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Physics Year 11 Paper 1


1 Hour

Term 1 Exam 2015




The figure above shows a graph of electric current against potential difference for three different
conductors X, Y and Z.
(a) Among the three conductors, which conductor obeys Ohms law?

[1 mark]

Conductor Y
(b) State Ohms law.

[2 marks]

The potential difference across a conductor is directly proportional to the current that flows
through it, if the temperature and other physical quantities are kept constant.
(c) Resistance, R is given by the formula R = V/I. What is the resistance of X when the current
flowing through it is 0.4 A? Show clearly on the graph how is the answer obtained. [2marks]
From the graph I against V;
resistance, R

= reciprocal of gradient, 1/gradient


= 9.09
(d) Among X, Y and Z, which is a bulb? Explain your answer.

[2 marks]

X, because as I increases, the gradient decreases. Hence, the resistance X increases as I

increases which is a characteristic of a bulb.


The figure below shows an electric kettle connected to a 240 V power supply by a flexible
cable. The kettle is rated 240 V, 2500 W.

The table below

shows the maximum electric current that is able to flow through wires of various diameters.
diameter of wire /

maximum current /









(a) What is the current flowing through the cable when the kettle is switched on?

[2 marks]

P = IV
I = P/V

= 2500 / 240 = 10.4 A

(b)Referring to the table above,

i. What is the smallest diameter wire that can be safely used for this kettle?

[1 mark]

1.20 mm
ii. Explain why it is dangerous to use a wire thinner than the one selected in b(i)

[3 marks]

As resistance is inversely proportional to cross-sectional area, a thinner wire will have a

higher resistance thus the wire will become very hot. This could probably cause a fire to
break out.

(c) State one precautionary measure that should be taken to ensure safe usage of the kettle.

[1 mark]
Do not operate kettle with wet hands.

Mention one fault that might happen in the cable that will cause the fuse in the plug to


Short circuit might occur if the insulating materials of the wires in the cable are