Louisiana’s oil economy
New Orleans Gulf of Mexico Despite the catastrophic damage wrecked on Louisiana’s environment by the BP oil spill, the state is largely opposed to halting deep water drilling since most of its oil reserves are in reservoirs on the outer continental shelf.

Baton Rouge

OCS boundary
100 km 100 miles

What is the OCS?
• Federal land that extends 200 nautical mi. (370 km) from the federal/state boundary – 3 nautical mi. (5.6 km) from the coastline for La.

Oil and gas, by the numbers, 2009
State Federal OCS Crude oil Proved oil reserves production In millions of barrels In millions of barrels (as of Dec. 31, 2008) 68.9 406.2 State oil, gas revenues In millions $1,079 $28.7* 388 3,388 Share of total state revenues Oil, gas Total $1.1 $8.5 billion billion Natural gas production In trillions of cubic feet 1.48 1.35 Employment Provides 45 percent of state’s jobs Production 47,400 Chemicals 22,600 Petroleum manufacturing 11,400 Pipelines 2,400

*State gets 50 percent of revenues from federal land within its boundaries Source: Louisiana Department of Natural Resources © 2010 MCT Graphic: Pat Carr