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Experiment answers:

2.3: What happens when everything (the balloon filled with steam)
cools down?
The balloon changes back to its original size when everything cools down.

3.5: What is in this case (in the mix with oil, vinegar and mustard) the
In the beginning the vinegar and the oil didnt want to mix together and the
vinegar floated on top of the oil. Later we added the mustard and when we added
enough it became a smooth paste. So in this case the emulsifier was the mustard
and caused the substances to mix.

4.3: How can you demonstrate that this (the metal insect on the water)
is the result of surface tension and not just floating?
When we talk about floating the insect should have sank but we are talking about
surface tension so because of that the object floats.

5.3: Describe whats happening and give a possible explanation.

The water laid on top of the oil but when we removed the postcard the oil and
water changed positions because the density of the oil is lower than the density
of water