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Case: Infant
Howls like beating her when stops the car
(Mothers eyes bulging, in freeze frame )
Mother scared during pregnancy
Always in motion wants to be
Cry moment the movement stops
Baby would kick so much she couldnt sleep in pregnancy
As if someone is beating me hard with the legs
What he saw:
Mother got the childs state
Mother changed completely
Mother started feeling hyper feeling as soon as child conceived
Most: the movement
Characteristic of movement : violent, fast, right away, HARD
The baby yells if car stops
Insane intensity
Needs constant hard movement that amel.

Impatience, wait cannot
Hard motion, amel
Case: Multiple allergies
26 yo
Highly creative
Worse things to sit and work
No ideas come
Sat on a bus on a circular route
As soon as bus stopped at a signal light I would be highly angry
My mind gets clearer and creative when I jog
Very quarrelsome, find problems with everything
Impatience, with hugely angry
The most impatience
If they stop moving, create a big problem for everyone around
Could not be in relationship for more than 1 week
Case: Man
Jogs to temple, 4 km, and paced in front of door for priest to open the door
If priest even couple minutes late, he will start quarreling with priest
So impatient if things dont go his way
Pray very fast
Frequent quarrels with the priest
Go home fast, then wait 10 min and then go out for milk
Had to constantly keep moving
Would grab the newspaper from people to read

Didnt matter if they were reading
Runs along with the bus, and be first to get on
He runs the number and nothing else and just jumps
Elbows others to get in front of bus
Gets on wrong bus
Takes collar of bus driver and yells, ready to fist him out
He had this amazing speed of typing
No connection to whats happening outside
Center point: tremendous activity
From inner fears
Very passionate
Most characteristic: inability to wait
C5H9N3 (chem.)
In plant and animal tissue
Alarm trigger to injury
And immune response
Closest remedy is apis
Can cause hives and urticaria
In sleep regulation
Increased histamine levels causes increased wakefulness
Anti-histamine causes sleepiness
Her eyes, very wakeful and vigilant
How alarmed she was with the burglar alarm going
Increase sex desire, and premature ejaculation
Obsessive Compusive tendancies
Oppositionally defiant disorder
Seasonal affective and histamine component
He had been previously gentle and then pushed his wife and child down the stairs
Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland were histadelics
Resistance to cavities
Marilyn: my most perfect feature is my teeth
Seezing on exposure ot bright sunlight
Excessive saliva production
Unexplained nausea
Threshold is less for everything
Reduced threshold
Colds and flus
Work compulsively
Good creativity and imagination
Very strong sex desire
Excessive perspiration

Tend to addictions
High alcoholic, drug, anorexia, bulimia
Muscle pains
Unexplained nausea
Slender toes and fingers