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San Diego City Attorney

San Diego City Attorney:

Conducts prosecutions involving misdemeanors
Robert Hickey vs. Mara Elliot
The city attorney has three main roles: (1) to conduct and decide on prosecutions for criminals who commit
misdemeanor, (2) advise the city and its different departments, such as city council and mayor, and (3) prosecute or
defend civil lawsuits. To be a qualified candidate for city attorney, a person must have 10 years of legal experience.
City attorneys may not serve more than two consecutive year terms.
Mara Elliott

Robert Hickey
Neighborhood safety
Chief Deputy Attorney
With hundred day plan

Prosecutor of the year

Improve homeless population
Timely and consistent

With nearly 20 years of legal experience, Mara Elliot is the

most qualified to take over the position as San Diego City
Attorney. As Chief Deputy Legal Attorney, she has lead the
city's team in reforming contracting practices and enforcing
environmental laws for the protection of our environment.
Elliot has not only helped our city, but has already saved
taxpayers money by getting rid of unnecessary city hall finances
and standing up for small, independent businesses and workers
by making the living wage stronger.
Elliots states, San Diego deserves a City Attorney who is
ready to hit the ground running on day one to get things done
for all of our neighborhoods. Starting with her 100 Day Plan,
the plan starts with supporting working families. Through this
first step, she will ensure that contractors give equal pay to
women. Along with prosecuting contractors of those actions,
the plan entails improving neighborhood safety. Elliot plans to
assign neighborhood prosecutors within each of the nine police
divisions to provide another resource to lower crime in the
areas. She also would like to protect and keep San Diego's
beautiful environment by holding polluters accountable for not
only illegal pollution but also environmental hazards.
Chief Deputy Attorney Mara Elliot is not only the most
qualified for this position through her experience but because
she has a clear plan that will protect the people and San Diegos
reputation as the finest city.

Robert Hickey is currently Deputy District Attorney, and his

main priorities as City Attorney are to control domestic violence
in a timely manner, improve San Diegos homeless population
by connecting them with support services after coming in touch
with the criminal justice system, obtain control of human
trafficking, and to remain timely and consistent as attorney.
Robert Hickey has many plans in place to solve San Diegos
issues regarding homelessness, human trafficking, domestic
violence, and to protect neighborhoods. His plan to decrease
homelessness is to set up people coming out of the criminal
justice system with support services. F
ather Joe Carroll
supports his plan to aidon his side when it comes to solving the
homelessness population stating that, R
obert Hickey's plan for
reducing homelessness will get the homeless off the streets
and into the support programs they need.
Robert Hickey is a good candidate because he has been a
district attorney for 19 years and was named prosecutor of the
year for convicting a very notorious gang member to life
sentence. He will get a handle on domestic violence by
improving response times to reports and expanding SDPD
domestic violence training programs. Mayor Kevin Faulconer
says that Hickey has the experience we need to make our
communities safer.
Hickey pledges to fight for all of San Diegos
communities,stating that he will, assure that there is no such
thing as an underserved community.

Mara Elliott has dedicated her career to standing up for

working people, protecting our environment, and strengthening
neighborhood services. Im proud to endorse Mara Elliott for
San Diego City Attorney.--US Sen. Barbara Boxer

San Diego has seen the negative results of early release

programs from Sacramento that put more criminals on our
streets. Robert Hickey has the experience we need to make our
communities safer. - Kevin Faulconer, Mayor

SUPPORTERS: Save San Diego Neighborhoods, San Diego City

Firefighters, City Council Members, US Sen. Barbara Boxer

SUPPORTERS: Mayor, Supervisors, Councilmembers, Sheriff Bill


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