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AUG 2 3 2016




J & J CLEANING COMPANY (Arkansas corporation)

Civil Action No. 4:16CVSSS-BSM

Answer and Counterclaim


1. J & J Cleaning Company, in response to the allegations made by Getty Images, by way of the
above Civil Action No., denies that there was a continued infringement of Copyrights. J & J
Cleaning Company believes that Getty Images has engaged manipulative and dishonest tactics
to attempt to extort finances, and that there is the lack of any such copyright or license held
by Plaintiff at the time of the alleged infringement.


Lack Knowledge They have _fices in several cities



Case 4:16-cv-00555-BSM Document 9 Filed 08/23/16 Page 2 of 5

It is true that J & J Cleaning Company is an Arkansas corporation with its principal place of
business being Little Rock, Arkansas. J & J Cleaning Company is the registered owner of its
domain It is not true that J & J Cleaning Company directly
participated in any alleged wrongful conduct that led to financial benefit. It is true that J & J
Cleaning Company Downloaded a picture to it's website by way of another website that
clearly identified itself as a rovalty tree site, with pictures that could be downloaded free of
charge (Please See Exhibit A}. After receiving the first email demanding payment from Getty
Images, it has come to be known by J & J Cleaning Company, that the Plaintiff, Getty Images,
owns many websites of this manner, which clearly reveals their calculated intents to entice,
manipulate, and then finally extort finances from J & J Cleaning Company and other small
business owners through false and misleading information on their websites. Getty Images
follow up with threatening letters, emails, and phone calls, requesting payment for material
advertised as free, but are now priced at two (2) to three (3) time the fair market value. J & J
Cleaning Company believed it downloaded a royalty free photo. Getty Images contacted J & J
Cleaning Company, alleging that the photo was not royalty free. J & J Cleaning Company
apologized for the misunderstanding and immediately removed the photo from its site.
Defendant J & J Cleaning Company ask that Plaintiff Getty Images provide evidence that J & J
Cleaning Company has displayed:
a. Actual intent to cause harm to Plaintiff and,
b. That defendant's conduct was egregiously insidious.





DenyGetty Images invited J & J Cleaning Company to download a free copy of the image by
advertising on their site, "Royalty Free Images" (Please See Exhibit A}. That does not
constitute (copyright infringement}
Lack Knowledge
Lack Knowledge
Lack Knowledge
DenyJ & J Cleaning Company is not clear when Getty Images identified a photograph as being
reproduced on its website. The image was advertised by Getty Images as free.
DenyThis statement is not true on multiple levels. Firstly, Getty Images never demanded that I
remove the image from my website. They alleged that I had infringed a copyright and
requested a payment from me of $975.00. J & J Cleaning Company made its own decision to
remove the photo. I ask that Getty Images provide proof that J & J Cleaning Company
continued to use the mentioned image.
DenyThe written notices from Getty Images were an attempts to extort finances from J & J Cleaning
Company. J & J Cleaning Company refused to allow Getty Images to extort its capital gained
through honest and ethical business practices.
Lack Knowledge

Case 4:16-cv-00555-BSM Document 9 Filed 08/23/16 Page 3 of 5

14. DenyThere has not been an infringement nor is there a current infringement
15. Lack Knowledge
16. Lack Knowledge

First Claim

17. DenyThis statement is misleading. It has already been established that an image was downloaded
as a result of Getty Images advertising the image as "Royalty Free". The image was
immediately removed after Getty Images alleged that the image was not royalty free. No
other actions were made concerning use of the image by J & J Cleaning Company.
18. DenyJ & J Cleaning Company, did not continue using the image, and request Getty Images to
present evidence to back their allegations.
19. DenyJ & J Cleaning Company is not liable to Getty Images for copyright infringe because Getty
images used manipulative and dishonest advertising tactics with the intent to extort finances
from J & J Cleaning Company. (Please See Exhibit A).

Prayer For Relief

Wherefore, defendant J & J Cleaning Company respectfully ask that the court deny any request for
relief as requested in Items, (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) of this section of Document 3, Case 4:16-cv00555-BSM, pages 5 & 6.



Plaintiff Getty images has established deceptive and dishonest business tactics through
the way they promote photos that they allege they have ownership of. Using phrases and
words like "Royalty Free", or "Free Pie", to lure potential victims to their site with the sole
intent of entrapping them with threats of being sued, and thus using fear tactics to extort
finances from them. Defendant J & J Cleaning Company has been targeted by Getty

Case 4:16-cv-00555-BSM Document 9 Filed 08/23/16 Page 4 of 5

Images in this manner. Getty Images alleges copyright infringement from an image they
advertised as royalty free. Getty images pursuits has caused significant stress upon me,
my family, and the profit ability of my business. Many hours have been spent preparing a
defense to protect my family and business against their false and deceptive claims.

The defendant ask that the court grant relief and order a judgement against plaintiff Getty
Images, finding that Getty Images is liable for causing significant stress upon Plaintiff and
its family and lost finances for J & J Cleaning Company.


That the court grant to J & J Cleaning Company such other and additional relief as is just
and proper.

Respectfully Submitted,
By: Rhon Johnson
J & J Cleaning Company
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211
Telephone: (501) 766-8709
Fax: (501) 217-0769

Case 4:16-cv-00555-BSM Document 9 Filed 08/23/16 Page 5 of 5

Exhibit A

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