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Excellent Customer Service



Time Country Venue

9AM 25/10/2016 - 26/10/2016
Malaysia Armada PJ
9AM 22/3/2017 - 23/3/2017
Malaysia Armada PJ
9AM 25/10/2017 - 26/10/2017
Malaysia Armada PJ


Providing good customer service is unquestionably a companys competitive advantage.

Organisations who thrive and excel in good customer service achieve higher customer
satisfaction which in turn improves their bottom line, as most of these happier customers would
eventually turn out to the be their loyal customers.
Put simply, Customer Service is all about how businesses look after their customers.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this excellent customer service course, participants will be able to:
Understand the elements of successful customer communication and improve skills in
this area Structure customer contact more effectively
Improve questioning and listening skills
Identify customers real issues and match with appropriate solutions
Build better relationships with customers using empathy
Recognize each customers unique personality and tailor dialogue accordingly
Identify their own stress triggers and develop action plans to overcome them
Learn how their own body language can improve communication with customers
Understand the importance and impact of the telephone as a service tool

Who Must Attend

This program is designed for customer service front liners, supervisors, team leaders of any

Course Details

Day 1: 9.00am - 5.00pm

MODULE 1: Superior Customer Service and You
Superior customer service and best practices (industries-base)
Understanding your strength and want to excel
Discover your Purpose and values?
Alignment to your work and life.
MODULE 2: Understanding and Managing Behaviours
Taking ownership, Being Accountable
Human Behaviour Patterns

MODULE 3: Superior Customer-Focused Communication

Perception and Customer Focused Communication
Identify your internally preferred interpersonal style of communication
Big Mistakes in Handling Communication with Clients
Managing and overcoming problems in communication process
Gain New Perspectives in Service Based Communication (Case Study)

MODULE 4: Effective Listening & Questioning Techniques

How to Listen effectively and emphatically
The Art of Questioning and Probing
Drawing out answers by questioning
Simulation: Why are you not listening ?

Day 2: 9.00am - 5.00pm

MODULE 5: Defusing Angry and Distress Customers
Customers Hot Buttons and how to mentally prepare for the storm.
The psychology behind angry and aggressive customers
Critical Steps to defusing angry and abusive customers
Activity: Calm Sea before a Furious Storm

MODULE 6: Critical Steps to Complaint Management

Apply 6 Critical Steps in Managing Complaints
Service Recovery and Best Practices
Real Life Complaint Management Workshop
Activity: Bomb Squad in Action

MODULE 7: Complaint Improvement Process

Goal Setting
Recovery Service Action Plan
Continuous Improvement Plan
MODULE 8: Stress Management
Understanding Stress and its
Techniques in managing stress and coping with work
Activity: Stripping off the bad vibes, Infusing with positivity


In this Experiential program, we adopt a facilitative approach through interactive workshops,

self-assessments, group activities and simulations. As It is very important for participants to
review their own outcome, activities are designed to illustrate key issues that the participants
are facing in Customer Service and identify areas of improvement.

Course Leader

B (Sc) Business Administration (Denmark)
Certified Professional Trainer, PSMB
NLP Practitioner & Coach (ABNLP-US)

Carol brings to you 23 years of international work experience. Carol devotes herself to train,
coach and consult professionally. Her personal mission is to Inspire and Lead. Shes also
aligned with her motto Only through Personal Leadership & Accountability, can there be
Change in the World. Her passionis reflected in her quest to continuously improve peoples
lives and empower them to reach their potential.
Carol radiates positivity and is go-getter. Her training methods are based on experiential
In her 23 years of corporate work experience, she has served in a diverse range of industries
and worked as top management in Japanese work culture, with Multinational Style
management in a local environment.
Through her experience of working in different culture and social structure, has nurtured the
ability to produce a cultured, balanced and a driven work environment that promotes positivity,
energy, effectiveness. She is the vision of an exemplary leader who is highly competent in
striking the balance between the need of the organization, the visions of its top leaders and the
competitive and challenging environment faced by many middle managers today.
She has trained and coached hundreds of top and middle level management in her previous
line of work. Her areas of expertise is Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service
Management, Business Planning, Retail Development, Project Management, Leadership,
Process Improvement and Business Management, Performance Management, Corporate &
Business Communication.
In the 10 years of service for one of Malaysias top automotive brand as a General Manager,
she spearheaded and developed strong teams in various core business units in the company.

Her highest achievements include market expansion in the region which contributed to a sales
growth of close to 100% within 2 years, immense improvement in market service quality
through establishments of many new initiatives in the organization such as Customer
Relationship Management System, Customer Communications Media, Compliance
Measurement Systems, Performance Rewards Systems, state of the art e-Learning and
Training Systems. With her talents in leadership combined with tenacity, she spearheaded and
developed 3 dynamic divisions in the company, namely, Customer Relationship Division,
Dealership and Network Development Divisions and the companys first Regional Office.
These 3 divisions were the pinnacle to the success of the organization meetings its goals at
that point in time.
Carol is known for her hands-on and best practice approach in training. She has a keen eye
for spotting talents and potentials. Her unique ability of studying people and matching their
technical and soft skills to their with real life requirements is superb.
She believes in helping participants first raise their self-awareness and then leading them to
their desired state of performance and competence. She is also a patient coach, aptly guide
participants to discover their resources and full potential as value asset to their organization
and as individuals. Her pragmatic approach and passion in cultivating future and potential
leaders, has inspired many who have been coached, trained and worked for her to succeed in
their chosen field of work.
Carol is also a registered trainer with PSMB /HRDC and is a certified NLP Practitioner.
To book Carol for your next training or consultancy, please email to info@itrainingexpert.comor
call +603 8074 9056.



Normal fee
Sign up 1 pax
Pay before course starts
MYR 2,780.00
USD 650.00
Early Bird
Sign up 1 pax
Pay 14 days before course starts
MYR 2,180.00
USD 500.00

Group Fee
Sign up 3 pax or more
Pay 14 days before course starts
MYR 2,080.00
USD 480.00

(Fee inclusive of GST, Buffet Lunch, Refreshment, Welcome Pack, Training Materials Certificate of Achievement)

Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
Certificates are distributed on the final day of the program.

Payment mode:
1. ONLINE PAYMENT by Credit card: You can opt to register and pay online with our latest
payment integration system through our website.
Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm
your seat.
Courier your cheque payment to our Finance HQ.
*Note that we DO NOT take any payments during the event.
3. BANK IN CASH:You can also pay by cash through bank-in our company bank account.
4. Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via
international banks.