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until Election

Decision 2016

Vol XCI - Issue 2 - October 28, 2016

With election day just over
a week away, both Trump and
Clinton are trying to put the
final polish on their messages and recover from critical
weaknesses that have been
exposed in October.
Trump’s downfall began
after the first presidential debate on September 26th, when
video obtained by the Washington Post surfaced featuring Trump bragging about his
sexual exploits. Many Republicans and Evangelicals who
had previously supported or
endorsed Trump withdrew
that support as public outrage
exploded over the bombshell
tape. The tape caught Trump
making comments such as, “I
did try and f*** her. She was
married”, “I just start kissing
[women]. It’s like a magnet.
Just kiss. I don’t even wait.
And when you’re a star they
let you do it” and the now infamous “You can do anything
… grab them by the p***y.”
The Trump campaign responded with a statement
that dismissed the offensive
language as “locker room
talk,” a phrase Trump himself
repeated many times when

CAF Triathalon Features Williams’ Kids:

Robin Williams’ family was
on hand at the conclusion
of the Challenged Athletes
Foundation triathalon to auction off the comedian’s bikes
for charity.

“Creepy Clowns” appear in La Jolla: There
Saturday Night Live spoofs often frame voters’ opinions
about candidates and can even define them after the
election ends.
Photo via Arman Hamrah; cover illustration via Flickr user DonkeyHotey

asked about the explosive
audio at the second debate
on October 9th. Trump also
adamantly denied that he did
any of the things he bragged
about on the tape.
Following this denial, however, multiple women began
to come forward accusing the
Republican nominee of inappropriate sexual behavior.
To date, eleven women have
claimed Trump has groped
and/or kissed them without
their consent. Trump has responded to the allegations by
accusing his opponent Hillary

Clinton and her campaign of
finding women to come forward with fabricated stories.
He asserted, “[those] stories
have been largely debunked.
Those people, I don’t know
those people. I have a feeling
how they came. I believe it
was her campaign that did it.”
Furthermore, in what was
billed as a speech detailing his first 100 days in the
Oval Office, Trump vowed to
take legal action against the
See “ELECTION,” page 14

have been two sightings of
clowns at Bird Rock Elementary School.

MOCA Upgrade: The

San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla is
fundraising for a $75 million
remodel, which will close the
facility in January.

More Undocumented
Students Attending
Grad School: A report

in the Mercury News states
that higher numbers of
undocumented students are
attending graduate schools.

Halloween is Monday,
October 31

for LJHS
School now has an
after-school tutoring
center staffed by
teachers in Library

After a soft launch,
the Viking Tutoring Center
will officially open to students
next week.
From 2:30 to 3:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, students can come to the La
Jolla High School Library to
receive free tutoring from
campus teachers, California
Scholarship Federation (CSF)
students, and the Link Crew.
“I believe that support for
students should come before,
during, and after instruction,”
said LJHS principal Dr. Chuck
See “TUTORING,” page 13

SDUSD Embraces Google Chromebooks
New Prop S and Z technology phases out iPads and Netbooks
The days of Microsoft Word
files and USB flash drives are
over, at least in many San Diego Unified School District
In an over $13 million deal,
the SDUSD has purchased
47,000 Chromebooks from
Google and has provided students with access to Google
Apps for Education.
Students will be using the
Google hardware and software to not only browse the
internet and complete assignments, but also work outside
of school, with take-home
laptop programs underway at
low-income high schools.
“Their device becomes the
center point of collaboration
within their family and their

community,” said Superintendent Cindy Marten.
The devices are being paid
for with Proposition S and
Z funds and will phase out
the Apple iPads and Microsoft “netbooks” currently in
SDUSD classrooms.
“What we see right now in
learning - whether brick and
mortar public, brick and mortar private, or online - is an
increasing amount of connectivity,” said Leah Plunkett, a
Fellow at the Berkman Center
for Internet & Society at Harvard University, in an interview with the Hi-Tide.
“There is an opportunity
for teachers/administrators
to have better data about individual students and cohorts
to maximize student success,”
said Plunkett.
But in other school districts,

new technologies have raised
fears that student privacy is
being violated by the government and the companies
schools contract with.
In December 2015, the Electronic Frontier Foundation
(EFF) filed a complaint with
the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), alleging that the
company was improperly
“collecting and data mining
school children’s personal
information, including their
Internet searches.”
In a Chicago charter-school
network, concerns bubbled
up over a learning program
named “Summit Basecamp,”
which was developed in collaboration with Facebook engineers.
Many parents have questioned how schools can provide perhaps sensitive infor-

Photo via Arman Hamrah

mation to companies, when
the Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits schools from sharing
student data with most outside parties.
“This is not a new practice
for a school to use a third-party vendor to perform certain
functions,” said Plunkett.

“Federal law has long permitted schools to ... share information from educational
records with third parties as
‘school officials.’”
“As a best practice,” she
said, “it is a good idea to bring
parents and students into the
See “TECH,” page 13



October 28, 2016

The La Jolla High School

SINCE 1925

Ryan Robson

Keep the Doors Open
The positive effects of admitting refugees

Khalil Eley
Zoe Mendel
Jimmy Irwin
Ariana Dennis
Sam Kinsey
Shayna Kobrinetz
Georgie Morris
Brooke Kaufman
Asha Alagiri
Alexa Kideys
Tanner Ford
Nora Becker
Elle Necoechea
Arman Hamrah
Robert J. Boyd

Star Austin
Ilias Benbatoul
Sophie Bolinger
Sydney Brown
Sara Carroll
Monaghan Cromeans
Benjamin Deckhut
Ariela Feinberg
Diego Guevara
Cameron Hickman
Adina Keeling
Chantal Lanatta
Nathan Miller
Nicolas Nunez
Maia Pearl
Annabelle Reeves
Orianna Rodriguez
Dominic Scurio
Samuel Shindel-Spencer
Anna-Maria Zarembok
Fengsong Zhang


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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Refugees are people who
left their home country due to
conflict, usually a war, political upheaval, or natural disasters. They are forced to leave
everything behind and travel
long distances, often only to
find themselves stranded and
surrounded by closed borders.
Some of these closed counties
attribute their refusal to admit
refugees to its effects on their
economy, availability of jobs,
housing, and resources. While
I don’t think every country
has to pursue an open door
policy, I do believe every
country has a duty to play a
role in housing and supporting refugees.
Of course, accepting large
amounts of refugees has huge
economic impacts (not all of
which are negative). When a
country takes in thousands of
new citizens, the population
soars and with this, the economy and citizens’ normal way
of life is bound to change. The
current Syrian Refugee Crisis, considered to be the largest influx of refugees since
WWII, has led over 11 million
Syrians to flee their home and
seek shelter elsewhere. In
2015, Germany registered 1.1
million refugees, 40% of which
arrived from Syria. Though
many German citizens oppose the open-arms policy set
by Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, the influx

of refugees may still benefit
the economy in some ways.
For example, before the Syrian Refugee Crisis, Germany’s population was steadily declining. Merkel urged
German citizens to view this
as an opportunity to halt the
dwindling population. Refugees provide a greater demand for goods and services
and many are willing to take
the lowest paying jobs.
A 2014 study in Denmark
also proved their influx of
refugees had an overall positive effect in that it pushed
low-educated natives out of
their low-paying jobs which
were in turn were given to
the refugees. The natives
were switched to higher paying jobs. Though this would
not work in all countries, it
proves that the economy can,
in fact, benefit from the acceptance of refugees.
Many countries still fear
that welcoming refugees will
endanger their own citizens,
linking refugees to an increase in crime and sexual assault.
In Germany, asylum seekers are responsible for 5.7%
of crimes and 4.8% of sexual
assault. However, when comparing the number of recent
incidents and the tremendous
number of refugees accepted
into Europe, these incidents
are rare. And regardless of the
crimes performed by some,
it is inexcusable to punish
a whole population for the

actions of so few. Moreover,
rape is handled very heavily
when regarding refugees. Yet
among the natives of a country we often turn a blind eye.
Another major concern is
regarding terrorism. Many
countries fear that opening
the doors to refugees will
allow terrorists to infiltrate
their country. At least one
of the terrorists in the Paris
attacks was able to infiltrate
Europe by disguising as a refugee. Many countries don’t
want to put themselves into
this form of danger by helping others. However, by accepting large amounts of refugees, countries demonstrate
that they aren’t at war with
Islam. This gives Muslim refugees the chance to feel welcomed and secure while also
gaining their cooperation in
the fight against terrorism.
This welcoming environment
was lacking in the suburbs of
Brussels and Paris, in which
the attacks occurred. Additionally, the process which
refugees go through to enter
is growing increasingly more
strenuous, decreasing the
likelihood of infiltration of
In the US, this process includes extensive background
checks, face-to-face interviews and various screening
tests. This generally takes up
to two years.
It is still difficult for surrounding countries to balance
the pros and cons: whether to
step in and help, providing a
temporary safe haven, or to
refuse refugees access to their
country. However, it seems
only fair for countries to be
welcoming, especially after these refugees have dealt
with political corruption, traversed much land, and faced
near death experiences.
Simply fleeing the dangers
at home and journeying to
neighboring countries is already difficult enough. Most
Syrian Refugees begin by
sneaking west towards Turkey, all the while avoiding
snipers. Once arriving at the
border, they have to pay considerable fees to get smuggled
into the country. The smugglers, well off and prompt-

ed by monetary gains, don’t
bother providing refugees
with adequate food and water.
Once in Turkey, they are
taken to the coast where they
must travel across the Mediterranean Sea into Greece.
This is the most treacherous
part of the journey. Their
mode of transportation could
be anything from ferries to
tiny rubber boats, most of
which still require large fees!
The harsh weather conditions
only add to the danger and
countless refugees have died
after their boats capsized. In
2015, 3,770 refugees died on
this stretch alone. Refugees
now travel north towards other parts of Europe. Here, refugees must learn new languages, adapt to cultural changes,
and find new jobs and homes
all while facing strong discrimination, extreme poverty,
and closed borders.
It’s important that we are
aware of the hardships refugees face so that we can fully understand the urgency of
their situation and why we
must be involved. A friend
of mine, Natasha Kozaily, is
working on a charity tour in
which she plays at 30 house
concerts all over the world to
raise 30,000$ for the Syrian
Refugee Crisis. When asked
about the importance of
helping Syrian Refugees, she
replied “We can’t just help
refugees survive. We have to
help them thrive. A whole
generation of Syrians will
grow up as refugees either in
camps or in a foreign country.
We need to help them thrive
so in the end, the generation
that returns is one filled with
doctors and engineers instead
of an uneducated and lost
generation”. It is simply our
responsibility as humans to
help other humans, especially
ones so in need of our support
and assistance.
Ultimately, supporting and
welcoming refugees does
have large effects on the host
country, both good and bad,
however that doesn’t change
the fact that denying them
entrance and help is refusing
to save lives.

Red Cross...Where is the Money Going?
The controversy over the reliability of the Red Cross
Helping people in less fortunate countries is a wonderful way of staying connected
with the rest of the world, especially when you give them
the things they need to save
their lives.
The American Red Cross’s
goal is to provide help and alleviate the suffering of people
through donations and the
generosity of gracious people.
In 2010, Haiti underwent a
major earthquake that devastated the country. The

American Red Cross wanted to help with the cause by
raising money in an attempt
to restore the community in
Haiti. The money raised for
Haiti was sufficient, but The
Red Cross continued to encourage Americans to donate
money because $100 million
was used to pay off the company’s debt. The head of the
American Red Cross Shelter
program, Lee Malany, left the
project in 2010 because the
organization did more bad
than good in terms of helping
needy people. In the town of
Campeche, a $24 million budget proposed the construc-

tion of 700 homes, but none
were built. Out of the 130,000
homes proposed, only six
were built, as of June 2015.
The Haitian people have so
far encouraged Americans to
stop donating to the American Red Cross due to its lack
of support to Haiti and to donate to Haitian run organizations.
This has thus led Americans to support Haiti through
Haitian run organizations instead, even though the Red
Cross still receives the majority of the donations.
The Red Cross is a poorly run organization because

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

of its inability to deliver on
its promises to “support” its
causes. The American Red
Cross had raised $500 million
and only used a quarter of it
to help Haiti. This organization wants to make a profit
more so than help the people.
We then ask ourselves the
question: Where did the money go?



October 28, 2016

Legalize or Keep Criminalized?
California Prop 64 would legalize recreational marijuana

NO ON 64
Proposition 64, or the Marijuana Legalization Initiative,
is going to appear on the
ballot this November 8. This
bill would allow adults in the
state of California aged 21 or
older to possess, transport,
consume, and purchase as
much as one ounce of marijuana and up to eight grams
of marijuana concentrates.
Marijuana, as we know it,
can be used both recreationally and medically. The problem
does not come from medical
use, but from those who use
it recreationally, and, sometimes, irresponsibly. Even
though it is a natural drug,
it can be devastating to your
health if used in the wrong
way. Physically, marijuana
smoke, similar to tobacco,
can damage the lungs, it can
increase your heart rate, increasing your chance of heart
attack, and can cause brain
and behavioral problems in
unborn babies if pregnant
women regularly smoke. Not
only can marijuana be detrimental to your health, but it
has been linked to depression,
anxiety, and suicidal thoughts,
which can later lead to lower
life satisfaction and poor relationships according to the
National Institute on Drug
Abuse. Even though Proposition 64 specifically applies to
adults over 21, many of those
adults can be parents of teenagers. Just because marijuana
is illegal for teens, does not
mean that they won’t find a
way to obtain it, especially if
it is legal for parents. These
medical concerns are exac-

erbated for those who begin
smoking as a teenager and
continue to do so into adulthood.
Legalizing marijuana would
be similar to the tobacco craze
that had ended due to the increasing prices of cigarettes.
In school, children were
taught to stay away from all
tobacco products because
they were bad for you. Significantly less young adults
in California smoke cigarettes
today, but legalizing marijuana would initiate another craze. If it was legalized,
would schools then teach
their students why marijuana
is “bad for you?”
Even though cigarettes are
not like the drugs we typically think of, marijuana is and
should be taken seriously as
Although Proposition 64
can help the economy in the
long run due to the high excise tax that would be placed
on the drug and its ability to
produce more jobs, marijuana, as a whole, is harmful.
Like any other drug, it has
side effects that can poorly
affect those using it irresponsibly. Just because it may help
large corporations and the
people that need it for medical use, marijuana does not
have the justification to be legalized.
Overall, Proposition 64
should not be passed because
of the poor effects marijuana
can have on society. It would
create a frenzy for a medical
drug that is used even more
so recreationally. It would
also indulge Californians into
an unhealthy state of mind
that would influence future

This November vote yes
on 64! Proposition 64 will legalize the recreational use of
marijuana for people that are
age 21 or older.
This is a great thing for us
Californians because it is just
another freedom for us. If you
disagree with the use of recreational marijuana, this does
not apply to you; just because
it’s legal it does not mean that
you have to use it.
However, if you are 21
(when your frontal lobe in
your brain is much more mature) or older, then you can
make your own decisions, and
one of those decisions should
be an option to use Marijuana or not. If the proposition
is not passed, it prevents us
from utilizing our freedoms
and making the choice on our
own behalf.
Furthermore, here are two
more significant reasons to
say yes to Prop 64.
As of now, there is no tax
on marijuana because all sales
are made illegally.
However, if we legalize
Marijuana then it would stimulate the economy by generating new tax revenue. In
other words, since it’s already
done illegally without the
government benefiting, we
might as well legalize it and
benefit from it.
After the state of Colorado
legalized Marijuana they received so much money, there

is a chance some of the revenue may be returned to citizens.
Across the country and in
California as well, our jails
are overflowing. Many are arrested and given exaggerated
sentences for having or using
recreational marijuana.
If we legalize Marijuana,
these people won’t have a reason to be in jail and there will
be more space for the people
who commit real crimes. Why
pay tax dollars to keep people
who are not harming anyone
in jail?
The final and biggest reason
to say yes on 64 is the fact
that since alcoholic beverages have detrimental effects to
your health yet they are still
Marijuana should certainly
be legal as well. Some studies have indicated that alcohol has worse effects and
side effects than Marijuana.
Anger, depression, violence,
and even damaged brain cells
stem from alcoholism.
Marijuana’s worst side effect, on the other hand, is
dizziness. While there is potential memory loss after an
extended period of time, that
is also a side effect of alcohol.
Prop 64 should certainly be
passed this November to improve the health of our citizens, increase state revenue,
give us more freedom, and
clear our prisons of non-violent drug offenders.

Keep That Whistle to Yourself
The sexist reasonings behind catcalling

I was walking down Garnet
Avenue the other day, on my
way to Play It Again Sports.
Wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt,
and a sweater, I don’t think
I looked very revealing. As I
walked further, a large white
pickup truck full of grown
men passed me, all windows
down. The “bravest” of them
leaned out the window and
yelled something that I can’t
put in the school newspaper
at me, regarding my rear.
My heart skipped a beat,
because here was a group of
fully grown men yelling at me
while I’m alone in public, telling me things I didn’t ask to
know in front of other people
on the street. I thought about
yelling a few expletives back
at them or flipping them the
bird. I settled on glaring at
them as they all drove away.
On the way home I ranted
about cat callers and how
screwed up the practice is.
First of all, I’m underage. As

a 17 year old, having twenty-somethings yelling at me
about my body in public is a
terrifying experience. I don’t
care what you thought of my
physique, I’m just trying to
buy a yoga mat. Second of
all, I’m in public. Right after
their little stunt, I had to walk
past a row of grown men at a
bar who were now all staring
at me, thanks to the unwanted attention I received. No
thanks, I wasn’t in the mood
to have random grown men
creeping on me. I’m never
in that mood, because that’s
when you get kidnapped in
our society. I wasn’t asking
for it. I never am.
It makes me so mad to
hear how guys think these
are “compliments.” As a guy,
can you think of how girls
feel when you single them
out and just look at them as
bodies instead of people?
How would you feel? It’s
terrifying. You’re shocked
and caught off guard, which
makes you vulnerable to men
who typically don’t have very

The Electoral
The United States is a Democratic Republic, so every
vote matters, right?
But with the electoral college in place, maybe not. The
electoral system was originally established to minimize one
demographic or sector from
determining the election, but
with the current system in
place other inequalities arise,
particularly with that of small
states and swing states.
Each state has the right to
three votes automatically,
and then population size determines how many more
votes each state gets; however, these votes given to states
with larger populations are
not proportionate to that of
smaller states by any means.
As a result, smaller state’s
electoral votes account for
much of a bearing than that of
larger states when comparing
popular vote to electoral vote
Historically, due to consistency with most state’s voting
patterns, the determination
of the election falls on a few
swing states.
California has shown consistency in voting for the
liberal nominee, so any vote
in opposition to that of the
democratic one is obsolete.
As long as the popular vote
is over 50% for the democratic candidate, all 55 electoral votes will go towards the
candidate. In Ohio, however,
the results change election to
election, so they along with
other swing states, often decide the outcomes of our presidential elections.
The current system in place
is only breeding copious
amounts of political apathy
and dissent. Because the electoral college is in place, the
majority of the people are no
longer deciding our president,
the system is.

How the Electoral
Map Matters
National polls only reveal
broad sentiment. The key
metrics candidates monitor
to concentrate their efforts
are on the electoral map.

Photo via Twitter

good intentions with you, as
they’ve likely just told you.
We don’t like being treated like body parts, thanks. If
you’re “just joking,” I want to
let you know that your sense
of humor is tasteless.
Also, when women are cat
called, it’s always by men
who are in a large group. I
don’t understand; are you
trying to show yourself as the
alpha-male? Are you proving to your buddies that you
have good taste and can “get
chicks?” These are valid questions of mine. But let me say, if
any of your answers to these
are ‘yes,’ then I want to advise
you to change your tactic.
Saying something vulgar and
using expletives to describe
your intentions or thoughts
about a woman makes her

want to reach for pepper
spray more than it makes her
want to reach for your number. If you’re truly trying to
pick up a chick, do it privately and with class. You’ll have
much better chances.
We shouldn’t have to hide
our faces or tune out your
commentary when we’re living our daily lives. As men,
you should know better than
to yell out of the window of a
car at someone walking alone,
minding her business. You
should realize that cat calling
is rude and unnecessary.
So to the “bro” in the white
pickup yelling at me, I want
to let you know that my a**
too good for you or your buddies on any given day ever,
but thanks for trying.



Taking into account the
latest polls in each state,
Trump looks slated to take
179 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 307. 270
votes are required to win
the Presidency. Those estimates include predictable
states, but “swing states”
are not included as they
are unpredictable and will
sway these numbers.
- Ryan Robson;
graphic via VectorOpenStock



October 28, 2016

Tigers Abandon the Swamp
LSU Football gets a facelift
On September 25th, 2016,
LSU fired their football Head
coach of 12 years Les Miles.
The news was a shock to
many, after their 13-18 loss
to Auburn. LSU went into the
season at ranked 6 in the nation, after just four games and
a 2-2 record LSU pulled the
plug on Miles career with the
Tigers. Miles started coaching for LSU in 2005, he held
a 114-34 record overall after
his 12 years of coaching with
the Tigers. His dismissal had
it coming, he reportedly was
almost fired last season in November after a three game losing streak. Along with Miles,

his offensive coordinator,
Cam Cameron was also let
go. Miles previously has been
a head coach at University of
Louisiana other than at LSU.
He has also been an assistant
coach at University of Michigan, University of Colorado
at Boulder, with the Dallas
Cowboys of the NFL. Miles
is due a buyout of 10 million,
so he should be fine for now,
where he will end up next we
will have to see. Ed Organ has
been named the interim head
coach for the rest of the season. So far, without Miles the
Tigers have won their game
against Southern Miss making
their record 4-2. Their game
against the Florida Gators

was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew, causing much
controversies over if the game
should be canceled entirely
or rescheduled. LSU offered
Florida almost every option,
including playing at LSU in
Baton Rouge. The game has
been rescheduled for November 18th, but instead of being
played at Florida, it is going
to be at LSU. This is a huge
game changer for LSU, they
will now have the home field
advantage, making this game
much a more even playing
field for LSU. Even though the
game will not do much for the
Gators record, the game will
still be an interesting one to

Photos Courtesy of WikiCommons

Recruiting Realities

The Truth about college athletic recruiting
On October 13th, La Jolla High had the pleasure of
hosting College Athletics recruiting expert Jack Renkens
on his presentation of The
True Facts about College Athletic Recruiting. Renkens discussed the realities of college
athletic recruiting and it’s
complex system. He has been
in the business for twenty
plus years, and has been in every position of college sports
recruiting; a coach, an assistant, and even a parent of a
college athlete. Renkens’ presentation was very informative, and his bluntness on the
subject impacted every student, parent, and even coach
in the auditorium. College recruiting is a harsh game, and
it’s not an easy one to master.
Renkens took us through the
many valuable aspects that
go into college recruiting at
all three divisions across the
Renkens’ objective is to follow the three if’s and avoid
the two big extremes in college athletic recruiting, “[The]
most reliable path to success
in life, if they seize to compete
at the collegiate level”. The
two extremes to try to avoid
are an unrealistic parent and/
or an unrealistic athlete. To
put it bluntly, you have to
make sure you are serious
about playing in college, and
that you’re good enough. The
three if’s to remember are if
you want a good education,
go somewhere you can play,
and get financially funded in

someway; you will not be able
to pick the school. Renkens
stressed the athletic funding,
believe it or not all three division schools can pay for your
college education in someway. Only four percent of
the world’s athletes has a full
ride at a Division 1 school. It’s
nearly impossible to get a D1
scholarship, but that doesn’t
mean there isn’t any hope.
With the right motives and
angles, it is possible to play at
a D1 level.

“It’s very important to put your
name out there,
even as early as
your sophomore
-Jack Renkens
Renkens believes that if they
don’t pay you don’t play,
meaning you have to let colleges want you, as you don’t
want to be the second best on
bench. When colleges invite
you to their schools, only go
if they offer to pay for your
trip, and don’t be afraid to ask
when they invite you to their
It’s very important to put
your name out there, even
as early as your sophomore
year. Renkens strongly recommends as soon as you get
your official transcript at the
end of your sophomore year,
you should register with the
NCAA eligibility center. One
of the biggest and most common mistakes amongst stu

dent athletes is waiting for
the schools to find you. The
recruiting process is a business; you have to be willing to
ask for things like an Official
Paid Visit.

The top three states in the
United States that colleges
recruit from are Florida, California, and Texas. Putting
any La Jolla High athletes in
a higher position already, just
being from California adds to
your resume in recruiting aspects. It’s very important to
always stay positive, especially during an interview. Make
sure that schools know you
are willing to play for them.
Renkens recommends if you
serious about wanting to play
sports in college to visit his
and fill out one of his recruitment from. His program will
take you through the entire
process of recruiting. Renkens
also recommends purchasing
his book, Recruiting Reality’s:
Your GPS to The Future, it will
tell you all the ins and outs of
recruiting. Even going into
detail on the brutally honest
realities within it.

Waterpolo Victory

Vikings Men’s WP Defeats Bishops
September 30th was an
important game for the La
Jolla Vikings mens water
polo team! They went head
to head against their number one rivals, The Bishops
School. Although the fought
hard, the game ended with a
loss. John Murphy recalls, “
I thought we played a great
game against bishops. We
did a great job of creating opportunities and limiting their
top scorers from shooting.
I’m confident in our matchup
with them later this month,
the key to winning will be
executing a solid defense. A
strong fan base always helps
too!” Coach Atwell agrees, “It
was a very tough game. We
played very strongly throughout the entire game. Our defense was incredible for most
of the game, although we had
a three minute stretch in the
third quarter where we got
a little confused and let our
guard down. That’s when we
went down by two. We had
lots of chances to close the
gap but just couldn’t convert.
I think we will be very ready
for them in our game next
week. I was proud of Douglas
Webster in the goal, Nico Ivanov, John Murphy, Jake Marshall and Connor Carpenter.

I thought they all played an
amazing game.”
Following the previous loss,
the Vikings easily defeated
Bishops at home last Wednesday. Despite losing to Bishops
by one goal in their previous
match-up, the boys proved
who really runs LJ, defeating
Bishops 9-5. Coach Atwell
summed up the win by saying, “Good guys 9 - Bishops
5. Very proud of those boys!”.
La Jolla got the early lead in
the game, finishing the first
quarter 2-0. They maintained
their lead ending the half 4-2.
In the second half, La Jolla
added an additional 5 goals
to the scoreboard, ending the
game with a win. John Murphy, a senior captain, said it
was “TOO EASY!”. Before the
game Bishops’ posted a video
to Instagram claiming that
they could “ win anywhere”.
However, they may have
posted the video a bit to soon,
as they soon were crushed by
the Vikings.
The teams will likely meet
again during the CIF playoffs,
and La Jolla is hoping to once
again emerge champions. The
La Jolla - Bishops rivalry has
been ongoing for years, and
water polo is considered by
some to be the most intense.
This game will be the seniors
last game against Bishops
outside of the CIF playoffs.

13 Year Old Soccer Pro
Dembele shines in Glasgow
Soccer Player Karamoko
Dembele was only thirteen
when he made his debut for
the Celtic Football Club under
twenty division on October
13, 2016. Dembele normally plays for the Celtic under
fourteen division based out
of Glasgow, Scotland. He is
known as a prodigy in soccer
because despite so young, he
is already playing in the big
leagues. Dembele entered to
play during the 81st minute
in his debut. It was a shock to
everyone to see such a young
boy entering a field with people that were much older than
Many players claimed that
they did not want to hurt
him so they went ‘easy’ on
him because of his young
age. Several coaches were a
bit concerned about having

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons

Dembele playing with older
players because the idea of a
thirteen year old being tackled by a guy that was almost
twice his age and size seemed
dangerous and risky.
However, Brendan Rodgers,
coach for the under 21 division suggested that it was a
good idea for Dembele to play
in the big leagues due to his
talent and highly advanced
skills. Rodgers also mentioned that adding Dembele
to the team had nothing to
do with his age, but rather his
commitment to the sport.
The coaches took into consideration that it may have
been too soon to let Dembele
play for under 21 because they
still want him to develop, and
did not want to put his future
within his reach that fast. It
is undecided where Dembele
will play his next game.



October 28, 2016

Sparks Fly at WNBA Finals
Los Angeles Wins Another Title
On October 20th, the Los
Angeles Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball
League won the 2016 playoff
finals against the Minnesota
Lynx after a close 3-2 series.
The game was quite the nail
bitter down to the final seconds, with just 3.1 seconds left
Nneka Ogwumike made the
winning a basket, a put-back,
to lead the Sparks to a 77-76
victory. After the Sparks lost
game four in LA, they were
more then determined to beat
the Lynx at Target Center in
Minnesota. Both teams were

evenly matched, making this
series a very close one and
special one. Especially since
the Lynx were the defending
WNBA Champions this season, making this final game a
close and meaningful one for
both teams.
The LA Sparks have previously been eligible for the
WNBA playoffs 16 out of their
20 seasons, making it to the
finals four times and winning
three, including this season.
In 2001-2 they won back-toback seasons, so it was a huge
deal for the Sparks to win a
title after so many years, especially for the players. For
many of the players this was

their first championship title,
including Ogwemike, who
was named the league MVP.
She had never won a NCAA
championship, even though
she previously made it it the
final four while at Stanford
all four of her years there. To
win this game and a championship meant so much to her,
finally being able to taste victory felt so sweet.
Candace Parker, a 6’5’’
stand out, was named MVP
of the Finals with 28 points
and 12 rebounds, and she held
up the team in the last final
moments. This past year has
been a tough one for Parker,
a lot was fueling her towards

Tangle in the Tank 2016

wanting victory. Parker
wasn’t selected for the 2016
Olympic team or the WNBA
first or second teams, not only
were those devastating but
Parkers College Coach from
University of Tennessee, Pat
Summit, passed away in June.
Losing Coach Summit was
extremely difficult for Parker, as she won 2 NCAA titles
while under Summit at Tennessee. Coach Summit was
diagnosed in 2012 with early
onset Alzheimer’s disease, the
disease would eventually take
the legendary coach. This past
June, Coach Summit passed
away, just four days before
her death Parker was able to
visit her Coach on last time
after her victory against Minnesota during regular season.
Parker wished that Coach
Summit could have been

there the night of the finals
in the stands cheering her on.
When asked directly after the
Sparks victory in the finals
what that moment meant to
her Parker responded in tears,
“This is for Pat.”

LJHS Girls Varsity Volleyball

LJHS Sports Snapshot

LJHS Archery

LJHS Girls JV Tennis

This Month in Football History

The Best Day in Tri

October 13th was a good
day to be an Oklahoma State
Football fan, as the American
Federation Coaches Association, AFCA, named Oklahoma State the National Champions in 1945. The panel of
coaches was selected by the
Trophy winners from 1922 to
1945, these selected coaches
took information submitted
by schools who felt worthy of
consideration for them prior
to 1950. Todd Berry, the executive director, announced,
“After gathering all the pertinent information and doing
our due diligence, it is the

The Challenged Athletes
Foundation held its annual triathlon on Sunday the
23rd at the La Jolla Cove. The
Foundation works to provide
grants for athletes with physical disabilities. The event
honored the athletes who use
amazing medical inventions
to help them thrive in their
love for sports. The event included a swim in the Cove,
an run through La Jolla, and a
bike competition.
This year, Robin Williams’ children presented
and awarded three athletes
who received a CAF grant.

OSU Wins Big in October

pleasure of our Blue Ribbon
Commission of coaches to officially recognize Oklahoma
State’s 1945 championship
season with the AFCA Coaches’ Trophy.
Not only was the recognition a huge deal for the

school, it also made Oklahoma State the first school to
win a NCAA College Basketball Tournament in the same
year as a Football Championship. The excitement of from
over 70 years ago still lives on
this week in Oklahoma.

Challenged Athletes take La Jolla Cove
Williams was a donor to the
Foundation for many years
leading up to his death. This
year, hundreds of athletes
participated making it another very successful event.
Upon completing the triathlon, the athletes were showered with big hugs and cheers
from their families and proud
bystanders. Several athletes
compete in relay teams, making it a very team- oriented
event. Several LJHS students
volunteered at and watched
the event. The community
id very supportive of these
deserving athletes, and has
hosted this event for many



October 28, 2016

Get to Know Ms. K

LJHS counselor explains your schedule

Quick Costumes
for the Halloween
Don’t be caught without a killer
costume this Halloween

Ms. K enjoys reading in her free time. Photo via Adina Keeling

The first couple weeks of
school are always a complicated mess for the counselors
with a mix of class schedules
and confused students. It is
during this time that I realize just how little I actually
know about our counselors,
what they do, and how schedules are organized. On top of
that, many assumptions are
made about when it’s okay
to switch classes and when
it isn’t. So, I decided to get
my questions answered and
interview the counselors. In
particular, I was able to contact Ms. Karoczkai and ask
her some questions.
1. What role do you personally play in organizing
Counselors are involved in
a few aspects of scheduling.
First, we coordinate and execute articulation. This means
that counselors work with
all incoming ninth through
twelfth graders to plan their
courses for the subsequent
year(s). After that, we work
with the administration and
site tech to design a master
schedule that aims to accommodate all the needs of the
student body. In short, we collaborate to use all the available
resources at La Jolla High to
offer a variety of classes at the
most convenient and feasible
times. Once a master schedule is created, PowerSchool
loads students (around early
August) into their requested
classes until class size maximums have been reached.
Counselors then balance sections and make sure that all
students have received classes needed for graduation and
to sort out any conflicts that
2. How is it decided which
students get their first
choice elective and which
do not? Is it a random process, or are certain students
The vast majority of students
get their first choices of electives. Most courses have clear
pathways and prerequisites
that we use as guidelines. In
the event that we have more
students requesting a class
than can be accommodated,
we often give first priority
to older students, as younger

students will have future opportunities to take the courses. Otherwise, it is completely
randomized by the computer
when PowerSchool “loads”
the master schedule.
3. How easy is it for students to change their
The counseling website has
a section about schedule
changes that explains the
protocol and considerations.
If a student wants to request a
valid schedule change, and it
is feasible, it will be changed
by the counselor. We have
to work within the confines
of classroom maximums, per
union labor contracts, and the
layout of the master schedule. Therefore, there are no
guarantees that a schedule
change can be granted once
the school year has begun.
4. Are students allowed to
switch classes because they
prefer a different teacher?
5. Is there an effort to balance the male to female ratio in classes?
Yes, when possible.
6. Is it true that students
who have higher grades
are more likely to get their
top choice for classes?
There are prerequisites for
many classes, as outlined in
the La Jolla High Academic Handbook and SDUSD
Course of Study. Counselors
follow the guidelines in both,
in order to place students in
the appropriate levels. Our
goal is to give students access
to rigor and opportunities,
while also giving them the
best chance at success. We
take many factors into consideration, such as students’
requests, teacher recommendations, grades, test scores,
other courses requested, etc.
When conflicts arise, we
look to the alternatives that
students and their parents/
guardians chose.
7. During what time of
the year are the schedules
There are many phases to
building the master schedule. The majority of course
requests are collected and an-

alyzed between February and
April, the year prior. New students register between April
and the start of school. Because there are also often personnel changes (i.e. change
in faculty) around the summer, student schedules are
not “loaded” in Power School
until August. From there, a
lengthy process of balancing
and adjusting begins. The
goal each year is to create the
schedule drafts by registration and the final schedules
prior to the first day of school.
8. How are schedules made
for students with special
class requirements?
There are many specialized
programs at our school. We
are lucky to offer programs
such as the PLTW Biomedical Pathway, AVID, Seminar,
Athletics, as well as a variety
of science, music, AP, and college classes. La Jolla High also
has support classes that are
fantastic resources for students to develop college-readiness skills. Often, there are
courses with only have one or
two meeting times, which the
master schedule team has to
carefully consider. We do our
best to spread them out and
reduce the number of “singletons” and “doubletons” that
overlap. 7th period courses
have been one way for us to
accommodate students participating in special programs.
9. Is there anything else
that students should know
about the schedule-making process?
Counselors are here to help
students develop a four-year
plan and obtain classes that
will help them prepare for
We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the
course offerings and expectations during articulation. This
will help to make the process,
as a whole, go more smoothly and offer students the best
chance at getting their desired
schedule. Movement from
classes causes a disturbance
to the entire system and can
sometimes even lead to others
being placed on waiting lists
at the start of the year. This
can be avoided! Researching
options prior to and during
articulation is highly recommended.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Forgot about Halloween?
We’ve got you covered. Never be unprepared with these
easy DIY costumes!
Scarecrow: All you need is a
plaid flannel, jeans, a sun hat,
boots and some face paint to
complete this look.

Bundle of Grapes: Just grab
some purple balloons and
stick them to your clothes,
pair it with a green hat, and
you are all set!

Black Cat: Put on a black
top paired with black jeans
and some face paint. For the
ears, you can use an old black
headband and attach some
felt in the shape of triangles
for last-minute cat ears.

Frat Boy: Get an oversized
collared button down with
some khaki shorts and a belt.
Add some Sperrys with white
socks and a backwards ball
cap to look like a typical frat

Tourist: Grab a Hawaiian
style shirt with khaki pants
and running shoes for this
costume. Pair this with a camera around your neck and a
fanny pack to complete the LJ
tourist look.

Rosie The Riveter: Represent the power of the female
with Rosie’s strong and iconic
image. Pop a red lip, put on a
red bandanna, chambray shirt
and some jeans! Now flex
your bicep, you can do it!

Mime: Not the talkative type?
Wear black jeans paired with
a striped shirt and red bandana. Finish off with a black
beret and some face paint.
Don’t forget to work out a
Greek Life: Grab your white
bedsheet and pin it on yourself using safety pins. We
recommend Steve Madden
sandals to finish off this look.
Don’t forget your laurels!
Snapchat Dog Filter: Be totally on-trend with this easy
filter! After brown face paint,
all you need is to print out
some ears and stick them to a
headband. Cute enough for a
Wednesday Addams: Two
quick braids and a black dress.
Finish off with a scowl and
the signature sass of Wednesday Addams.
Frida Kahlo: Put your hair
into a low bun, pop a red lip,
add some makeup to form the
famous unibrow. Finish off
this look with a white blouse
and colorful skirt.
Holly Golightly: Another iconic look, wrap pearls
around your neck and don
your black dress. Accessorize
with oversize sunglasses,
gloves, tiara or sunhat. Don’t
forget your blue Tiffany’s
If you’re really out of ideas,
we recommend a black shirt,
black jeans, black shoes and
a ponytail. Accessorize with
a beard and reading glasses,
voila! You’re Robert Boyd!



October 28, 2016

Fried Chicken Made Easy What candies
do students

Recipe of the Month

The Biggest Scares
of October


Photo via Arman Hamrah

How to Make Fried Chicken
Watch Now:

Southern-style fried chicken doesn’t require a trip to
the KFC drive-through. You
can fix your own, healthier
version at home with simple
ingredients in less than 30
2 ½ to 3 pounds of chicken
2 ½ cups of pancake or waffle
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of ground black
1 teaspoon of paprika
1 egg
¾ cup of milk
1. Wash and dry the chicken
with water.
2. Cut the chicken into even
sized pieces.
3. Mix an egg and ¾ cup of
milk together in a container

4. Dip the sliced chicken
into the milk and egg bath.
5. Mix the pancake mix,
pepper, salt and paprika
6. Fill a deep pot with 5
cups of vegetable oil and
place it on a stove set to
7. Remove the chicken from
the milk and egg bath and
place in the mix and completely coat the chicken in
the pancake and seasoning
8. Wait approximately 5
minutes or until the oil is
hot enough for frying
9. Carefully place the
mix-covered chicken into
the oil and continually
move the chicken around
in the oil until it is golden
10. Remove the golden
brown chicken from the oil
and let the excess oil drip
off, then place on a plate
with a dry paper towel.






San Diego teens have
many horrifying Halloween
haunts convenient to them.
Scream Zone, The Haunted
Hotel, and Haunted Trails
are three popular attractions,
guaranteed to scare the life
out of you. Whether you’re
finding your way through a
scary clown filled maze at the
Haunted Trail, or sprinting
up a flight of stairs chased by
somebody with a chainsaw,
you will definitely get your
adrenaline pumping.
The Scream Zone, located
at the Del Mar Fair “Scare”
grounds, has three haunts
to chose from, and a zombie
boot camp. The haunted hayride, the house of horror, and
Karnevil—the names alone
are terrifying! The haunted
hayride involves being towed
by a tractor in a cart filled
with hay through sets with
actors jumping on the cart,
putting chainsaws in your
face, and popping out at you.
The house of horror features
classic scenes from scary
movie such as Annabelle and
The Ring. Karnevil features
clowns and the biggest walking spiral in San Diego.
The Haunted Hotel was
ranked #2 of 13 haunts in the
U.S. by
and has been featured on
“America’s Scariest Haunts.”
The haunt features zombies,
dolls, and creepy clowns.

You “get” to sprint as fast as
you can up a flight of stairs to
escape a monster chasing you
with a chainsaw. It will leave
your heart pounding and your
soul quaking.
The Haunted Trail is no casual walk in the park. Don’t
think you’re safe in the long
line to get in. Actors will creep
up on you when you least expect it, leaving you terrified
before the trail even starts.
There are two attractions included, the experiment (the
maze), and the trail. Patrons
have to find their way out of
a maze filled with evil clowns,
strobe lights, and fellow confused and terrified customers
trying to escape with their
lives. The trail is an ominous
¾ of a mile stretch of different
sets such as chainsaw alley,
where you must run for your
life from monsters carrying
Students that have previously attended all three of
these attractions stated their
favorite was Haunted Trails,
because it’s longer and it’s
outside. When students were
asked what scared them the
most, more than 75% said
“clowns.” Because of creepy
clown sightings across America this year, perhaps these
haunts will be more terrifying
than ever. So, if you love being
scared, chased by monsters,
and creeped out by clowns,
these three haunts will be a
great way to get in your Halloween horrors.

What Do LJHS Students Think About Killer Clowns?
After the recent outbreak of clown-terrorism across the U.S., many Halloween stores are recalling their clown masks and accessories. La Jolla recently
had its own clown sighting recently near Bird Rock Elementary. A clown was seen peering into windows, and attempting to scare a parent and child.
After the parent yelled to scare the clown off, school police were notified and Principal Donna Tripi sent out an email to all parents to let them know
the situation is under control. Since then, no more clown sightings have been reported. We asked the students of La Jolla High what they thought of the
recent ban on clown costumes.

“It’s causing a big panic.”
- Alonso Andrade

“People should have the freedom to
have fun and wear what they want
for Halloween.”
- Priscilla Yamini

“It worries people and the clown
sightings cause more work for the
police departments.”
- Andrea Jackson

“We cannot tell who is behind the
mask ... it’s a big security issue.”
- Dr. Hom (staff)

“Crazy people dressed
as clowns attacking citizens doesn’t mean we
have to ban the entire
costume just based on a
few individual choices.
Clowns are supposed to
represent happiness.”
- Ian Brill and
Dani Belmont

Creepy clowns like this one have
been terrorizing neighborhoods
across the country in places like
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, New Jersey. Many clowns
bear weapons and threatenn civilians, following them through the
Photo via Wikimedia Commons




October 28, 2016

Reported by Elle Necoechea, Georgie Morris, Maia Pearl, and Calvin Zhang

Ashley Abbuhl (12)
When I was about eight-years-old, my brother was
a major believer in ghosts. He had been downstairs
all afternoon watching reality TV shows where people recounted times that they, or close loved ones,
had been possessed. We’re not talking about simple
haunting. This show was showing the ghosts full
on entering the bodies and taking control of the
people’s every action and thought. Of course, as an
eight-year-old, this absolutely terrified me. That
night, I went and slept over at my friend Kendra’s
house. She was in her bed and I was lying in a sleeping bag on the floor. The whole night I felt a continuous flow of cold air over my body. The show had
mentioned that this is a sign of a ghost’s presence:
a body of cold air. I didn’t sleep a wink the whole
night and I remained paralyzed on the floor, hardly
moving. I barely wanted to open my eyes for fear I
would be possessed. Come morning, I realized that I
had been sleeping underneath her ceiling fan, and it
had been on.

Ms. Stacey (staff)
My aunt went to a drive-in and in the
bathroom she was having a conversation
with an old woman. When she was saying goodbye to the lady she noticed that
she had no legs and was just a torso.

Ariana Dennis (12)

Dani Balmat (11)

During a ghost tour on a trip to New Orleans, we
stopped at an old pharmacy where a serial killer pharmacist with syphilis would kidnap prostitutes and
homeless people, give them syphilis, then attempt to
cure them. When the victims finally died, he stored
them in his attic, and when they started to stink he
would throw them in the Mississippi River in the
middle of the night. As the tour guide spoke, I began
to feel nauseous and dizzy. I told my mom I felt as
though I was about to faint. As I whispered this to
her, the tour guide started to explain how many
young women tend to feel faint in this area, as
they are feeling what the prostitutes began
to feel when he began his experiments. My
dad then took a picture of the inside of the
completely dark pharmacy and the photo
displayed a bright white orb. When we shot
another photo, the orb was gone.

I was driving down the empty freeway with my mom and it was pretty
late at night. All of a sudden the car
in front of us hit something so we
both stopped. The people got out
and didn’t see anything so both of
our cars continued driving. Suddenly a bloody hand splat on the
windshield and my mom and I both
screamed. We pulled over to see
what it was, and there was nothing
again. We then got back into the car
and kept driving. A couple miles
down the road we saw a police car
and we pulled over to talk to them,
they said that there was a hit and
run but they couldn’t find the victim. My mom then proceeded to
tell them what happened and to
contact her if they had any further
questions. They never questioned
her or found the victim.

Mr. Tellers (staff)
As re-told by Hi-Tide reporter Calvin Zhang: When Mr. Tellers was
on his trip to New Orleans, he decided to save money, so he spent
a few nights in a really cheap hotel. That proved to be a terrifying
decision, as the moment that he stepped into the hotel he felt a
sharp chill on his back, and things started to get weird. As he wandered around the hotel, he noticed that there weren’t people in the
hallway. He asked the lady at the receptionist about the hotel, and
what he found out shocked the living soul out of him. “Sir, this is
a haunted hotel. People have been trapped and burned to death
here.” He didn’t say anything. He could not because he just realized
the weird noises he heard at night were from the spirits that were
trapped in the hotel. He suddenly remembered that there was a really old gypsy that had lived in the hotel for ages, so he ran to her,
knocked on her door and waited. In few seconds, he heard an old
yet strong voice say, “Come in my dear.” He walked in carefully, in
front of him was this old, small, and oddly dressed lady. He whispered with a shaking voice, “Are there really ghosts in this hotel?”
The lady giggled and said, “Honey, it’s not the ghosts you have to
worry about, it’s the people out there.”

Zoe Trudeau (11)
Zoe Mendel (12)
Okay, so I was in fourth grade in the children’s chorus in my old neighborhood in
Chicago. We used to practice in the Edwin H. Cheney Mansion, which was this big
old house with lots of empty rooms and good acoustics. One afternoon I was there
alone with a volunteer mom stuffing goodie bags for a retreat we were going on. She
was telling me about how the wife of Edwin was a playful woman who still lived in
the house as a ghost. After a little while we heard the downstairs door slamming and
knocking on the windowpanes. Looking out our window from the third story we
didn’t see anything. The mom sent me downstairs to check outside but I didn’t find
anybody. I climbed back up the stairs only to run down a few minutes later when
the knocking and slamming resumed. The mother shrugged and said maybe it was
the ghost herself. This happened about five or six more times, and my little fourth
grade legs were so tired of running up and down and up and down that on the last
door slam I yelled, “ENOUGH!” And then the slamming stopped and the house was

I was babysitting two sisters one
night and I was watching them in
their room upstairs sleeping from
the living room downstairs. All of
a sudden I looked up and saw one
girl sleepwalking with her eyes
wide open. I then brought her into
the bathroom thinking she might
just need to use the restroom; then
I saw her sister sleepwalking into
the bathroom with her eyes wide
open. The two sisters then started
talking to each other about their
dead brother (who was alive) while
screaming at the top of their lungs.



October 28, 2016






Photos 3, 5, 6, and 11 courtesy of Sam Spencer
Photos 10 courtesy of Shayna Kobrinetz
Photos 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 12 courtesy of Alexa Kideys



October 28, 2016










October 28, 2016

Priests Killed by Gang Violence
Three Mexican priests found dead in one week
A missing priest was recently found dead in Mexico.
Rev. Jose Alfredo Lopez
Guillen was found along
the side of a highway in Las
Guayabas, Mexico. He was
the third priest to be found
dead in Mexico in a week.
Lopez was reportedly kidnapped approximately a
week prior to his body being
found, the same day that two
other priests were found shot
dead. They had been reported
missing the day before their
bodies were discovered. Their
deaths brought the number of
priests killed in Mexico since
2006 to 31.

The Michoacan prosecutor’s office reported that the
results of their autopsy determined that Lopez was killed
five days prior to being discovered. The Archdiocese of
Morelia reported Lopez missing three days after he was
abducted when Cardinal Alberto Suarez Inda pleaded for
his safe return.
The archdiocese made a
statement announcing Lopez’s death via social media.
“We lament these violent
acts and the insecurity in our
state, we hope that authorities
solve this crime.” the statement said.
Lopez was reported missing
two days after his abduction
by his family members. A

statement made by his office
said that when his secretary
did not see him the day after
his abduction she thought
he was visiting his family,
but when he still did not return the next day she called
his brothers to check on him.
His brothers found his clothing strewn on the floor and
two vehicles missing from his
The statement also said
that no ransom had been demanded. Over the years several priests have spoken out
against the violence of drug
gangs, but it is unknown if
Lopez was targeted specifically for this reason.

Matthew destroyed people’s
livelihoods and homes, and
now the resulting increase in

the cholera epidemic greatly
threatens the entire country.

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti
Disease runs rampant in the wake of floods
After Hurricane Matthew
hit Haiti on October 4, causing
destruction to homes, communications, crops, and water
supply, the nation’s cholera
outbreak escalated greatly. As
of October 10, there were 128
confirmed cases of the disease
since the storm.
Vibrio cholerae bacteria are
transmitted through contaminated food and water, causing
vomiting and diarrhea which
quickly lead to dehydration.
Cholera can kill within hours
and spread rapidly. Howev-

er, with adequate treatment,
cholera is rarely deadly.
The post-storm outbreak
has been caused by contaminated floodwater, a lack of
good drinking water, and a
shortage of the necessary
antibiotics and antiseptics to
treat disease and injury in
Haitian hospitals. Additionally, in some towns, people
have been forced to live outside by the massive destruction to their homes and town
by the storm.
Cholera has a confusing
history in Haiti-- the country
has one of the world’s highest cholera rates in the world,

and following the 2010 earthquake there, an outbreak occurred. However, before the
earthquake, cholera had not
been reported in more than
a hundred years. Later, it was
discovered that the strain of
bacteria causing cholera in
Haiti was actually of Asian
origin. It was brought in by
United Nations aid workers
who had previously worked
in Nepal. Since its introduction to Haiti in 2010 nearly
10,000 people have died of
The outbreak continues, and
over 1.4 million people are in
need of assistance. Hurricane

Coconuts in Danger

Former Israeli Prime Minister
Dies at 93

Could we lose this iconic tropical fruit?


Coconuts are part of a big
new trend - they are used for
everything. The milk is now
a very popular substitute for
cows milk, as it is healthy can
contains lots of B vitamins
in addition to many minerals such as iron, calcium, and
magnesium. Coconut water is
a hot, new product; it has lots
of natural electrolytes, it aids
in weight loss and helps with
digestion. Even the husks are
being used to stuff car seats.
In 2015, the Philippines exported 88% more coconuts
then they did the previous
year and 105% more coconut
water. Although this is helping their economy tremendously, we have to stop and
think, “How many coconuts
are too many coconuts?”
Compton Paul, coordinator
of a regional coconut program
at the Caribbean Agricultural
Research and Development
Institute claims that the Caribbean is actually running
out of coconuts. Many fac-

All photos via Wikimedia Commons

tors have contributed to the
decrease in coconut production. For example, storms and
droughts make it hard for the
coconuts to grow at a steady
rate. In addition, many of
the coconuts that are picked
are picked prematurely and
are not good enough to be
shipped to other parts of the
Another big issue with coconut production is Lethal

Yellowing Disease. LYD is a
disease that mainly kills palm
trees, and is spread by plant
hopping insects. It has caused
plantations to shrink approximately 17% in the past decade.
Next time you go to drink
that refreshing glass of coconut water, ask yourself if it’s
really worth it; we could be
losing coconuts for good.

On September 28, Former
Israeli President and Nobel
winner Shimon OBITUARY
Peres passed
away in his sleep. He had
suffered from a severe stroke
two weeks prior, which was
the primary cause of his
Nations around the world
have been grieving his death.
President Obama made a
public statement in response
to Peres’s passing. Said President Obama, “There are few
people who we share this
world with who change the
course of human history, not
just through their role in human events, but because they
expand our moral imagination and force us to expect
more of ourselves. My friend
Shimon was one of those people.”
Shimon Peres served many
short terms as prime minister, before being elected the
ceremonial President of Israel
from 2007 to 2014. Mr. Peres
was given the Nobel Peace

Prize in 1994 for his work on
the Oslo Peace Accords, sharing the honor with Yitzhak
Rabin, the Israeli prime minister, and Yasser Arafat, the
Palestinian leader and chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
He was married to his wife
Sonya for 66 years until her
death in 2011. The couple had
three children.
The Negev nuclear reactor
and research center will be
renamed in Peres’ honor.



October 28, 2016

A Tax on Netflix?

Some cities could soon impose a fee on the streaming service
What if every time someone paid their monthly Netflix bill, a small fraction went
to the city? A rumor has been
circulating that some California cities are considering a
Netflix tax.
Cities have the right to, and
often do, tax entertainment.
For instance, when a movie
ticket is bought or a concert
ticket is purchased, part of the
profit goes to the city. There is
a large profit that goes to the
city from this tax. Some cities like Pasadena are actively
pursuing a tax on Netflix be-

cause it would create a huge
margin of profit, especially
considering how many people have Netflix these days.
There are pros and cons
with the tax idea. First, Netflix is a streaming service.
Streaming services have thus
far usually gone untaxed.
However, some are proposing
that Netflix be reconsidered a
“utility” so that it can be more
easily taxed.
If online streaming becomes
considered a utility, some say
that it is a dangerous slippery
slope. Will it it end with Netflix, or will at some point, the
consumer be charged extra
for social media? Critics also

TUTORING (cont. from page 1)
The idea stems from programs initiated at Dr. Podhorsky’s previous school sites
and an idea to combine LJHS’
existing tutoring resources
into one program.
“The library will become
the hub,” Dr. Podhorsky said,
where students can go to receive tutoring in the core subjects of math, history, science,
english, and history.
Two salaried teachers in
each of those areas will be
present every day to help students with their classwork.
Students who take the bus
will be able to obtain passes
for the late bus, said Dr. Podhorsky.
Funding for the project cur-

rently comes from LCFF (local control funding formula)
money provided to the school.
LJHS Governance and SSC
decided to set aside the funds
last year to sustain the program for all of the 2016-2017
school year, but Dr. Podhorsky has future ideas for
changes to the physical space.
“As we prepare for college,
one of the most successful
ways students navigate courses is by figuring out what
study groups look like,” said
Dr. Podhorsky, who fondly
recalls studying with friends
at Starbucks and Denny’s.
“My dream is to create that
kind of coffee-shop experience here at LJHS,” he said.

Teen Terrorizes South Carolina
Elementary School
Terror struck young school
children as a teen hopped a
fence into the Townville Elementary school playground
and opened fire. At about one
in the afternoon on September 28, 14-year-old Jesse Osborne called his grandmother
sobbing hysterically. The
grandmother then walked
over to check on the boy and
his father, only to find the father dead after being shot several times. Shortly after, the
police department received a
call from a local elementary
school reporting shots fired.
The teen had driven to the
school, jumped over the fence
into the playground and shot
two six year old boys and a
woman teacher.
One boy was struck in the
leg, and the other in the foot.
The woman received a shoulder wound. It is unclear as to
the motive, but terrorism and
racism has been ruled out.
Witnesses say he shouted, “I
hate my life”. Although there
has not been any documented child abuse, his father had
previous convictions for domestic abuse and possession
of marijuana. It is unknown
why he chose to go to an elementary school and shoot
people he did not know.

The boy shot in the leg was
in critical condition, and after fighting for his life, passed
away October 1. The bullet hit
his femoral artery, causing
massive blood loss, which led
to cardiopulmonary arrest.
Loved ones held a funeral in
superhero attire on Wednesday, October 5.
charged in a family court
with two accounts of murder, three counts of attempted murder and five counts of
possessing a weapon during a
violent crime. Solicitor Chrissy Adams announced filing a
petition to transfer the teen
from a family court, to a circuit court. He will need to
have an in depth psychiatric
evaluation to help assess why
he would have performed this
heinous action.
A new playground will be
added to the Townville Elementary school, in hopes that
it will “help with the healing,”
Superintendent Joanne Avery
stated. The district is raising money to cover the cost.
When classes resumed, only
10 students missed class. The
school had classroom visits
by counselors and therapy
dogs. Avery says it caused
lot of smiles and calmed the
nerves of students and teachers.

contend that taxing Netflix
and other streaming services
amounts to double taxation
because the user typically already is paying local taxes for
Internet access for their computer and for phone-carrier
access for their smartphone.
Netflix is arguing that the
Internet cannot be taxed, and
they shouldn’t be either. Further, the tax would have to
be voted in by citizens, rather than simply passed by the
city. Some critics believe that
this creates problems in itself.
A major factor pushing the
cities of California and the
rest of the U.S. is the decrease
of utility entertainment sys-

tems. Cable and other T.V.
systems are taxed, which is
a large source of revenue for
cities. With the increase in
streaming services, fewer and
fewer people are using or
buying these systems, and the
cities are losing major dollars.
For those of us who can
watch several seasons in one
night, the Netflix tax pales
in comparison to hours upon
hours of “Stranger Things.”
So do not fear, this tax seems
unlikely to happen in the near
future. There is little evidence
that this tax will pass and be
a part of our binge watching

Obama Vetoes
“Saudi Bill”

Senate overrules President on right
to sue Saudi government for 9/11

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

During his eight-year term,
President Obama has vetoed
dozens of bills. However, the
first of his administration to
be overruled by the Senate
occurred this September.
In the United States, it is a
constitutional right for the
President to veto a decision
or proposal of a bill passed by
the House of Representatives
and the Senate. If in any case
the President decides to veto
a bill, it is up to the Senate
to pass or deny it by a two
thirds majority vote. The bill
in question, called the Justice
Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, would provide “persons and entities injured as
a result of terrorist attacks
committed within the United States with full access to
the court system in order to
pursue civil claims against …
organizations responsible for
their injuries.” Some suspect
that Saudi Arabia is partially
responsible for the September
11th attacks. In short, this act
has the power for the families of 9/11 victims to sue the
Saudi Arabian government in
a United States court. Thus,
a jury will decide the fate of
the victims’ families at hand.
In the fifteen years since the
9/11 attacks, the Saudi Arabian government has not yet
been tried for their alleged
part in the attacks. The House
members in favor of the bill

claim that the terrorists involved were Saudi Arabian,
and place the blame on them.
Fifteen of the nineteen accused terrorists were of Saudi
In addition, some think that
the law poses new threats to
the United States, as Saudi
and American affairs would
be tampered with. The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia
has threatened to sell hundreds of millions of dollars in
United States assets and securities if the Act were to become a law. President Obama
argues that the law would be
“detrimental to U.S. national
President Obama immediately vetoed the law stating
that it would “neither protect
Americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to
such attacks.” He also said he
fails to see the potential the
outcome of the bill will have
on the families at hand. Much
to the President’s dismay, the
bill was passed and became
law. Ninety-seven Senators
voted in favor of it, opposed
to the one that did not.
The law has been argued
among many. Presidential
nominees Hillary Clinton
and Donald Trump have both
supported the decisions of the
Senate and House to pass the
bill. Clinton and Trump both
stated that they would pass
the bill, if given the choice.
Opponents of the legislation believe that, since the
law is set, it puts in place var-

TECH (cont. from
page 1)
conversation about how data
is being shared and used.”
La Jolla High School teachers such as Mr. Glenn Morgan
have already begun collecting
and using that data to tailor
their lessons.
“You can use data to drive
instruction,” said Mr. Morgan.
The English teacher uses the
online service Socrative and
the Illuminate Education testing suite to monitor student
understanding and adjust accordingly.
“EdTech, with the wealth of
data it provides, offers an opportunity to do more formative assessments,” said Plunkett.
“The question is not ‘what
can data measure,’ but ‘what
do we want to measure?’” she
said. “‘What outcomes do we
Mr. Morgan noted that
“technology does not replace
good content or instruction in
a course. When I use technology, I ask ‘does the technology increase the value of the
The use of technology in
classrooms is currently being used to supplement curriculum in subjects such as
English, but could potentially
open doors to entirely new
subject areas.
The state of Washington passed a law this year
(SSB6273) calling on the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop digital literacy curriculum and
teaching materials for pupils.
Technology in education
“is no longer about taking attendance or doing math,” said
Plunkett. “How do we use EdTech (technology for education or technology for general
use being used by education)
to teach about this notion of
digital citizenship?”
Mr. Morgan noted that
some students might need
to reconsider what they feel
confident leaving as their digital footprint.
“Maybe those Coachella
pictures you took when you
were 18 could come back to
haunt you,” he said.
ious consequences the American public could face. They
believe that the law now sets
precedents for other countries
that they could use to their
advantage. The fear amongst
many is that other countries
will begin to blame the United States, which in turn can
lead to our own country being sued. In addition, the law
raises questions to the liability Saudi Arabia holds for
9/11, which some say puts the
complete blame on the country. Some argue that it is not
fair to blame an entire country for the actions of a few of
its citizens.
To conclude, some believe
that the bill will allow the
victims of 9/11 to sue those
that are responsible for the
attacks. Others believe that
its purpose is simply to find
a scapegoat in a more complicated situation. Though opinions are strong on both sides
of the debate, only time will
tell what the true effects of
the bill will be.



Unarmed Man Fatally Shot in El Cajon
Alfred Olango was killed by officers, sparking protests in area
On September 27th, El Cajon police received reports
of a man acting fitful and
allegedly walking in traffic
in the 800 block of Broadway. When police arrived at
around two o’clock, they arrived upon Alfred Olango, a
father of two, acting erratically and darting around a parking lot at the Broadway village shopping center. As the
police ordered him to show
his hands, Olango reached
into his pockets, and removed
a small cylindrical electronic
cigarette and pointed it at an
officer in a shooting stance.
After yelling to the man to
drop what he was holding,
four shots rang out, and Olango was hit and killed by the
officers. Olango’s sister was
on scene during the time of
the shooting, and explained to
reporters that she had called
for someone to come help her
brother who was mentally
ill, but instead witnessed her
brother’s last moments.
In response to the shooting, the El Cajon Police Department issued statements
defending the actions of their
officers, claiming that the officers acted in a manner that
seemed fit in response to the
aggressive manner of Alfred

Surveillance video of the incident was released to the
public by police as pressure mounted.
Photo via El Cajon Police

Olango. The public response
to this shooting took place
shortly afterwards.
Protests began to grow in
the Broadway area, beginning
in a peaceful manner including masses of people joining
hands and praying, but soon
turned violent. As the public felt the police were withholding video footage of the
encounter, protesters began
breaking windows, holding
up traffic, and throwing various items at police units and
vehicles. After one protester
hurled a brick at an officer’s
head, the police used pepper
spray balls to disband the protesters.
Since then, protests have
remained peaceful, including
prayer vigils out front of the
El Cajon Police Department,
in hopes the full video foot-

age of Olango’s death are
released. Dan Gilleon, the
attorney for the Olango family, accused the El Cajon Police Department of selective
choosing, or “cherry picking,”
of an image of the incident.
This was done, in his view to
calm claims of what he and
the Olango family believe are
irrational actions taken by the
The officer who shot Olango is Richard Gonsalves, a
21-year veteran of the police
force. According to city officials and court documents, he
was demoted last year after
another officer sued him and
the city, alleging sexual harassment. It is unclear what
legal actions the Olango family and their lawyer will take
against the police department
at this time.

Hurricane Matthew Strikes
Storm devastates the Atlantic coast
Hurricane Matthew was
the second biggest hurricane
within the 2016 hurricane season. The extremely powerful
tropical cyclone was deadly.
This hurricane has resulted in
fatalities in several countries
of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.
On September 22nd, a tropical wave emerged off of Africa and developed into a storm.
On the 29th, it became a hurricane reaching Category 5. It
is the first hurricane to reach
Category 5 on the Atlantic
Ocean since Hurricane Felix in 2007, from August 31st
- September 5th. Hurricane
Felix was the Southernmost
Category 5 hurricane to make
It did the most damage to
Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican

Republic, Lucayan Archipelago, the Southeastern United States, and the Canadian
Maritimes. The hurricane has
caused these countries to lose
large quantities of food and
fresh drinking water. Most
people affected by this hurricane have lost their homes
and are needing help to restore their countries. An estimate of over 1,045 deaths
has been made because of
this hurricane. The monetary
damages are estimated at $5.2
Haiti has been particularly battered, as it’s residents
were still in the midst of a
slow recovery process after
the magnitude 7.0 earthquake
that rocked the country in
2010. Hurricane Matthew has
destroyed almost entire settlements on the island nation.
For example, the city of Jeri-

mie has 80% of it’s buildings
This hurricane affected many lives in our country, passing through several
states. As it passed along the
Florida coastline, many people in the northeast lost power. Hurricane Matthew is the
strongest hurricane to affect
Northeast Florida since 1898,
when there was a hurricane
south of St. Simons Island,
Georgia. It was a category 4
hurricane, and did not do as
much damage to Northeast
Florida as Hurricane Matthew.
Hurricane Matthew’s damage will surely be felt for
years to come. The recovery
process in the Gulf of Mexico
and Caribbean will be long,
and difficult.

Fatal Street Racing Accident in Chula Vista
A man was killed during a
suspected street race in Chula
Vista on October 8.
Sergio Isai Ramirez, 22, of
Inglewood, died in the crash
on East H Street and Corral
Canyon Road just after 12:30
a.m. on the Saturday, where
he was racing with one other
He was suspected of going
over 100 mph. Sergio was in
the passenger seat of his car
as the driver sped around a

October 28, 2016

turn when he lost control. The
car traveled over a median
and slammed into two Magnolia trees.
According to the police, the
impact from the car broke
the trees in half. Another
car stopped and tried to help
Ramirez and the driver. When
the police came, they pronounced Ramirez dead on
scene, as he was not wearing
a seat belt. The driver of the
car survived, but was charged
with a DUI, and manslaughter. The driver of the car he

was racing was also arrested
on suspicion of driving under
the influence.
“I live in Chula Vista, right
off of East H Street, and for
over 20 years I’ve heard the
familiar sounds of highspeed, late night racing,” said
LJHS English teacher and
Journalism advisor Robert
Boyd. “I’ve also seen in those
20 years too many roadside
monuments to those who
have failed to negotiate a turn
or a surge in speed and power

ELECTION (cont. from page 1)
numerous women who have
accused him of predatory
behavior. He claimed, “[every] woman lied when they
came forward to hurt my
campaign…Total fabrication.
The events never happened.
Never. All of these liars will
be sued after the election is
But perhaps what damaged
Trump the most was his refusal to accept the election
results. “I will keep you in
suspense,” he said.
Trump’s running mate Mike
Pence and daughter Ivanka
Trump have both previously
said they would accept the results.
Clinton, the Democratic
nominee, immediately labeled
this statement as “horrifying” and said he was “talking
down our democracy.”
Allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton,
Hillary’s husband and the
42nd President of the United
States, have been re-surfaced
by the Trump camp. Furthermore, comparisons have been
drawn between Trump and
Bill Clinton’s supposed predatory behavior.
Clinton herself has come
under fire for her treatment
of the women who came forward twenty-five years ago
to accuse her husband, then
Governor of Arkansas, of harassment or assault. Because
she led the effort to discredit
the various accusers, Republicans have called Clinton’s
campaign stance on combating sexual harassment and
assault - which insists that
every accuser who comes for-

ward has “the right to be believed” - hypocritical.
Furthermore, WikiLeaks’
recent dump of hacked emails
by a top Clinton aide have
caused a great deal of embarrassment to the campaign.
While the Clinton team has
refused to confirm the validity
of the hacked correspondences by campaign Chairman
John Podesta, the emails have
worsened Clinton’s already
low trustworthiness numbers
at a key time.
The New York Post said
the emails paint “the Clinton
World in a raw and uncomfortable light, displaying infighting, backstabbing, raw
ambition and greed.”
Clinton’s only reference to
the Wikileaks scandal was a
statement at a campaign stop
in Seattle describing this election as “incredibly painful.”
A video released by conservative investigative group
Project Veritas Action revealed that democratic operatives may have baited Trump
supporters into violence outside his rallies. While the two
key agents in the videos, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval,
have resigned, difficulties remain.
Complaints have been filed
with the FEC regarding the
alleged illegal collaboration
between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and her
Super PAC.
Despite these difficulties,
recent national poll numbers
have shown her in the lead
with 44%, while Trump trails
at 38%.

Deadly Chicano Park
Crash Spurs Action
Four died when truck toppled from bridge

Candles lit up Chicano Park
on October 16, in honor of
the two men and two women
who died when a truck on the
Coronado bridge hit the railing and flew over into a crowd
in the Park.
The driver, an active-duty
Navy service member who
survived but is currently hospitalized, is suspected of having been under the influence
of alcohol. Nine others were
injured in the crash, which
occurred during the La Raza
Run motorcycle festival.
Chicano Park residents
say they’ve been demanding
changes for years.
“We have been asking for
10 years,” said Tina Camarillo, Vice Chairwoman of the
Chicano Park Steering Committee in a statement to the
Hi-Tide. “This is the first time

Graphic murals decorate the underside of
the Coronado Bridge in
Barrio Logan
Photo via Rpotance

someone died. 4 people lost
their [lives] and it could have
been prevented.”
Senator Ben Hueso of District 40 (which spans across
the entire border up to National City) is now pushing
for Measure A, a sales tax,
to finance improvements.
“These funds could help with
those problems involved in
the bridge,” he said.
“It was horrible,” said Camarillo. “I was there with
my mom and daughter. Our
booth was right next to the
booth that the truck landed
“The Chicano Park Steering
Committee will continue to
fight to get something done,”
she said.



Solange Knowle’s Breakthrough
Beyonce’s sister shines in third studio album,
A Seat at the Table

Nightmare in Paris
Kim K. robbed of $11m in jewelry



Beyonce is not the only talented musician in her family.
Her younger sister, Solange,
just released her third studio
album, A Seat at the Table.
Just like her sister, Solange’s
music is bold and powerful, all
while telling a story.
Growing up beside her sister had large effects on Solange’s life. She spent much of
her teens singing backup and
dancing for “Destiny’s Child”.
At 16, she had collected
enough songs to release her
first album, Solo Star.
She released her next album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley
St. Dreams, in 2008 after taking a 5-year music break.
A Seat at the Table, released
September 30th, characterizes
the struggle of being a black
woman, and Solange even describes events that occurred to
her own ancestors. Her songs

Paris Fashion Week was in
full swing a few weeks ago,
welcoming hundreds of celebrities, from models Gigi
Hadid and Kendall Jenner, to
fashion icons such as Rihanna
and Kim Kardashian.
The week started off with
some unusual events, including the “prankster” who
became infamous after harassing Gigi Hadid at Milan
Fashion Week, Vitalii Sediuk,
appeared in Paris.
Sediuk, appeared outside of
the same restaurant that Kim
Kardashian was walking into
at the beginning of fashion
week, and when he saw the
reality mogul he lunged at
her, but was quickly tackled
to the ground by her security
The week took a turn for
the worse the following
Monday morning when Kim
Kardashian was robbed of
approximately $11 million
dollars in jewelry.
The reality star was staying
at a luxury hotel known as
the No Address Hotel when
two robbers broke into her
hotel room and stole her diamond engagement ring and a
box of jewelry priced at about
$6 million.
Reports claim that Kar-

are both powerful and emotional, and blend a variety of
different styles.
The title alone reflects her
focus on equality and acceptance- the idea of giving everyone a “seat at the table”.
The opening song, “Rise”,
was written in response to
police killings and protests.
Another song, “Weary”, refers to the feeling of loneliness, while the song “Cranes
in the Sky” addresses the easing of pain and suffering.
Solange’s album also in-

cludes various duets, such as
“Mad” featuring Lil Wayne
and “Don’t Touch My Hair”
featuring Sampha.
A Seat at the Table expresses both pain and the search
for joy, while emphasizing
black empowerment and independence.
While exhibiting some Beyonce-like
Solange’s music and style distinguishes itself as incredibly
unique and independent.

Nate Parker Faces Scrutiny on Rape

Director of The Birth of a Nation under fire for 1999 sexual assault
Recently to movie theaters,
“Birth of A Nation” tells the
true story of Nat Turner- a
slave who organized a rebellion in Virginia in 1831.
Despite its promising cast
and plot, the director and lead
actor of the movie, Nate Parker, has received much scrutiny
for a 17 year old rape case that
is resurfacing.
As both a Pennsylvania
State student and wrestler in
1999, Parker’s world turned
upside-down when he and
his friend, Jean Celestin
(co-screenwriter for the film),
were accused of raping a fellow Penn State student , Jane
Doe, while she was drunk.
In the following months,
Doe pressed charges for rape
on both Parker and Celestin.
In police interrogations,
Parker and Celestin both admitted to having intercourse
with Doe, but claimed it was
consensual and that she was
not drunk.
However, Parker and Celestin were convicted of the rape
and placed in prison. Parker
was released one week later
on bail.
On his return to campus,
Doe allegedly claims that
Parker and his friends verbally assaulted her numerous
times and even attempted to
stalk her.
At this point, Doe had begun to receive excessive counseling from the university following the incidents, leading
to multiple suicide attempts.
In the final trial, Celestin
was found guilty of sexual
assault, while Parker was acquitted on all charges.
Not content with the outcome, Celestin demanded a
second hearing on the basis
that his attorney misrepre-


October 28, 2016

sented him.
In the second hearing, Doe
refused to testify, throwing
out the case and thus acquitting Celestin.
Sadly, eight years after the
alleged rape, Doe committed
suicide after being placed in a
rehab hospital.
With the film’s current release and buzzing press, Parker’s past has emerged in the
Doe’s suicide was news to
him, and he formally issued
his condolences to her family.
“I cannot ignore nor do I
want to ignore the pain she
endured during and following
our trial. While I maintain my

innocence that the encounter
was unambiguously consensual, there are things more
important than the law.”
Despite the attempt to address her suicide, Parker was
called out for turning his condolences into a statement reassuring his innocence.
The backlash against Parker
and Celestin is prevalent, as
the main actress in the film,
Gabrielle Union, has claimed
being in an utter state of confusion and anger based on the
recent news.
“I’m not going to leave that
man in the same way I found

dashian was tied up and held
at gunpoint, and once the
thieves left she freed herself
from the ties and screamed
from her room.
Two days later, after cooperating with local law enforcement, Kim left Paris on
a private jet, with her mother
Kris Jenner and sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall
Jenner, to meet up with her
husband Kanye West in New
At the time of the attack,
West was performing at a
concert in Queens, where he
abruptly walked off stage in
the middle of his set after receiving news of the attack.
Since the ordeal, Kim has
amped up security measures
for her entire family and plans
to stay out of the spotlight in
the weeks to come.
Police will continue to investigate the robbery and
search for the four men responsible.

What is YouTube Red?
Premium content comes to the world’s
largest video platform

In the movie, her character
gets raped. Despite it being a
historical film, there has been
no historical record of that
rape incident.
Some may find it ironic that
Parker and Celestin chose to
include a rape scene, possibly
a reference to the fact that
they are heroes for avenging
their own rape crimes.
Many women and sexual
assault victims have protested against seeing the film in
response to Parker’s alleged

Video-streaming giant YouTube has decided to follow
the paid-tier model of Netflixand Hulu in offering premium
content to users who pay a
monthly fee.
Its new service, YouTube
Red, allows users to stream
music and music videos without ads.
Some benefits of using YouTube Red include the ability
to view the app offline and listen to videos with the device
Users will notice and perhaps appreciate the absence
of ads on the website.
In the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, YouTube Red can be purchased on
20 different types of devices.
After a trial period expires,
YouTube will begin charging
users $10 a month.

The app first began launching shows in February 2016,
but has garnered great interest since then.
In an attempt to generate
even more success, YouTube
Red has recruited well-known
actors or YouTube personalities to create new content
and professionally-produced
shows exclusive to YouTube
This comes as YouTube’s
parent company, Alphabet,
Inc., aims to reposition its
streaming service to create
quality original content that
competes with Netflix and
In one such effort, Logan
Paul, who originally began
his career making comedy
videos on Vine, began working for YouTube Red last year
and is now debuting a movie
and starring in a TV show for
the company.



October 28, 2016

17 Films to Watch Before You’re 17

1. The Untouchables - 1987

Crime noir starring Kevin Costner with Shaun Connery and Andy Garcia as a
group of police officers during prohibition putting the fight to Al Capone played by Robert De Niro.

2. Almost Famous - 2000

Chronicles the funny and often poignant coming of age of 15-year-old William, an unabashed music fan who is inspired by the seminal bands of the time.

3. American Beauty - 1999

Kevin Spacey is a gainfully employed suburban husband and father who is bored
with his miserable existence. He quits his job and decides to reinvent himself as a pot-smoking, responsibility-shirking teenager.

4. Pretty Woman - 1990
for one another, forming an unlikely pair.

Modern update on Cinderella, a prostitute and a wealthy businessman fall hard

5. The Manchurian Candidate - 1962

Stars Frank Sinatra as a veteran from Korea who returns

home with his squad with some mysterious gaps in their memory.

6. Raising Arizona - 1987

Nick Cage is an ex-con who steals a baby with his wife due to them not being able to

have kids. It’s hilarious.

7. Oh Brother where Ought Though - 2000

A rendition of the odyssey taking place in depres-

sion era US starring George Clooney. Highly recommended.

8. Can’t Buy Me Love - 1987

Nerdy high schooler Ronald Miller rescues cheerleader Cindy Mancini
from parental punishment on one condition: she will act as though they’re a couple for an entire month.

9. Clueless - 1995

Shallow, rich and socially successful Cher is at the top of her Beverly Hills high school’s pecking scale. Her disapproving ex-stepbrother shows her how misguided she is - and she falls for him.

10. The Usual Suspects - 1995

Another Kevin Spacey masterpiece. Police interrogate a man to learn the

whole story on a convoluted crime.

11. Blade Runner - 1982

Harrison Ford is a police officer whose duty is to take down fugitive synthetic humans
called “replicants,” posing the question whether a synthetic person is the same as a normal person.

12. The Princess Bride - 1987

A fairy tale adventure about a beautiful young woman and her one true
love as they battle the evils of the mythical kingdom of Florin to be reunited with each other.

13. Dazed and Confused - 1993

This coming-of-age film follows the mayhem of group of rowdy

teenagers in Austin, Texas, celebrating the last day of high school in 1976.

14. Belly - 1998

Nas and DMX star in a beautifully shot film about the rise and fall of two of New York’s toughest

15. The Big Lebowski - 1998

Jeff Bridges plays Jeff Lebowski, a burnout who happens to have the same
name as a millionaire whose wife owes a lot of dangerous people a whole bunch of money, resulting in Lebowski having his rug
soiled and sending him spiraling into the Los Angeles underworld.

16. The Shining - 1980

Jack Torrance becomes winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado,
where he discovers the hotel’s dark secrets and begins to unravel into a homicidal maniac hell-bent on terrorizing his family.

17. Good Will Hunting - 1997
schologist for advice on life and love.

A troubled young janitor with a gift for mathematics turns to a phy-