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Phraser Connector

Issue Date AUGUST 2016

Volume # 50


1480 copies
By Elaine Storey


Corner-store taking shape

There is enough conjecture and

misinformation about a new
grocery store that it would fill
the empty space where the
store once stood.
Many conversations in town
begin with, Have you heard
anything? And end with, I
hope theres a new store before
the snow falls!
A few immediate food needs
are being met by local producers and retailers. You can buy
meats and breads, honey and
jam and produce at the Community Market every Friday.

Fields, Slenyah, Rexall, Ace

Hardware and Town Pantry are
bringing in some milk, eggs and
other food stuffs.
If there were plans for a new
grocery store, most people
aren't privy to the news. And
with the forecast of winter to
hit hard, it gives license to worry and speculation.
YET, there is movement on
one front and since action
speaks louder than words, the
person covered in gyproc dust
may likely be the one to put the
rumours to rest.

Although he has experienced a

series of delays and unforeseen
licensing issues, the new owner
of the FL Inn Hotel, Paul Dhaliwahl is the guy on a ladder with
a hammer in his hand.
On Friday August 26th, the
former drinking establishment
was thick with gyproc dust and
knee-deep in construction.
The 4500 square foot space
with ladders in the middle of
the room was stacked with
building material, white shelving and shrink-wrapped upright
freezers and upright coolers.

Along one wall are pieces waiting to be assembled by a builder

with a strong arm, a screwdriver and a good back.
I had to install another layer of
gyproc on the ceiling. Itll be
another week before its ready
for inspection. We want to
open in September, said the
guy who is rushing to complete
the corner store that looks like
it has space to supply the essentials for local shoppers.

There is nothing to do now but

wait and hope the first snow
doesn't come early.

BC Transit
find survey at
Plans for BC Transit to connect northern communities is in the
discussion stage. There is an on-line survey seeking public input
and over 300 people have already replied.
The size of busses, where they make their stops and travel turn
around times will be determined from public input. The three
year$6 million project will see the capital costs covered in the
first year. The areas along Highway 16 have been broken into 3
segments, Burns Lk, B.L. to Smithers, Smithers to Prince

Rupert. Each segment will receive a portion of the funding. Lit

kiosks with Wi-Fi and cameras will dot the route for safety.
On Friday Sept 9th, from 2:00pm-4:00pm, BC Transit will have
a van and a tent at the Community Market seeking public input.
This will be Fraser Lakes opportunity to give OUR input and
ask questions of the $6 million project. For this bus service to
answer the needs of the public, people are encouraged to attend
this info session.



Its the
...Bring it on
An editorial by Elaine Storey
Its Back-To season that time when
birds flock, salmon spawn, new TV shows
air, teachers re-appear and kids begin their
ten-month-cycle of learning.
The term Back-To refers to coming back
to a place you were away from for a period of time. The inference is such that the
action was ongoing, it did not end but was
merely suspended while other activities or
events occurred.
To some, Back-To has a purely school reference. But one could argue that BackTo in August has a significant meaning to
all those in the general public.
Environmental shifts are realized during
the Back-To season. Summer is coming to
an end, harvest has occurred and the gathering has begun. The earth has produced
its bounty and has returned back to a state
of rest, the soil is spent. And so too are we
from relaxing, fishing, playing in the sun
and preparing huge bowls of potato salad.
Back-To on the home-front may signal the
end of summer vacation and time to return
from the cabin, time to wash the sleeping
bags and put away the shorts and t-shirts.
Advertisers showcase pre-teens uncharacteristically smiling in Back-To outfits
with new back packs slung on one shoulder. Somewhere in the background is a
school bus or a school hallway ...subliminal
reminders of who owns this season.
For stores selling school supplies, the
Back To end of summer sales are an important time to gauge the upcoming
Christmas season. Its a testing ground for
marketers to introduce marginal technological gizmos that appeal to the younger
age groups. Its proven that as much as 80%
of Back-To sales are being determined by

While there are
many options for
shopping the BackTo bargains, many
of todays savvy
Back to school shopping reportedly begins shoppers choose to
in the middle of August and sees frenzied shop the on-line
activity the weekend prior to schools open- sites like Zulily and
ing. There is much pressure for homeown- Gap and others.
ers to find enough cash to dress Johnny and
Jane to win. The Back-To ads are riff with In the 1960s it was
young folks reeking of popularity, blinged called catalogue
-out in preppi cardis and skinny jeans.
shopping and it
would take weeks
Who doesn't remember the excitement of for your order form
to reach the wholegetting new school supplies and at least
one new-to-you sweater for that first day? sale company. RegiGrowing up in our family of 5, the Back- na was the mailBIG SPIDER
To season must have been a Mission Im- order headquarters
for the Army & Napossible nightmare for my parents.
vy store that operatIn early July we were instructed to gather ed from 1925 to
for the semi-annual foot sizing. One could- 1986. The turnn't depend on the sizing page to be intact in around time for an
order was up to two
the Army & Navy catalogue, so Mum
would scrounge for paper bags or waxed
paper and carefully trace our right foot
While Back-To may
outline on five separate pieces of paper.
not feel celebratory
She would include those outline images
to some, others of
with her order. And when it came to
clothes sizing, she would eye-ball our girth us may welcome it.
This year, my perand refer to the height chart on the
recording corner behind the wood stove. sonal justification to
Depending on how much we had sprouted, give summer 2016 a
hearty Heave-ho
she would up last years size by a digit or
comes in five unique WOOD RAT
two to reflect the change.
I recall the excitement of seeing that Army
SEE PICS to the
& Navy brown-paper-wrapped-bundle
when it miraculously appeared on the
kitchen table. Amongst the reams of cotton #1) earwigs
towels were corduroy pants, Saddle Shoes, #2) red ants
Penny Loafers, woolen sweaters and heavi- #3) big spiders
#4) black bears
ly zippered jackets not previously worn
#5) wood rat
and promising to enhance our scholastic
Farewell summer, I miss you already!!!!!

school-aged children. THEY lead parents

through the malls by their debit cards,
begging for the latest and newest name
brand school supplies and gotta-haves.



Fraser Lake Community Health Centre

Following is a current list of providers and the dates they are at the facility
for the months of September and October 2016
Dr. Shannon Douglas
Monday & Thursday every week
Dr. Tim Bowen-Roberts
Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday every week
Nurse Practitioner Ginny Burns Tues & Wed & Thurs & Fri every week
Dr. Gerry McFetridge
August 29 to September 8
Dr. Gerry McFetridge
October 3 to October 14
These dates are subject to change
The hours of operation Monday through Friday:
CALL 250-699-6225
Medical Clinic
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed 12:00 to 1:00 pm daily
Ambulatory Outpatient 9:30am to 5:00pm
8:30am to 10:30am
X-Ray - Monday & Wednesday... 9:00am to 3:30pm/ Thursday 9:00am to 11:00am
Public Health - Monday & Tuesday 8:30am to 5:00pm

CNC 12-week program in Fraser Lake

This Fall, CNC is offering the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers Program in Fraser Lake
and several of the surrounding communities. In this twelveweek program, YOU get an opportunity to update your Math, English and Computer skills. You receive several workforce
certificates plus a daily training allowance. The program begins on Monday, September 19th
and runs Monday through Friday for twelve weeks.



Winners of the Autumn Services Raffle drawn Aug 8,2016

...and the winners are:

Thank you to Copper T

Ranch, Savory Farms, Bonnies Baking, & Irene Sautuer
for food for the freezer.
Thank you to Maxine Beedle
for getting a discount on the
Thank you to Bonnie Plowman for getting the Francois
Lake package and to Nithi on
the Lake, and Molyhills and
Stellako Lodge and Bonnies
Baking for their donations.
Thank you to Eleanor Macdonald for sewing and donating a huge quilt

Thank you to Vivian Cyprk for

gifting us with two unique
heirlooms the Robert Bateman print & the stained glass
Thank you to Keith Munz for
crafting and donating the
wooden bird feeder
Thank you to Jean Fenato,
Gil Kopy, Doris Ray, John
Stafford, for their contributions to the Everything Local

1st prize: Freezer Package

Lisa Legere
2nd prize: Francois Lake Package
Noella Herod
3rd prize: Locally Made Quilt
Eileen Hutson
4th prize: Robert Bateman Print
Randi Roy
5th prize: Stained Glass
Charlotte Grimm
6th prize: Bird House
Lisa Beck
7th prize: Local Basket Package
Cathy Harder

Third prize winner Eileen

Hutson with her new quilt
donated by Eleanor

Thank you to everyone who

purchased tickets
for our raffle.
Thank you to everyone who
sold our raffle tickets
Thank you to everyone to
gathered on Aug 8th to
witness the exciting draw
sorry if you didnt win
prize winner
Cathy Harder
with basket of
all things

Thank You from

Autumn Services

A Diaper
2 spoons
4 containers

News from Endako Mine

News from Endako Mine
Dust suppression activities
continued at Endako Mine
with the successful seeding
and fertilizing of over 300
acres of the tailings facilities.
The seeding and fertilizer
program was completed well
ahead of schedule and has
already produced encouraging results. Also in August,
tours were provided to sevDrill seeding/fertilizing growth at Endako Mine. In the short amount of time
eral representatives from the
since the seeding/fertilizing program began, significant growth has occurred
Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, and will go a long way towards the control and mitigation of dust onsite.
and Ministry of Energy & Mines, allowing
them to see firsthand the progress made to



The Phraser Connector is on-line. READ IT @

GREAT GREENS at the Community Garden

Its the communities garden and many children, students and
adult volunteers have put hundreds of hours into it.

constantly upgrading and adding more options. Were trying new

ways of planting as well as growing from our seeds and cuttings.

The FLESS Life Skills class helped build the green house said
Lynne Clark who oversees the project and did much of the finishing and detail work. The Tots group have an area they worked
and there are plans to have murals painted on the inside walls.

The garden plot consists of over 30 raised beds that are producing
about 50 varieties of plants. There is a row of raspberry canes and
a potato and strawberry bed. Lynn dug a kitchen herb garden and
a native herb garden this summer and used the sod to grow a
double-row of potatoes. She covered the sod with grass clippings
Im not a gardener really, I like growing perennials and designoff the fields, and the very healthy potato tops are producing a
ing and shaping the landscape, insists Clark who puts in about six
very large and healthy crop.
hours a week at the garden plots at the north east corner of
FLESS that is protected by walls on three sides.
Lynn introduced many of her own perennials to border the vegetable garden. People have added rose bushes, apple trees and an
Lots of people put time in here. Patty is here every day watering
assortment of other shrubs. ...False chamomile, Yarrow, Soloand generally keeping the weeds from taking over. Deanna drops
mon Seal, Pussy Toes, Dutchmans Britches, Bed Straw, Fever
over with her kids and everyone with raised bed drops in when
few, Horseradish...are names of some of the wild tangle of plants
they can. There are beplanted in a circle beside the potato patch.
tween 7-12 people who
planted in here and we are I would like to see people bring stuff in containers next year.
There is lots of space here, I
would like to see it all used,
The Community Garden has produced a great

bounty with more than thirty varieties.

On Saturday August 27th,

about 30 people came to the
gardens to learn more about
the future plans and to enjoy a
locally-grown lunch of garden
soup, fresh buns and locally
produced peperoni. The
event was complete with two
vendors from the Community
Market, music and a handful
of young children who ran
around the yard and played.

Martineau Plumbing & Heating

Licensed Gas Fitter & Plumber
95% High Efficient Furnace Replacement
HotWaterTank Replacement
Call Wayne Martineau
Phone 250.699-6597
Cell 250.699-1384

Corn stalks coming along

2 faces from the Festival of

Arts...nicely detailed .



The 7th Annual

Dennis Hiatt Memorial
Mud Bogs .
Lots of mud,
Tons of action

Pictures by Shannons Photography

The roar of engines, flying mud

from huge tires, the
grin from clocking
your fastest time,
the smell of mud on
hot metal and burning rubber, peeling
off your muddy water soaked boots,
stepping out of
your mud-paintedtruck, and the smile
from knowing you
gave it your best
shot. This and
more sums up a fun
time at the 7th Annual Dennis Hiatt
Mud Bogs.

FREE BBQ at Kin Park for all

of Fraser Lake & Area


Flexible hours for your convenience!

September Promotion
Back to School Special
20% off all services
Teachers, Students, Friends

Evenings & Weekends
Your one stop for
Gel Nails, Micha Lashes,
Pedicures, Waxing & more

Fraser Lake Local Action Team of

the Child Youth Mental Health
Substance Use Collaborative is
part of the provincial initiative
whose goal is to increase the number of children, youth and families
that receive timely access to integrated mental health and substance use services. Our members include Youth, Parents, First
Nations, Councillors, Counselors,
MCFD, RCMP, Early Childhood
Intervention Professionals, Clinicians, Physicians & Clinic Staff.


Has the grocery store

closure impacted YOU?


but it has cut into our family time.

There was the affordability issue: I am raising three kids and I
now make 2 trips to Prince George a month. I had to buy a new
freezer for $400 to store food. Yes, it has cost me a lot. A trip to
Prince is $90 in gas and at least $60 in restaurants.
By Elaine Storey
~ We dont drive but I used to walk to the store and get my
I ran an impromptu street opinion poll about
groceries every other day or so. Now our son has to pick things
How the closure of the grocery store has
up for us or he takes us shopping to Burns Lake.
affected local families
~ I work until 5:30. If I drive into Vanderhoof or Burns for
People shared their thoughts on the three-month closure. groceries, I dont get back until 7:30 or 8:00, and its almost bedAnd I have included those conversations here.
time for the kids.
(No names were recorded for the purpose of this survey.
Remarks that would be considered slanderous in any way ~ Its embarrassing to tell customers there is no grocery store
here. Many of them say they will just keep driving and they dont
were not included in the final results)
want to park here, even overnight.
There is a sense of loss: I feel bad for the people who lost jobs.
Emotions on the street ranged from frustration to embarrassWhere will they find other employment?
ment, and for many, a huge sense of loss.
~ Im on the Loblaws diet...look at the weight Ive lost. chided
~ It makes me sick. Im worried it will have a domino effect
one person who wanted Loblaws to know she will never support
and impact everything we have worked our whole lives for.
their stores in the future.
~ How can we sell a house with this uncertain market?
Disappointment and frustration would sum up the response for
~ You dont value something until its gone, said another
most of those who were surveyed. There is a feeling of being
There were a collective of remarks: It sucks! Its devastating! punished for something they had no control over .groceries
It just simply makes me mad!
now cost more (PERIOD) . And its not our fault.
To concerns like: Its bad for business! Its bad for tourism!
Its the elephant in the room, and Im afraid to address it!
There were hopeful comments such as, I was going to move
because of it, but thought I should ride it out because itll
pick up again.
~ We always did our shopping here. We are now having to
spend one of our days off going into Vanderhoof, Burns Lake
or Prince George to buy what we normally bought here. I
wish something would open here.
Another positive comment came in the form of this remark,
We had a chance to move to 8 different towns, and we
choose to come here. We are willing to work through this,



NEW Fall &

arriving daily

In the Fraser Lake Shopping Center

tanks &
25% off

Give us a chance If you

need something, I will see if I
can bring it in for YOU.

Hockey gear
now available

Thank you for buying locally!


Par 3 Sports is now

the Depot for
Purolator & UPS

Water Treatment Systems

Drink only the best

For bottled water, pick up, or delivery
Call 699-6688

Fraser Lake
Summer Hours
OPEN Mon to Fri
8:00 to 5:30
9:00 to 5:00
closed Sunday

Fishing & Hunting

licences are

Need a gift for your

favourite handy
How about
ACE Gift

clothing up
to 40%

A Cut Beyond
Open 9:305:00

Monday to Friday
Book your back to school
appointment today
Call 699-0055
A Cut Beyond could possibly be closed some days
due to Teresas busy personal schedule.
As she is away more, please book in advance to make
an appointment with Teresa

Building Center
Shop our September flyer
for our Paint & Flooring
event...flyer ends
September 10


40 Cougar Street, Fraser Lake B.C.


Endako This & That


by Audrey Read

We had a power outage here tonight, I was washing and drying clothes and about to put a couple of zucchini loaves in the oven when things came
to a quiet stand still!...Amazing how noisy it is in the house when the power is on and all thing humming & carrying on. I decided to read a little
by one of my old coal oil lights....Squinting and holding the book up to the lamps chimney trying to read reminded me of the days when I was
going to school and having to do my homework by this kind of light....same lamp too! Really, it is a wonder my generation and the ones before
us didn't go blind!
Our best wishes to Marilyn Ray for a speedy recovery, all the best my friend!
Did you know that a "perfect marriage" is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!
I have been busy as many of my friends are harvesting produce from the garden...finished the peas, pulled the plants out and fed them to the
chickens, same as the spinach, my freezer is sure filling up. About to get more beets in there today. Shall make some dilled carrots one day soon
too, it seems it never ends....the raspberries need to be picked...again too...never ends! Got a lot of beet pickles in jars, they are so good!
The cattle that I have pasturing here have certainly picked up since they came, I have never seen such thin cattle for the middle of July in my
life! Poor things!
My hay is all baled up now, better crop than I expected with all the dry weather earlier on. Two different neighbours put up different fields so
they both should have enough hay for their herds for the coming winter.
So far, as of Aug. 15 they are still able to log but if we don't get some rain very soon the bush will likely be shut down, seems if it isn't one thing it
is another!
Shannon Turnbull & Ashlee Malloy and daughter Paisley made a trip to Williams Lake Fall Fair to watch a friend, Riley Derose show his yearling
heifer. This is Riley's first year in 4-H and he is thrilled to bits with the heifer that he bought from us last fall. She will have her first calf in the
spring of 2017 and he will be well on his way to having his very own herd. Good luck Riley! 4-H is such a wonderful organization for the youth
of today, too bad there wasn't a club in this area.
I really like to have the wild animals around but one of the three deer that wintered in the hay shed last winter decided that this was HER yard
and the dog and I were to stay in the house! I am not really in agreement with that so we had a few arguments. My little dog Penny started
growling and carrying on one evening at the patio door and when I went to see what was going on here was this doe emptying a bird feeder of
sunflower seed. I opened the door a crack and yelled at her to get the heck out of there and she whirled around, came right up to the door and
started stomping her feet at me! Well! Seeing as it was getting late we just went to bed and the next morning after I had watered the green
house and was heading into the house, Penny took off around the corner of the house and in seconds was coming right back with the deer hot on
her heels! Penny thought it was a game at first and they went round and round the long flower bed until Penny realized it really wasn't a game
and ducked under the pick up. The deer wasn't sure where she went but was on one side of the pick up facing the house, I grabbed the broom
and distracted her long enough for Penny to get into the house! Then I realized her fawn was playing out on the lawn having a grand time, cute
little thing! That darn deer slept on the edge of the lawn for three afternoons, really thought she owned the place, I guess her fawn was asleep in
the trees just off the lawn. Fortunately my daughter and her family came for the weekend with a noisy bunch and I think the deer decided it wasn't safe anymore....I haven't seen her since! It is nice to be able to go outside without checking to see if I'll get chased back into the house again!
Saw a very strange sight on my way to Vanderhoof the other day, a large field that had been cut and baled back in June still had the hay bales
stacked in rows in the field and they had cut the second crop around the bales!....Must be a new experiment I guess! LOL
If you want a good recipe for cleaning and polishing your furniture try this: 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 2 cups water & 2 tblsp. olive oil, mix
well and get to work!
At the Vanderhoof Fall Fair both Rita Hiatt and her granddaughter did very well in the Light Horse events. Rita won most of the classes she
entered getting four first's and a second. Granddaughter Holly (Hiatt) placed in four out of five classes....even won some money! She is as proud
as can be!...Takes after her Grandma in horsemanship! Congratulations to you both!
Our congratulations to Shelley Carswell and Dale Perterson on their recent marriage. Hope you have many, many happy years together!

P AGE 10


Harrison and Hunter enjoying time at soccer camp in August

Fun at British
Soccer Camp
The tyke group at Soccer Camp on final day with coaches

Food Share Program .. How You Can Help

At Autumn Services we are running a Food Share Program. If
you have extra of anything frozen, fresh or canned, and you wish
to share it, you can drop it off in the fridge or freezer or the
shelves here. We now have daily users of the program along, and
the food is gone quite quickly, It is shared on a first come first
serve basis, and we dont limit the amount you think you need.
We are open 10-2pm MonFriday. Heres how to help:

We accept ALL of these

for recycling
Small Appliances
Power Tools
Electronics like TV

Screens & Computer


Cell Phones & chargers &

their cords

Car batteries

#1) drop off extra garden vegetables if you are harvesting more
than you need.
#2) drop off extra dry goods you may not need
#3) drop off extra stuff in your fridge before you go away
#4) drop extra cereal, fruit or milk for kids going back to
school, or for people who cant get to a grocery store.

OPEN Tuesday to Saturday

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

20 Cougar Street

REFUNDS for Beer cans & bottles 10 & up

REFUNDS for Alcohol bottles .10 & up

REFUNDS for Pop/Juice bottles 5 & up

REFUNDS for Pop/Juice cans 5 & up
REFUNDS for Juice Pouches . 5 & up

We have

P AGE 11


Free ads on this page

Community page

Fraser Lake Shotokan Karate Club

A Member of (ISKF) International Shotokan Karate Federation of BC
Starting September 13, 2016
Cost per month $30 per student
Family cost $20 per student... family cap $70 per month
(ISKF) Membership fees $40 per member per year
Two week free trial . After trial you will be expected to pay membership fees and have a uniform ordered, or have one already.
Basic uniform costs $30 and up
Ages 7 years old and up Classes held at: Fraser Lake Mouse Mountain
School Classes: from 7 pm to 8 pm.
Advanced classes : 8 pm till 9 pm Days of training Tues and Thurs
For more info call
Dale Peck @

For Sale
Dyson Canister Vacuum (Like New)
-Bagless-perfect for high traffic areas and if you
have pets (shedding)

Booking Healing Touch Appts.

Healing Touch appointments are available for
Aug 28-Sept 2 in Prince George and
on Sept 3 in Fraser Lake at Autumn Services
To book a session, text or call LeEtta at 250-859-0620.
Sports gear: If your kids play sports, add two drops each of
tea tree oil and lemon essential oil to one quart of warm
water; next add four tablespoons of baking soda and mix.
Use to clean ripe (!) jerseys, cleats and sports gear.

Bought for $800.00 asking $400.00 (or a reasonable offer considered)

Serious inquiries only

Family Service
A service for Cathy Cannel will be held on Saturday,
October 29th in Penticton at Caravilla Estates Senior's Hall
#333-3105 South Main Street, Penticton
from 11:00-3:00 pm

All attachments included


Welcome the New Principal and Vice Principal to FLESS:
Dean Coder is the new vice-principal at FLESS. Dean moves to
Nechako Lakes from the Kamloops School District where he was
a teacher, principal and most recently a Director of International
Education. Dean moves to Nechako Lakes as he recently married LorrieAnn Reidel, a school district counsellor. Dean grew up
in the Prince George area and has spent time in many rural communities, including Valemont and Barrier and is passionate
about the strengths of small communities and their schools.
Brian Cross is the new Principal at FLESS, transferring over
from Vanderhoof where he was Vice Principal at NVSS and Vice
Principal of EBUS Academy prior to that. Brian returns to
FLESS where he began his teaching career in 1977 and where
he was involved in FL Fire Department as a volunteer. Brian has
extensive experience as both a teacher and an administrator and
enjoys the lifestyle in the rural communities.

2:30 - 3:30 Sr. Fitness Drop-in by donation
3:30 - 4:30 4-6 yr. old Tap
4:30 - 5:30 5-9 yr. old Jr. Hip-Hop
5:30 - 6:30 10 & up Sr. Hip-Hop

3:00 - 3:30 Tiny Tots 2-3 yr. olds (Limit 5 students)
3:30 - 4:30 4-6 yr. old Jr Jazz
4:30 - 5.30 7-9 yr. old Intermediate Jazz
5:30 - 6:30 10 & up Sr. Jazz

Classes will begin Sept 6th and end Dec 14th, 2016
Classes will be held at Autumn Services building in Fraser Lake
There will be a Christmas Show, date yet to be determined
Email for a registration form and information package.

P AGE 12




F.L. Festival of the ARTS

Autumn Services Centre

Home of the
Phraser Connector
312 McMillan Avenue
Fraser Lake
Primary Mailing Address
Box #557
Fraser Lake BC
V0J 1S0

Phone: (250) 699-0056

Or (250) 699-1023

To read the Phraser Connector on-line:

Top Left: Regina Kemp demo of silk screening

Top right: Christine Turcotte of Willow

Tree Pottery (Quesnel)

Above: Marilynn Reyden of Signature CreaIt took more than a year to organize and
tions demo for melting glass
Phraser Connector is distributed Above right: Jerusa White singer (Ft St James) plan the FL Festival of the Arts. The
resulting two-day event was a testament
FREE once a month to
Below: Rylan and Jamie painting their own
to that hard work.
1480 area mail boxes
faces at the kids craft table
(pictures by EStorey)
Crammed with art demos, singing,
Business Card 5.3cm x 9.3cm - $30 per insert
face painting, International food and
3 x Business Card size - $75 per insert
youngsters having fun at the craft ta1/4 Page size 6 cm x 19 cm - $105 per insert
ble it was termed a success. Over
1/2 Page 12cm x19cm - $185 per insert
two days the events changed venue
Full page 24cm x 19cm - $375 per insert
starting out with a Coffee House at
Ask about our rates for non-profits
the Legion on Friday then moving to
To advertise email:
vendors and artisan displays inside
and out at the arena on Saturday
topping off with great night of music
Dont forget to call
at White Swan Park.
Autumn Services 250-699-0056
One of the organizers, Cathy Harder said, Different people attend every year. This
for all your
year we grew it to a two-day event to showcase more artisans and performers.
Copying & Designing needs!!
There are plans to purchase a big highway sign to advertise the FL Festival of the
Book a Birthday Party,
Arts. The sign would stand year-round and the date would be changed annually.
Meeting or Baby Shower!