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MBA 7145 Global Supply Chain Management

Dr. NavdeepKaur
Dr. Rishi Raj Sharma
Objective: To help students develop understanding about the significance of SCM in
international business; understand the key operational issues involved in global supply chain
management; have the knowledge of managing SCM in international trade operations; and
examine the levels of risk, efficiency, and sustainability of a supply chain.


1. Introduction to SCM, Concept, Chapter 1,2 Bowersox

Chapter 1,2,3 Coyle
2. International Purchasing

Chapter 4 Bowersox
Chapter 3, 13 Coyle

3. Logistics providers

Chapter 4 Coyle

4. Reverse Logistics

Chapter 15 Coyle

1. Transportation Infrastructure

Chapter 7 Bowersox
Chapter 8 Coyle

2. Transportation Modes and


Chapter 8 Bowersox
Chapter 9 Coyle

1. Warehousing

Chapter 9 Bowersox
Chapter 11 Coyle

2. Material Handling and


Chapter 10 Bowersox

3. Logistics Systems and IT

Chapter 5 Bowersox
Chapter 6 Coyle

1. International Forwarding

Chapter 12 Bowersox

2. Inventory Management and


Chapter 6 Bowersox
Chapter 10 Coyle

3. SCM Networks

Chapter 13,14Bowersox
Chapter 12 Coyle

4. Recent Trends

Chapter 15,16 Bowersox

Chapter 16 Coyle

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**Coyle, J.J., Langley, C.J.Gibson, B.J., Novack, R.A., &Bardi, E.J. (2009). A logistics
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Written Assignment:

The whole class will be divided into groups of three. Every team will have to choose any
Company from the Top 25 Supply Chains 2016 list as declared in the Industry Week. The
students will be expected to do a detailed research on the selected company and submit a
hand written assignment covering the below mentioned six topics.
Unit I and II Logistics Providers, Procurement Strategy and Transportation
Management of the selected company.
Unit III and IV Warehousing and Material handling techniques, Inventory Management
Strategy and Technology Designs used by the selected company.

Internal Assessment Marks Break Up:

Class Test

10 Marks

Mid Semester Test

15 Marks

Written Assignment

15 Marks

Class Participation

10 Marks


50 Marks