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Title of the movie


My Sister’s Keeper – The title of the movie was about Ana who was her
sister’s keeper because she was born to keep her sister Kate alive
through donating marrow and other body parts.

Main Characters

Anna Fitzgerald (Abigail Breslin) – was conceived by means of in vitro
fertilization through the informal suggestion of Kate's doctor, Dr. Chance,
as a savior sister.
Kate Fitzgerald (Sofia Vassilieva) – who suffers from acute promyelocytic
leukemia and who needs donation of blood and organs.
Sara Fitzgerald (Cameron Diaz) – Ana and Kate’s mother, Sara is strong,
stubborn, and intelligent, and her life centers on her efforts to keep Kate
Brian Fitzgerald (Jason Patric) – the family’s father, and a career
firefighter. Brian often serves as a foil to Sara.
Jesse Fitzgerald (Evan Ellingson) – Kate’s younger brother
Dr. Chance (David Thornton) – Kate’s doctor
Attorney Campbell Alexander (Alec Baldwin) - work for Anna as her
guardian ad litem, suing for partial termination of parental rights
Taylor Ambrose (Thomas Dekker) – a fellow cancer patient which
becomes Kate’s crush and boyfriend
Judge DeSalvo (Joan Cusack) – The judge appointed to Anna’s case. Fair
and kind, Judge DeSalvo genuinely cares for Anna’s well-being. As the
father of a child killed by a drunk driver, he understands how desperately
Sara and Brian want to keep Kate alive.
Zanne – Sara’s older sister. Zanne, a high-powered career woman without
children, provides a foil to Sara, who could have been a successful
attorney but essentially gave up her law career to care for her children fulltime.






The disease is caused by overproduction of white blood cells in Kate’s
The disease is identified by distinctive morphology and is distinguished by
a balanced reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 15 and 17.
Historically, APL has been characterized by a rapidly fatal course with a
high incidence of early hemorrhagic death. This became evident in early

17) in the World Health Organization (WHO) classification system. APL is caused by an arrest of leukocyte differentiation at the promyelocyte stage. and Brian obtains permission from her doctor and removes her from the hospital to take her and the kids. Judge De Salvo decided to take the case to the court. ie t(15. clinical features. Jesse acts like a delinquent in other ways as well. 4. Ana did not want to donate her kidney to her sister Kate and files a petition against their parents through the help of Atty. . had gently persuaded Anna to refuse to donate her kidney. Sara is furious when Brian shows up at the house with Kate and demands that she be returned to the hospital. and knowing Sara refuses to hear any option other than her desired one. 5. Kate makes a request to go to the beach one last time. The relationships between family members changed because everyone’s attention all turned to Kate. ranging from 1 day to 1 month. Overprotective as ever. Jesse reveal that Anna's actions are actually under Kate's instruction. Problems encountered by family due to Kate’s condition        the They were not able to find a donor to cure Kate when she was still little and Jesse did not match Kate. threatening Sara with a divorce if she does not join them. During the hearing. The discovery and elucidation of the molecular pathogenesis for APL has led to the first and only targeted therapy for leukemia. such as drinking alcohol excessively. Campbell Alexander. the baby was named Ana. Brian angrily refuses and drives off. studies when patients who were untreated or received corticosteroids experienced a median survival of <1 week. Means done by the family to cope up with the situation   The family decided to have a baby which is genetically modified to become a donor to Kate. They talked the things over with Jesse and Sara had to give up her work to take good care of their children. It has distinct cytogenetics. Anna and Kate's older brother. and biologic characteristics. not wanting to live any longer. Kate. It is classified as AML M3 by the old French-American-British (FAB) system and as APL with translocation between chromosomes 15 and 17. but much of this behavior stems from anger over his inability to save Kate and his feelings of being ignored by his parents.

" At the end. Blood transfusions. Anna says that their relationship continues because she will see Kate again.      To find a donor that matches Kate preferably a family member. Sara is indignant at this discovery. Sara later went and followed to the beach for Kate’s request and to avoid the divorce offered by her husband. Before the case is decided. Kate’s parents also did not match her due to some genetic differences in the DNA. It was suggested by Dr. Kate. which was her "most favorite place in the world. 6. blood and others that are needed by the sick sister. Sara represented herself in the court and fought against Campbell. Jesse. Possible repair mechanism. . After Kate's death. Ana undergone a lot of operations since she was five to donate marrow.      7. Campbell brings the court decision: Anna won the case. Conditions or situations in the movie that is related to Biochem. Ana was conceived through in vitro fertilization to ensure that she matches Kate. the disease is identified by distinctive morphology and is distinguished by a balanced reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 15 and 17. Donate a kidney to Kate.      They tried to talk it over with Ana and later Sara represented herself and her husband. They all talked it over and explained that Kate needed the attention because she was sick and her life is limited. Kate’s brother did not match Kate although they were siblings due to different genetic make-up. Kate dies while sleeping at the hospital with her mother by her side. Brian on the court. Replace marrow. Chance that they have another baby that is genetically modified through in vitro fertilization to make sure that the baby matches Kate. The family moves on with their lives. but is finally forced by both Jesse and Brian to realize that Kate had been trying to tell her this for some time. When Kate was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia. but every year on Kate's birthday they go to Montana.

Their genetic make-up is different. Kate may not live as long as Ana is alive because her body is already weak and some of her cells were already damaged because of continuous chemotherapy. Reasons why brother cannot be a donor to Kate. She will not be able to live for as long as Ana lives because of the fact that she is sick and Ana is a very healthy person although she has undergone a lot of operations since she was just little. If Ana permitted to donate to Kate will it prolong the life of Kate for as long as Ana is alive?  For me. it would be really hard to tell especially that nobody knows until when will God permit us to live.8.    They do not match. They have different blood types. I guess it would be a NO. 9. of Kate . but in Kate’s case.

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