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Hirudo officianalis



Problem in the family after
I arrived
No childhood
No family, distance
(MM Group: Parasites)
Tendency to bleed
Clotting disorders
Mostly in upper part of body (epitasis)
(In Trom bleeding lower partlike rectum)
Cardiac: endocarditis, pericarditis, rheumatic disease
Something of the heart affecting the joints (char)
Very very focused on reaching their goal

Can be unethical (char)

Very distant family
Alone from the beginning
Needs to survive on your own
Persecution (Ars)
Very unhealthy family

They are telling me this is my family, but I dont feel this (distance)
I was never really wanted

After I came into the family, there was a problem

After I came, there was suffering, poverty
My parents tried to smile at me, but really there was a problem
Cannot play
No sense of pleasure
May play with other kids, but not really about being a kid for them

It is mandatory to WIN, very competitive

Or else they suffer a lot
Over eating

Hirudo officianalis
Adult food
Not being full enough
Childhood food actually aggravates them
Over congested, pulsing, like an
engine, throbbing
Desire for raw meal and protein