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Never Try Smoking

A lot of people, especially teenagers, who do not smoke, always want to try
smoking. They know it is bad for them and all, but it is just something they want to
try. So they ask one of their smoker friends for a cigarette. Admittedly, they firstly can
not light it on their own so they ask his friend to do it. Then they inhale that cigarette
and smoke occasionally.
Apparently that makes them the born smokers. Now they do smoke fairly
regularly. They can not avoid smoking and they enjoy too. They have smoker friends.
Everyday they bring a pack in their pocket. For them, a pack of cigarette is as
important as a wallet for their money.
Suddenly, for certain reason, they realize the fact that tobacco is the cause
of a long list of nasty diseases. It is not only heart disease, stroke, and chronic lung
disease but also bladder, lung, and pancreatic cancer. Even it was reported that
around 400,000 Americans died each year. It was one every 80 seconds from
tobacco-related illnesses.
Then they decide it is stupid to harm selves. They want to quit smoking.
Unfortunately, they find that quitting smoking is so difficult. Why cant I stop
smoking? I really want to stop it. It is hard to quit because nicotine is powerfully
addictive. Cigarette is one of the most efficient drug-delivery devices ever devised.
As result, when people try to quit smoking, they often experience classic nicotine
withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, headache, depression, and
Well, still want to try smoke? Think the facts before trying! If you are not
smoker, you should never and never try to smoke.

Do you know what the meaning of corruption is? What is the relation between
money and corruption? Well, corruption is common everywhere in the world, even in
the United States. Its just a matter of intensity. However, it is quite shocking when
one reliable survey claims Jakarta as the most corrupt place in Indonesia.
The survey has made me sad, actually, because I stay and earn a living here
in the capital. As most people know, Tanjung Priok port smuggling is not a new thing
at all. Entrepreneurs who want to minimize their tax payments tend to do such a
thing more often. They even bribe the officials.
Well, I think the measures taken so far to overcome the problem by punishing
the corruptors is still not far enough. We have to prevent the younger generations
from getting a bad mentality caused by corruption.
I believe we should start at the earliest stages in school and I think everyone
should be involved in the effort to eradicate corruption. We must not make any

The Danger of Free Sex

Free sex now is not a taboo anymore. The campaign of the dangers of free
sex as no longer effective to sensitize the actors of free sex. Well, through this article
I would like to re-expose the hazards and consequence of free sex and why it should
be avoided. Hopefully after reading this there will be no free sex anymore.
The reason why we should avoid free sex is that there are several diseases
caused by free sex, such as; HIV, Aid. The medical treatment has not been detected.
Besides those diseases, free sex causes the pregnant out of marriage will raise a
new problem. Dont you feel how your parents feeling if they know that accident? Of
course you are afraid of admitting that you are pregnant in front of your parent. You
finally decide to do a new sin called abortion.
Then, if you and your spouse decide to get married at young age, there are
some problems you must face such as; financial problems, a matter of habit, your
child. Your family will face some problems you have created if you get the bad effect
of free sex. Your family honor will be tarnished by your attitude. It seems good
seeing your spouse wants to be responsible. If he wont be responsible, what will you
do? It will be a lot of bad thoughts that bother you. Such as suicidal, irrational
thinking that lead to mental disorders or crazy. And there are still a lot of problems
I think those reasons explained are enough to be a consideration for those
who want to do a free sex. We should think twice even more before having a free
sex. Marriage is the only solution if you want sex

National Exam
Since the government decided to hold the national exam for the first time, it
has caused a great deal of controversy because it is used as a single criterion for
students to graduate from schools. As a prerequisite of graduation, students must
master the chosen subjects, such as math, Indonesian language, English as a main
subject. for students majoring in science, must cram the material such as chemistry,
physics, and biology. As for the Social Sciences students, they must master
Economics, geography, and sociology. Moreover, they must have score above 4.25
for those subjects and average scores above 5.5 for all subjects. For some reasons I
personally disagree with the existence of National exam. It must be ended soon.
First, the national exam will only, encourage schools to give tasks, which
develop students's ability to answer some typical questions. It will only benefit
students who are good at exam rather than students who comprehend the subjects
better or have the ability in subjects out of the chosen ones. It has strayed too far
from the objective of learning, which is to develop three aspects; student's cognitive,
affective, and psychomotor aspect.
Second, I personally believe that national exam can only be used for
evaluating our education system and determine its weakness. It will never be fair for
the students since they have different interest and ability in some subjects. In
addition, the education quality of schools in Indonesia do not have the same level or
quality. we can not generalize the quality of the schools in the city and in the village.
They certainly have different qualities.
Consequently, there are a massive fouls in the day of national exam held. The
school which students are not ready to do the national exams rely on the teacher to
do it. This is a normal and reasonable case since the government evade the fact of
the national examination system is failed.
From the fact mentioned, it is obviously that the national exam does not fit for
our education system. While the students' success in learning cannot be determined
solely by only one test. Therefore, the government should drop the national