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This site is about combating hunger in developing areas Famine occurs mainly by failure of small, one hectare farms.

Portable, hand-powered water sterilizers using ozone :

These hand-crank ozone generators need a manufacturer :

Experiments to Fight Hunger
at the level of the small village and subsistence farm

The following contains a number of untried experiments that may be of use in the struggle to combat world hunger. The statistics on the casualties caused by starvation and malnutrition are overwhelming. Thirty thousand children die each day from lack of adequate food and water, both directly and from disease that results from a weakened condition. One out of five children in the developing world die of water-borne disease before the age of five. More innovation, creative enterprise and effort are needed to end this miserable state of affairs. Everyone has their own ideas and talents to bring to bear. The following is a collection of ideas that may or may not work, but they seem to offer promise and could be very interesting experiments for those inclined to explore.

The Experiments are Listed in Two Categories:
[These categories of course are not mutually exclusive good water is needed for drinking as well as for farming and other forms of food production such as for aqua-

culture, hydroponics and the vat culture of single cell protein.]
Experiments to provide more and better water are in the first list. Experiments to increase food production are in the second list.

To view a detailed description of each experiment click on the small star that precedes the item on the list. The star looks like this ---> * Then after reading the description use " go" on the toolbar and then "back" to get back to this list.


A percussion water well drill that is powered by the people of a village pulling together

*new A percussion water well drill based on a cart and a capstan-like rope

*new A motor driven rotary capstan borehole drill * A very simple hand powered pump capable of pumping water from deep

wells. * A modified version of the simple pump made more efficient by conserving conserving pulse energy
* A resonating sound powered, hand operated pump * A resonating hand powered, sound operated pump with a primer * The most simple pump for pumping water from depth * A hand powered, rotating, sound powered pump * A solar powered, reciprocating pump employing Shape Memory Wires * A detailed view of the SME wire solid engine for water pumps

* An improved SME wire engine compensating for small displacement of

SME wires
* A short stroke reciprocating water pump to make the Shape Memory

Metal Wire Engine an effective solar powered water pump engine
* A solar powered, reciprocating pump engine employing Shape Memory

Metal springs

A solar thermal reciprocating engine driving a reciprocating water pump

* A double acting, reciprocating, solar-thermal water pump engine * A water pump engine that employs a heat sensitive belt turbine * Another solar powered turbine engine employing a belt of heat sensitive

Shape Memory Polymers or elastocaloric rubber
* A solar turbine engine for pumping water, powered by a solar pond, the

turbine engine being in the form of a rubber belt supported on rollers
* Another solar powered turbine engine also based on opposing tensions but

using positive displacement gas engines.
* An automatic boiler feed for providing pressurized vapor to drive

pneumatic motors with any heat energy
* A rotating, sound powered pump to provide steady pumping action * A rotary and resonating sound powered pump * An air engine based on the Stirling engine powered by a solar concentrating

trough and powering a water pump
* An automatic solar powered water pump using the Stirling engine principle

but having a rotary displacer
* A Rankin Cycle jet pump for pumping water from a well using solar power

* A Rankin Cycle reciprocating solar powered water pump employing a solar concentrator for an explanation clich here * A Fast Acting Stirling Diaphragm Engine for Driving a Sonic Water Pump * Formula for Determining the Dimensions of the above Stirling Sonic Pump * Some Stirling engine powered sonic water pumps powered by biogas * Heat Powered (solar or biogas) Stirling Cycle Air Compressor for Driving

Water Pumps : An Air Lift Pump or Air Displacement Pump * A Stirling Cycle Water Pump Using a Non-imaging Solar Concentrator
This pump in position 2Pump now in position 3 Pump in position 4 * Calculating the Size and Energy of the Cylinders for the above Stirling



A very speculative but extremely promising solar powered, thermoacoustic water pump

* A Walking-Beam Water Pump powered by a Solar Concentrator and a

Stirling Engine click here to see second step in the cycle , here to see third step ,
forth step click here

Some Experiments in Water Sterilization
Latest additions An electrostatic induction machine applied to ozone production Latest addition (2) Variable capacitance high voltage generator applied to ozone

Latest addition (3) A push-pull charge separation machine for high voltage ozone

Latest ozone generator Another variable capacitor as an energy converter to

convert handpower to high voltage and ozone

Latest portable ozone generator based on a double induction mechanism *new A high voltage, hand-powered electric discharge ozone generator for

sterilizing the family water supply in remote areas
*new A high voltage, triboelectric hand-powered ozone generator for

sterilizing drinking water in remote areas
*new A high voltage variable capacitance electric generator for ozone

* An electric water sterilizer that employs electrolysis to produce acid shock

in bacteria by reversing electrode polarity
* An electric water sterilizer that uses metal tubes and a plastic pipe with a

photo voltaic panel
* An electrolytic sterilizer for water that destroys germs by acid shock *__new A double-acting water sterilizer that uses both acid shock and free

* A water sterilizer employing electrolytic ozone to kill germs * A detailed description of the above low voltage sterilizer * References to electrolytic ozone ( the voltage is right for a photovoltaic

* A hand powered, inexpensive ozone generator to kill water-borne germs

* Simple clarifier for converting muddy, turbid water into clear water *Revised Improved clarifier using oxidizers generated electrolytically Some scientific article references about water cleaners

Some Experiments to Increase Food

* A small electric nitrogen fertilizer plant for a village or farm * A regenerative system for fixing nitrogen in the village or on the farm * An experiment to produce slow release nitrogen fertilizer from air and farm waste


A very energy efficient Russian nitrogen fixation reactor for the small farm that uses less energy per kilogram than a $ 100,000,000 ammonia plant


Making slow-release nitrogen fertilizer with a Russian Vortex Reactor by reacting the nitrogen oxide gases of that reactor with waste cellulose

scientific paper Scientific paper on the oxidizing power of gamma alumina and the implications for village level fixation of nitrogen * The Simple Steps Required to Produce Nitric Oxide on Alumina gel * A way of using biogas or waste combustion to oxidize nitrogen and produce slow-release nitrogen fertilizer * A way of using solar heat energy to produce fixed nitrogen oxides and cellulose nitrate fertilizer from air * Electric pH control of agriculture fields * Electrolytic pH control and sterilization of hydroponic tanks

* An experiment to determine the efficiency of Electrolytic pH control * A solar food dryer that preserves vitamins by removing sunlight * A passive solar powered water tank heater for aquaculture, vat culture of single cell protein and for heating biogas generators * Converting cellulose to sugar for feeding food yeast and generating protein in large quantities rapidly * A paper on the value of converting cellulose to sugar for growing Single Cell Protein and for producing fuel alcohol * A simple electrolytic cell that produces acid from cellulose waste and then hydrolyzes cellulose into sugar. - for growing food yeast and white algae

* Producing food yeast in a biogas digester by using farm waste. The
biogas generater is converted simply to make food yeast instead of gas. To see how and why this conversion of waste to food should work please click here.

* Producing food yeast with additional fixed nitrogen in order to
provide more protein in larger yields of yeast

* *

Exploring the Rhizosphere to find the secrets that may increase food yield of plants and trees (two experiments) Applying the secrets of the Rhizosphere to enhance nitrogen

fertilizer production from a biogas digester


Utilizing biogas to remove oxygen from air and thereby provide molecular nitrogen for Klebsiella for fixation into nitrogen rich fertilizer or high protein yeast


Another way of using biogas (methane) for removing oxygen from the nitrogen of air in order to give oxygen free nitrogen to nitrogen fixing bacteria to greatly increase their yields of ammonia

Using a hand pump with biogas to remove CO2 -- the math


Using a hand powered pump and a catalyst to remove CO2 in order to provide nitrogen to Klebsiella bacteria for fixing N2 An ammonia synthesis system based on a very efficient electric plasma combined with a biogas generator for reducing nitric oxide to ammonia For catalyst data click here

* * *

Another village ammonia plant based on the extremely efficient Russian pulsed plasma Experiment to see if fast growing yeast or algae or mushroom mycelia may be quickly turned into high-protein, delicious yuba Growing nutritious algae for food -- the general idea


Some practical photobioreactors --- and how they work

* * * * *

References to Scientific articles about growing algae with Photobioreactors Quotations that indicate growing food algae is practical

* The special case of Spirulina Algae as a very good human food Systems and Culture Media for Large Scale Growing of Spirulina A Specific Culture Medium for Growing Spirulina (found on the Perdue Univ. Web Site) Experiment to make a variety of trees more beneficial to mankind in their live state and thereby curtail their destruction * A False Rhizosphere attached to a tree ; how it works and how it is constructed * An Hydroponic Rhizosphere used for generating sugars
* An ammonia generator from 1909 that used simple apparatus and

produced fixed nitrogen from coal gas and air now being converted to biogas in place of coal gas
*About the catalysts and catalytic reactions involved in a biogas

to ammonia reactor
*A list of references to scientific articles on combustion catalysts

It is known that low temperature combustion produces NO and that some low temperature catalysts react with nitrogen.

click to email I have patents on some of these ideas , but am willing to relinquish rights to those who are in need or would use the concepts to improve nutrition of folks in their area. If you would use one of these ideas for purely commercial purpose, I would require some type of agreement. -- Lou O'Hare P.S. My telephone number is: 1-970-731-5632