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How The Influence Of Rice Water on Plant Growth Cayenne Pepper ?

Pepper plants are crops that are often used by people, especially the people of Indonesia.
Chili with lots of nutrients they contain is also very beneficial for health, as well as a
complementary flavor to dishes. Among the many advantages of chili, then of course the need
for a chili will also increase.
The amount of demand, chili, encourage researchers to increase the number of chili
production through the black rice washing water, which has been thrown away to be useful.
With the black rice water researchers to use them in order to enhance the growth of pepper
plants, compared with just flush pepper plants with water.
Before doing the seeding, a few grains cayenne been good quality and used for sowing
seeds. Selection is done by soaking the seeds of cayenne pepper in a container for a day with
clean water, when the seeds sink to the bottom of the container so that the seeds have good
quality, otherwise the seeds that float does not have good quality.
To perform seeding, large polybag or a square container measuring approximately 1x1 m
filled with ground fuel. Then cayenne pepper seeds sown in the container and then doused
with water. In order to grow seedlings cayenne nice, seeding a given shade to avoid direct
sunlight, heavy rain and wind .
After cayenne pepper seedlings grow next step is to transplanting. Two equally large
polybags filled with ground roasted the same lot. Selected two seedlings that have the same
high size and the same number of leaves a lot to be moved. Thereafter, the seedlings were
transferred into a polybag that had been prepared, each containing a single polybag seedlings.
Polybag A is filled with plants to be watered rice water black and polybag B is filled with
plants to be watered plain water. Seedlings allowed to adapt for approximately 3 days.
After 3 days, the second of pepper plants was measured as the initial measurement in
research. Then, polybag A watered with 210 ml black rice water. Black rice washing water
obtained from washing 25 grams of black rice with 210 ml of rainwater. For polybag B,
watered with 210 ml of water. The activity was carried out for 2 days at 07.00 am. During the
study, both fixed plant watered daily with plain water as much as 150 ml. To obtain accurate
data, researchers photographed and noted differences in the size of both plants and include
the date of each conducting research.
Based on the research that has been done. Cayenne pepper plants were given rice water
black, experiencing rapid growth with a total height of 262.9 cm and an average of 17.5 cm.
Instead, cayenne pepper plants are watered regularly experience very slow growth with a total
height of 213.5 cm and an average of 14.2 cm. This happens because the black rice washing
water containing zinc and potassium that help plants grow cayenne pepper (Capsicum
frustescene. L). Based on this, it can be concluded that the water turns black rice washing
effect on plant growth cayenne pepper (Capsicum frustescene. L).