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Written by :
Nicolas Jalu Pangesty, Muhammad Dzulfikri Firdaus, Adidanu Saputra
Indonesia becomes a blessed country due to a huge natural energy resource, especially
geothermal energy. Up to 40% of the world geothermal resources that separated into 312 places
in whole area, makes Indonesia have the highest potential of geothermal energy. From 28
Gigawatt, the production of this renewable energy just reach 4.7 % utilized based on Pertamina
Geothermal Energys prognosis in 2015. So there are a lot of opportunities to develop
geothermal energy to increase the utilization of this energy for every aspect of life. Nowadays,
Indonesia has been developing direct use implementation for geothermal energy utilization to
many kinds of agricultural and tourism cases. Geothermal manifestations on the surface such as
hot spring or geothermal wells, etc., can be applied for direct use applications. Generally, the
geothermal resources located at the heights or mountains where the agricultural activities and
tourism mostly placed. They need heat for their process and activities, so this is the perfect
chances to develop geothermal direct use development. The simple utilization of geothermal
direct use comes from getting steam from small geothermal wells for spa and hot swimming
pool, brine from separator in existing power plant, and produce the heat or steam from traditional
shallow geothermal well for mushroom cultivation, copra and cocoa drying. In other cases, direct
use can utilized for palm sugar processing and manipulate the aquaculture environment such as
mixing the hot water from geothermal manifestation with fresh water to make the optimal
environment for catfish grows. Some area of geothermal energy production, located at the tea
plantation, where the heat of steam can utilized for the drying and withering process of tea
leaves. Through the activities of geothermal direct use, can be the simple way to optimize this
renewable energy utilization in every opportunity with the easy method, green, and cheap. The
advantages are to increase the productivity of agricultural and aquaculture activities, decrease the
fuel use, decrease the emission, and decrease the cost of agricultural processing. So, Geothermal
direct use is the perfect chance to optimizing geothermal utilization and advantages.

Keyword : Geothermal, Direct utilization method, Agriculture