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Laboratory Research Project Proposal

Dear colleague,
Thank you for your interest in the AgreenSkills and AgreenSkills+
If your organisation is interested in proposing one or more research project
proposals to receive AgreenSkills and/or AgreenSkills+ fellows, you are
kindly requested to complete the attached Laboratory Research Project
Proposal form.
Please note that:
You are invited to fill and submit separate forms for different
research proposals;
Please delete the instructions (in italics, light blue colour, including
this cover page) and fill the required fields, in English, using black
Please indicate in the footer: the date, the institution, the name of
the laboratory and a short title of the proposal;
Completed forms must be sent by email, in .doc or .docx formats to
the AgreenSkills programme management team via;
Please indicate in the object of the email AgreenSkills Lab Research
Please note that this laboratory research project proposal template should
only be used for announcements that will be published on the AgreenSkills
website. The proposal cannot be published in this format on any other
Should you need any support or for further information, please do not
hesitate to contact us.

Labs Proposal template V6

Yours faithfully,

Programme Management Team

Labs Proposal template V6

Area reserved to Programme Manager

Validity from . to .

Laboratory Research Project Proposal

Hosting organization
Research Unit
Full Address

Acronyms and full text

Specify research team, if relevant

Contact person
Full name
Email address
Mailing address
The research proposal
Short title of the proposal
Long title of the proposal
Expected starting date

Research proposal

No more than 10 words

No more than 30 words

Number of months (N.B. Mobility periods for AgreenSkills

incoming fellows can be between 12-24 months; for
AgreenSkills+ incoming fellows the mobility period can be
extended to a maximum of 36 months)
Provide a description of the research project proposal including
objectives, scientific context and background (around 300


5 to 10 keywords

Subjects of the research

Deadline for application

e.g. Microbiology, Soil conservation, Climate change, Agriculture

sustainability etc.

Required experience and skills of the hosted fellow

Experience level (Eliminate as appropriate)
Young researcher: 0 < 7 years research experience after PhD
Independent researcher: 7 and 10 years research experience after PhD
Young or independent researcher: 0 10 years research experience after PhD
4 maximum, selected from the following frames of reference: the European Research Council
(ERC) and/or Hyper Articles en Ligne (HAL) - web links to ERC and HAL reference frames are
available on the AgreenSkills website under Useful Links.

Expertise and competences

Additional comments (optional)

<AgSk/AgSk+ Labs Proposal, Date - Institution - Laboratory - Short title>


Hosting conditions and research facilities

Briefly describe here the conditions as regards scientific and technological equipment and human
and material resources (about 300 words)

Financial resources
Financial resources for the
research project
Financial resources for the
basic salary of the hosted
Confirmation of availability of
financial resources

Estimated gross salary for the

hosted fellow

Describe here how the receiving unit intends to finance

the research project of the fellow and the duration of
available resources
Describe here how the receiving unit intends to finance
the basic salary of the fellow. Please provide the amount
of the gross monthly salary (i.e. the basic salary which
comes in addition to the AgreenSkills or AgreenSkills+
mobility allowance).
Please specify whether confirmation for the availability of
financial resources to pay the fellows basic salary has
been given and by whom (e.g. department, external
resources). If the financial resources are related to a
grant, please provide the grant number.

Basic gross salary (a): XXX /month

AgreenSkills mobility allowance (b1): 1280 /month
AgreenSkills+ mobility allowance: (b2): 1700
Total gross salary ((a)+(b1/b2)): XXX /month:
Provide the amount of the gross monthly salary (i.e. the
basic salary which comes in addition to the AgreenSkills or
AgreenSkills+ allowance) and the total gross salary

Ethical issues and limitations

Indicate or None

Text Proposal for the announcement on the AgreenSkills website

(protected area)
Indicate here your proposal for a web announcement (maximum 40 words)

Dates of validity of the announcement


<AgSk/AgSk+ Labs Proposal, Date - Institution - Laboratory - Short title>