Two Global Visionaries – Shirley MacLaine and Gary Zukav – Come Together on “The Dr.

Pat Show” for a Double Header The VoiceAmericaTM Network offers the latest conversations in a talk radio forma t, providing education, interaction, and advice on key issues live, on demand as well as through pod cast download. Phoenix, AZ– June 10, 2010 – Shirley MacLaine and Gary Zukav with Dr. Pat Baccil i on The Dr. Pat Show: Tune in Thursday June 17, 2010, streamed live, from 8-9am (PT)/11-noon (ET) on VoiceAmerica’s Variety Channel. In two separate interviews that were both done in the past month, Dr. Pat Baccil i brought these two global visionaries together to create an unprecedented hour of positive talk radio. Shirley MacLaine spoke about her upcoming (then) appearance at the Extraordinary Speaker Series "An Evening with Shirley MacLaine" in a once-in-a-lifetime oppor tunity to explore the big questions like: "What is consciousness? What is the pu rpose of our lives? Are we alone in the Universe?" with a woman who isn t afraid of the answers.She also helps us to prepare for 2012. Dr. Pat did the opening r emarks for this once-in-a-lifetime event with Shirley MacLaine in Seattle on Jun e 13th. Gary Zukav, New York Times Bestselling Author, spoke about Celebrating the Relea se of his new book: Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, and h ow he and Linda Francis are inviting 10,000 people to a sneak preview of their n ew website experience and their NEW Online Video Course – Awakening to Spiritual Partnership. Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything , and love is all there is.— Gary Zukav Shirley MacLaine is a Hollywood icon, an Academy Award winning actress with over 50 films to her credit. She is also one of the most outspoken stars in an indus try where speaking your mind is not for the faint of heart, and controversy is f ront page fodder for celebrity hungry tabloids. Yet at age 75, she s as feisty a nd fabulous as ever, and still committed to boldly speaking her truth, unedited and uncensored. Although her much- publicized interest in spirituality has played out in the tab loids and made her a popular target for new-age naysayers, she remains undaunted , continuing to examine everything from transchanneling to reincarnation to UFO s. Over the years, she has documented her personal quest in several best-selling books, including Out on a Limb and Dancing in the Light. Her latest release, Sageing While Age-ing is the most recent installment in the Shirley MacLaine "un-plugged" legacy, a powerful inquiry into what it means to g row beyond the physical into wisdom. Gary Zukav is the bestselling author of The Seat of the Soul, and is well known through his regular appearances on Oprah Winfrey s TV€show. He grew up in Kansas , is a Harvard graduate, a Special Forces (Green Beret) Vietnam Veteran, recover ing person, and spiritual wayfarer. He is the best-selling author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics, winner of The American Book Awar d for Science in 1979, The Seat of the Soul, a number-one best seller, and most recently the critically acclaimed Soul Stories. It has become the bible for thos e who are interested in learning about quantum physics, but who are not drawn to mathematics or science. Zukav questions the Western model of the soul, alleging that the human species is in the midst of a great transformation, evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses--"ex ternal power"--to one that pursues power based upon perceptions of the soul--"au thentic power." He believes that humans are immortal souls first, physical being s second, and that once we become conscious of this transformation--once we alig





n our personalities with our soul--we will stimulate our spiritual growth and be come better people in the process. This insightful, lucid synthesis of modern ps ychology and new-age principles has been described as the "physics of the soul." Gary s gentle humor, sensitivity, and deep insights have endeared him to millio ns of readers and listeners. “The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio To Thrive By!” airs live on Thursdays at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on The VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. Dr. Pat is on air live each day to fill the airways with energizing and powerful talk radio, visit Dr. Pat’s sho w page at All shows will be available in Dr. Pat’s Talk Radio Archives Content Library on as well as access to over 3000 archived shows available 24/ 7 on demand. The VoiceAmericaTM Network offers the latest conversations in a talk radio forma t, providing education, interaction, and advice on key issues live, on demand as well as through pod cast download. If interested in hosting a talk radio show o n VoiceAmerica Network, contact Jeff Spenard, President of Internet Radio at 480 -294-6417 or at jeff.spenard @ Contact Senior Executive Producer Tacy Trump at 480-294-6421 or tacy.trump@voice for advertising / sponsorship information or other show details. About Dr. Pat Baccili: Dr. Pat Baccili ( is a leader in the field of human potential and the creator of the remarkable “Crust Busting™” process. An interna tional award winning talk radio host, TV commentator, certified career and belie f coach, dynamic seminar leader, award winning author and researcher on fosterin g respect and trust in the workplace, inspirational speaker and CEO of a success ful organizational consulting firm. Called the Oprah of radio by her listeners, Dr. Pat is blowing the doors off of traditional talk radio. The Dr. Pat Show is #1 on Alternate Talk radio and Dr. Pat was Host of the Year on € ABOUT, is a technology centric media group and the largest producer a nd distributor of live internet based talk radio, delivering over 1,000 hours of programming weekly on its VoiceAmerica™ Network ( a nd WorldTalk Radio Network ( Featuring more than 200 hosts broadcasting to eight niche community based channels: its flagship Voi ceAmerica™ Variety Channel ( , VoiceAmerica™ Heal th & Wellness Channel, VoiceAmerica™ Business Channel, VoiceAmerica Sports, 7th Wave Network, The Green Talk Network, Power Up Motorsports Channel and WorldTalk Radio Variety Channel. is one of the pioneers in internet broa dcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, offering an innovati ve, effective and comprehensive digital broadcast platform. Digital Publishing t hrough its 10 years of broadcast and media experience along with our seasoned st aff of Executive Producers, Production and Host Service Group, provides an internet radio platform for new, emerging and veteran media personal ities to expand and monetize their business and brand in an online digital mediu m. Contact: Tacy Trump 1900 West University Tempe, Arizona 85281 480-294-6417


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