning
Utilized a variety of assessment measures to evaluate student learning
Used formative and summative assessments to inform instruction
Established classroom procedures to create an environment conducive to learning; Implemented effective
behavior management strategies
Communicated effectively with all stakeholders
Planned, organized and completed necessary travel documents for field trips and professional development
Participated in professional development to enhance performance
Virtual School Instructor (September 2012-May 2013)
Responsible for organizing and implementing an instructional program in accordance with district and state policies
and laws that result in students achieving academic success. Required to work collaboratively to plan, prepare and
implement instructional activities to engage and facilitate student success in a virtual environment.
Planned, prepared, and implemented learning plans that included instructional activities to meet the needs of
students with varying backgrounds, learning styles, or special needs
Identified, selected, created, and modified instructional resources
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S o n y a P . W i l l i a m s

w i l l i a m s p w 5 2 6 9 @ y a h o o . c o m

Assisted with screening, evaluating, and recommending interventions for students

Evaluated student progress
Tracked and analyzed student performance data
Completed reports, collected data, and provided information for monitoring of program and student
Communicated effectively and regularly, orally and in writing with students, parents and other stakeholders and
respond to any correspondence as evidenced in log
Educational Consultant/Brain Trainer

December 2014 September 2015

Collierville, TN

Helped clients to improve their grades, performance, and attitude by identifying their weak cognitive skills and training
their brain to efficiently handle day-to-day tasks like thinking, learning, reading, and remembering; enhancing the
underlying skills that make up IQ
Customized training sessions for clients
Engaged clients in a series of intense mental exercises that strengthen core cognitive skills to include attention
and memory
Researched and developed potential business leads
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Improving Morale: How to Get the Most from Your Teachers
Are you Prepared for the Extreme Future? Educating the Workforce with the use of Technology in Secondary
HOPES Academy Roll-Out
From Memphis to New York: A Small Learning Communities Study Tour
Small Learning Communities Federal Visit Presentation
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Information Session
Parent Orientation
Summarizing and Note-Taking
Mentoring and Modeling
Raleigh-Egypt High School Redesign- A SLC Study Tour from Memphis to New York: Bridging the Gap Between
Structure and Strategies
Doctor of Education Nova Southeastern University Educational Leadership
Education Specialist Nova Southeastern University Brain Research-BrainSMART Instructional Leadership
Master of Science The University of Memphis- Consumer Science and Education /Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
Bachelor of Science- The University of Memphis- Consumer Science and Education
Bachelor of Business Administration- Memphis State University-Real Estate

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