·Spec'iel NQ~ 'to 'the !"eider .••• "." •... " " .. , ........•.•.. , •.. , . .4

~1"llfoductJDn .• Ii" II III I I I I I • 'I! ! 'I!! - III! 11 '" .... ,. '"' ., •• ' .... ~ ... ~ ••• 'I! ~ ':I; ~ it .... !! '! I. 1111 II! • S

Less,o,l'! 1 ~ C.an"'11 Grip, ,B'Jd Stan,es " 12

leOOOI1 :2: Vi'al 111199" ,AlIGa.s ana Sasle AUac:A's .•. , •••••••.••• ·214 Lessrm 3~ Stl"lJJBgJ8/i flnd' Taellcs: •••••••••••••....•• " •• " ••••• 38 -les.son 4~ sSIf·O&r6~S T&fihn/Q',UN wUh UJ8 Aemr ••••••••••• 46

Lesson 5: Sglt·Df1ffJn~6 AGAINST Ille Au-or ..•••. , ,,,,,54

llessorlJ' 6~ Tho' Rtu~" Fight , " ..•.••• " ••• 76

Co,ru1hutUng FI:emsl!'ks" Sug!je.SUOMS, and AllIvtC'f!' ••.•.•••• ,." •• 82


daThe jns1ructhJn5 contained In th"s book ar,e pOfenti,ElJlV very

I"IgeroUiSi. The authOlf and IpUbJi:stn~n do nOt rocammelld ~he ~~!efess study. Dt _USI9 o,f' ~"e meth{l-c::is taught Uks, an as,paci-s of tile 'DOMBATOSitU-Delellte arlo n~e sctBIlCEI o~ fa2()r .igl1{lng shoLlJ'd be Uealed 'WUMI ~speCI. and used, on y as a hili Jii8;$ort Yf1dar ~ha th~eat of gr;B.\le It:n:ll:mlll l'lIljU,,., Or daftth at the hands Cid a VJOI8,1'1. frfllrml'lRI ,aUack'iJi'

"N,e1JR!"'~~ Bul'lror,nOTI#I_, 9ublishel',g Um'Mllny m.-pon81"111.), I01'nJuf;I9SCll' tlaQulges (J,'a,,,y ~'p(i ,'hil' feSult. '''8m a ,sru!fy ,01 rh'ls bDD1;;; p,,. from fh. US1JI 10' an, 01 '"" .eM,ud'a; desr;dlnrd',tI;sMIR •

. IF,~r in~brma'iion about the author's S:eU"CefS'rlPB Sy,s,tem ,an,d-hrs

var'U:l\JS !'ubUearlone" write ,tel him :s,t lfie addre5S below. ar,I1.(lI~, ~I~ Ste'JII'I1!f

'lul'Viv,aI-,D,erense Interna!rona.

POI Ihilll 9512

IPhoenblJ. AZ ,BSOQ,

For D 'p;erSD,1I'l U'litng~" modierll'1l Umesto tuml to the uSDaf primUhre QuI-dated weapons for ptaOI cal uM-daf'RM.iS I~S r1diIllUllolI5. Ye~ tliUlt 115 whal li'ens o:f thousands Q, b-r;eirtwnhed de<ltotees. of ~'mrQr1iall sns' systems ha\lfl Ibsen doin.QI for ,about t,wo d'e'Cadoo noW' II'! ttie United States. ,Canada, and U1tO'ughQlJIl the Fre_1! World. This Is lh nka, 10 the ~ralll . iOl'1ali "el,assical" Illns:h'llletion given by the l' 'rII'ilrious instrtn:tQrs" '¥!oI'ho' b'~ vinue Of t,ner!" eXji)an'iSie ln martiall arts oLlght to know beUerl Thess, Irnstrucloro probably do I'Inow beiUet, !n raGt, bW keeP b;:IIJ11Ing' '{'or their "nuncha'ku" (rllce-naniwlg sU;cksn. "881", .. tonfs", long bO'1 etc., etc. ,'ro: the pur:e comm.erciall {jlsin ,I orffBf!!i:.

Now "iii nol quarrel wit~ any senoulS karate or kll.!lilg 'I'u leacher 'll'll'flO leacne.s, elassresl we.apol11s rOr llIiI1:.J .sake'" Ial'lld f,I]:1I' lEI)lercise-. So Itlng ,as teacher makes 1'1 e.lear 0 his students lhalt It is n fact -01' aTI and 'flJr lfrn~:s- and nc'~ ro'r defense appBca'Uon in morle,rn

u r1oIIV,;J1 ClDmba~ - he js on legitimate ground. But ,bel. are (!If' thre 'l:.1sHc!;!.~ ellCped" 'who stre.s-srea, H'1e uise 131' Midd'le Age;s, ,alr-a~jnerna'l' a when his studen", a~~ about pmetical modern de:ransB' In the S'mll'81 or tn the ihoamel

ThfB, i~ the ,!:I,ge of irearms ,and nUe,leal' Wa!l"f~rD_ We haV'9 lon9 ma.:.e ,oS'SSe.d ~ clcs and sllm'les 8B 1rcmUitl,e wespo,1'll3 .... e,\len if tr,S::it! sUck$ .9J''Id st,ones, are pretu.v-tS$hioned Bifid sold ~or horbitam pr,ices bV mj:U1Ia~ arb supply tifll!J-B:8S.

IModern times haY,sl created fnodem needs" In glQss cDm!bal as in: evefllth~ng e,ise. MlQilit, CI.85ioa~·ori:en~8d1 '~9~chers are jlusl !.1i',a'inln9. the- pubBC".Si money. Sl"lldl"i'fI evety' 'OPPCdUfllty to 8x'pl'Cllllt whai8, P'D1PU~81". IS), way oi ,sh1l1ple Ie,:c,arnple,: When m.y combat fiIIIIQnual'l THE TACTICAL ,SKKILS OF HAND-'f~HANO iCOMBAT tSELFDEFENSE)" Urs't came Oil,lL~. It was ,imm'Bdj8ll,~ received wMh hostility by 8CFca'~lled t,radhIQ'nal il'1'slnlt!lo S. One o~lhe&e~ who fancies Imll'1ssU ill re@'1 mel5;lter (with 1111,e "Zen mind" :Y one of 'hils ~Q'h.orts puh ill1 hlystori'cally 811'ld Ic:il1:1disli'ily attic-ked U'lle book, HOW8JVii:lf, the nOfl'-G./iE!~slca~, n1iore 'r!!l~j~crn'al instrU'DIClr5 (1m the military, in IIIariolllS Federall and lu,,'lflce agene as, et~.J rooeJ\IIe'd tile ffllanu3J' very' wel:l. a,fIId U {9 nlOw cQ,lllmon:l!i!' used by selilOll.ls eomtfat Instruc1ClB and stlUdenls eVe!l}'where. lin Ils se.ctmd prlfilthil9. the b{)O'k is ,"OW l'1E1cogl"l,ized 6 ,a p~D1i1i1et ,",Uk, in the fie~Q onumd-1ohand psycholiaglcal and! laOll1cal-strategi cal ~1udl'es.


Ol'fCe rrlly TACf"~C:AL SKILLS manual ~si1'fiGI tQ gain ,in pepula.rll:y among tne defc'l1IlsfFmlnded 8tud'ell1~' and t Dehors. I rsoeill,ellli an orde for a cop" from ena Oriental "kul"I,g ru 91('"arl" ln Camornh~!. Thi,:S man read, my Ibol(jlc and Uilitfl wrOlilil 8 watered-dawn version Df hl~ own (carefuilly ml,lking !5ldnG~llInt cilanges trQ 8\1oid' iii 'awslJit tor viol.atfOIl1 of thol copyrJght l'awU, and now markets it widelv Tho rri'Iil!I1UE!!~ hal salls is p:racUoolI, UI€lreS:B:, B,rlnGS hie mlsses 'I'hle m()st :~:amenl PQinMI, Qif tl1er subJect, il1l;ld Unat~hdqLlles he stresses are lihe: flOfI50n~e Ic,I'a&aical kung~liIl movEts o~ his OW11"11 traditional system ihallF,id,lyanythl'MQ new),. My po.,tn!' Isr 'H'e', despite ,ali of h 51 "deVGE.ron"[a, he art, is aln ordtl1ftry m(j'ne!y~gl"tJbbflilr, mo~ivated by nardl'y a sared 0" ethics or decenoy.

Darn'. look to ~he claslleli' _ lui Ir dlUonafl-rts felf Dlulhut e, UIPto-.ciat InslrucUon In 5ur¥lv II C'om'baU WI'U!1l It 'comElS 'to crJmbaf. the most ~alC'Hul '1liIrng I ,can say Is: IForglve tharn r,or they ,knQW no'[ ,of w~ a l Ulay speak'

Wr181 ~ tea,en !~l!:lJ!!IBs Qf m)' seU.,~efer\ses)f!item. CeMBATO" hl this! The ilfil 10' bEllre..,l'ulnded flghUngl lis the an c!if test rasort fighting_:,. I!.efol"e you go It barehande.cI M'alns1 some' emr;i'ty~ h,eadl!id, dru!Hmak,sd, wt"laekedgout psychGI!U!itl'lIC cralpbagl, you tJs6'Somo/n'ing IiJgaiMl him] In rh $ "agard. the besl fh,ing IOU59 ~5a hea'il)' caliber pistol.

Falldng access to ,aQQOd pistol ),'OU use W'ly1hlng elas lhall, ,is at hand re~"g.i .Eli £:hair ~a_m,P, stilCh, knife, hOllie, book, etc.', A 'righlh1!Qr 'knUe 1~,e:sp~cTr'II'Y ttle prOIiEm P,airbll~rn arid Syk,es Commando m'Od~l) lS, goodl u vou ·dorft ha,-"e a ou.n~ and most pEu11lcularlll i~ sll.ilp~d aUH1 law& Ii~e New Vor,kCny'sr pm1ol'BflI'l the' oWlilership Of a h~mll.gun.

A, snort IIEll1lgth of sf £ilk IS< plI',aUy LlIse~JUI"p'ro"iljded you k;,I'IOW hO'iN'tD IJISG II pmperllv These ilfS some of tlile types of hafldlMICI wea,ponrS ,I stress In COM8ATJCi'.

A stralgl'l1 razer -s anmhe prac'tica'il modern hafldheld weapon. 9"d 1'1$ USe is t8!.Jghr In my System to r€ls,p.Qinsible ~nf~l!s who have demonswnad no IHcil!llaliOn to tm1StlEilR S'lrJGfl skUI.

If the' ~'ancie:n,~, master'st' had' had ,s ;ttia~gh~ razor lJ,vajillalble '10 t~l1eml thl'i(d dollLbUee have ~n,1J,II'en'~:ed a Y'WIR':SIJt (science!) Of '''do'' Cw,a,), for Us proper 1it10rnba~ ,employmel11. Sirnoa Ihs)" didn.'1 bSl;I'B stqiglill rQOfS, $'.omeonB' liUI.d1 to do thS job of organizing a h'il,e'til\od 01 u<alng I .toda'y. That's gll'eci-sely wha~: I d~d. llIats whIt ttl s book ,Is all abcliu. it tBilches the bBSI,os of razor lJIglhtll'lgl that del' "8 e:ICeluslvel'~ r"am my systeml oil'seWf .. dl&fensu. COMBATO.


The matieria1i in ~hls text is, b&SiliHfr on SEWieral_UrJil~S,S, pr.s,cUcal, 8'"per anQ~ belngllnot tllB least Fo slm,os! 3~y€!arS 1~I,v~d_n N'B. Y k C·W. I spent se¥er~l of those years Ilvmgl, ,n a gheUo-sewe_ 'W~~re i~ was ,,"lore rlskif UJ all<. ~'he ~treem thilll'l_ it woUI~1 h~VG been to g,o on patrol lin Saigon ~runiflgl.heVI9t~am _~.I_CI;iUldll tC'~rry,a, glm -- 'the. muro~finQ IPo'~lcians ha~e their Bntf~'eI'fldgun ~aW5, ~n~ thus; ~n6L1M that on~y crl'mlnels: can s:afely_ ~Bn:f ~r.,e,I_I~IIFI'ISi,. I, e~lIJld~ ~ O,81f:l)' a sliClk - ,~t was tGO ,coni3l:'icuGus a:~,d.awkW'~ 1.1'11 SUDwa~, and crowds. TlI10lllgh , rarely QaHiecl Bnytll'lil'llg, ~exeBp,uomeUm6~a litUe reo'I') .. I survived thE! mosl dalngeroUis f'la\g,I\i:i(uhoOds ,o~ Now York wltln but one small scar, 'Ngt ~oo bad,

·Today I earl1 my I"vlng by teachin.g - via l'bs5eMiC'l~sses a~t.I book'S - he art IOf survival unlt'ln tl"le w~r'St posslb"o C-.QlI1dlrlons.lo lho.s:a who need tll:eS8 5'kIU5. And " IUlv,~iH' las' a ,sruden' iD ~.

mugger yell _

I S~l.Idied r~Dr ng,I'I'I:Ing ltile-oousa sonHJ jpreUy l~bflgefC'U8 pe?iPle wtl~e fond ,of eiYfy4n~a tend us~n,O:]1 . U1'ctse damn~d l~fSld!o~s, WelllJOns. As I Itwdllsdr -tJll1e art IID1 kind ol"rond GUl, m~5 U. Afite, a'll; VI,lle't's Q'Clcd ref t~, goo \"t ••• Anyway. the ftu~r proved Itsn'nElrl1 \g Il"i'iil", ~nd SCllha:t you sihall sl.nvI1e, I ha'¥18 wr'l,uen th s book t,o

teach the basi'G- lise' Q' U'1Ie' st'.B'_ghl r:~"-

Make no fl1Ii~lake about t, ~~e' rawr NaB some '!fe~rv ,real Idisad~antagf:l&. One of ~hen'llS that unless yQu're ~I'IB rigli'1I!. 'type" oE I'€lP.lon, the w,uapan ts useless ill If?Ur ~EillildS, TID be frank and blunt. Y'QU have to be 'Bb~,e to move 1111 I&sl on a ~mm an~" 9~_uha $hirlj) bliade cot steal U"lroug't1 h~s flesh. lit m_IIPlQ h~S,warrn b~ood (~r Its !l¥Sm1 'bIODfil, ~he wa"ll sea ~~) Slpurt arndslll'S~l~r Drl yo~r ~an~5J and POssH!I,le QI"I YCH,nrace and lips. borher~ YiOlJ, ,jjbn ~ carl? a.

strsl'ght razor IS a personal arm.

The rHO ~s nOl all'lhat fl'tt:tible a'S 11 tmanipuililll!\i weaJpon(li'~!. ror iIIlSlim-ce. the Fairtn'lllj,fo-Sykes fig'ntirllQ ~f1lfe ')" .1' Idoes. ho'wever, g ~e the appasronce Q. bei:ng VG,ty' fI_~d an.~ ma~ IpU'lau'¥~, whc'n yoU'r;l! looking at I'l in the o~e guy s hQ"~I,l1o,wever., as. YtOU wiU see ~n prae'llc::e, there are rreaUlj' only a_III'I'I~EJdl n~~mbef' 01 ways to i nfllet workhwh u B ldrs nla.ge wn 11 :8.I'CBZO r .. Rem8'mber. _I U!5It boca U5'e' 'IOU dHllw !Somo b~oQd doesn't mean 'Ih~~ lhe ps~ct1o Irs aut,CF-

matlcaJlI), ,gloIng ItJ dlfop em .he SI'lJ'~.

Thol ,physff;.a1 ~.hCiu::kv,a.luB gf till' Il!'uorm 1"1011- unress ~OL! have tllhe goodl fortune ~D gel Ell deepl sJas'!'! through the oppon,ent's Il'lOOk, thf:Q-~ gf ey,e" As de mJom that, the .famr depends, upon {RJf~ ,uhologtaal shoe'lt fat atfe,BI .. ~ some~hln9 thst is, oonlidemll~el


The rucr's, bl1lida hpcks a.nd. 1,II1n'~'I~,e 18 batc,l1et thSl1 h s wa Ighl aAd S:ile. 'thle razot's blade ICSinnot rea' ly' gc too deep at all. S'i'flce HlS', r'l!ZoIIB.cks II pilereing poinif ie, won't do to 1tItIl'USI. it lii<!8' a knrre "Uttough" Whe tW'Sfit. The hear.~ fo !9!i1__iDjmphJ,. is no tgrgej. f,O!' 8 skUlld ml!DII' rightDf.

A mzyor Is not Ute JastEst W,Balpan nto aWICiH'II" 'Bhhe . Omce In the hand. 01P811'h II~ can stash! 'q1Jickfy; enQU'gh m ~rainfjd In,ands, but It fBI not faster ill1't'Q .Qcti.ontban a gU1iI1 or straight-b~·adEi 11;lI1tll"g Mira.

B.eeallJse ~Ihe raz~r '8 no,t r,8ldly a kltl'lng weapon'. lit fB, des i,aable thalt th~ pef~on who 'Il.!,ses 111 be cDRBbJa ot plit),cslcally IrcnowlrilQI IllhrCn.lQh any IlnJthd advantage 8 sl'as'h 011" two gains, 'ar h·m. He should be able to e;leaul'liSl bul,e unarmed CDmbat blows to 'augme,nt iimd sup~]emSifil his bl'ihi'eD. When ~I ~eech .razor IU s.ag 0' as a supplemenuny weap-an ,'klll,il ·to a CQIMBATO p:upll~i I know ~he sluderal ean u~e mrnds and f'e'!!Im 9ff,et:~ivellly - tw~ I mentloll'l 1hlj,Si pcilFlt Ihere tPt:;!ellllJ~e II realizs thai this boot wU~ be read by some r,e:laUvely Inel(parj,el'1lced persons in n~e 5elf..dlllfeeOOB a,ri3. G,ET SOME 8AS~C FI'GHirr'NG SKllLSI

I brought up the f'Elw dlsad'llsnlages of razor US€! becaJ!J&a I am riElJil8,t call aJlbout insU,j"iIIl1Q 't'lr'la1 no stlUdent m mllne sho'uld ever g'e'iilelop fldse conndenca In hi'lT1seilf, aill'1ei in ~ar&handed lOr in Elfmed combat. KNOW YOUR L.IMIT,ATW'DNS. AND APPR,ECIIATE THE ENI!MY".S CAPABILITiES! A'sQ, undel!"5'tancll any weapon you use, B!nd k,lI"IOW exactly, wheat U calli and IC8fiflOt be depended upon to do. These BiIl",e the thilng,fj 'tha~ add !;lIp ~o 'IoI'iotQry in a fight for the rrrai ned Oil m 1:18i~r!:l'I'1t.


On tin,a Ir:lOSif~ive side' llilel'e are ,rUlny Jle.am Bdvll1lages to. [11'1,& s,traJglhl 1'8Z0r as, fI, 'Weapon. 50. Juslas I polnt:@'!3II'iJul ~hD cons. ~et rna hare enumerste the IprGS,:

1. The ralO r Is \1'81)1' sma:lt compact and handy. It ta'ke~ UP practically 110 ~;PIJC.e.

2. The fa1:Q'!' S very IIghtWlelght The pr,oblem ,af ,carry.nlliit ~ even fa,r ,axllendld perfods o,f time ~ Is ,re.ro:!~ "'I) prablem 8i~ al],

3. With !I1Q peijr'! InJe.l'l!de~ •. n mus~ be nQ~d ~h.~.lhi9 nmor.g,i\i'G]s'us user an, Inl1!:S;tltl1ab~a p,sychelaglcul 8t1g'~'. tn an)" 'IuI,nd.;lto-.hand f,lght, ~hl~ wVlJld~ obtai,n. ,It Is utterly tI~ood,-ch~~llil1lgto en\il'sltlJ'1'iI Ihe IJ)Dssftll,lUly of tilln ,a9ihln~gllleeln sClrl'le'onle's, hall'l(U;;lIc~_n,g through one's body.

4. Razors al'·9 vef)"lneXIP.ensve, Yenl!l can byY' a 9lood one for lass ~hal'l ha f lite PlriC8' of 101, Igood 'm ghtblQ knlfs.

fl. RaZOrlii i!Jf~ legall,Y' obta nabla anywhe.re. ~e~flnlG8I1y. they ~ nOl" eapons' ill aU, S'[!'U' yOUI ,calii'l lilllen buy Oh.e in such li'iSS'Irie.ed plllllce5' as New York City.

6. A razor- ean 11'I111iC1,ilI terrtfyrng wound Ql'td ren~'!i!r on assailant par~~Y2ed wUh utta'ir fear. momeruarily. tn a. fight this Is IIlml1y' Ilm,portaI"l1. Aj~g! ~he fain ~hgt )l'DUoppesr'Cirazy" when you I~IJII ill razor is am aEi'IJ!!Jll"lhl.ge.

1. U a deep. clean gash 9udde~~y appIHlfS on QmMl'$"arm, r:aCEil~ nock Of jeg., and !!Jnconrr'fl'lIarble protlli,J:sB' beleecllng ensJues·. th,e opport~nl V to Minlsh Dllm Qit, ~s lPr:esel11l~ed €ia.sHv, Ilf he panlC$. Most lPel.1>ph: wm ;panle If so woundJed. Suddenly Ilos nQ a 101 O'f

loodllsn~t gerUi!lfaUv conducive l.o,(l(Jol.llless .and tranqu lity. A boot in the cr:olch or 8 kl1e&-brea:k1ill1g 'k ck ·can genell'"aUy be delivered ,Ill SI.I(ih a P«Ji'fll In tho fight """Uti no, problem.

ATfI'UD~ Glurs" rI! D flGlfl'1 Nfl; IF' 11:11

Wa ne,e,d t.O 101 onlil fat~ B~i5l0UJto~¥ C!I'MiNiI~ 'Na' ~e:r.st'lln ,should ,9vsr carry 91'lY 'weapon _tun he is ~Oh ~horoug"'ly' WIU..l~,G ~o 1J~e.·1 "WIU~ngir. (10"5 not mean "able ' .• have known ~Ift(:k. bait iev,el 8xiperl.teach&rs ~ho were technically ,oblG WI~tI.Wiiiullpons ..... to. U'IO point I()f' bi;lIng artlsUcaUv 'ellp.erl. Bu' oUef'1i they ~ac~ed ~h~ ~IU _-~ the figh'tifng instinct - to!.l$ the weaptHIB they hEl!~1 ma.st~ I~d ags: nst teal peQPle n NiBl flghtB. Their tnute,ry was pia "Iy


Be hD'I1Iest with vourseU, plea=!n,~. U you riJa!:ly Cll(I't brl'n'Sl yourself tQ -U5I8 a fROf on S·@imeonB. donif cSlry 1011,9' with you al a w.88pon. I't wll'l conly irrll~e~:e your :!;lenon'S If YD'u·'r:g· I1tUaCk6~. s'ines whi~e ro~ a~ie hesltaUrtg. tho g'syc'no, Will~ be pemmahn,9 lor. possibly slabbing] 'lOUt body Into sBI1.st1htssnes:5. eJat:ter to srlck wtth your em,pty hand<&. iffId tlI8 them, ih8fi1' carry gll'1Y weapon and nof lisa It.

under- actug'l at.'lQ:E;:1:c..

I vou a~eo "wming" Imsofnr as the use of lhe :s\ral'giflt ra_z:or as a .,eapon is c.(lm,cerned, thre.11 yiOu'lllm need Pl'lly thel gUls and base c

'rjg'hi~ ng :;rl:Ii'rlt to use It. .

"Gt~tl" (i.e .. Intootmr'l'si 'foI1U~dBl hi, 'partly~in'harel'ltt and, platUY manl.Jl'factur'ed ffihl'ough con'iElQ't tra.illiingi. nair1i>""GI tU.llllft cal!'l~lde:n.ce· ,and al cOJ1IUdenL meHlIlwil~ give~I,I,111r89rrut!O h'ls. Inherant oopabliitiea

when PII',8 sse d, in a 111. assauJt.

>GlvllU'lmn has. dultlsd m,sny 01 ,ourB:nlmBI sUe imp~ls.s U) SUN va'i - bLliW, 'these m'pl,dse~ s,UI remain dtll"ffUII!'I.l.1n all' butth~ softas •. 01 us, C!')Ul'lt on ~: U you is'ud!il' and ,[rain we I, 'the ,81nlmtd ~urv lIal ins'tiHcrs will 'surmaee, whel1 lhe nsadl arises,


,If U,e reade, will !irmp~lI' ghr8 himself over to lhe' phHoscphy and techni'llue~ de:scrlbecl 1111 this . ext. he m~ed hailS- no re!lr or being n~ady when Ihe moment Olf tlru1h ar"lI1ives.

Remel'ilfiber_ Vin~Blilt c:riminam and Clrlhe, trl",oubh!i-m i(jlngl p,syonoP!l!*,IilS, shoufc InOn. be Myg~~e_ric.all'ly !eared. The:y need to be rea'llistlOOIl'l r~gaflj~mill as the potentially dangerous wild Bn,mals:

Ihat, It tile)' ar-e - Jal'ld J1l9~: Irt_e ,any wltd animnl when on 'he rampa.ga, or W:hSIl1 nl!lb'icl. tnese hV(hregged specimanls ot6apl"avhv need ["0 be dtslro,yed when U'ley Lhrooten hwmall life.

Wltlrl.an atitilllde Siu c'I'1 M the 0 ne I am tlfY 1"11 (0 I rls1'j IIII n yo lJI, yo 0, and no~ the lfielOlIIs dirtbag who, assails you, wll'l have the adV,8 ll'I'tage I

Ardhilt II "a~lRfI .n _(iNa" .""1)'11.' tUW fUn WftM1, Ut-, wIll ,h! ~ IQl I1M/l.rnJt-.' lbl' mttha' blqld In 'II:' lKlo.t. ",&(. tb,l~ ,_ ,~" Q,tbl' lDW "'" ." ~ed <tbl" pml' ~~ Ut",,, II N;jJ' Itw'nt. ,. u,ililid ~\i'I ramltJ •• tlh oliO' ":IwI~ trilll,i.""


Author d.m>o\i'lIf.QI1 _ 111,1 ,rhD pJJdfl,d fihI!fa III •• t.. With ,IPProp"". pro'_Uti'_ 1iI11I •• rll'II~ ... ." II IlUQII"W: ,bIM ' .(lI1.I' - Ii' .8' ,frrlJIIl".,


ll!iS- I!!lDcc •• '1·' C"A- .-DU' -"",a-Ip--: AN' ID S'T'jIj,-NC'E

Iii, - gj' . ..::...n iii ,_,' .. II n.'I'il ~FI , .. ~._. ft.- ,- I

complu:ity lIS the f1al,lmarik 'C', 'the ImlprB,ctlcSlI. The' SfIIII1I!J!JJnt Qf mQr:iJe:Y' ~;hlit ttle, 'lrai1I'Ua-l1al k8_rs~,e'"iudiO" ett::. s,c'h,oG<!s~ave l'JoeIen bi,lkln§l 'the' PlIJb~~o for.~/m},')Jy l;1:y ,fJ,ffer/ng fJflrJlualy ,dr!1'llwn-QUi fl<fJfnp#catftrJ caurlN 'f'. us~tw.s 8kllls. rnust be as~oAlll1d~lng'Qlos!IiJ 'to, ~he Nia,t]olllal fluidQe't

'Ne\I\9r, ~'f'I 9l"1, torm of' oombative train'il"liQl, allow caflip,lu1'! skills ands:t,I'ietic VlllI'ia:tl!ll!!Il5- Il,o lre,ph'lce the t;tllfpf6 ba::;;lte ITI!Q\i'il'$,. Th,II, a.pprjes, ff:soundlli'n€1'ly 10 razor filg!'l'~ing.

,Fi,OIl' ttl,s ,piJlI"pose ~' lhe ~liIl~tifl'!.iIatGrI, ~,n t~i!S, ,l:e"~GI'lI. I sfH!lWI ~:reQrt tJlJrry, ,gll'i~, anc stance ,as, 5eliDifilfste li1~ms,: rem9rAl~:eil'. i'low,s\1'er, th,al in !J,se,. theBe things bl'end tQ,gethe). No clelJ.tlOlI,!'( dl:~i'rilncLion Is eweIT' evlClenl ~nS!ppi'i cetion.

GENER'iI[. p:e~HTS:

M'B'~e ,au'l's,elif 'liIe;OOIto 1'1C)~dUlg and' moneUIill'GfifliQ' VQUlf 'I',lDor. U,ke ,iillii'l"' QtifHif weapon, the flllOi1i !f(),u handle ~he lI'azor~ Ihs m,Q'!1B natural and cgmfaliobhi!1 and "right" 1,1 ]flets iij "OUi" h~n~,.

,Do Rei ~:~hilik; o~ your !',aJOI' as any sort 01 "ull Uim sire'" wBapern!l YOU ar,et.luJ' nrmil'll w(lapcm -'o,r wUllc,ut am~ c'bn'l~d'ern~. tJrafned body and mh'td. ,no wiIl!.apo'n, W,i'l~ awaU y~u ml1.H::~.

Be p1I'setical. IDo:n'-t get 'fancy and g:Bdget~' and start m;illkingl ,jlr.l!liZ:oli' shea ~ i'I'6:'" :an d pObl c:Jhm; "and I)ther f~,r:Oit llc 'til)¥Si. Ttl e 'm2o.r iI!E!Ilr! bel' pt,aC1j(';'ally >Gi!liI'i'ie"d 1m very Uif10I!:lV]Cu,s ll1Erturatl phtcas,The mon, '),o!.!l stick ~o· 1~1~, "rltc:ti~a!~ 8pPI~ad1~ !.he lDe:t:fsi' off you will be.

Remem'lJ.er ~1iIa;t a lralOr '~hDl,Jid come IlIiih;l play ,fjfllJ" when YO'!!.I' maan to use m A pl"lf.!I' m'J.gh~ ~l!)fVceivab'l:r tis usad to, hOI,d ,8 telon at Day or Tel "warn" h jim. fII'IEW(t'~~ by i (a·' presencs.Bu I ill! ni!ZO r m iJS~ nev,@JI" be: iU5ed iii! d~liSJ way, n ~Si n(j~ ar'wrmldablel a"ougJ~1 weapon.l~ would II:n a TB r b~Jtt:@r tQ Slpll i Illi~\!( a manr's kili"U!9 find h:lEldt Dipe n ,t h.e· s il1:l1e '(~I'r his necK~ th,G'1'J ru:'!I~ Hnaf'l mt w,OIlJIf! be IL'fJ w!hip flul :2 f:MiDf and ·'W,1lIFfl'" 'some ,approaching crapil:uilgl,l"IIr1: you'U no~ sub,mn iW Inlis t~r.l'ofll~5~ Ie ltClV8l1'iees.


l1i1s' eitsie.s~ place to C8lny yOlur S'~r1Eljght !:iI210W ,~s lin a .side' pocket~ It shollJl'd be' deoe,~ ,s'nm!l!.gh liD conee.a11lhe 'W'ealf,lon. In tiiJlI w~nter. kie.e, YClLJ'f weapon if I YOUf DlJts'~d!e coa,' piIJcItB~ .• Remembe,r U'Ulil ir 'you neotlll you,r weapon 'yow wUI Q,gubUeS$ i'ieei,il lit lmmediaf'ely" and! gn:llp~ng (or It jU8t,W'lon't' do:!


IWitlf til. ~!e!lll!~-1\Id ,r~ ~H (IN "~bl' Q.lI.,~' ... ,1: 'wD Nt bl~ ~n th., ~~n _ 1lm.Pli mI' .• !I!!lJjJelM,.

al~,iSwbe'5_nO Wafktihlr?uglh_MY 8uspicICU.!Sfill",BS wnh, ,VQur ",ami on ~oru:.:e 6dpon. 'ully reBd~ eo Yfh p U' IInto amio,n On III ~,p'lIt second's

I nave seel"'l one custom-made shoulda ,hoI ~er tor a rua aRC WIII'ii "IDO ~esijre 10 fdiUa,cJt; Ql'lothBl's h'Bl1!cli'fwork, ~ must say mhl~ ~ m)i'$,e~r would no use :such, a device for a falOr. The S'hoil:.llder hOlste'r I,s elc:e.leJ"l!I r&r a ni.c&-s(z.od $l:1"aigMI-bladed knU,&, 'aF for a handg, •• m - t.liJ' ll1~s is becau3 _ such weapons are Impf8.fJrma.i 'to carry hili (me',s J!lO'Q:l(eU Why creal., prOI:!'rems'? IhB glvood r;azOf ~a·1;I 'ceHgl1t l~ f!c,eep, In omfs pockieE, since itlfs 6m.'all. ttgh • and "easv 1:0 ge" to w!"!en IMere; s,{lI ~usl snc:k~o yQJH pcooket ,iiIIa the but baalo place Ie carry your razor

One clher Ilhintii The rE:,C' makes no bulge nU"l the pockem, .1nd aile C n very in nocenUV slip one's haAd into ,on9's PQcke1' 9V€'n: when one~s op',fIl!:lneflt Is Iwatchlng, in fiIllOi:U ,e sss, and' be able 'tQ suddenlll bring he' blade rn.,g action.

,f.dng • p.o •• ,MI' H'~ .... q~ O!l'I' mil Ii t, - - .Q~1Ii 1'1 fflI QIIJ Ut .. IHU ... ,rudy - ~JIdI, mlfd In .'" _1Ii-l't lMrI/ PO-'ua. 'ii'lI1ijli~t ."'111 • ...,. tIN ft!Ie:l,UW' (In.' II: 1'Tma..


I lha1l1P k!'lown pSrSClll5 w'Ir1o carried lthelr r;p.ors taped to a Sf"ot hind the ne-cl< w.omQn ,Cl'r can ,k ep .smaU kni.lr/es u.nder their hair). l' '5 Is OK, I suppose. !but ff.ooems tOi mEl' II IUt:le mel&drBmaUc. ,I n wor rlke keell'Mg' any we~pon where 'II m.!lY -'!Cp'Ose My,self to an I~ ~k whlla reaQ'hln.Q fo:lI' it. Reaoning Ibehtndonc's neck 'ill!!PQ,ses

fmli!l 101 a Iluu'I'SHi/ eRect,I:li.i'iJ lett 'CIt j:)ulln,ehl - Qlsrmmin!91 one',s,

I Viil.rDlry is, mean i!l'I1dwl;,lrttff~ (whiCh I suggss. you ail assume!).

Wl:i[t" ,mllDJ 1fI:h, 1:.1,1".' • ,bI:I'II'"d-'.fI'I!-,n It!lhanl~ 1PiI',. S,'_Mf

-. am, .. IUI/Il llUel:ItUl #ot II 'lIIfiIIJpGn tn III' :PQI/up, ,~ t.l'N anu.1 'iIm' QpB.Q. MltIi"'~w" g!llc:.1r ~I:' OIlfJ,Ul1'i!fI.coulal' ,Ib !tl1"." ilffO fit. m;m.p."",,.. ,rtgtir Ita ft., fir. - IIrh fGl' th. -- _-1JH!I1I1

The poc:!ilil't J.emal.r.lS. the 'QlJlllc1k. a.le plaQe! 1:0 cilny' a raZ:Of. n,ef'e'iS cmr,)\, ,one wa~ YOYI Vi 'I~ ever '(les] card, dent of YO'IJ'r ab f~y 110 II;t1L your w,e'apon c'urt ami into iac:Uc,n speod I!li': by pr:BD;lr;ing) By pracliQli'r1gl you bu Id fecal can:ridence and become PJhY5~cally adept II' making mlo,w,mon'ts U~a:", i'n tim'D, will De fleli'f1Rj''ID in an encoun.tiEir. A weapon - any Wi9'8pOn ~ becomes a v able if1'EI.,ruman~ gnily to 'the' 8l!!jlarlt, tha,t 1m becomes ani &1:111.1,11,1 e'~IQI'I!SlOIl of 'youf ~elf F- of y,ouf willi. ani), familiarity and pmcttoe with a we,ap.ofill can IEltcci:impiMsh thlaaim


Get ~se~, n.'!' '111.111,11'1'01 )!eMf W'IBSPOI!! Q!1fl ~~'Ur person •. t\e:aO'y, THI,NIIi< ab~.u~ i~ pr!SJiJn,C9, FEeL m~ lin YOYllr IP0>c~el orten. This is Ihe way 'tea malillilll oorrylll'ls;l ~he ra~or aI. prlle:tllcal .l1lotuloll teaJIU,.)!I' fer lI!"ou.


niSi ~~I"UlltIl'lS ,~nl.lsb·m'e ~fii,1ll1 Ib8'Sit W81'Slt€l' s,rip 'the r~zo r for han d-te-

hand cam bat USB. > •

'When fhe Ili':alor ICS h~'d wtlt! ~1!3Jde "loCked eur n, ,is, caJ'abl,[!' 0" a vary ~uts:1 ~h1i'!11 atli'!Ji!l1i!!t ,Emd t h a ,mom.e'il\l..i,m: 'ge~mra:t:ed b:Y S:

J\itQP"'i:Jrly e.l!l!~cl!Jted swili.l~ wHi lIllel"till!'i!ly deUl!Ief ,EI, ISIIillg blQW. If yClu'101e' go~. aqUi~~. fU'ong ~~Iash. y,ou Ca'uld rso.l!y "pain LlIP s. man·, fEUl'E! and hack lhrDulfcl !'lIS, l"Iee~ or '9,ss'h' hthlilll SG¥oril!'~' S!~mos;; anywhlere wit,1\1 yow r attaG~.

The tro u b~e witfli'l 'th~ h';icked.-@ y,~ 'i::Il~·ip iSl'tt1E1~~ it r'Sl1U I ~ei:i; YOu :1:GUIIEI1 your lNeJ8.pol'll In B mi3!.Ii'IMr ~h~i. malitllSI ~~. ~oss~lI:Ile ~Oil" a s.aml,..skmed OPJI'Onent ~Q'f8jll'ly euil~ ibloc:k ~OUil' 1b'lc,w. ff a low klick ~:H'eced(!~5!


ViQUf s~,u;h, rIQ pmbl1em. But 111 YOlJlt 8r,;6 re'lyjn.g'lln thai. oma swipe' ~o do, slUUh:ient harm so U'J<l3.'t you lC'an esq.ape [say, frotT a mlUg~'erl 1he~lT1 perha(p~ the. ~Qck'e'd"out .gniP woulljj nOil 'be UUl! ~S[ thOiloo.

The· "fcid.,.ova~" girl,s 3r'IB Qu1;stantliJill9, QU'Rd ~111, my !lpinion. the bes~ ~Iay t~ IgD with a ~Cll', l~ey alilow you 'to ;9,e"l}raT!9 !S~frijc~leli'll power beh~'r1Id YOlUf aftliilick to d!lEil~i,V8r 3 possibly t~Bilrla'l bIQw~"dslash to' th8"~8r;Qe~, AQ.a~ns:~· tfU3 necll:, r1l1~lal lOr ares, suc~ 9:11 anae!!: willi' aim~s~ JSlurely ~jdtll

E:laboJ'.Qre Dr hu',G), methods CI'~ I!lOI,g~'ng the ~!lI~Dr. !::lfly,ond the tn,l'ee 'sifflP:ie methods u:i!H:c!. ~,fI COMII!IATO are eOii"i'traill,dica;tQe!. Thi;eyo,fEI ju~tEoo d!ilf~lciUn tlQ U5t! inS'milcU~elr in ,8 ~'ilght S~ic'k wi'll) thtifsa lJB5'ic 9I'i~!jj,. an~ p;r,8ctice !QJIUJrI!lJ lI",our r.lllo.rfrom your' carry pasiUcn aut 8'nd ~~'to one o'f ~Ile IgripS' shown, ,ijIL1:il!\I!',~t!

i itlreSs again Lha'i these' [liJl'ips, aJi"i9 de.a:lglned tO, be i.!Si~1 iln QQ,mbah!

They a'li'!!! not intended ~or use- :~n lhflea't9i'1llng 'Dr "wa1n'l1llng" ,an (liilVI'l'lu;c'!'irrllrlla~ dlnpue '[fun :l0YI me"8!m1 Dusil"llla1i" From thes-a'grI1ps yo ~ Ii' bas'ic IU:~C ks 'O!!IIII be dellvmed w~tM m.oi IT! U IliI'I P ower and


..... ,lil ,It. DQla CQ,m;g " .. ~ H.o~.' t f tu iMl!lIIiJ' , ... (J In' ,.nili Alild'oll1'1I!" .rlp!.

Such a stlill'lce shQutd be ,Bssumed whonewer you are COr'lfiro"'Bd bV an aUa.clkof, w'l"d h,allf6 ~u"lcJrml rima to I'fJ'ady 1'OUl'so/l. Onen howe\ilEl'II', clrcumstancies wUlI11;:H'i(!(lilEl1l11 tll'le assumption of any S,tSI"lIc6'.

I l\ave ;aIVlHJY5i beel'l, ,of I\a opin'ion lil1at Sml'l,C'8 is of ra.tilne'l!' oegligiblll!' impilrtanCB: in "rac"'t<I~ CO'l1'!bsl,. Mos~ Of ~he flme thQ !ileOm of an aUack qannllE assume any set Smllt-B. He 'must "go as m'" isa to ipE:l'Il'k, and ,s,p'rhilig 'nswntl, Int'o tH::.unteroUens:tve aclio"Qi'l frnm haU~"'er posItion he happ,ens t,o be in when he la' ll~tBlC!ked.

Fo!!' pwp~,ses of' 're~~ ,st' C Lm'a~rlil"llg 'you shou~:d pliSicUce responding 'to iiI~a,UJt from NO s!:Inc"-,, u weill as. praCtic ngYOUf 1eohlllilques rrgm a c(Hnbat-'type stan,cB.

FiI"om the standpoint o~ ,l'iIusoifing. 'stanC'e is a posit v.e hin'" der,iiILI'lce WhU!Fl 'You youtself are InlUet!liIg iElllatiaGk. you want to e~p'loy Ihe e'l:emenl 'Clf SURPflIS'E. SUl'prt5e: require.a that your apprQach "loleg'l"a,ph" 1'1 QUI iing, to Ithe vlot1rn. Assumrf'l.g a s~aflCie g~Yei 'the wlnOlre n~~ng away. andl is nailer dcne III an ,effecUvo anack.

In COMEUli.,TO' I t'!lilJe:a1 mfJUo: 'WHEN ATTACKED. ATTACK'" 6:V tma I mean tf1al~ il'll my St)'stem I stress an 10(1£108"9 'lar;;:llical :f!ppl"'D,1Wh to selt""dat:en$tl'. Thus. when we find ours:alws embf'clIled in!i1lJddan ililDlenoo, Wie do ourse,!ve!3, sttack the 'iHtf1;GkarJ

S anljj!'J is no[ illtogelher Ill!sirms. and I do in fact l!.lli! a ro'rm 'of Kenpo-J'u-J 'tsu s'rance In basi'c COMBATO drill ,anGt '[raini'ng'. ,But snmC,e, lIJ'Eif 1!Eli'. mIJIS~' never become :iiuah an f:S$lIie 'tha" we~ need some special stanGe before we can effElctlliVelv :'Lill'!c~IGn COWlbaUvel'>, TIlls Nould be a.natlli'fema "Si'urvhl'at

Ac capt the bui e, Slt_B 1"1 ee s hcwi'l aa '£I 11'1 e' 'I ha~' Is a'S, v i8,blB II n ee m at as ahy stance esn r'ea.sonably be. but don" be~amfi< ,a ,riSQnSiii' .0 n. leam to move a.nci ,EIttac-k and del,end from B'nv !'Iormall pos' Ihon as well ~i fl'omn ~he comba'i stanee, and '~ou Win biB training Ifig:ht.


Whon yOIl! need tal mow -0 wtlu:.ther liln your SWru:ti' (In, pmctioe ,or cDmbat), er In ailFlY !nDrmalll stancUII'Ig posUlo.n - that,s, are a taw p.rinei1pI9.s than1 wi,li Qid you Ins:peedy eni'cient I!THJ'o!emenm~ and m iii Xi mlwe' your wmbati .... e 8bi~hy, Abo:ve a.n, • regsr:ds faolwork, remember the admo:nUion to II'U~"'6r gel 18n!::)"! You IUIn Irtp over your own fee<t 01' BInd up mO'ol!,lr'IgJ Irl'g:I'IL InT'CI ~aiJr ol'l!em'y''s, SUI'!Id.IiIY pl;,mch if you get e18Jberate with ~'Our faa'tWQrk.

The I'ul,es of proper foo'twcu"k, ••

1 Gem .he- idea Into '~our Iheild t,Kat youltr' body must mOlfe as a urm. and a&w'a.ys ke!il'1l this in mllnd w'hen you milU8.

2. Newer eress )lour 'feet whan moll' ng 0.1' Ilod)'$h'iningl

3. A~lwaySi' llII'ova' ~h9 roe,t cjC'SS:Sl to whaM 'vou want~1O go, fimt.

The 'o1har 'foot (oIlOWf.1.

4. KeGp youlI'&elr balanced and ,PoIsed 9)'i1J'~1 'move, alWalYS reao)!' to ,a'lfacK ,or tOI defend on the "stanl


1ItHiSi'ls an ex.erclse Ula~ I usa" COMBA,TO ItO ~ ,ain students to move· th(ljlji' bodies quid I,)!, - 00 ,8 unit -- ~n 'ths' l'iffi!rn directions; tharm dley are tkelly ito move, TtJis is .not' in':el'u.1ed Jor combat, Dnll!V ~Oll' tra~n~ngr the S'tudie.nt tD ~ulckly mQ'~,6 and reposition his, b£ldV ""loth n:o was~ed er Rwkward EtlOn. Try U. Aftel' 81 few days or daily


fhE! felatlonship of m,ne' .abQ\'10 drill ~Q ~omlt'lal w,i~l, becll1uns eleu,(

wltn praGllica. - .

l"oulr carryil'1;g, gnp and stance with your weapol'l' ,@'onstitule U:1i:: bare bOlnes ~egiAn ng o,r r¢omtla. tr'aining with the razor. YQ~ should l"eilJ'i,ew ttH3 ~Qin1s made in Uus teliScln SB\lera.l rimes Qr:ld ass ",Uate ~t1em well. U J,s too I'ate' t'o gel tha h.mdamentall s~rar;hl when you',re I"volvedl In a fight!


1'111.11 throo. IlmBde;s,t sptune& ,of ~hB COMIBATO Sys~\9m 1116';




All !f'D.U can see" I attach immense importance Ito physhDal 'cond'moningl and tralnfngilitl mv System!1 Unde'f dan,gerous" IccmflHl!rng comb'31 preu\Jt~ ,and III tJ1e lheat d~ B Ili'fe"D[ji'-d~ath , ght you' mul5'W' b.a I~n rnl'cs#snl shaps. ,ami you must hB~fiI' rile raw pc weI" and muscular dr(~fJ tol R'Ul'li!1e y,Dur tee.l':lnl~Uf!S !Work!! The old ltmlmide "In 'tille' marti'al~ £ul-S you d(H'I'~ nsed stflMgth or mu"ccle"(s, pial" bullshl], Sure'. it you'fie very, very "iig'hly stlUetii yOU! may nOL ll100di great auenglh. I" '!IOU aile up, a·9a~niS't an attacker who, Isn't 180laJly out Qf h,(,s mind ,alli'l,t:! i', "'DU Breluc1ky, ,and, ,f you manage 'to :Stt1lP him ,qulcldy wiU'1 a few J6~J'l weJlr-iJ)laos<i' at~I!ICks. But dgll'~, rOo. 'think, 'tha'l's a ro'l tlf "U-ing"?

Eva!'! fOlr w,aman~ In my Women's S:undv81I-Defe,.~e IGolilli'se.

L&Mlon Oru:l1 ,.S· 8, ptrvsic;.alloughenlng lP,rogram ,(j,r tilh-e girls ItQ roil@'iN lem 'their own~

IReal " ghUngl JIS dange!l'ouS!, riSky bwsiJi1.~. It nas flf.Jthrng. It,CI do wil" roumamen,t karate. ''sparring·'" Of ,bOuts f'I SJI'ay' ,PoJis!hed '~dojO" ar(!'lil, YeH.!' need: pHV·SICAt,CONO'IT'ONING. MENTAL TRAINING. and GOOD, STA'ONG TECHNIQUES.

Inso~Blr as using U1e raaor ,is Iconcemed" you will Bcqtlill'e' l!"our l'lllchmquu and" I trUly hope, yOur 'mental' oa;nditinlng, hom stI.JdYll1g I:h ,s book. Slut you will need to' dlJ5!O'me actuall p.hyg~eal lramil1ll9 as a SilJpplemen'1 to 1'01.11 PlIl'ilICUPB, if ),'O.Uf aim is tIO be (oU:.iI1Y aqu pped tOI ..",eel anr)!' cln::Uli'I'Is':!iI'Ji'N;;;e Iha~ !I1llgh~ ariS:l.

Smc-e rlHs ~!S not a eourss il'l rtI~ physical training' me:tho!;ls I am rnell'tliJ,y 9 r.lmgl to itnd I'c.a:te some I,ud's for !{OU to foUGW 1I~ Qn. &.0 ~ ""J ytllU .ean st~~t a \llaMe teU·lrainlng r'S!glfm.en ,righl away. I~ YOiJ'll~ InVe:i1 thIs adlCd'e:d enoil YQu'l1 !'mil' enOmUllJlS lI'IiliWairu.

LE:SS'O'N 2~


The- purpose D. a weapon ts [0 ampllfy the de'glree oJ j,r:ujUI'Y and' damDge -and Ilhe efUc;ielilc,y (p" its del,il/eIY -= (hal valLI would 'otherw sa In'mG~ vvilh :iDur bare nands, A piUnlQh ii'll U1I9 f:sce is ilIimplrriied l!:Iy a buUer Ithwugh 'the face; an:d a razor slash aoross ~"'a lips lore,es IS ~ ~InQ of mid'dfs'"'DMhe-i'ORd! sUad, betwBen the ,Punch and 1he- blbllJe~ The bull'ol is lJy tor mOte' Erfficiel'li, bu'l the lI'uor gelierallry ~~ betler than 1thl!! fis!.

Thai ma)(lmum efflclen~ use' oJ either bare haJAd:S, Dr weapO'fi$ IS, ,BS,SI!JrefJ by dll'llcUng liIHIilICks to vU',tl,' POki:tis. rather tthan te gaMral. ,pick .. "e-m-Sis-yollll"S, Ing tSi'lgEUS. TlulI' bes~ l'tan([",lO--li1and ngh\el'8 nf.!<1ll'er waste Uffl& on [nefiecU'lt.s, ~:a:!li,9t9; 11B')1 go. Ulir,e attadc dog's, fOf 'the throat,. ek:.

The q,lUIest~Cflll a" brum;a.uy Is irreJevant. We ,are linter:ested In sun \I~; J'Idoften U) SUNiv~ W0 'find hl bo brutal. Ilf we <3In~ 5BII'IG 'we' do no~ 'pick flghl~s,. 1'" W~ are rea:SQn~ble wel,ean see winV' we Qiwe 1"101 e~h CSi ':0 l[hOSfiI' who 81SSaii us. Wf-IEN' AITAOKEI!J" ArTAOK! Sind be me:~l'!lGir ~iOugher, mOre '1Uttlllms~y cold Bnd vJcfl1u!s han rour atw:dl;sr wasl S'O muoh loll' "Iethlcal tonsideratlon" BiI1d ins squl;lamlsi'lsouls who care ,aboWJ[ It

lit ls Gillie to say UUIl Pili c'f LIS we LIIld prefer UDT to be SiBS h ad anywh,9l\g with a Irruor. 111 f,B.c.; I woIJIldIJontufi9 'lhe pl:lemise 'that 311YCII'Ui, under oormal6\1'~ifYd8y e~J'l'Idmons" wo .... ld b€l:s.hcchd and stunned ev:en ~V a 'razor gash ac~oS8 his upper olrm. How,9ver. we need te I"smembe'f Eh'a.t sarioill.li, fights bring U'Ui'ir parti'C~paJl'ltB LlIj)~O a k nd crr "!H!rper level" c,.t stfless and pllin and shock lo,lcrgnce - ,es~e~I~lIy 'tha Irilf1:i.ator of the figh'. since fre'''s the' ena w,ho's ,best prepared. 'Wtte n tlh is OCI::U rs, 0 rt Iy ani aUack on II v,ltel target w il'l' induC:€i sutficlent shocll:. paiif!l 01' Slu!r!tlling eff.ect Ito diD lliIlrl~ goed.

&! Is enormously IdllrtftH.II1t to' Nally stop a deterrnlln~d lunat c w~th ,a razor. But it cal"l'OO' ,dOfllS, ,rovidQd o.ne OlI,pr.(laJches ~he task by rely ngl upon saienUfill: .aUaeks to Cd~ICild! "bit points ';

l.el U$ noW' iarll'alvm the b-oo't 'lIrg~ts 'fen YOUII' razor aHocks ...


1. THnOAT~ ThfS, .Is cno et "lEI rhree PQroo,ibly fatal t,arg8hl ror a mol" aU,lck, anrJIl !'iflcommand ,f-nltjating' suchan a1ua.cik only whlliHl IDbvioLlSI'I'd Icl!slY Idanger te your life or ,someone elae's exists.

Thfl-1l9'IJ'l.Eilre ,ar-ea, fram ~hB polf1ll~ di!leoUy untiedi' iaJDd iINlCk, Of' rho chlln, r-i ght down 'lo 'I he hollow at Ihe ba.H' o~ th,e' latyn,x I[Adaml"$apple} Is e~ily '!.l'ulnerab,le re a de'S'!, cUg 1011' ga$h~ngl th;l'!Js~ of youII' nuor.

l,aolrlY:1 !In opponent with ,EU,,, sti'et S8VY V\!II,U g'i;l'lrd hljes thlfCial W&111 When he knows YOu ha?ljll8 an ed.ge" weapon. HOWll!~er, 1h s only

In ans that:

a The attack needs 'U:l ~e launched 00 qulclkl)" and iN ~h suclh uUer surprrse ttll81 ",i 11"1 wally' If'H' ehanee e-lI:~sts 'c,r you r oPPollern to '1lI'ClCk an aUack al hi'S 'lhil'Dat~ or,

b A tsmt at tha' 11i1l'!lSlI wlill cause the' OPIPonent to quite l)o~lbl~ cn;~r.reaGl, anI:! U1U~ Ice-ave him wide open to Ii I<ic'k. pLrl'~~h, hllncd s!rlke. II.oS5 or some Ob,'e<:l. 'ele.; 101"

c. Your att.lI!lc'k ffllJlS.t be S'uffrclsndy brutall, 1':aS~ and' '5~r'Ql"!'g to smastl!!!isl.de rn~~ attempt to ,glusrdl his throat.

Once 8 rJ89'Pf'lO'. superrh::i>a,I) slasllr! 01' din of the b!ade' iI'Ias ihesn rn~de ~nto the 'hrIl"Qi!I~" U's: 8,1'11: cYle·!' for HUI QPponef1l~,.

iIIn an-a- iW dr. ",,.1. • _ ,.. ,I"~ wtrIppt,. idIJ.Il lItn - - M ilhll tJllfrJ


And !'1E!mBllIIbe(,' I~he sheer TERR,OR' o~ Iften a s'Mg!n whJlp,pil"lg rO::!Of s:lash al the th~oa~ t~atGOnIDeC'~':il; will 's:uH!I,y enable you to: ~~,s,pG!ie Oif ,any but the frIO'i1t pl"'QlrD'Siona~ alAe! skmed 1~lgih'tElr wnh ralMhllB ease. Ask '1t),urse ~f: WhliU. ~hrr5 I'WIlj'lil LWme, doe!> th Binil aug rnl~ Uf a. ~leruJliilg rn2C!r 1l13.119 ct1appiml:g ~fn(l y!QILU rhl!oa:t WIDe you {HI?

2. S,IICIES: OF' nt'~ INECK. AlSO kili<llrng targets. The' jugul,ar 1;I'oin sU'!d O'arQ't~(Ji,-alrIQrias I,ja.,dsop ln ~he 11,0el< iS1_r1LJ~tumJ DUltwhell -a. roUe .. 'is hel,d with the 'rQ1'd.o~,jI' type grIp, a!11thvhen a t'U~H,)fI(ily ~(lIiW'er blow stnlk'e:s the bJadl\!J h()lmrl'tl!, lhe-S>B d,Ii11i_a,d(:~1I'19;6iIS can be tlit. The b:l,ood ~nd glOIr,8 ir:l<!J.OII've'~ is a moot iSoSUG': How deiSpafa~\'I ~H'a' Vgu? n: it is VOUI e,l" him, Qp'~.rQr your S'Ur\!' va~" no~ h~s!

Aliso, GROWL, G.RIM~CE, AND VELlJ Otharw~se. y!!:hJ mligl'lt 'I ~ ]QlfliOOi!" ttt-at V(luare I'1jlppin.Q ~ liTIi.'IrQ's Ii~e a~~ of ~I'!i bOdy" :an€ll YCiU

might hetimte,

U'f.!MI "111 LIM'.rpec(lwr Q~ lb- ilKj Il!ilI II toldDTIl IIllilp. til • .... 0.1' ,8UI(¥ tAft! IOU' (if, • ." ••

~ ca<nJ'MJt I ma9~ln:e !Eli "[10 reus a,uaek 101 lI'H:s trps' W f:'IlCh ~9i frld'I'OWfj,d bv krcJK-~ tOI tll1e a~ronlzQd enemy'a, sp'ne~ . k~dney!l; and head nlOt r'asul~~IJi1'{l1 IfTh i:leaU~. U.SE IQN,lf IN U;GITIMA TcCOM8AT AND .sURVIVAL SE,LF-DE~ENSE S'TUA nONS) Thill!, st,uU Is, nat [0 IOfj emplll),ed 11'11 a sp'a:1 with ytUrlf ne~gh!tH.:n ove:r a parking spacle.


4. INSIDE, THE 'Wlftl'STS" 'liou m gin r,ook: althrs u help~l!"Ig your enemy tD commit suici49. Seriously. 'the exposedl tond'OJfUi, and artilry of 'the ~niSlde wrIst ,ilfleal make' illOi'l':lry h~!!iIhll'y sus~n!,p:Uble 'ta ill r,SZ.:H' ,sl'ash. It, ~s resl fV doulbtful ~h9'r, any bur the' most vll:OfOUS attack w,ould kill by s9verfng: an arttery, l!lIut H la Just abolJl 11'1e sll"lgle maslJ: perSiLlUhll\i!!' way ~I knDW to make SQme pUnl!h~ICUm rel~ a griP he, malY have 011 yold

Th,,"I'I'I' "0'.' -, ,~ 'bu' tho _,.t-r,1hf .~ .. : m1trnr

MJlilll'~ ",.' hiM' ,1111:1 r.NIIiJ, iId:..."u,* tb! • hkJ1d tf"P

ra; :dIJ Abo-., If II ' hi! RlR;ft, AI'! rappernol ,fll! _ _ a I' ,tip.

5. A:CiHIILLES TSNDONI, A tatl"get nun .• wheen alp,sl1ed or severed" wilt Cn'p·pl'g ~nstanUy. nmis-s,pot rs somewhat unusuiIIll,luc:ept from a ground posiUon. U Yliu.l're floored and ~he enemy lis no,t,Qlrabbing' I'I~S foot and 1i~11i:I,lng open his .I,c,hilles: wi'l. Jm~Rlttl~in e\lefi th,e odds:;


IOn tA.. lAW.i:n~, ..,med' -:-Jb II Ilidar" Ifhill' l1li1 ~o .. c~"', '.11,.10'1:1 0" rb fJRI nBJII _ fa-m tOIl. ft_,. III:II't. VBA., rtJlN£.RJla~

B. GiROINI. Nc'. U1ara:zOlF' is, r1Qf Pl'",icUcally ~m,plo!f,ed to (:astra~e. The oroln Is a highly vulner,ab',B' targst Oil an~' malte aUacl!::II.l!". RIIJ~i:ng Il1to the inner ftHghs (next 'til 'the crotch) ilndl !!],s.shlng alil,Y patr1 ot ~he 'l!Illroin anilil will at leam dts~ract the most .sa'!t,lEIg~

d't'enrQ.ry Iiong enough to have a f~eld d'ay en his raOB.

7. iF 'CS: (GENE'RALJ. In a :SlluaUC!lIiI' where ft'S ~iOO dark (or hlngs re h-appanll'i,g 100 damn 'ast to slng:le our iI smal'Uu' 1'arQe~;, 'Ile rtlu·ured nla~ any hard, vh::loui3 ~wipe- int,o 'the enemy's fac'l1I will do

DIllie feSil!)8eilabl, damage, and oS almOS1 guaranteed to dllstraee: h~ml fOI th,a IIAn,

B. EARS. A nO[-h)fl-wi,de1V .. known faclls l[hlD an ear can be mast IliJBllIH~ bitUen. r,UJ1lped DII' 'tf,lll"'l'1 from II.he h.ead With hlQh,I'y satisfying II sUllrts: il'l a 'f,ig:h" A rptor eorner ,dlrlven hard Int'o' th€! ,eS'1i" mighr' kUi, bol rmOF9' likrdy would Jus't cawoo unli:lQr~ble IID:ilJ,1'l al11.d a seriollJS InJull'Y. A razor '~hil,t ~n be' !Used wittl precision t,o hack o,fl8,1'1 'I;!!U is

I razor that will terminal(! tl1e- fig,tu ',g:r you.


I'f you enjoy flit..,plelklng, yOU! can ~plck up lhrntli dozen mart al ana; books U1a11 51 il:S many' as linea hundl10d so-caJll'ed vital S'IJO!fs. rn .6 fas,t-pal.'ed 'Ught -- H1! rffBI c-embat -- here [s only B. very Illimited number 'o'r pll'.aC:~I~lIy wable targets. Oniy 3J real idiot wl'll'! rJune,U ,eftexe'S arnd mongoloid sUJP~ditir" is g,Oin!;!f to .stand s;~ IT ,and let 'y'OL!' seslll'1cln out and ,~b1mm.ell or SIBf:lh hire more rnll1'!ufe "ulnar.lble 9,reas" A15Ql, there Is II re<(!d diffell'e,l'1ce of,oplnllofl .ilIMween \I'oInS!t.I~ Ulild la b.e lII'itsl ptd.l1tD 8f1,d whamsEime oU1Isr "e>l'PQrf$" IG:~aJm are YI.iI,~lneraJble Largllh, Fer ~ns,tance. m£!nr jud,a and ju-Jtts'i!.I, mscher;, tf8~'n their s'ludentt _t£) p ru::h 3J man's tra,pezious museles (like Mr. SpO()k, 'an STAR TREK). In NBWVOl'k Cit~ I had SWBI'lII pup:n's (eK~bo)ilers, sb'eel"hardentKI fig t1 ters , wEught-I, fterG. 'doGk"'W,orke~. ale. who d~d"'·. !l}ill1e' Q ho,oll,am.i,1;ui all the pinchinQ ,in the wQrl'd,! You could~IItElI pl'QC d.a !Jlloa 0'1"1 [heir 'tra.pez~ous and lher'~ ht;fva I,aughed as 'lIi'U)Y f'lppad yOLlr Um:tJat out. Also, USing such stupid !HUe "1'rlch" as grinding ycur Iknuckle Into ti1e back of 8ln ~ssallan1's ham:! to make him IElI.fI·O,..... WHAT CRAP! TTY lha'[ en a real opponenf some til'Del

An~ WD,r·.· t here are ab-ou' 2Q lb, a" m S~ :i0 mJ Iy iPr;Ec1j'caW lot ita I spots that maka H.ceUGn~ targets in h,and-ta-hslnd "I ghf~i"g. For the ra!:!or. pel"' se, I say th s: MASTER yDI!.Ir atttu:ks 8g!arnst t'llel eight tUl'ge:ls, J've n:dieate-dl, and 5i'lGk wl'h ,hom. Such an a,pprDach w II lea,d In S,I1'Qrllord'er 'to reall)ll "able skiM and usalu/lknowledg_sl.


B,.SfC't'HAtlS1lS. SL4SHfS IfNI MET,HOD&" OF A,rTA.el'

'II folfaw "'9 Itl\e lmd and referr,ing !:o UUl photos YCQiU ill Uta.m most usable mSTi1!uelJol'ers 'Wan your mzar. ,Can't pr.pc'tice Wi ~h ,~ CpPtilI'i'lIIH'I'U Use Yflur ImaginsthJ.n to IIl~WlliUI an op,ponent A 111rtne was. usedllby In,e writer I., 'maklng Ithe !lhGtas iin thls bo!)k ~Il rely ln cuder 'li!1.l max.rlma~h'! ela-rlf)llhe manue'V,el'~ If )"OU w~sih tOI , hOllrN with a pUl!lclica partnar, dillilot um a If8Z;Dir. Either' usa ill nrdlboarcJ modet (hQm .. mad9~ ora! r820II', or JU~t p1i"8~enCl yO\l'~e O~' 8 ruor 111 your IrIBn:d whe~ YC:U.i I)ilCcldte U')I! mo i8'S. Tlhls, Will be or:ethalill Si'I.dlfcienUy rool i,sU, tOI impart workebls ski', I SAY PorN!; NEV'ER. UNDER ANY ClfrlCUM5TANCES, IUSE A LIVE I RINER TO PRACTIC.E RAZOR'TECHNmQUESI Tihis. Is stuplTd. II "'-V" CarEilI,E!SSi snd fO,f lhe pU;rPQ$9 of acquln'no 81(111, totally


AlEC ATTA'CK NUMIBEA 1: Tha' ~act...;Ou' wbllJP'n Ilott. This nH&cks e)l:~cUikld wU,h [he r::a.za heid as lelC"la~ned ~I'I ,Lesson 1 for U16' lo~kout ::ilas'h ~nack. a:;sentl~IBII~1. nile best way tOI emlploy 'lhis noek I~, ~n iii pa!m-dowril a~rQiS&-!he~bGdy whip,pir'iQ acHDI"I (,see pl"lml:cl9rbelow) 10 the Eltye~. neck. throo.t, 8~C, P'Ower,ls notmsx,imUltlli'll w Itl 'th is, mS'1Il1.1 e,ver. Alath,er. th 8' vi 11 UeJ 0' th Is aHl1clCiS surp:ris _ an d eat sjPfid. You Gall cgmmence' 'he attack with the ruortotaUy

t1 dden. from your enemy endlhen. W 1l1out wamln.g,. la:&h your blade out an,~ chop, 111m with it F'enelra on. i.mltft5 you are re'ilUy nong and Iluc:ky, win pll"·obabW' !lot be 10:0 great. TtI'B' bUla,de IUS1 doesn't hav,s 'lhelijeU to go, too d&elply. and nt& lltm ~ad 's,,~ makes i1 mpCSl91ble '10 drllJ,!!'- il~ trlrClHJ,gh ~he· enemy w,~tho'IJt ,iI 'ltl'ery" wry , uang delhjl!B 1'1119 'It,€! sUack.

Practice flNt with no, weapofl Until VOUI li1I1ake Ibis atmGIk, with smoolh mMi,mum S-j'leed, and no .. te~egra1'l"Iing" a youlI'inten,tion:s. I~at,ar, sl ,.,1 praolln n.g win. !loulr ra.zor.-For tlliS!. a run-length mlrfor Is IJsafllJt By w~chliilig ,oursaU at flrsl yau w.ill. bel able ~o sea YOI.[IiI'seU as you wlU tie 11 s~bie '[0 the opPlJlnent. YOlil'~I. be 8:b118 'UJ CUlM 8W8I)! 181.d.rBiUlQtiilSi mqvem'enr~ aAd unl'(;Iris.eious 'lip-oU" gElS~Ur8S U~lke hunching U"!fiil $'ilQIJ~dlars) th~~ 'mpredc your ene-ctl,v,en_s. Worlk '01' Ii~r-aig.n':-~I~ne~ sl'mple mo,vemeFl1s., mi!!ll!!;lmum speoo. caniln:l'~ted forc:;s' ~~'d \he elament 01 surpri&E!' rn del,i~,eringrour teclmniqwe ..



BASile, TTACK NUMBER ,ii!~ FO'ldovell' ,rip aillell: (a'. T'hls, BUBel!. ,III @xecwt d wtlsn the b~ade i'S fo!d'ed .back OV,Eii' n"lar '~Iu~,t 'f ,ngar ~'humb side of i'IHJi hsnd), Tiner, are t!i'lril basic fIIiIIs*hods 0,1 d el,i ¥Ie !'Y' ....

m 1'lnlJ,erted sflapp,ing slasfi. (II) Upward ,driving sl'ash.

(iii} OIlJ.!S~d'a-inwaJ'id 'dr;¥i'ng thrust.

The muml,ati.cIl!1S 01 lilt! rly depict thE! method of dallvt!1"J te r i!alC~ o~ tile lhree bBSic 'types O"~ arHack alhJdecl tiJI, laSk al t'he photos> caraliully. Sfudy In~'O".m. Re~l;l!mbQf that thai photos- de'pier act on UnIt Is "Clmlil'j'II'" so to speak, 8f1d lnere1o,re yOU need to, It',eimlnd '1-ours.en when viewing 'ihi!ll in.s1r1udlol'lal plates that s,eedl, Sp'S8V, - JII.d. I'PE'ED Ii$< ot't he s!Saneell

Tho k.e, to effeC'E"lWB psno,ra"nVEI "orcs I'n file Inverted! snapping slash ~s powlerluS .ension of the Glhe.SI and lJIIp,par back muschlfl.. ,and Misti'l'Ig lhel hl,JlIs nto 'the' brno,W. 1"'08 u,pward drlvlngl Sl(l$h rlqt.lir9S


slong IOreilrms. and biceps" as well § good bac'k s,mngl1h. The oU!Sld'&-lnwsurd .dl'lwlfngl thrust requilFelI exoo' ant 'trlcep., stu::uJldof. chest and back powel' f'Or Ire's'lll:Y send ngl the bl'ade fhrOIl'{Jh 11119 'large,tI

How 10 Imas~,. the aHae ~:? PRA'C:11,Ge~

'.m~~~ h., ,.HBt t AI dhel'_ JJ 11.110 Utll tlK1.


me ,tlJtl',aHlIiiii'DIII drtl'Int iIIu'uIl,tBmf' Aff'" Ifl (IU). ilt

IBASI:e: ATTACK INUMIIEJPIi 3: fDld9ver grip allack (I)), This ~iIt~a~k Is deilivered whon U'l18 bl'aijie Is 'fold'e.d owsrtful' pinky "ngBr "edg,6 Df the hand) sido or nm hand (sa 'UIt:lstraUons).

I have f,~und,lha1lj ,p~rsl::ma.Jly. am ca,pabre,of deUvsring m,ymoSl pOwerfUl ,\'!Uae:,kS: w~:alill ~ha lilRor is lrTeld ,n UiI~s pOSiitic.HlI'. And, f.,emembaf, PO'W8f I~ _Ua~~y Importan~. h~' cornpe-nsa:re 101' the r~zofs l~nI'M;l'€ln~ wealaUJllS af lack: 'of both iSlize and h'eilt_

One IOf mil f's'IoJl'rte aUacks '9 ~o grab the Bnomy's ear or half w{~h ~n~hanldBnd .... ,ulip~" a d~wn:"ardISma'8hing' bottom-fist blow right a:rp5S" his necli!;/r~ljiBI area wlrl!1 ItlilS ,'l)i~,,:'?fU3J'~e (razor-hordingl' hand C se ~hOk:ls}. This Is the Old bo'Uam~fl'$W hEm(l)-'o-hand a.ll'ack _ modtflElid re inCOlpora'te lila razor'

A'~otfher 1,tse of tlla ~~ild9 wJlBi"Il he'lid Uke abl'ilve Is 10 rip' open ~he ,e~emy~ gl',abltllng 'W,rlst. when !he ,auemp&s to S'sila your wrist. '01 )fOUII' 'j;fothsB (see photo,. .

A paJ~-dOWfl' whipping drive' d'f'jInlly 8'Ihe\Eld InfO Irha ,opponent's ~¥,es .0 r face is IiiI rltilru ra I fo r t'h 51 girl p, Works well all al Is \\11'6 nJ eRecbvel - . ,;


... (m/all' ,., OIlWl T1i'/.1 tlmili ,_ "tel't. 'fRo_ Q~ b,. N" ... fji'

~~~ .

INOTEi IIInB.ve ~seeli'l tihe' II!'M.OrrUmpl'IJ),lJdi Wlirttl thJs gf'lp In iii manner roughl, sfmUar re brass k:nuc les In that the n'lZor 'INH lUS8;~ to aLJgmeFI't 1lhe effectiveness 0'" ens"s plJnel'L That SI.U::,1n an aUack een Ibe formidob1e, ~ do not di&pu., bu'l I .!ilk ~cw to rem,emb·er ~ha:t

uc:hl a dir,ect-puIilCnlrnig oUacJi!, is 'generamr e.asier for the ClPI~Olnel'lil 101 aweut or bloc'k than the more uncoill1v,enHonal lechrnlqrUesl have ,I"diealed.

PracUo(t. the me:t!hod.s, Dpfalnllld over andl OVJ!1. nearporating !'lfIls drill with pr,BoticEd loarry~ grip, stanoe. sh;. A.nd pleaS'6 dlllj'iot allow you raeU to beoome:s m liI!Q, once you hav'61 mas~ered 'th e-se moves • • "d .SW~ impr-ovising more acro'baUc ones~ Jusl masle, the moves given, Thev are Ui1e onss to' be felied Upflil'i 1ft ,II '~'Igh't.

IJs~ YOlUf Imllglnatlon ~D' C,clli'1SidEl'r the ,ndleu pOS:Blb:le a.ppIlic-a~ion9 01" tha!:>61sil1'1,plo .hac"'s ,Lmde:r s~1 o~ ttH:l JJDss,lbl'e sJ'lua'Uana that cou~d occur. C'C!!I1,s,ldelll" 't'tle' 8ppiUcatioll1 when ,ou are sea'ted; whe'nl VClI!.I hHi!,! pJll'lOy.nd to,~eat:s S:OfflIlOIl1lIJ behind yo!.!, wlhenlltt Is dSJII!; otd. 9~C." e~c.

Th- best w,ay is. the JJmpl'e way p',grae.tI.ce Ih,e' moves In this lesson foil"' a frow days befol'\ll 'moving ,on to' wesson 3.


There is mueh mor:e to suceesah.l,land ,effeo~lv,e 'fighUng (with or without weapons than Joohniques. Tactics -.. or he way we use k!Oh:niq:ues - ara (J8&el1~' aJ to, &IJCC8ll& In coml:!ia~'. Good fa;cl.C:s and 's,(I!iJl'ld stra,:eQi!fi tan U,lfle' s~les In y,aur fllivo~,. evan wHen ')lOUI are ·'ou®g:ul1ned'. so' 10 speak. A Ilarg,sr, 5~rcrnger, or tmUer SllI"ma'd IDIPP'g.rmn\ lillian yours'll'lt' j,5 not always, or neelil-aJ'ily Iluara.ntood Ij,jrCl'Of), In 811'1 enco!Jnle'r w,i1:h y-ou. prolilded'vour man'lal equl:pment ,aill'ld methcu;j's; G1 ha1uillins ¥OUfSEdf and )lour weapon are Up' 10 S'rluft

In this IL.esson WEI 'wilill ex.Bmlll,nesome of 'tJne Issel"lthU hl~tI~s ,and 'Slrtnegjes of hand-to-hand cGm~at. Spe~mcajll y,'we will '!lIm,phaslm 'U·u:,~e tha . are most u1i.stul, to you 'when you ,(1re armed wUtl a r:azoll', and lMi:1. wi,ll, It you ,mester Rna 8pp~y~h8m. put VOU ('eJl'l steps, ,aheaCi 0,' tf'le a",emge streel p'lJ n,k,

'What Is imperative 1!iC thai you confi1nuailll bear [in mind tl'Hif r~latll)nship between taaUcs Bnd .strategv and your Schill I ,physica.~ s,kHl's. Oille does 11'10\ f'sp'11aee the: Gther, 19\1'al". The ~a_lUla 01 tllhese aspaets ,of your mrail"1,fng is '&cip,l"ocat SNiBlliBgy andl taolios ma.kE!! leshnrq!,.lQ5 rruuh'fla~~yefflE!Cd\i'e~ EU'Ici teelflnHIII,nm properly learned! 81r'jid rmastef'ed malol-e lacUcs and st a~egv' your staunoh ally,

Re-reQd tlds LeSSQ'fli several nrnes, and thil!llk ,about how fl'ven1/1h Ii1Q you wlJ,l be ta~gh~ applies to wtrual)!,olJ tlave' learned pre\l'IOus~:y',- and to w,~nd YOy haW'eI !fe~: 'to' learn, as ~,otJ ge1 UlIU13, III"i you f 0.01.1 rse,


To "feinf1's rn[ply meB.ns to make yom 6PP-OI'1enr believD tnat YDU ~ntDnd [0. ma1C!e a ~rlllill"l lIJIo~e. or dollver a c.erta[~, lype cd atIUU:;~, and Ui~m not danl YOUt la-stUte Ihtouy'J. I'.n.sfead o~ fl,ctuaWI:~ makillg !!he move you led yourop'ponan1 io baITaveyou were ,going tQ mae, rOLl use wharev81 pasilitlfl' your OPPOMI'U placed himself In when reaehng 110 your reifli1, in order to eJltecu~e a de-cJsi,ve attack iI,gBlitlrit hjm,

A sl!.JcCeS5'fUi~ reirn't ean ""311!'(I' B[II'I cppon"nl wide D~B,I'I 101 B. tsst pl'Jwerl'u'l a~' act ~ all ,snack Ul'18.1 ends ~liLe' 'fight

Any time you ,"avaa weapon halO. 80 t't'l~t your 'DpPOllel1l~ ,earn sse I, 'lS' wlir 8'ufDmall'(:llatly a~i1"Uffl6 tll'.':Jf' YIl'JJ ""tend fo ~~G' d. Bnd "hBit yo-u wm I,,(jeed ,attt£llck .,1111 ~ha~par'lef,J'lar weEipon. REMEMBER THIS PDJNTl


One wOUlIl'd gen~rally li~um9 'tha~ l~eilnrn!J fer he fDZor-wie d~f uld Invglve a gesture" 5S,V with 1118 "60 h:aru:l,sp ~hit!1 rhe ~or llid dlO ~Is j,ob :sWiftly ilIl'ld 1Jle'anly, r~ght?


lolntlng. mme.mber. IS deGffPUon. ~ stru'S using ~h.e ,(8iZO~ ~o I 1111. and then, Jor !B1(ample. del,iv,e.I'Jng B nioo, ha"d kick: to the tnee r grom, when tl'1iEl opponent "oi;tiJl!)rs U,pHO guard agajl'lsl lhe I Gil 011'. Th9'.~.al1l:e.r y,ou'li'es~ruc:k }I'Our nrn~ blOW where ~he lP.:mamy n VelI' tl10ugh~ you w,ouli1 - anti yoy've thus dis(:cmcerted him - u go rull steaUl ahead wi n )lour blade!

COllnt 011 ir~, An opponelllt1wm surely reel you "n-U!I-8.11l It" wilen yoll.! leHU with a razorl' C:olJllci he a"'o~ to thmk othEilrwi~?

Nsh,u"aUy. more ClD'MvenUona 'r,all'llts ,caul't;! bu !.i~e41, wnh tho, "ree nand. fc,r Ilnsran'~e, Bur generally 'tihe feinting approach WI th the weapoli'!l works Des

A. jr!f,,·lfl,cl!i 'nrfiJ rJj to =.0 I!rm1Mc '_il)' _ Q!h.fwJn, 'hI '''",'111' !!hI jWrhw. photo.

T.H90 ""HG' SAHD. mRJ: 08' aDA J,!EL

Whsli"lII Ii'iol'sd In IN:ew'YCllfl CI'iy ~ a~WRyS ca,nrlad ,Eli hanOl'ul ,of'Qra,r'Jel (purohl~'Odfor Ui'e a:~ III Jil'B1' shop) j,n mr Goat 'P'gCWEU_~ A bladed W'!!apOfj was 111Il'lltlwiably in m!l other PQck1e\~ The, purpese wu :10' give me 8 pnJny efft~len'r ooe-twQ cpmbillst on In 'case' needed U:

IFlrst. a faat 'l06S o! ~hB glll.vel: Into-an DtPQOi:H'!'t·S raoe,; ~OOfid, Sri II:nstant 'kIHow",'up wUh my Ibll!lided we ap-on !

n1UI"0Wina sand, dlri. key~ smarl change, gravel, Oil' aoyt,hlng stn:ld'enly lntl:,il-a person"s ~ C-B win give Y'DU etH1S tn wl'li:Bn to finish him IQff al ,our I e.i&llra! 111 a nrestauraflt. rem'embell' lbe pepp&r Sl!1ilkBr] Un'Se,rll!!w It in"ld ~'l.!Imp UiI!EIi 'cont\iil!"li~ ln 'lfOUr h~n~ lInd ~cu lean Clliscono n two or three alilaok;ers in one 'h~1111 SWODpl

rONr... f.IIId C!'r til,. (~ .-n p~tlJ 'IJ""" • .". al pur ;flPfiO" r ~I dl'_cl' Irlm mum ",flT!lfo'.

WIt- !!IpjIQn:Mr c;a:n!'l "'II '-H .. <1#'" " "'~row~ 1If,.1h lit' ,ftJ. filet !IlI1' 1Ib...-r,r:

U$I~G HANS AND FOO'f 1'f.Ow:l ~N ,CO'NJ,uNC1'ION W'TH' 'f(llUR' oIt-,.r'OR

Ne:l1alf ,I;IUow Y'DtJr'Sen to be;come dependen~ tI!~QI1 any weap,(:In I~Q 'he pol'l'1l whete 'lOll! feell"relpless, wit:l'lI.out U.Yeu are 'Y"Dur rmmary 'weapo.li!_ De:VelOp ficUlfl'ietent $kiillm in pU!1u,:;rniAQ,d'awinQ. kilc~:Jng, iby It in g. stomp'i no and ~e'rUH:a.1 !\and -llthMrrn d 910' ~ha;f you ,9 ria, rQrmldaJb~€ bere--handed. ThelJ Bcd 'your we'a,ponsklll~J

RB:Fr,,~mb,e'l" a~w.lI'8 U1at jus' Hie<l'6'vSoe Y~""'i"e_ 'iitfmoo wl~rtl a r\!l!lor". ('Of any etner wealpon, tor lha~ mSlUElrl) theoo's no law sayin~1 you can'l SpU1 h'l 116ur f.llPponenfsf~e. ku:k tHs 'yr0in. ~;U;" i!2lbcw hlm in lhe ~eeU'l. Your wealiHil1'l ,1iTI1IIJ-s,l be a,n Elllft9nsi'on of YOiJj1f:SO'lf, alndi y,of>!l. Y0I.H,sBilf" m!!l~t aO' ]~H(I ,iiOY 'i'ighl [otltIUy. bl5~r1g klieki9" gouges, stc., a/o:ng witll rauf 'weapotl'. to. irH;'Uto{!! vlctDry.

Y'P IJ wiU, ~~ YO!!.! Elvar nee dI to, 8liV9 YCII.II r life wit III a. razo r, 1i:):9 Ins despara:le da-or-dle ~ibJ~tiQ'n 1~11 suehfJn hl~~anCB do nOI :seU your body short as an ~~I-~m;;lliI,J8~'Ii,el weapon, and thrn'k SQI~~ygf app~Y'fIIg Y(;)lJf razor. YOu may oV0'rJookthe' ~lha:n~ 'mo deliv81.8 k~ck 1ha.t COU ~d !H;'!J1di you r ~:rfH:lI1"n~ spr,8,W ling.

And lastly, 'ril'm~mloar: Once U,"e eflom, iCfum,les Of "!\!iU~, don', N'r~ ",pm QIJU'Ie gf(}undl Bring ~i"", ,dQtwn' wHhl'Qu'r wealPQnl, by aU rneans, Ir that's: PQls~ble.,. but ri'n,l:sh tl1'9 Job ~Ith your fsoU Or~ U in your home, USI[:! a cf~allf or heaw lamp Of ~1~Jf(l,pla!Ga ~itJ~er Pill htm W"!!~f! flO'S down. 'B'Ul ppn'tlJQ ~o '~h,9 9,FO'IilfilCii wltih the ,op,~Qn'W,"ItT


A ehalr can bEll thrown ~l'1ta' a.n·oneoming ep:ponarilfs legs. A wall can gUE!I:r'di ,GUIa' bBGJ(. 'ROCk's 011' dirt can be ph:krad up an'. t,l1rC:H!!In. w~ cOlHd go' on gl'ldl~ly. The' p~il'l~ Is~ Wherev8:1" you hap,pert te be wh-el1l, UU! adh:H~ S~J1r1~, ma:kll' yl'lur 8uffOtJrrdlrt,IS .sfif'r6i ,Ottl

A pupil o:~ mine who Wa$ a$SIIIt.iIt~d ~ndOiGi'!! was stile [0 obtah'n a 9 f11:fl' 01:'1 til i$ atta o!li(er'G wf!lst. Ho s.udden Iy wt'i~ PtP{'Id the 8'lmek.eii"$ hafH~1 sideways, right Into [tie corner 'o~ a Malol'Y piece or 'ilJlmilms'. Thj.(~ ,oause-til a mgmef'l~'&,fIIl~'tm~~i!fl!n. and rnylu.:!dentts'rlstl! 81"!d "eet ler'mf'nlu,edl mho encepUI'I11U

M!lI'ke' yOllw :5lN':ro'IIH'Idil"tgs S"eI"'\l'Ji1'I yeiiJ In II lIlandl-lon:lt:!andfight. P'II'QtHl'fJly the bMt 'Nay ''0 ~rain YiJur5elf tOI IlI1nlph;iime!"!l~ 'he ~~ve ~daa Is to oQ~,~,f1IUy think oibo,ut ho,w vl:!,r'h;u.ris e:l,eme:rnts, O'f your sloirriQu,ndhlg8, a;1 a.ny 91tvEl'n 'fime, iI!IiIl:! in any g~ve.n 1)1118,,00. oou~d be used 1(1 a$s~st YOU in a ~ighr~, &nQul(j onB OG~~'I'. B, th~nk:~ng a~lo.~,g these hnesi' Y0l.1 will Ibe ,amaze,d :a~ how ·'.a]I,w'aJs pre~~!reOl"YG!.iI ar,EI and f,eel, r&g'ardless o~ w:l1ere' you may IboG.



YeHi'nlg s'l1ould !oome· Bu't()l'i'il'iiUic: bl yo,LII ~:n ss,edcus ·flght.

SLLdd~~'l!t't wilh no wa.rning, ,lUfin Qra:l..yT Glfimse.e like a ntbid mad m an ,and, S'Olle9m In 9!i, IfIIW'i!lGfOU.s:-BJI"Il CI bloo(j..oh i 1II'i ng ,8. man flier as yo~ '~If;l. Combine this wUh YClJrattll¢'k, Iflifl 1j'J,e ,o-pptHUl'nt will probably nO'I even see th,e' ~Qf bO'Mf@ M ~lliJIiS h1.ffil open.!

Yallil!'l!g iSIBN6S hJ hm~e lI'QLllf Im,po,rt;a'l1t I,ega~d abdommFJ,M mu;scles~ t,C! .st:o:rUe and "fr,ee~\.i· UH!'OppCml1llnt 'for 8 splll~ 5i8C!o;ru,i; tlll'ld [0 f8lndllr J'c:;IUlIl' mtru:iinil,ell-IlEiliit Q,n ~gl'ess~v!l.;aJc~i'on. It dl!a~f8l~lS )lOU trern ~hiEi brutall ~Q~ul'i€!1 ofw,niiltyoU'i'il [!jgintg, AMid' IIGtsY:oliJ b'loek DbI~ YII'.'l'UI,r t;;I'IN n II' ILi,H~ less M<SBlIIl ~ from you,r total s,e:ns,ili iiI,e-aWBlr€! n ess,

JUSII''fQUing, by ·~taiilf, can ~,o:t.a~lv u:n(lerve an linlra~ned lOr fo'laUv~,dy ine'ltpe.riiilJlIood QP:~Qnf!ni(, wheil1 cllD,rl£~ bY an Ql!C:I!)€lrI:. The !riIJliI kitiJl :liihOUi~ esn be so R,illU'chl!:Q that t!l1iB' ·,~~sQi1a-nt·s mMld ~Qtall1V loses its abilUy (:f'Q'r 5'eY!iWa:~ :llre~~fldl1i! 'Qr mens) te gh(€!. and. aothr~Ue "oommandst'to 'the ~ssalla~t's ,bodyl Thus, an ,gppoJ'le~t: who had Qverythifll.g ge~ If1Il~,i:s mind' 'b,ef"ore he a:ttB.cloi'od YOIIJ, (!ould (;o'n,c€!i;~,abiy be' s:tlllnrned ~ntD mldll'rlle,i1I~aji'J s,e;I"i~lles~n:es:s, ]f a. bloodeur<!lUng.yell :SLl:d~enliy smioc'k:s hr[s mind. AI 'thlot l'nst~ml he'siy:o,liIfS,. You CIBn rip into Iljm aJtCl dispose ~~ hUn :wl~h ('lase.

HMil ., . !!!II 1ft!:1Il" IrU"_I!:' fe-fUEl} '.1'1. Q;,Uj:i' 1!IUIi' h III~ m !t/fl'Clii't,_'" ,.b tlbl imr,,' •..



A s,l,~aigl'lit rRKII" eDn ,~g, an ,e,lf'lfcfi1!lle weapon e~e~1 wll'l1:~ closed.

By IfHlI~JdIIl'1~ h SSC.li!Ireiv (SiOO philf!ll~) it becomes 0 p(m~Fill "yaw-sra stiok" type ,of Vl!,uPO:f'I, and wHh fain powerful deUvery. ~~ can pefilS~lrate 'Lha· ba s a ifJ'r i., e tt1 r~a;~. ths tom, Ie I the so 181' ~19'XOS I' or p1JJnlS'h II kb:lneyl Dfiven Into lhagr~j'nf BlUGh an Im'pII'O'ol'~Bed' yswam sUck w~!i I~rove rnos~ di'S;Qoncerting for :four U:Hmelr1'lof.

I"t yGlJ il'H'led I). 's'8oond or two 10 g'el ytU.I!'r fAlolfI' lopen <ll'1d linto &::1'iOill" Us use uiltUany as a'yawAl1'!i :sticl!l, eQuldl give y.au U'le ~halliool yo",1 need,

RfillliW 0'(; G(NfR'''' "_~cnCB AND SffMT:E'V'!EI'

II nelil'filf ttra of'!!iaY~fl9 thBtsalf.,de'fefl!!se '13 war'" m';c,o~m. Vifaw it: as sueh, and a'ltJac:tJ th01 sarna iI'llllPOr1ilElli1:IIU Ito lI'D1J1f' s.trategy ia,n,d tactica lila .• a Q'sfl9r.a,Latmch'eEi 'k:I~I~~ HnmY'IfL Tlnasa, 1n a n,ltlh;i;heU, ,aile tine n~WY"'9l1"iUy ~h~l'1g,s YOI!.I!·U wmnt ~.o burn 11100 )It1!1H' brain .. ,

1. "d~!

2. GlI1maee like .iI!Il lu.mBlliCi

3. 8e Rig rressl¥e i11liU;1 wHen

4. UI~ I'h,e element of s'UlfPt'taa'l

5.Thro~ '1!I'l)nilet!h~1I1 g tn Iltel leir'lem."~!I' 'lace' tOI dts'lrlEl e1i!

6. Use aU or you!!" ,l1i!l'aUa:bhi!' menh:l1 and iP,h;rilCg'I' power~. '7'. iU!ie' II'Inytlliilng ~n your Blum!!llncUng Idi.rea l.Oi9:fI1l1l1t "Du! ,EI~ AlwlI.,i! kl!d; low :10 dl:sean-cetlil

Now, ~lc~h our in~~jal grcnmGl ,eoll,lred. WrB,3re rel!iidy to proee;eo t~, lhe I"iJuls and tg,~:I~s, aspl8c~ of oUlr·siudy: a'OluaJ9.lQmp'Se~ {J}r f'low )mU e.an 3{fJ'pl, and Ismp/illlY you; raZQfFtI'8' e ,.,/aibls W''68PQ" ,of .5'0/'rJ6f8Me aclafn~r a "roie.nt. dan,gerol:.l51 crimJna'~ lu:rs1l'CQ'f. 1111'1 ~he f'liBlllt less~ml we shall 5tH:! l10w YQ!.IIt' fQOIF can be fnstantly bJiourgh1 il'1!,t'O P~8iV ~ga~n:El1 B ITi!UgQ~f. street-rtgh,t€lC. a'r at Iller :~'£H,jioUSI dete.qnined iIl;EiisBlilien'l. Make ab!iohj!,Hl'Iy ,Gal1ain tha!U YQ:ut~e' as:s~mllajted U'l'e Ilnli!itleil"ial ln 1~!es~Q('JiS l' through, 13 -- men go ~lglH en to LB~90n 41

,LiSSON 4:


'Once ~hB pu,pU has assimil.ale'd I[he bas1cs olf grip. stan,cs; ryndamEU'1tal attacks 'Illial po~n'tSi arid ~ae1I!~:. etc., i.t is 111'"'111' re proceed wtl'h actus'l stud, or '~echnique ilpp~jicEltiDn - tha,~ Is, wltb se~f .. dehlll1st! 51reuaUens and ap;propriQfrai rawrr 'frightw"S rosp-o'nses.

. ~L:e't us IcwnmenCff by Ii.ew ng ~iIIf-.d'e~en&e re'!l'PGns'~ JifU1i~i:$t'~ally. alntl by undre_~:ta"dI1'l91 their pr'op'Or 'rU'rlctilcn I iii prEl'parlnglt'hu

,stUQ:e,1'ft t to Ug ht hand- to-band. .

Tradit1O'll'ell"y. UIB ,!lr.ls ,of ajkldo. ju~lllsu, and censln of 'he kamt81 51,),,188 haY'S stressed thE; ap,proac'h or learn Ingl "ona darenlS8 10' eil:o~ attack vall'iaUon]. Tille result of thiS! ap!p,rOE!lct'I has b.een to d,evelop S~If'""id6~IQnSfi methcdls empIQyII1lQa,s: many as thme 10 rOILllr rha,u8~.nd(I) individual, iSpecif~c r'6IchrniqUElS,1 Ob!li6liJsly~ such an ,approa.ch ~i() thl)S-lt.1d,y Of ~eH-Cl9'fe.nse ia; very. very ni'l\ec~nSi!Yi'!'iitlig. AJstl, I ~,rBlnkly q,uB:sUon It~:a, ne,ed Dr Its practio.a!Ut)" - Ellrrftf'll If CI'IlB 1'11, p,reparoo I~O ,",'vest tile re'qullroo Urfle j,n Mudy.

lin ,COMIElATOI I dev'll!lopedi a fI1'Ie~hod ,of [B(j'uCIfJ'y rhs QUII'lI1tUy qJlf specific 'techmque.:s, but -emp,lo!t'i!ng Iremel'ldOl.ls'ly-f'ome1ul OInd 81'1'EI'l1Ioompasnlng earnha't' oomblna.lionl1l ~bat ha¥BI 'I,IIktrU!f1liy unlimited 8,ppU~ab~iIfIs,. They are geneMlly appt'(c8bte mor!lemen~/lfectlnlqlue combmati'(UIS: 'that wh:enl Irl!ar:ned will DUe lIneir flti!!USf' endless Vlm~~lomrWhICil!'l Ilrs: ,pr8c1i:OO;' wJU en-a!ble him to maJi;e easHy' "on ttlB spot wlh~n t~qulr~~ UNDER, COMBAT CONmTUJNSl FD,IIDWUp hll a II1I 0'_ mydefen:se"lItjU~ek methr:i!.:Jsils eno.rmous.ihI1,acl, my motto o~ WHEN ATTACKED, AT1A.OKf f.s i;mplamBifitefi ,'0 ~he' po,ll1t of over.dl~. laut IIIJ1 a orjsls~ ene ean never Ibtl ··'o'rl'e"..gblrmed~·.

~ Wh~t: l'1appsnl~ in etreet; 'wlh'en Ii OQMIBATCI "uplll fs, aUacked.lsi that the atta:ckellr -- with his rli'rat ~nirla'll·aggresshf.e m,ovement~f~g~,ers ,8. pe!pemaID. OVeMJin:!lmlAg and uneil'l'il:iI~ng barragtrlij)e oo,lJnteroffi!;liiR!Sli!ile' UNitt nut. COMR!lATO pupJl1 eJilQClJtu W~~IiIOUit fJhyslcal or men'l.al, rese'Ne'. The COrMS.ATO lIll'Ion g:OWi ',all·o(;lL.I'·' and. he' dross SD "ns~'8I1'tJy. There Is bu~ aJ· spU, sewnd elapsed rbefar,e brutally effee~l",e'atltp!cks, are roh"a,inm down upon ~he I'SUnBn-t Once 5:0' tr~ggered by his, attacker i'hel eOMBAfC mOIilIQeOo:mes ,3 Wil~ anim~1 afH1 pf'oCeed~ t,o conJ,nu,e his eOl.!n~eranact unfl~l8Ve~ Y,oohgIB' of dSl'Ige-r t:o tums.s'!, or 1:0 his IOlllledicnes has. ltJeen n,au lraUZ,eD. '_'COmeaIOn'Et" grips, mild ~ rl Plij 5i mp,le rere~.ses ,EliI1S' n~fti'6r used, No,t becausa IBm Bspee.ifJlly brutal or beoauBS 'ItJe

COMB,ATO' pURl! is [raJi{u!ild '10 he asp-ee 'ally mean (remam'ben toile COMBATO man ,s rhe dfJlopdm; he' d'iQ not -slar( ~hre fight). but tleCBJUSie.. there is' no r,p1jQDlal JIU'I'lioaUafilr ,C!~' the ",Irrumi of any aUack kiI Iincur greater r;isk or dangler L,o himsiillt than 1$ .aJlsolu~ely necoos:;)I~'. AfJld 1nere. is no way t.o' 'ror:e till the &Kaelln-tenl af'LlIQmo galrba,ge heap wl'lo lay-sa ~aJ'ld u.pon yau. MaflY rnurdars hailS bee,n illl'l'lofed ,by Ii Ilapel ot 'wrlaL 'Qli'eb: and ra~e bl'illil antln been Ins ,eu.de,ClIme ,of a"lharmless" emr:!raC8, The s'elr-de~enoo PIlJ,pril rak'Efs nQ chances $,urvrual is, "IS 111m ana pur~l:uuld hliulnly c:oncer,n. Hi'S ,sUlrYivBII. and " Eli slliri\l'irval and ta~ety 0"1 I'!lS IOl,ldd ones - AND THAT'S, THAT. PBrilod. One who 8i'5es hi:!:! hand a.9;glf,essli'ol'oly' 01 rnel1~Cing'lr ttl another deserves· anthirJl}' hiS IIIctl1m Gait Of choo us Ir,g .rjo' 1'10 him TI'iuI" ,D en (lr:I'fr!nrfn'a~ who ts killed, dU'r'.lng commlsslen ot hh;;, ae; shOUld be wr~'ltQn otr 'Will'! the public wasle lha:t our ,c:ommunUles inlelnerate In garbiJ,ge dumps. Thera Is ilardiii'

any ne'fld Qr reasoo to, care about him. '

The COnOi1!,p'l ,of all~ 'nc'luslvQ delelise eppWiH esoontilally 10 ,azor 'work. Onel "'t~ick;" lis never 'tlhe aJnSWBr 10' til 'Cfltlc&!1 doi~rM~18 em,er'goi'lrSY. Anyon.e wllmo belh}V85, ,that Irl h~ !')iliS m'1.Iefi1 ~o II'&iun.

'Whal1 you slltddy 'the mQVernen~i, delii·crUm'd. Ibear in m n'd 'thai these am' represantatll'VBI'9X-8lmples 0" -hatY,Qu CQn effect vel:t do lfl' a tig'h,t,;tJhey a,!',a'. not fig,' d, BlbsolluH:S1le ",o:nly ways" ,of usin.a yO!Jf razor.

Sh,u:dy ~h8SH:=' fgw rap;ecSen,taUve defenses .weJi ,._ tll.il'~~ more ir!lilp.QnanU~, is.,udy ttl 0: conoepts It-fa,l underlie ~h;alr ,app'llieaUo,l1_ leam ro 'tl'llln!c. - and "I[gnl - n tllt1is 'mElll'lner. il'l.e wbolo-a,PPi'Q8.ch is ATIAC,t( WHENI ATIACKED I'f Vou tlnink o~' If,atlr lirIoay and li'1Iill.d ,IlS iiII 'r,eflB.Io!I'i.loly:"reacU\lc w·eapon. trigg,sred 1,lllQI acUon by your R8Sailant's approach" you. ill nave Isam·di Ihe m()S'~ eas!lII'IUa'llfact. abcH.lI( respom:hng - 'witih .or wltJI'lout a r'MiO'r In you!!" haru:1 - to raiDy ~ttac'k.



1~ DE'ENSIE ''IS. ,A LAPEl GAA'. [-'~

Ttiis ls a llie')! co:mml)MI fo,rm, fIIr8'§al.lllt. ,-uld ~~ ts a Yeryl' vary ccmmlOrn frlliJal comact Imovel alt,ar wtllo>h a mO"l eerlous alt1lick Is .ollowed. Il..ook carelfJuUy al Ul6 r::IhotD:S, lIIusJratmg the co"e~ prooe du res, fOlr defen-Be when }IIOl!!lr lape'l 'has; been oo'ize.d.


R'Ngomul' ~ " ,_ j,.~ .~Ift"'Ar O~'/U'I gnp. rtJL! .. ,. ~ .. Uh tall' W'IiI/I" ...

'~tii'" tlUlI f,Qn'ti'Wj U!»q,\ ~1,ir H~I l!hl M~;" ,.~ #lG:ptluJ/, ... llIr.IiI I .PI!\I'iUM GI IIJ11 ".' wlllt If.

No. ~pl !'hI! .lltld ,bHl", ,,~, h& &tlll tnt .... dJlIHihm '~~'" ''1:11 UN lhl IhlIA. ,e-lib. llImu~' rMlth ~\iI' If1'J'MttI' Ic"'_,

A~ Qj!!ilckl,',Rllum Ji1rJ"" ~' WIUlI ~ 11_ ,pi",,', ~'pll' wltlJl UP'I bI" fflkI Ut .. OpPI:IHIIA mffHrt'


These IPJiictuW'e.$ ShoW more U'iSfi words 'Gan deiSer~~e,~ Ulnd 8.1~ 'tthat ean ~e s.a~d ,in ~,l!l!'th(H cl;awifiea~ion -of wli1a( ABedS ~Q be do !'lI Ei' i.S! M ova Vll'ill'! tj ghtn i'rlg is pee<l,. Use all o~ Y'DU r aY:.I1IJab~le p'n!lrsl,sal, power al'Hil1 men~al 'cmncentrat'IQl"l. Vall. l!3e uHerl,y rulhle;ss, and thl~l:ew' up. Ti1Ii~ 1f10ve;ments o~ your de'rellsl'IIe l",ss:p-o:nS>e' as, UIl!.iit,rated repr~ sent (lnly the st:B'r~ of your totaJ chrfenso. To ",8' elf'lG~I!!ie in B ll'eal a'lreet ;sitJ,JaUon, ~~ is ~:~cess'af)" 'til:un 1GLI'prc,pel 'Y,0IJrSI!U Imto tcofilUnuaJl,~y following up onl ~hQatta~b yiQUl f1ii'I.!d~e •.


~*~, ~MR )aill ~r up ma'I RRI .. aIIiJrlttild! '0' ,MI!,!!tlfIlr if'nn ... ,1dIi I.'


AM tip ,,"" '1f.,1! 1 •• 1Ii ,IMU! Ir' ...... IlH!'Il ftI Ut.I ~ D' IilK'M' BE FAsn


Tl'ilis is B W'ar~aUon attatk, in wnlch yO.mr 8Si\u!.ibml BmplO')ls ba,th arms to gmb, YDU, InstEJad of only one. lin aCnU'Il1t!ll¥. you are,saC'er 11111'1 Lhi£;, p~rlrDn, since Ihe i().p~onenl has sueceeded l!'ll~ 1"191 up' ootll'l h~s hands lin~tead of e 1'1 8', and he liI'as - ,by S(l'izlng yOUi -s'lBbllli'ZJud yO,I,Jr balance and asslIJl'aJj a predlict ble dIstance between you for y,our oOIJl1leraUack


~1I~.i ~G:m; ,0'0 f(gi~r L.\Ui H~ Ilrt .-nm Il'Ird ,pm ,J'lIh!' URI _!ltd' MI • .,n.h ,II w'I'elo!ij "_hI

.'m~l,r,r.I, liWlPI' rfllII ~:II'N 1u4 KIVU It,., ,ltnlll, 1""DiI' !!'PI" hi, I!KII !ii' .,,",

ill "".tV ItI'l'H' ~.tiD. ilfki' ar. 'lirGitdlll 'II ,III (1'111' '1t)crrQ~p Iflr,r ;.lq iii'l!~ 11 •• 11' u Iltv Ja'n "art.' :fli. lrI!JQd ~nnrl!l:lt"



The key here is l- , ~er' the Innlal at~mp [fllal th:e a553llant rI'iIake~ te punch vou, and, ,olas's the gap, tyjng him up mom8fltaril;t SQII lha'i you IG!JI1 go to work on hts tlesh wlLh YOUI bl'ade. The r:lttdt is useless rat a dis-rance, SCi! as soem ,as you"ve 8I1Q,I'Ii'ed lf1s punch. gEl'I. 1111 'there fast and ;ul "101m Ulpil


a.HIj d!'.u/f. ro, 'n oUflld_ fll fh., - n.m. ,-DJdn,J lrIl Now ftanmlUr, "'1fI'., .M.M

... Hi' ml'T.lW S'lJ1QII yQlJr DJQt-l hi!mHIl A quid' #l. fIJi III, I",ta, uta op.pDfluf. ,.,. eI' (I'gj 1IIr1ll.g1~ "ttn ~Qtl!# r"~Ii'hl DOUr

r:tntlna '1111'.'

~ ,llML~ pU ~"a .. up _Ii HaII!'Id,JIuh:, ,lI'!ifI mn.., U!i!!I ~, MCt.

No.,:ift:n! .~ Md IIfdp. Wnfl:a.I!'_ hII,,~'" ,. !'!'KI.


AM ~p~l. ,'b., ~11'f,1.!!1 ,b., ,m-nblllV Ib .mJ CI~ 'm' .,"', t,Ii!dfill .11lct- '~-:lf~J' ,!town I~_ ",I. I'lut.


The ISlN sars, 'U'II'at you aJlf:€I ;a:~~o~eJ:I ~ 0 I.J!:&$ only an CnJllh fon::eto defend yo.urseU_ .aJn!l:il ~:nl)l when an ac:h.lal aftaolk>hoo mI,a;b!ilria~i~e-dIS[;! ~'IH~l idea [ot !te3iPQ,lIld~["'gJ with \I'~(I'lent:e prhu :[0' 61"1 aotuallPhY5iiC'~JI ac~'ion fmm U~ei ~r;!pOIte<rH Illl'laiV ,connie"! w~nn, U'IQ. law. I DO 'NOT AOVIJCA,TE ElREAK~N'G ANY L.A:WS_ ALWAY~ BE At, [13,00[1, C~TlZEN AiNlfJ[ OBEY THE L.AW_ For [n1orma,tiDnal purpoS"&s: 'Clnl~; Uu~n, I ~r~":i!'!'11 ~,hlssurB way:lo rBI'I'U)V{!i'SOime rlllll1pclt rfOtm ':your pa~h whBn, bell[gere!"ltly.a.nil:l,oW,IOus]y rnTenciH,no 'tD del 'roo ,hl!lll'm[, he bl(lCk'~ it.

9ul a1il1pl1',1M 7ftili i:ililUi~1 ,lfA.CCI:'IIII1'i.' 1'J1't plt:hd ~'M RlIIG '1l«/nrl '''Oli! .mil. fli ,lYOIIf ".. "'-I'm' qlfktr, '''''0' hII ,rHI>H 'tl rDl,lnlal.


JIb... drJ,. _ " pg~' bJ,l:l . , • tIT IDII" Clad_ dglrl up InfO tr!t IlT~ 1f1Mlla' J'lHijl' BD'lolt In;d' 'A. ~w MI' p.~1'1

_,h ,..,. Ifllfl,. Mdr tf;J.1)l1Ip III., mlddl'tl. an" «n:ttIi' ,fI, '.,1'., U .... ,I71J',l'tKli i'llii' li:til.,. Ilt 1:1, com",,, .-1 ,dOl. rm ,_, tdt_ J 1'1' ~NI '-.J'

And '--tmJul4I Ill. ~umQ' mlr.flrllliw/rll " tJN!I! •• -iill lnro ,h' IliI!:l.n~


Si~...,aUons whef,e 'this, general fon1l1l 01 altack OC'CI.lf& _ re !lery sljifj~IIBf' to sltuallons wtlere' GnlS"s pal,I'l, 1& blclI;ked (See IDeiful~" No,. 4. aboIYQ). l'iJle. Icumbag ~anl1i 1:0 ltrfrqrize you ,q bit b~1om ess-iul ng )IOU. By ToUowinQ IU'ie defensive JU'Qc::adures indicat'Bd ln Ihe iI'luS'trated ~ue:o~ above, 'you call canl§l '" n 00 meS$~-ge in tlile dirtbag with 'lUlls dange, to YOlilllffle~t. Bu~ be s-ure to act fa'St!


S ,nce actusl hand,-to .. hand combB~ is ,an endJ1euly fIUI!d. and naver 'stane, P100a.S~. Ute lfep,tesell'U'atJIjji,9 18!l(_SfJ1p e;s, iIJ'~ defenses In th~ S L,esBO i'll, a f,e Ita be 'taj<en aml!i ,It~ '~UrlJ~r'fQn-~ ,g,' pDlsible rss:panse" when alild I~ you ilne ,lorer ,8£liUally und&lI'RttaeK ,00 r!QI heail;ate fo irnpII'Q,\ilu 'Upon, mOdiity Dr Cli~tet Ihooe de'ran9Y to !U~~, yourself Jus don't ge acrobalioc', cute, or fancy, and thus Idesl\lilo~ Ihe pl'Bct'lcality of the mal,hod Itself,


,A,lso r~fiilIembali' lhis: from lIne s mple basi's, gl\len in thli!!l lesson and rrollin the material ,eiXpDUl1Ideti 1111 1,f1Q' preceeding threel L.ettSOM.

I.<.ually ,!Jnd:le:ss vari ty ,of specific defense combJnatiOns con be made IJP- 1111 1"11'1 depends:. en )J'Qu.

Wilth UlB Imlsic, 0'1' grlp,sl,ern,ee, strategy Bnd m3'1,smenl ma&lered - amd WiUl tho ~hedl)' of l!J'ebmsive attack understood. ~here IS n,D limn ~o IIU1W tar lone can gOI tn develo,p-ing further.





'rrom one you W(Hltid assume wailklng thf(U.!lg~ 9 'g:hetl'o nel.glhIbo[rho~d Ht ~Uiil ~ pa~t ~1iI'II0 fI nil Frifday 11"11 i girl l

THINK. Wllhtmeve.r ¥ou leave ~,our home you shi()iu~d ·'rai9!9" YDm n'N~IIlI~~ l~e!Jel of' ,r:eadihMiS 'If Of tooulble. Thrs Is najthel'~ocns'lh nor pSJanoiidL It. iSe pr.ilctici;IJ!. s6'liisib~e and Ircetl~i~~il1: ._ as Biny mtJ99iniQ[ v~Oti,n'I or rape l.!'~Cnm (lanOOSilJre 'iOu, ,rOV1idMiI he :(){ Sh9h:a~ Hved lh rC:liJglh ~ he ex per,lel'l ceo

In mQs1 h,.s~arH'iaSi wihel',(il' an I!ii~ta:ek agal~lnstlll pilllli'50n S'I.ICroo-edlil, It does ao' beoouse '(he 'f'liotlim 118 NOT P,[fU::PAlfI.lED fO~ TROU9:L1E, in eV9ry' ,single' i,rJI4'l'fanCB' Wh9AJ:i'i! cOlmbal-,rru/(lBd" iP'ifSo.n is S,Llc;e~H'ull", a.s'saulredthis'I"rua. BE PREP,AJ;lIEIi;l

Wl'uH'IB~,er yau aJfe fl€i~ clearly in a 89:(0, Sl8cur:a' ~b!JCEl' Ind li,menQI 'friendcS,Y'DU ~hclJld lbe alert to ~hB p.oHib~lity .(if n"'~ the 1IIIkllfrie~liI. as YOU! WD_~ld be. In ,a tJ~d neighborhood) of ~iI1 ,a't~aBk.

In COMBAlO" II s:trus" ~tl'B-SS again, and s1fgs!SapaiJi'll, lhis ,!!!IIII~ pen.raili.ill'E! need f,or a~ennels at all Hmas. T'!'ni'Si IS, r:m~ me s:orJ: o:f tlhing SJproHn,g ,c'!lImlba~ and h:u..!rnaJI'NJ1n'LS lell\u::'n: a per'son ~ [hnr ,OIi'l'E!' w',ntl "p~ay!'.i!OT at diUei'filn1 ~om!tJa'l f~r~s: al;l'LiJIII~Y defwses l'lI,i,s: C'W'iil dellBF'!,Se mec!h~Hllism to a d'flI'!QIfee. He Icams to be l"llludy "em ~he mat" or "if'll the a rena " , b~r to rulax wtu!n U19 match is iQ!\\Ilr. 11'1 COMBATD 'Efainingj the o,pposite occu:r:s" A pupil is taUght to rel!nii: and lea:r:n" iM d 'then t:g blS a/en to dtInge, ~ whf.ln hie's '·on h is own" IINI:o one ~B Iii! dang:e'l' in a selr..,dief'B!I1s<e 5:cl1ool h.!lnless ~'I1te Ic!lass is being ,condu'Il::\e-d1 b-y .9 fi'!'lQron r!)f the b-!i!iD"1I!!1'f~1 o~ iCltlllmJ. l!lange:1l' '$JCists Qu:tsic:j>a - i!l1 UlBstre~~ •

EffeC.tiv-e !!iIeflili'lse a9,a~n!Gt PI sklllilled r&l,iOIi attack JIS mor;t dliitOouU. if not ImpQSs'llbll@; b'~t 'this ~-s Rot MG:ail..iSe U'ilil tl20r i's so' terrllbly formldablel' I~n r;':sel,f. Ralhef', In I"s because an H!1a~laJ"lI~ needs ~c' take yalJ to'l';:lUy bY' s'U'l;pr,f'sB (or 'I'm ,nooa:s:~'C!I "pStyche you our") :and rf fie s~~~aecl:s, in doi~g 'tlnat il'H!'CI,n 'flnij,slh ~ou i3VE!"' ~If he's< I!.HiI'armed.

De'hl'l'l!so agarjI1H9!~.1! raz~rrf,Shter wi"lo tails ltD ~!!Iflcl1l, yo:u by surprise iii 113'1- r,r-am. hn p0s~'b~ e: 8if'1d i r yo~IU"'Vff g:ol 10UIII' w~ Ul· 8tiOU'l yau S1rtd If you go at ~Hm li'Jic!e: '8 f·sbid dog. ¥G:~ 'iI/.i# wit) "~',S" "lfl'l.

~ warU 'Ill Ir,ed lJIOOI 'th 151, le55ont'oth~ "IU'f'II:1iilfflJllin'taiLs 8n~: '~5)8n1i:a!s.

Dnd I want to give '.\f'ou pr.act~el3i'~ us~bl19 miEl:~e,ri~r that yOll'Ganstak_'e yc,ur life On. So' ~?m no,t g'oi"l"g ~o pa:d thllslftson with rldlculcnl!slv oomp~.ic;l!i'I;ed:, Intrica.te. ,;:tC(oh:atiC mO'i!i\e'nlIelili'I.'S, Ulilt~ Imtalk.e t'Oif gll':ea~ exhj,bil1ofls blJJl i,e'a.ve you wide' oJ')en ll"l ,8 ser~cil.l:S, "'''HHight n y,olJ stLlid;Y. 118"11'1 and ,g,a¢ijt~e UU! fIfriIav!~s .and sU'9$l1e~ttld" ~a,,:nC!-s, in thiB IlBSSOI'I yem, will stalnd at leut ,a SO% chance or success' 'DlRln.st. a lII'3Z01' wielding ass2lcf~Bnt - PI'C101 idiUll yeu seQ! th!a llIttaeJ<. I~oming. ~ IknoW' gf no way to p'Sure 3 100% Q~n'ee Q'f \[l~(l'orv lin an!lf~hilng, and! II maintain tbru an,O'nl, w!u~,cia~li'iI"Is to tile In p~![l!$i1CI'lTii ~hu<!l:1i'I 'krnow!eUge Is. ,eithe:r ,afoo'~ or ,8 liar - ,or be'bJl'i.


'TlUilliEl' is: littla cnalfwa gf rs,!JCDessfu~ d'afe'ns9agahlst SJr'lytl'liln:51ir 'yQ~ ~!'e oa_lJi':lI~t to'~a~I'y lJIll'lpreparudi" in Q f'elft):ed me·hta] ,lind phy.s·lcal stmte'. ,-.tnerefore. ~1"rmBD I,l:! tlW7ger 8Jl'ld ~o ~~e ~S'!llbillt" ,of iB,thllCk Is hill this~ as in 9"Hl!I'Y ifiSlatruoo', :iI'~L!'r fmnUrne dsr8nstve tact'ic:"

If 'we ~ish till be MIChililic_'i we ean iI_ss:erl,'wUh some' do.gru 0' t!ru,~hi tha~: Inana,(;;k a.gajlJi!!s~ YOU by a ril2iOf-t!e.iiillrlmQ QPPQm;nt 'osn OOCUf ,~flywh6ro and a~ Iny Ume. Tlhis is 'Boh.niS':aII'y ~:riUei but p'racti.caJI, II'I,dlc!LJlou:s, ~ ,andY(I'IJI know i't V.OiU lE!lf\8 no' in tlil:9 same desrrQ' Q~' dEHlger reg8il"dltus IOI~ wham you alia and I'lilgs,rdlt'..$1l of 'whl!}m ~'au illlrf!J wilUI.

Wl"la;~ Y·Oli nead ~~QUnIVaJtie Is ~he !1abU, of tt!'gutarj~g your iPV6i'S !fIJ r "t:lia:dJn8S's d9p,enrJfng '~PQ\n whetl ~L' ,,11'9 8n(/ UpOn w110 ,Qfid' Whar is. a~'Ufld ,OU, ~rn o~hEN' wOrdSi, wl1eillYw ill'll!' :s~Ulnfil a~ h:o,m!Gi watching TV yOIJ Cln {exce~'t~n !the very filJesl -gIl elll,cBPtliQnai 'TI's~>IiIJn(:pSil Ml~ and a';i3ume 8 meli1itam-phY.51~1 i~Qstu,.:e d:rtf~rent



When 'V~l.l'r,e' ws.lkjng ,down t:Jfle str'ee~ keep YCMJ!' i1orn1ds oul wl1i.er·IiI' Itr,sy can dOl yo.IbD Ei,aM9 gpi'J~ i'R averHng a, 'sudden' aUaek, If It's:min~!'I.g1 ;GIl' snowing., toO' ~a"_ -Can't ~i~ meli'if tPa:rk~d cal'S Dr nl!';,U tmiidilng:1i I ilL the' str.eet. HUorM:lfI pejlii~enGm enjG,/G ~urkjl'llg :'n'the st'l,!U)Ow.s folrc' "V:iclimli~ w:ho appmlEllch UfIII&IMi!IHl'S 'Hi'('hlfll afm'iS rea,ch .. Agalln, If it''S ine.IBme!lTlit weatt'H1M', 'tough. Gf!it wet - -lbIul. don't Se! IlIdll,ed,.

If the r'e'~(i'f!f will a~WBys:ma:~e a habit (If this alil!iw~n!l!;s:s: tlt'nrt ~ am s1r.essjlniQi :so mUlch. IhewlU havEnedl.lced NH~ a[1 ton't affli:el e fII'C1l' ol any: pOi&SII)~e aU~~'k~f' by am lreas~ 610~. ~n many ins:tancu an attack@r will t::re del~erf'Bd meroJy .by Ii' 81'10W (If fr9·aQ,'nft~ on U'I'!lI P,I" CDlf 11'1'8

ml'rmded v~atlm. Re.member: the iCUlIIi1Tl lis no'. ~ookllf1g for a mat(lh or 8 contut. Title' sOUlm wa.nls·s ",f(1tim. Anyone wlila does no appe - r to be easy pi,d\;lf'Igs tmCQumges the criminal 'i!'ermln to :s.tep W d'e and ~ook el'sGw:hiere for a tal'lyoL

you~ ,demealilol, Vl)UI' slap" your Ibearlng and paslure aU havo. a great deal 10 do with alal1f11M'S, a'l1d readlnus. W,IlI.I'1c. b:risIUy, cClnnden~,ly and aS~l'I.Jredly. K'eep you,r eyes OjUlIn, 'your [head up, 'fief IrJo(l,k alr(lu,nd aa you wallol, being ,alert ~oev,el1 UlI.Bsligh'tas'[ nohiliBl nNr you or behind' you, afld makililli full use: of YQUIiT' per~pheral \I sicn.

A main who a;ppearshus S 1101 projecfing ~he message'. "rm afraid: I, hope tcGod nDthi'MI happ ns to mal" HellS, projacUngl the mes-age, "~'m fier~ an,d I'm aler*Bnd II knoW' where' 11m headed. and I'm g,o "'91 to, g,et tho.'re, iieglroIBss"" Tn Ii is no~ what'lhe scum W8!"1ts to attack.


It is no .sBcRl1lhil~ ~ am p,r,o-gun and a 'Nilli Urearms LDVIElR (run a gUI! "nat", but a, I!..HII, IO~t.I'll. I lova aflythln9Chat nan mllk'i a cli'"~,ppled old 'woman the aqualo,1 two hU~lkillg] musc\.IISlI' crapbilg\Gi who would rob and bea1 her. l'lo'l'e anylbing that lets a d8cBnt man protect IlI1is home, his woman andi h s chll~dl'B<n ~liI'om the dnlg-mu~k filth the'l would v,ic~imizie thom .• IOV9 MIGHT In the handS 01 tho PliGHT. Afld Lo the Unthinll<li"lg [dlalS who ·say. ''But crimrnal's BI50 lean u~e mi.glilt ~ and can De gUIr'l91", ~ answe-r, "'GUNS ,HAVE ALWA,rS ,SEEN TOTALLY AVA~LA8LE TO C"IM1NALS AN',f) T,HE.YALWAYS WILL ElE THAT IS WHY THEY .MUST ALWAYS BE MORE AvAILABLE TO TH1!lFl p,rJ"fEN1,'AL ""CflMSI'I

In a'I"1Y ease. ~ I!k!r~:l& ilr!v'on~ who, can ~o ob~,a~l'). ,and laam titJe,pimpSI' oomti:Jali\l'c8 DJI~e 0:'. guns. If you hvs wmewhere Bf('B IN'ew Y,o.rk Oity. wl1.ere only crimina.rs, Itsn get 'gl.:l1'l8 but not decent Ic~U!"eI!1.S, ~ am s.orfY lOt ,IfiU t'l1Ji11'BI'S work with Wh,aI we carl. Dh?

Carry 190m'S grave'l or sand n !lour [pocket and at .hie IInu sign of ,aggrBS~ QIlJ rrom Some ,eockiroach, 10u ill In h '6 fape. An umbr-eI'II!l (wltfl tihe metal Np riled to a point. as I alfwpys taach my lady ,pupilsl') is a da.odYY'm',iillpan. A1IJmosm a.ny~hTng a.l all ma.y be U'8~d 9!:mp'~y to dir.tll",act an o"ponen,~ by 'thre'~~ng t~: in his fs!Oij', R,sfl"iill!!mboil"rhls!

The Irazor Is noE a s~:aJbb'ng limpl'emlenrl. ]:1 h~i e)c,e11I.iis,lvely ,u,ssd to, slash Th.e 0"po08nl must gat real c1looo_ So, a rncment'e de~lay j,n h s advance ~atHi'ed by )'ur sudden I)' throwIng somethhrlQI n his flace wHI g,lva yplJ the' second you need tal ~ck h~m Irnto senselessness,.

UnquesltiCHiliBbly. absolutely. ,Invsrl,a:bly and IncH JPLJ~abll'!I, /ffekmi'J

So yom ,b-es:1 2<nfill mOSI aflecH¥(! de~e.l'1se' againsl a. razor-wielding assai ant, BlloGks with youII' arms are sometlmes lJsefiUl" to Ibe sure. Ev n spitlifilg mtgM 'gifl/9 you Sloma moment'S advanUIQr6'. But good. fast :kioks dehve",e!JI mercilessly linto the ,enemy',s, 'roi'q,J1'Il9r.81b!e bordy areas '!:O'pnS'lU,blte the singh;: bast anor rnest reUable da.mnse msaslJ;re 8Q1ainSI a razor (Of a kfllhii. f\pjr that matter).

U Ihe s~oohe.s at !four leg when you kiC1iI, (fliuumingl :iII'DIU Ideli! ,1108 sh::llW uli1<skilWful manner) you'll n€lt SU11'ar much 101" i1. Tile 1Ii',a:!!:or's slash ~ ~1' vo~,r IrQI.I&ersdon'lt take ~h,e OIl'!.u'U af U - wHI no'l !!i'llin ba fl)U· UIi1~U arller 'the Ugh·'. TtJe wo~r;d won't be sa'rious. lin faeE, yO!!.li' WOFS;i!,chlll'1pjSI" from kieJdng WOuhillbe 'Ihe cl1ance 01 having your leg gr,bbed. 1\11'Hi 'Ihfs 1;8f1 be avoided by: ,a} KiQk!lng p,t'OJ;lilr,y; {tnd fJ)1 Kicking L.OW.

",.,.,' 10 USE WOll. FEEf"GAINST AI R.~DR II rrilCg

1(:lck.il1lg high iiB 'OLIT. Con't ptJ:sm!Jt kicliI'Si above your attacker's groin - unless you Ililke the prospe.c:t 0,1 losllng tfheflghl HLgih kicks lOOk: fa.I1'~:stlc aJ"IId that's why they are used in tl'la movies. fn mart~DI a!1s, bo:olts; and In diemonslra1foll'5'. e!J1 IQI~ ftlc:kJs S,BVB' lives, lAtin IlglllllS. and war,. hen you lI1'flsd 'ernl K,ick low.

Your bQi,j;l tar:gets the fll'lhi\NGlE. Th 111$ formed by your aUacker'·s gnlJln and limsQS (tho th'II'{IG "'pohrl'ts" that 'orm the rrhlli!g~OJ. No- matte, how YOIlir attacker holds hlmse:I,f"or how he 'c.omes ilt Y91i1.1. ,fU '8851 QnEl' (and ,g8i''irElra'lly tWO)1 points O'f lha Itn]Qngle will be explJ.sw:! ta'yG~. THA,rS YOURTAFtGETf a,re-all; ~he b's.smrd·:Pjl, tefls or lciclk 'tn~8' teli,Icloo'wnl1l an your mrght DrlC:!J yaLii wm s~ow h~,s adlYan:oe mor1.hwUhl

fh" sl.ds lflnJIIsUng lilt ck, s the' bes' way to daU\IIor YCU.I,!!' '001 auack to the ad~8ncll1g fMor-Whtld'er. This ,exceHen:t kick Is d'all~\I'ered as foUows: Shlfit B'ither fOOl back" 10 yOUl1' raa i and hrow you,t !lady wel'gh1 on i.f. Dmw YQllJlf anns I.!1P M V,ou shlft to' auard your faee and body and turn. doubllrllQ over 81g111.ly fOfl'soHd balanee. VOll"lID now brought YO'I.H1crso cDmpletely aill~ ,of harm is 'Way and the worst U'l.Bt ),Ol..!r OIPpone.n1 can do ,8 cut yQUiI' arm or tear youw shrrt with his w,eaptln. Dlraiw you,r leg (:the one rne.a:rest 'the' op~oner:1tJ ~p' and bringl your l~i'lree toward your sto:mpeh. The ladge er boUo,m Gfvour ki,ekh'!~1 leg, now faces !i'0ur al1't"er:sary. Sudda'llly laslh' 04,1/1 hard~, thrusting your enUrer hi'l) Bl'1d s,1:de into a bru\all~¥ pOIW'erful klek" ,1;1 mll'1,g to go through the Iatt;et you <iUBf:'k. Lash oUi~ and Sn<ElP Imck alter canlt-aCl_ REPEAT TII-IE KICK]


'm!!' ,COl¥.tMi' !Il1d' - 1:fQ!1" tIlJii~,,,1:I UN ,lnN.r ·mltt." hlp ,tll(~ ,tf/a1f .nli' !it .. hHI loN • .rd1


Tt'le \j,aiIl.HiI' om th~ls de:r'DnSGi is "So great Illilaot, I cannot ;over$l.res'i 'til'!u' II'UU'~ hl ]Ili'Ia!h;l!J ~t l~CI'G~,HJ1"'ly, U ro,U' "eat:fI'sd iI?@ o'hsif lIl,erle or uiJa',I'Nsd €omblr. vour muter,. ,~'r thi,S; l~lclc; Yll'S'uld,ass.IJIlfl' ylo1JO:l}' jl'l 80% Of 'lh eface-tcH'aee frO hl~9 yo>u wo u I d ~'jlIelr tie n ke~lf ~~ entOl!!nte'r. 'One' :5,tu,dent of mine In 'NQW 'orik Chy (Um Bron.1f; ~o be i9l!!1;acl) iflocred rw,E! g'rtlIwn men by deUllfimd rU1hl,e~:i!y applyin,Q th@ sh:le khll1: ~gajf'l!3'~ them when ~h6y oomBlI'",ed r[a&r. ,She 'rUM 1'4-"e&rs Gild. and they we re a diu I ts. V~~ \1'Ye I r1or&di b Ie 'power !;If t Iii js llitl !;ik:. 6Vifl!'lll from a ohild, '~linIt:I 'the IIiIlUmml3 VL;llI'ru.lra'b~llrty of thQ[;jJrgtl!l:$ f!!'U31c!'D' 't,!'ne' d,eJsJl'se alf'!1.a~ll1Q!Y l19~ficienr On Illy 75 pO:lUu"Ids 'of 1l\l!!lul'Qter[oint m'(ire~ wlll break :l. knee. and 91l'EHil, ~. 14 fe~r ~:I'd g,id. ~tllghing 9'D t,o 1CQ PQ!ell'lds Gaf! d'9~'I!V,af tWice that;e'illsHy, wlth :P(~I~Iitl:e. mrnagfne wha! you can .dol

Shouhj' you be ~uiiln\1l1'rag whfil one 81~e OOlmlpl'El~ely or p8l1ilil~ 'ta:cin9 't:M OppCM'IE!nl alre:a.IJl' wne,n he m01es in. l'Us,' kielf, f.rom 'fHli'r'I:~BVO~d'n:91 any ur:i'Mooessaryfggihlll':tJ'l'k and I'flrelrntv'.shiflililg ycnllr w~igh.t to 'lila fCll' fal!'thEl~tfrC!111I th'EI ooullj'ant.

The ~,()n't 'ki,ek if', sametlm:es 'vla1blo' a!)Bil'il~t a razor_'wle:~det. but ~tJe sidm klo~ i& ~iilt 'b.e:t~eor. Ia:~s:t ,iJsa 01' 'the frolil't Idele Is when UUl' IQ,p~One"t, r;ae~ngl you, rUBchf1S' for or !5,t8rts to pllil GU~', a wea,on. Then, ~U5t let 'f~:r wij!l:fiII ,~ S,ypi911'~~'''~ ba.n--o~~;'he..foot ;sl'!ap kick rii~'M into I]~s te1h::i,es:, ,and wh'l" ~CII;,!r fOQt baclll, cantil"luln; Ito tbllow ~hlrough by 'either dell\i~tFlnQ a :secor!!:! Ideli, t6 li'l~ tm:ltlclli1,S; or b~ ~umllng and' breai!l.in,Q t,J!'ii ,leg With a !S,ide kiok.

As WiUl, the :side kl~Gk, tOf S,"{OS' dI11Q.!T5lt1 !JSH, rII!:) front ki'c'k, !81f11:w]d be :a~m8d ,abo,.-e the 3ltaeke,r's gro,I.l'lI.

In all. the loombilr1t1d h!l~~ics a<Hhrowing ij'nythlng dirooUy intQ me OP~{Hl e filif'S l'alc e snd. Insta_:n~11 ~;iOllow'i"'9 '~'1:1 fl1:! IJ! gh 'IN ith COI"I~IIIILllai 1~:ri:dk'i'll1g Htitacks is, 1h~ best Ipri!GUcal defornse .ag;ainst a r~;f;(1'f flglfl'ter.


"hB·'QI~d '!tt!a~r d,e1errse :~tfi"~I;"'y'll' u. USiM by Fa:hl'b8.~rll'liS as g'06d Om'ld e,'fsctlv,e ,tod., Riili It was wthen be tr,i:lIfied OSS and COJT!ll'lar'ldo Ipef,S:CI"II:I"!ell ~n iits usa d,urJng tlhe 194'll~1S .•• so long 88· yOltve gOt a thai, haWley. Ptck It up by the' bac'" and, Idt'~\te' nSiri!t intiQ 'U·U!l1 rBZ!or~ w;leldeF"s ,adliraJI"Nl9j jgmlfi!11ll'1fj UilQ eharr''s, Illags In'to I!n,e arll!~!ke' r.


A, •• ,. ~t (rill ilfrY Cit".' ,pDIIIIU.d)'. ,ent, e • .n

bI' ",id .,Uh '\Ii~Hr PDlI'Jbl1i~,. ar &uC'aKhll,II • ..v;, lei.~ Mm •• ntJ M ,IBnoM!'


HII a ,s;i1!J~~'19n Where ,a Cr,tlse, SI,I'ddG'1I1' aUarelit as'l'Ih'llst yo'l.! eeeuss, about tl1a' oni,. thin,s '~OLl 'e-an do ~"S U!Se y'Oul' ~'uillnd8, and arms to, blook any attempt on the anta,gcmls!'-s part EO sIBSII'I you. Thfs Is pr:stty Ins,Urn;,tlvQ ilnywaY.IEmdyoQ musr oiffer·somedetena:e. Wham ,01.1 need 10 keep {n mind Is tfi.al ~he looner YQU oon\l"" SUCtUlI1I1 und&8ln1ble situation INTO ONE IN WHICH YD,U" YOURSeLF A:RE A,TTAQK~NG THE 'RAZOrR'-FU3HTIER; the bsUe:rL

Once physi.e.aJ conlam rs m,sde !!lInd )lOUI!" b'r.lIck (all' a.Hemp. to 'block) has l:.lesnStx,cuted, uso YOIJr fee'l a,nd ImEte-s, al~ain91 U'le op,palilBf1I~ by 'Clallv,ell"il1Q '(5,cralPe' ~ICks, dawn his shlnl!l"OW"G 'Or knee 'dcks, 1111'1o, his groin. BEl testl Bi! il"u~lll8Sis~' Un'e» lJ'f)iU Uilil'OW 't!hs' r,8.Zojl'-f gh'ler 01"1, the dareflStvGI ha will IilOI be dEftEl'rred from contill1uing hl8 8tlack . .JU51 to blQck or dedi,s Is by no maan'i au fn cl BJII' .

a,tlt,n •• ' 1ft. lfiUn. 'h~ "~.ID,.tI .nd ._ .. 1' o-r Ifh. lPO"

,hJd .r 'htl fblV.~ -



NEVER, 'EVE1R. EVEFI~ UNl)IER ANY CJFlC!UM'STANCl:S OR CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER aUernp1 ,to "disarm" 'U,e IrpQj flg,hter by ImmoblU:r ng his w8'SI!pon IM·rld and tw sUng the razor rr(l'm, his grip. A siJlI:eelw1:5o JlIJJlllik will re:spaAd 11, ramllmingi h~s nngels. i'I ~our ,eves or bitj ng YOILlr t ",roat out He won't fMipo'nd I'lke you see ~n tI'N:! mr.PJies bYSUl'rend~ering hJS" w'e£llpon.

U ,your ~I'DOk Bnd klCic/iSlomp response falll:5 '10 cause hin'! lo drDp his. wDa:p,Qn fN U Iprobablv W,m faJl'l)' Just step b=iu::::k and KU::K, NofH:n~'F ftttempl to' ,~at hltiwB,l,pon aWay,,, nor go' ~o 'the gre~'"d wnh hii'm. !Let yQl4fr strong Ie;; muscles do theiri,gb ~nd KICKJI' Keep kiek:ing rand klc:klngl 8.nd lIIse YQllJr hands Dn~y tQ' "guard Y,QiUr rEliCia'1 area. targets, fli'lctud:tlng y~uJ:rhroat). ,Only i,.a '~'ortunalD opening occurs to r]p' out "our enemy"'s, e·yes,. rup'h.ne hlswfndpiji)ilIl or cl'iI,ck 'the bl'.ld,ge 6~ his, nOse wUh a bottom-fist or e.dlje-o"':E11·ut-hiiJirncll:;ras,I'i!I" ShOAJ'ld you rsubstnwte a Iilslll'ld blow fen your ki:cks.

,IIiMUMr lfkId:. F:mm ".,. Ii lWJJC'b &dO flHl • .". t:Guht tQ1~rtIi • IIIIT. AIM'. u I'lfl!l!l. lrJ1hJ '0 ,b: •• atilt plAUt.


O~l1mr who nnJuJ I,., .. ,," II rDDr!;"ln Oe ilil'Gdild •• -boo. Nor. fio .. ,rb. 1I'lii' • .tlQ6: II"I)IJII •• Pll1ecrJ), .~ IfIIItlJt, IUJI flRltl}

QJIPD.II nt' mr.mRrl ,. d~ulln rrI: _ _ h.ltd II ,.",_ t.bDlW fill plnJfJh d.t.tI •• ).-



Finall!lr, tEuTII'9rnbet re aVO,i'd, n~e' mOlt serious of all aHnen: 111,9 Burp,lI'ise i!ilme~ trom Mllinld. On'~ sup,I'Il!'mo' e!on1nsss CBIl help yau herre, -ancl I he ~Ql1ilImon-sensa III recau t I~n of 01 wav:s h~"'i I"Ig' ,8 wal ~ or s-ome c'lher in'N"enetrab.le o,bJeel to YOUII' bacik~ LUCk, 'the' one 't;hlng you must ,rte~ef 11'91y O!'ll, Is ~nslJrfffcient to pro'l,ect yaLll from iI 'ra'tiEl.lly eftlect~I.I'B sL:itp!ifrse attack rrom' behind. SOl rclQn'~ h.cpa for Jluok.

I al,woys 'tell my _pulpils: "Nev,Iin' JEll YO'i.Jr9~rd clown. Even If Ulere is no one el$.S 'on the street wnn you, stand wiUI your back te .he, soilid ball'rielli' of'rl'1le rra'ffIC IIghll: nen you stop before ,crQ5singr th,c street"' And rhQl~ gOOd ,Sld~lee.

Self-d'etell'llii!!' IS WGiIr 1m rn GTOaos;m.


Raz.DW· ng1h11ng t:l:i" not UUl' SiilfTUi[l! ilS knife n,111InQ-- althQug:!'rI e)!.p.8W1~efilC8 and tiraining i1I 'prQP€:If ~nife' flghUn'S! li'fu:~1hcds most cletlni~:e~y h,~~ CflTIf)'OV'ElJl' .J!!i<il~We f,p'!, r~or QDm~J~.1. Primarily. Jaz:or n~htfng Is ·e~h13NlI8'I,yc'I'OiSe-~J1 and reQl~.dl'R beuet physical condithll~ '~'ha!Jl'l kllirs figli!tJlng. aln,g' I thmh iii much strtHlIge:r ;s1om~u;'li'!. VO'li! need, I~U,fte:: IttBm~'~~. to be B'moUol"llally lIIInaffeetlldi by rippulQ !f()L11' (),pp(On.Bn~ to shl'oos,

ll~ OUIi fI,atlon"s "I; ,ciUes (SUQ~ as New Yl)r,k. GhWca_g.I)" S.eun FII"ilIii:OlsGiD, ilIO., 'rtmGlf 'fights aOGurwit~ NJQul,EiJiity IhEllllli,Qly .among raUilsr PI"~IIim~U1iJl'e tlla.ek.wla~'llll!JltlJre types - I!J'SlJa!ly '!.u;~'al milllortMfl;S. Those' w'h,Q Wish 'm lim'[QJ'iPl'iDt these words liS "mclS't" are ~li"el 'to do, 80, but it is ngt my iflli~ell'l~icN'I' tQi ~(;m1ol'ev si,IIch iJ Imoan,jlny. In :fa;~t, 'the ,p<oor racial Wlinol~ine!i, r:utturalll~Y gI'8Vlti8Jt9~g Ih~tfiairophi:stlcated and blood:rer marUa.1 waY1;l:. 1!"1"I~S has alwavs I)eol'l·~ .. ua, al"l(i U 19.1iIot.likel'~ 1:0 JchalillQGI. The weU-ro-dD b!IJ,s;iFl9:lS: Me;cUl:I",e g,Bnerally either hil'@s ifJJ b,t:ldyglJlsrt1 (.'StItlPJci" II'D my Q,pln,lan. IB,xcept 1,", rafe 'CasSiS)1 or iI'I e JlIUir~naSM, and l·e\!lfrrH~· to :u~ a iI:Iillh.qilU!i!lU ly h 3t11 ~g UI!l1 Dr s:ho IJI dell' wfi'spgn. The !Qlheuo d,wener Gal'lr~es ~ bhl,c~ed ,~mplem.e!'ll,t Or a cheap •. IPl'i!lct.h:ally wOlrthle5iS handgun. fhGr~'S1 ,no'thinlg "lr,i!lIcisP" il'll ~his: cboo,fIIlsUc.rI -- n-'s .~Ult !",Iain fllC[ual

G'enerallys:peoking.ther phye Dill fitness. h'llutilnee andgleit1le~al~ nJ gg ednsiliis Icd ,authfl!J I 9 liI'eiltJo P 1II1r1 ks is: ex~ foordl na1l'1'~r h~g 1\'1'. IAt a 1111 elilfly '>Ige tt'iev .jjIB~elDp a h~glh 't(i;lell'liI'fIIOSrQII l!7a111il'oa,nd ""~c:f,en'ce, Qll'idl their ,comb.~\l1 Si~HlUd.9 ielives IUd IS walFldl'lg. :A rfOOlli' is Ii 10glooJ weapon for ~uohPr~;nson~"

111e aVBf-a'g,e man wl1lll W~SI119S! ~o achieve W{;lrl!:~Jb'G ~J('Qrilse wilh ,1'1 mzOf ~ tlha:t ~i'lill =reryB in <ill "€loal Ugh~ - must condlt'fon hila. a~titllld'e _ well f'Hi hrs ITI!U8(l1,i251 lt~ 'fIght IFYI~hte'1j:5'IV gnd Uerooly. Merely m:as:t.ering :slQme pretty "tdcks" won"t do at ell.


V'Ol! II"I1~Qhi~. ~hill1k m.bar [hie' ,elemeilu o:~ su.tpil'lse WOUI~d ltle .in1lp~~,lblre ttl, ,achl~'I;I'~ hm a~ao~tb-offt€€1 nllZOll" fight, but llnal~sn·t netessarU)' ~rue. While' ~f.lli!~afJ't-Q.u.".ri:SiJ YQ~I:' opponent to~a~ll,y" as you 'i:Ht)Ldd hl a S 1IIId'd9i'J1 seU-dete,n IiJ![I Or OnellTl'Se' move, yeu ~'", 5Itllr~ifise h,im bV ,ca.n.:I.$IFlig 111m ;JCI bel'lellu'B ti!"UU 1l'DU Wii:~ll ~IQli1l "'I'm one Wa!!' ,8I'IId U'Jen 'tiuriiCLII,sly attal~i!:iln'!J ~n arlU~l'ther way.

In the clftssk~ ls)d .A BO'OK 0.'" .5 fltNO;S. ttrue IR~iB ,IHIt:l1.CJ'r MlyamlJ:lo Mus::a.shi ftli'le. 'Qreate$r~sWOllI'\dslman 1m .JapaJ'lless' tltnoryll adi'lii~:as UlJIst ~1i'I p.Bf"oona~ oOlmbat' 'orne may' ,a£:hi'lile v.iC~oty b"y commen.c1A9. In 0 manner tl'I',e!\ s'~.gge-1i!ts 'onE!" wj~~ ngh~ sIGW,i)l', ,and thE!nfsL!ddelil.~'Y aUook'rng wiliUillSw~n vigor, This ~,iS the ~Hnl!Jre of tili1'e' 'S·u!IP~~IE!i t~ai'l~ ~a'nI l~e lehf,e,.~~ .11'1: ·PI ~lliee--lo~TaiCe r~cr flghl.


Fei{l;fi~n 01 'Fe ar Js: "f,in 0 "I' my glream fonos., U so bj)au U"~dl, eau!ies. one's aillhl'ler:sa,ry [oplunga ahelildl, 'o,,-,~u'Ccm~ldant. ·ToD'. it re'lie'1!lI8S hIm o~ 'qiJ'ilI.INI1I1s ,l!Ibo'U~ whe~'her ornef you repretenl( ,any 'lil'lreaJ~ ,to hlm, Thls makes rile tUL'~.eird gr,lS1 rOF yarur mlm 'If yGu can Cl'lea1!BI tlll1 y~iJr tif1am'!f'I!li l'fIiin'd ttiel '!#tHl'!,!li't~h;)n 1j1Ei11' YOli!l are-a p~s:t1Qver. 'Of th~~ ylou aretefllTifl.8di ilnd cO~iI"cH'Y,,~hal's gfea:~! then" a,l m.e i.n&:raril;t ~B bag i fII \II IOI~Uackwilh~he ~e'rUI1lnty t'twt yo UI wiB be no prob'lem, .: teaf irrto h~m scre{!lmin,g ~iike ill wild anl'mal and ,desfi'ftt'Y e~01'l vital' pohU or lifts Ul:llIt is 'DPBl! ~:tl' Y01lJ. Follow' {hil'louglh wi~th ob'~~\l1:Olll!8.f1lesS" !m0', your C\i'iI,h ,OJ to ~OWI" M~Y'S: In~ury, and ,110 not step ,pl'::HJllII1(fi.l'!Ig" r~pip1ng ,i:lJi'l1!'Ji ~arilng am I1fs ,oorcass, !!.l!ntil your mlusdss ,faU rrQ1m ~'xhayst ion!

:eHQRPinB ba.ck a,s, ~hQu.Qh yO'1UI I~ruended a [·s'treat and lhelil 8!I.uldsl'llly char,g]iI1g 'torward. (l~I!1I~ir:tuil1l,g to foUow ~hl\o!l!9li1J, ls al.so good st!"~~'egy,,

l.Lili'hgllng - then sl~,pplng sud'Clen'ly - 'thel!'! roUowll'1l:g through wil" ar ~'h1!ial ,fj)Uack t:na~ destroys Ilhe enemy" O:U;i!!rl wCH'ks w,~1.

II!)'B'l::0ptlon Is e'!lel:}fl~hinsU farrna~5! O!l" ell1iQ~ ,am lallL,~nJ,bl'" Ob'iiiou'l~ly, it I'I!; Importan~[Qi dec;('tive ttlQ a~versary when,!i!iIl/Or po~I~.II~, 3nd in! wha~ei\reT way is open lQ 'OllO." '8,y imp~anUng - !!f~~ri mQmen'l'arily - ,en ~n'a;)J!!"nIDt e\i':(!lIlua~ioil'l g,f yQillJl" j,ntell!ftilCil'ns in youlr 'e'lliBrrJIYs 'h!eact you succeed In totall\!, HiM'owhil.g ,hlrru:if1' hi!lllQuardl. A man 'who is gSf'ltline!Y collvlfil,eild, 'at iIJi'l.flto'±lnM, t:nalll'OU ]l"It€l"lnd to plui1ch '~itn in, t!rtia ta'Qa" iii! hridP~I~ to d~tend hif'!lillserf 8)Q'1l1I1CSl 8 ,pJli1oruu·ly sl(E!cuted, swilift,~y-dell\ileri!d kl{;k ~fI the ~esHcle:s.

O~oopUon Is more Imparfn'llln than fa~Cy I1IJ)'oI'8S.. SQ j~ ,auttu.,hh In a 1II'a20f Ug~~, tlhe orne wl1o' Wins, ,~s aJwQ¥s lh€l "D'nB whol is de!~iI'"mifil€l'd WC' will. Thl's aetBrml,'IiI0 t1[Ol'a1 m~let'ts H:sI;!H in two 'fUl'ldall1'li!:!fltQl wa)!~~ by· aggfOOs~w.e pl"lysfso,ll anal I!UJIMss'l,ye m:elii~a'll

lite hli!!vl~r. . - - -

N'Q assai lal"lt (1'1" OPIPOll.e.n ~ 'Wo!'ll:tli thl, tln!EI mil! will b'a defefi'ecl ~y your defulI1:si",ely.-o.l'Im"!lI!ed IfnCHfeffNiJJ'ilm ,~iflItj a.tUtllde. It when em~·flcUe~ illl1H "grit. lI..;;)u f'(}~!i~h~, d.E!,term.l:nB only l,QI defend vourselt 'VJ8J iI1Dn",aggfBsst~e er RorH)nena:irve anUorHlJ. you awe ~'OJ~ Fliro't 'Il'f ,a!~II. ne One - ",",0 m'alter ihow 9fea1i!li1:il' !8','IIpG\f!' In any fa~1II' 01 ,oillmbut ~ 'calli Wnd~r,jnltBllIf' ikuj!l1 up s: deltanS'[OJB Ipose, lAnd 6t11.dI'ff'l$ly

av~id. plany. bloek~ Oil' cl0d~ep or ~hwart his enarfilY' l",m1 j)

Sooner or ~'a'tar he !NUl ~,i~: - and ~hDn he Vilill pr~b, bly II~ klU

Second. ~hee CoO!'!! ~l!'I ~'ii:i!Q~ be no :::n.!~cflI5~'!J1 dil1,run UI "~11"" t I

without some a!il'!~If!liIssJl;ta. ofre.I]s;I~ili';liIldlon Oil )lnul!' p rl ' 'Ii' rl n)' ~ ~ do (wfoong'l:y), ~a~'9 a ~elf~nSihte an HlldQ 111 I~ Ill', nd .'H d I !


1)'~'Cc'1l1ng thifi:l8l'1emy, .sCi! whll1'ii You'll ,Sml~ ne:etil to taka fjg~roosll-ve aelitu'll e' ,s,r.lm;e pOj'nl to 'tllrmHlla;tp tn,e, 'flgI11. Unless ,Obi II1fHIIHali~z:n ~.he cSQQreiSsor you ballre; 11'1011: defea:ted hifJll. B"(!'"~r by 'far K). take ,swift, p0'9i'I:I",9, rlUJ~hll'rms and' pow.er1u'~ ,a;gg,reS8JVBI ,a,Glron n9htaw,I!I.Y~'

Aob!BlI combat ailt,PBl!ier:l,OQ. in 'military 8Jld law 'e'f'lforG!:1HliIeflll~ !SI~~u~~'IQns ('8' wetw :a:s in ,cer1~inl !'Kivllian s~,b.l!aUo'ns) has, PT~'EI,~ b:e;vQndlarny ~ossible :5haG1Qw ()f ~ ,(£gu'lJitthat A'GGRESSI'V'ENII~SS 8111'1 ~ offeFlB~:~DIY""Or'iel'lte d1!e'IJhn,iq'u 81 ap'Fd i,cai~lon ~s \hl 511J peri 0 i!' ,Slp,I'roaehl:Q de:aJI'ln~ with any hal'liI::I-~Q-'hp!l1d .d,\iI'BII'1ii,aJry~$J. ~n 11Iil!f 'B:flfsic OO:MBAl'O O'OI.H6'8 (which corm]sts 0,1 2.(l18SSOIfilS~. it lis no~: unusual hlJr !Eli pw,pil tOI a:l'll'ni'oQve IMormouse Ii>[lH-aS!lllJranC9 rand eetluaJ, WOiik<liD1f! c].o!Et-oom!iil,all: ulll'ty by [he Ii m'9 he 'fH'J!ii1Il,pteteB It1 (s; :shdlh, ~essOn !I In ratt,1 l'1IoVie .liI'ist:W'!ce~ (:li!1 IretGrd WneltErpu,l.Is of mllJi19 ~aill'e. IN,lti'! no m,ore tiflon two or tl'll'RB ,lesaOll'l5lJnder lll1elr bi!'I~. lIlI.clually dEll·fea.t~d l!,el!1ou,s a'~tRcl~er,s 1r1l1 r~al·lI~a' ngh'l situ,allons and ratilScks. ~I ,do Iflot ssy n'lls to boas~ - I ami mere~~ IPsln,Ul'ilig cut thaI s~res:&ine a9g.m.f3i~'B', 11'. her than passive U.e,. def.Etnslijlll'e) slkll,ls and, atUliy,des ~s far and 8W.1.y the supeflor ap,preach In ,Iearning ,a,ny Iforml Cit 11'1 a n d-lo-Ih !E!J'uII 'com ba~.

The ~e pt!rThciple rc)~ agrg're!iru\ife:I1.B<!S, dipp1iM in I"afilf IIi!l]hts, whu~n ycHJI ha~B a wea,pan, ;os ~~ does, in unarmed l'Iandi~to-ha"d when V.fIU INll!l'e onlly n!l':ura~ W6aiP'Ofi'S wiU .. whic!rJ 'to Ilg11n1.


LeI ~O,Uf entl'm')ll, In Ol razor 1101'11, aCllIJlaUy Ji,ereer'lol'e ~h'al yQIU ate aner hi.ml 'life!.!!' Jlggll!l!l~l!irepo'S:llJr9 wlU ~on\!'8y ttlls. SAd Whon you 9'''' tOt him 11'101 wm be 'roree.cllI'toI1OO9~,u"'e Ithe Iderol'l!;l'I~91 ''Nt'I~ch p,laoes, you 111fl~t:iilfltlry Ih an ,ad~n~,a_geoUiSi and ,superior pc.si'Uon. .

iIlSrC""'N',!B 1I'J,fIf mE 'OPPfJ,i'lfN'I

Vo~r obje'C'Jf\lE!: whelll you a.t\a~k YIlill al~a;y~ ba ~oc:onvlfl~e 'tlt:l~ ElI:'Hlm'y thsthJs me ~s dl1i8CUy ~n danger. 'VOiljf P08111I'O, .a1tltlild'.o" moveroenis" etc, m~'5,f ,r;,~U56 tll'9 ~"\J.I;:lmy ,~ ~~~m8 thath9.is .rar;;m:g i!IJ wltd m8"". and a wild AilSfiI bell'l'l UIl)'Cilli! k)lllIn:g hhlll1. tell bcoU

n maue,l's IIHtre .ff '1I'Ie IO'm2lmy ts youlf p1'lYrSfca~1 'sul,eriol'. N8It!lIJf31I1y. ~~ ~B diM!I',able to be blg'ger 8ii'icl S;~'fc;rlgeli' ~han ~he 6l'11Smy, bu~ Y.OIUI are Bt. 1111 o. ~5yoholggliOOl,iili'!iadliraJi1.t4Be ~f th ts Is not the leAS !il'. lin is Q1; r~ YOu ,81m ptJY'~lloaliv In1s'riOIlf tOY€I,'U1" opPQnen~,"t r8~1' a ylcfoU'sty a9gMI~/l!!,lj ,r/(JttJrmined and waJifos4ii a,rur~d9 if! I''t:iij! ,.fglu, you. willi m{lsl dEd~n!tely hav.e PrJ ad.vtl!lfllag t •. IRemember: Vour 'OIPPCHUI'lU knows Ifljllelarly ttilaJI he! is bigQ:er ~h9f;! ,CUll :IlIr8, 'to' be SUire, If this is, 80'"

a 1i'I~1 i ~ yo U Stiff ali's fearless II I'll d '~Bterm lliled to -aUac k hi roI,. I'UI' 'w~n ba' flln~ildl ~,~ a,Sl( EiltrH:)E)U w:liLat ~ou kll'lo~ ~ha~. he dlO:esl'l~tI

I dQ I"IQt· me;,anl ,to imply 'll'UM ail 'th,o' .a·bal~EI 'thoughts will be CQr'lSclO:llJllly ¥erbillllo~ Iln!!ilde Ihe BnemiJi1i,s; l'iI'l~nd' dur!'l'Ig the ap~~~rstl~r..HI,d rJI'l~u;lSle of hsriJd. .. tCFhal'lld cgmbat~ but ~, 1!Cla aS51ll1111'e YQLI 't'ha\, "'Or however ,brief a mornant, U'1I9 Sn€U'l'1IiytS; PQmajJlual 8waqiN3iSJi w1ml be ~Blll:.tll'l·I.iIP wjthl m0m€ln~aFY '-',ognCiM'" over ndi IS$ue,llhls, r.or you. [8 W1 InC8lr::ulabh~1 IU'::!V9Jillb:lQo.

'liiIJ'!iJ 16111 reG~1I 'lhilL I e~ld j,n GOMBArD U~ree 'el~men,~iS O'f

~ewBIQP.m ent am 1S1m~e:~;

P,h,.I'ta~ CiQliildJllon Mental IRe.a"dI~n@n

TiKh rlllifiliUC',s ,Of CD m 1tI1~

Learnill!1g to jJ,~syclhe out" the enemy ls.a vital p~n 'of the menltalll F€ladl~nre~-s tlD',mn'lng.and ,OI!.U' will d,m weU to hep~ihi:s In mind at alii Ume5.

'(l:,C!N.,eanNG fI'Nt AI fIlD .ANti!" INTO .it allRrtliSIVE: Ai'C'lKlN

If:ear ~S your g:raa:~es~ aJly lin :a! H'ghlL Too ,bad tha~ Imany vl~Ums (]ir v~olel1 E crllma ha.q ~ot ~hBlr iln IUaL fuar- roope f'IIll run aW~f wUh thEIl'll - ,r'o r I n earlY a litythat 'ea r c:cUJ/d .haVEl' ,,saved ,them 'rom "hrJ/r unfott,~nlil,t,., fare. if' ~:'nw ,hl.l>iJII known' l10w ~'o ~Sg m

WMat h~ fea,li'? n I. Natum's ,!HI!{~ma~jc mr'&-sQlil'irtlg meehanis'm wl'thtl'l, you ~ha:( ~ rlgg;e r,a mdcoo~o ,am i!iIl ernoUana( ., i'ead i l'Ii,m 'and: ttla~ starts ~= withfH~I~ ,CUii' eonseleus fl:e,c~Siton ~ ,g ru,,,,,1 O~I ,8drsl'18lirn ~h'~yg""',ut '~IbIr'system U~RE. ea:n 'glive ycu Ute ,I'IIY8'jcal st'!rl!,U,;gth ~n pial(, upl,a Iman ~wleo ,our :s·lzeaJ!I'1d Uu'OW him' lei!,! feect I~ sp-ee4,s IlJp ',ou Il'efl'e)(lOO. sharlPerH,! yal.u· e,esJ:,ght and VG'ur ·'sil'l·th sense" ",11(11 makEJ.S 'yiQU, f,Q'r ~h9 dura.~lon, a ilii'llla] paweil'irUilUsB.

Wh;~, ;au mostlllcEdy Wlln Ile'ssklng IriDIN, n"~h9 abciIIjIi@ is;lru1(l1, !!I 001 peQph!l' defeaLe,d by (hEll,' faa,"" Th:e answer i.!lUUlit, whertlfear {'Iverlake.sl:l'ilern, '1\u~y oecoffllll'Sfratd Or .th.eJr fiflr. r.a~JJvert:h a n beco~m ing S!war, olf ~h B'lr~af, aile:! (ltiarllJeU ng Its 'eIUlrgy. Why does ~l"Ilt happen? 1geoauss ~l!Ie' f1i!!ISrn101 us ,ore toCJ cM'~'Ii2:ed. O'lter tho II!;Hi't In ~i"Idl"edi yeam, or sO, we havu !:Ieeo mo so i'rn$e~I'ectU8~' abOut our emDUCNlS that Will tend ~D rl11nh a"our fhl~m and JntBilfl~tu,ll~:Zia' aooul ,"~'effl' mue:h 'too' mucll. and W8 dOfl,'t act !l:I1rl1 chem when ,:hey 8f'I~i. TliIU:5,. the IP,a'~s;gn who Is Iconrll'ontll3:~ b, ,3. 'hJhmt aggressor W:~lll 1iI08I1i1Ctaii\rit! Cpmp{l'rly, ~.hat "'I !:I.n'l ab-ald." But U'UIIFl, rather ~~Jn

~'e~1i:ng thet hi1ar-energ), .9I1arrg'i hl'm with the pow,e'f he' na'ad's: t'O, 'deltf~ hi:ldbe, he rr:lD€:1' on 'W~111; "Oh my God'll"m soee:!J."led! I mal' be ""ille~~ I'm afraidl" 1i::lC" ete,

rh,i:s, i,s; net cO'IN,i'I'rdloo", elf In any :serlst€! bain,g ",.allow", ,Oi$ soma r.Uher &~up,~d :p~Y:9ical lypes WOU,I,1lI have ya~ bensvt). It Is simiply ~,tnB inlJiII!ltablE.o/ tleSbilU or being 'tflO cl¥Wzedl'I'

In a:chJ,!ij' ta~'t. 1m cH"fjm i!b be 8:lJt~e'S5h.illll In tilfne' prim,{Uve tlnchtllUzad ,arena of h!and-lo,.,ttand combat. 0i1'1e' must,fc'reg:o all "curm~ed"I3iISperG1S ,!J,'f his nature. i 11'1, c0l'ii11M,l !tIs rn(;l~' Qitefh'llrlteiv p.oss:d::d (I' 'te blllr 1'00 ,cJ''J#l'1;etlt

In i'land-to-'I1Md, ,comibat, if no;whEire els8, It is'tto your d6'fj,nitt! aclv8ln,18,ge ~:O ~e-am to '~IJIt~a~le' the' J~"gle 01' ,81f1imal ph~loSD:~hy. YOl,jilmay I"E~!U a~:Sij'r€'d '[ha~ "I ~'UI!' Oppcrl'llefil~ w,i,~U

Angellf :is 'vary clese ~Q f'ea!', ,i::IliIc! ,Illlr cUi!,tlvaUng an ar~mude Oif Indig.rliJ,nt fl'a~:red' for V'lojs,l'1t t~PE!SVOU will 'fln"~!iJi;lt; as yQ~H train ~nl in !tiC! m b. s,k fJJ'Q ~n d M you rphy§i ea ~ c iI!~abmty wUiirl ~,~ch ntqcIiJ as if'l'lj)I'tiY'6S, you wU,1 mp id Iyg~ ~i~~fIIli it rGar-n~spo'n S'8,~'o ,EI hClir/anger !!loop-onse W'UIII1 YQU IJ-fupeive Ihe' pOiSsitdlltyr;!'f an e rleoy n hu,

. P,eopre ,erroneouSly be~reye that iIiInger' ~Si iii Qfiaa:~er iIT'!lP~~U!8 to aggl'eS'slve aCfti~J"! ~han fear. This Is ncu Hue, bu~ !because ~~ is, a widely~a~c~~:tccl ,ool,ief, marflY, p6:0piB ~i8n:d 'rg oonlll,e,rt rirneil~ a.n~er ~IIHlO a:Cli(1.lf'! OOhil.I",1! the)' cQ!'iIv,er~ 't,f,jeir fe:Slf i,me a!:l;UI1iI'll. Actually; in l:i!'Iy e:il:·Fnlir~enee. a pe"H)rlI' wl'lQ ,Ifii l'El'rrllbly afrtua yfl~ who O/l'8!'Nlel;s 'ttl'ar' lur inUl' «aUrm, lsfar mDre pO'fflnt ~tmn a. person wJ1D,~S angry" and who channeJ5 the a.n!:lElr mio aC[h~HI. FiO\!U rOlJc:nM ,our loWliI deepes~ !;utviliJal n.fl8'ri£..AngE!!f. ~IOC oMen, is, m9J1"i!I is'L.!Irfac@ than dJeE!JI.an~ It 'lr~g'!'rers 6 less d'esper'!Jt~ l"~p{!,rU!le :frC'm CU.llI~ mind anti

muscles,. . .. '. . ,

In ,MY e-.se, and "0 nUI&ter how you ch0Q;tl! tQ IlOok, iU ~!,

I''ememb~r n~1lI1 :re.81'5Jnd 6l'1guJi' can and must ,be ILJs:ed fio,r r~a 'iiIIl1ergy U'1Jf proyh1e ,rei str~fI~i j:lIr,1 mlUvo em{llUans, and U 'i~'!!J CI"I<iI:UilII"lBI I!he '!!Ul ergy jp'r'O'1!IIlc'ed ,by 'rear .!lind/or ,U'Ig,Sf, Y'Qu CllJiliap a reserve Uti d fo'Uni or I"ower lha~ alm~:i! guarant&ss your iVi~tory In combsn.


I :Shill II!QW .al~amp,t ~Q '!:!l iva· If\DIlJ s.ome· comber-proven lips On now

to win Q rO.lor tiiglit. Thlese iilIlre Inot very pleasal"lll~, ,and I IiiJliIskl\1l 11'10' ·apQ'loglGtsfQr ~bem. The~ Imay lD<e fietessary tOL $ave ,Olllr, so J'e-am fh..,mr welt

1. As YQ1~ Gloss With OilS' Op~Wlam rnn; a hand'ul of dirt,s:ar.nd, QFi1IJv,el; 0Jl' ,Bn)" avail,Eliblo h,l;iindy ~1'8m, ~F1rQ tm~faQ9;: Kmel'l hTLme.(:I~are~:~' intol h~s ,knee cr shlfn-bol1l8;.fll'!I:d grab h~s I'n'Bilr wi~h yOUi' 'iffle hand wh~h'j you rip 'l1i~ n~ck Ylfl'th !f'Our ~,a;il;or.

l. Til) m,oJ(ifj B:S!dflpl"lse auac:k on an oppO,nll1llm, suddenl, :srrnas:f;1 your ~irH' hand 1r1li~'O h18 'f'see, .i':Iin,~ j,a,i) ~he c~'~S1ed r~r ,(like ,EI yawarsl sdelt) Inte h,[~1J,roin, As ~he 'DitI,pflJ'1Gn~ daubles o""er'~'r,g,m, '~Jl::f .Qrfcin b~'~w. Clp!!H1' the raza',r, a",~ prQslng' (iI,own Qn the back of !"i,j's head, 0P,Q~ h,lS 'th'roa:t 'IJIP' with a ra;z,or SUack.

3. As. 'thE!" '(lp pan am~. ~til.Idel"n'i,lI' a:ttackS' you. 'I,ll wUd IV ~aAdo sidestep !'lIs: adv:eJiH::e, ,k,it}Sr",ngl h~s· knoo. As you. ma~Lla_v,tn ,bS!'llI~II1~ hi~, gr~tI his, slf'ull!h~!lerDf halr ,and kick 11'0 ~he tI'a:c~.lJf r'llS, kn'ee~ ~nn:!llngl hl'l'IiiIl down. Rip his U~lJroa~ wit hi B rtu:or :s~ash ,!.liS he cru~tp,le~.,

4. As an C!llPpc!ilanr~ w~om, )'O'ill II'aGB' WilliVes, ""'i.<s razor in front of Y;OLl, Ifl'Oi'li~ SfI'Hlp-,k:idc: at I'II~S r;;llo,r 1'larf'dI {ei~!'!i'&r :stlrikll'iQ l~ or Mistin{i -:-' I'l d0l1i9I'i1'1 m.il.(~ll..I') and Gt&e In' ,l':Mil' slash1 n!l at h IS:~1es wi nil yo Uf ,t:rW!iI blJalde.A ijlo(i)k can be ap,pliled as you close in.

5. WhaJil an O~p~f1Ient ilnem,~s ·awide ~ouin~hoU8etype: of,.~I~h ,a~rt8clk, sl!,1I'1,p in S:IH:J b:~oak. Mdr employ ~ s!tralght,~,,,,p slas'h, liutac~, r~ppjng hli!li face cam,p!I:e:h;l~J. Po,llllow through!

ThciS'e ar,a su~gg;s'l~O~S Un's' I InOW ,Ieav,e' YOu w~th! ti,oplng. 'thay wl~11'l never Iil'o' misl.iIsed. The res,pCHilS~biiU}' c't p~-aiCHciflg, ~,el~!fII~ng, a!lu:l wIlen ",,"e;cessary, 8,pply'lng 'your s,kUII's. I~: !.I,p ~l:I you. MaY'Y'ol:l aeqtllre andllre~:ain youii' ab~Hly a1 a I'liglh I eva I and may YD~ ,rltevar hil\l'ft lnet\l,~ to use ,i1 ineaill'lI1Etst



In the lrIafld~l of a: skUlrad, flekum~nefl cembsl:o,l'I~, ~ne stf8ijght "azar is, huileed a 'oFllil1IG1abIEi weapDn. Howc",er, slnoe: the s'tll'alghr 11UOf w. nE!i'll'El'f designed wUh, ~om~a1 par 'se hlll mind. h Is fm,po:sslble 10 Make any :SiUQ gieEl'tl OMS DR sultalilhl~ p,urohatse l'lo.ms =

~1;;;.n - ~I'i- i'i ~r"""'1 -";-"'-,1 .. ,""marks OU,!~r '~ .a . '!.i'_IoI'g!6!, glgnQ,'p, _!Ii' . _ . _.

I hallie ne,'t8f see" a s:_tn'Mpen€ld sttaillglh:t razor ~h at W,IH, anli' i!l€lH.er: 0'1" WQI!'Se Ul'8'i'i '~il'Iothol' shlilfJie:l'leil stts~gh:~. ,raQf fo<r ~fl-,ngh~.rl1.g pllrpo,s-E!s. ~ ooul!lll @(l(pancl ~hls OfiJilJ~tilr to lO pBlg,e;s, or ni~'1l,IDkiblg iil'9Flblage'. m,er'{!,ly to "pad" ~hl!l bOI),L. hu,m l'm cell1ain that 5eflous st,ud'Elnl~s, ,of deren,sm w,Duld notappreC'lar~aUl~9~ After all, n ,~s ~rue Un,; thern-m'tI weill-made 1'llUI1"S, 3iII'nr.l, pODiF,lr mads raz'IiU'r: endl eyeA 8iO idiot 'C8f! ,grasp f~'I.at~aC:fl If YOUI IgOf to any dec:&nlt. cwUervshop", tl1!e ,pirop:(jQi~Qr wj,lI be t'U!I(;!,Y ~ ~"~d '" h~ur dl:FJiCl!!S~~I'I'a 1,j'Jil,l, 'lias and 00118 Qlf tho' various, razors· he'~ 'go~. ,eU1 hand. Sig' dODI. n you wan~ [D (lloll'ec,t ralors. i ref,alt' y,ou to' ,GOO ~ZOR'S', b,Y ail~ SchrOiitl~rl'. aJll,Qllable, ·~,Oll' $3,.95, trol1iil OOliecloll' Boots, POI D'ol!: 3009. Pad:Ui&o,!1" KY 42OQr1, ~lJt~119 YQiI'ious qUlI,1 iti'es ,8 rul ,peel1icattoFl9 mean little ~o mel person wlno_'s buying [nl:s falQ'f'(O rip a m'ijIgger~:o mreds.

B1ade ql!Jslltr probably does matter quilo a ,bi1 il. YGiU want reur rOOf hH IIfetilme use .8S, a iSlhall/,ing im,plemsnt Her,s again, tho ba:t informa,·ion I oon gl,~el ycnJ' r5 ~Q' ctll1s'rIdm tha I1'r,~pri~g'tlJ,r ef g mspeetaill'·B! CIJIUS1)' :shop. Hie [knows mare' aboullho nltty-gri~ Cit r!l2orsfor s~aving' 't.!liU I 'DV'Qn 1'119118' the intemsl to t:'IOOif a!l)Q!JI~

I W'Ou~d odwllJ9' the oomil)at-oi1Q1Fri,tfJd IfiUiiJ€lf iIlf ~tiI~!I bHIIc .• :0 un 1:i'1ue sim:ph.'l gudeliinre:s ln seleeUng a Jil!il(lJ' fordef·eJq,se mild survlvaj unga:

1. ~BiJ,y a 1'i'i:!'W ruor onl" l!i.lfllrOOS by dJnt of eNPfil:lieooe.yoll! §l!1te'~~ Ui,OI'E! ~,s a Uaw in ttle' slim,ple e0fl5lruC~~Of1ll 0,' tho l,mp~em:Hn'L

2~ Avoid spel1ldlr:l,g mora than $:lS '0" y,clIUIr lfiu:af, unless 'you ,am II cDill'e etar. ~ nave pel'sonalll, "I::i'llelll '~eii'l stl'fJRS ~n Irf9:sear,~'I1'r'o,r tf1[ts ChSlP1EU', and !'D'BVIi !!lOme ·to~!ha cOl1e,u:;IOIl1 tl1!at: 'm, pl',sctlcaJ 1lIliJ'aiity ~Qm car! genernlly 00 holid afiiY'N,Iloi';j, Ii;ii'MdllfliW", 'klr umdelf $2'5. Thms elIDes nQ~ Inolude omaJltl' d'oo~gJllis. bull' C€l1I'IliI! nly don't :sae, how a pmtU~Y"~Qshjo!1ed handlel en ·~(lUr weapoll1 wil~ hetp' ~\OU to ,olPlna p:unk's, ·~hr:o..al any qul,ckel\' 01' Slny better.


.3. 'Bu¥ i! raZ01' Hl.!'QP 'with ycu:lr blade. since i!lIttil\l',iiOUtSl'~ '~NJi.lr r8:Z<or l!"!IiI3'e~!il: t'O be 'kept t:UOf OOBlpi ~f you de IlSB}'OIU weapc'rI to ~evei' fI e:~ ~CI:r eve" e I,o~ h krn 91 - 11 liN i n d~ II '111. lb:lade.Ane D" a. tMorOugh clsiSliI1irn,g., then~ you'U HavQ UJ ~hB.l'P'!Ul .LMe blOOe' Ito [!!:ice SIJWJI It's rBady fort'tle next encoutUef. The razo(5, who'le slli'engttll'J'es In its $t'I'Sili'fl, Imen 'edge. It hal a'~lolU'I:eI!i no ",",eft" f'O speak, of, and ho abilUy to penE!lrnte tmilll1t~wi,se wah 111 thtrl.Ul1I BttHbk. i(IEI::P


it. Spraying riQur rllU:tlf Ifg'l1'tJy wlth'liVU,.,4D w~1I k~ltp it in p811ett rlltt~e,

5. In I'il"tY op'~I'IIQI'I, the' 'bes~, r.E11Z)Ors ara made In eitlle:r.GEtrimal!1'y tG'r SoHl'I'gen, stee'ljl cr In Eng~af!lcl (llIJt :5lh,nhtld, wtliare tile WW'~I COlli'I"I mafl,h) kill i i!.iIlS'S of 'tlie fal rba I rn -S!t'~~i ~e:siQn ,a'm' IPfOd UC8~). n V,OU 1hl'nk me CM!1I,sr Oif tJfrla (lI!JUary :slam yOU go to ish.:!IU of bansn as. ,clln'Jekt C) !lea ttl'!iQ~ ~be 1"I:11Z0:r W!lJlB mad e j n eiUuar of the hvO P'Ia,C!95 men1ioned. aWld you (\;:an'! 'get a li',flW d'eal.

s, If ),ClU'f i"$ZJc/lIln!:aks ,or chips lIn cC,I'mbaJI, g~\ ,rid of r~ af1:e,rWlilrQcS 8nidl buy a new ons. O'DI1', ,mtv on ,EI UliIlwEld WIUilpon~

~I'. When, ,pllIIlt\ooas'nng yo'~r .r,p.2er, ~eSil ll,~. ] 'don:'t mQiB"!n Or! the :!lI8,loolman, iHld I dOlfl't me81l by goililg t:l1i'ougl'ill an oflvio:lIJB/ comba!t drill wtf:1i1s rOth.er:a In tn,a stO!l"EI'" ,8WB'strucll!, """,,&1:01'1 yDu make an ass· 'm.i:.t of yOl.J!l'SBU. I IDet'!!1I"! holdllllile'1DZQf, !N;!e n'Dw ltresas. niFn, '0 M, l!"Ioo,,"HiiP~CUGIJIIS ,a:ngle, away ~ram IUie .salesman, 8liLd try ~he'grlps ffi~nUone.t1 .in li1I'lIEi'lb-ook. U shiourd l'ak" yo,~ abcut IWD lilB'C'Ill"lcfs ~o dOl this,Try l1arrcUng ttle f,.or "er,osed) as, a vawarlii :S1iok. How dCfJ$ 11 "Psl? O"'~lf you can answer nnn q~i.lesUon. :S'01!"Il8 rM:;Q:rs "H1VO' hMd'hlS iha~ iSl.'I'S' a bit heft~,ar~han lo~hBrs:. This aan mElke, flOl" some, a big cU'f1Ierenc9. Now, a[ ~hBt~me alf PliJmhas~, is theUm~ [ID dec~de' Wih8~ 1fI'~ yelYl.

I 'II1'Cll~e (ha~ ~II illS; obvious" [Dil,j~ ji..ls:t. ~n Casie' Jt iSI1I't,. 1'01 me: poini out ~h.a'l ,only' e 'UamiJib!!J n'~I'!OOmii:U;;!O,P 'would stn'90Jt al~ I'IIJ:s yap a.lmut Ol,llyililS l,lrIGrazol' for 'r.!Ie'IOiiilIC. Aind any ':shGw~lng[~I'W' withl r(UU WeID!J,lOl'I surely l'liiI'akes; you B fb's,~~elilHealr!d~dalie tor shlthcod. Be ,adull1 responsib~,9, ql,!lhJ~ and, uAobruslv'8: abQut y,0ur fntent~flns w,iUI yauf 'rm:(l'r, OtherwlsR you Ole' ~1'l\'ib1nl [l!Ius),badiEls, po~II[e&, 101,)g]o[llders" ,l:U·H:lI Justplalnl blolf:!'t>erm€luths lO ma'e your 111'~ ~'BU,

Psyel'l(!JI'ogica.Ii)'. ~1it8i raze I 18 a t{l!rn'lbh:l Instrument [~'Dii' u~e on p'oopJe. Re,memh~1' l~n8!~', wl1li'fl you mar be ~(K)%i(jsl~fted ~n' ,~~lcing ;Il:tlm, yottln9 Gl:;qpbsg ,to r-ib,bof.ls', and lea",Jng him ill b/ooay n{!Jped·, ~,D maS's fn ~htJ gutter, the Wawma.y not Bgrea. EspeeJally ,~f ItlJe p'lIMI'I'k


was. unarmed. W fe.' that ljhe de'\andef~ n any attack situation, Is lustll eel In dOinlg ~ and 11'111 u.sing - any damn 't'hing he wa,nm ~o Qr caJI'1I apply, Why we are obllgMl to care ~'bOIUl~ crearhllNs ,tih~u pray IIJPon u~ r6 somect'hing fhll' I h,pve ne'lMiU" been Bb'fe ,t.o I.Iim:l'ei'lUandl.

~ urgB eve.,.. reader to Clb"ey lhlEj law. for in1ormaUomll' purposes ,orlly. I 'Iii H pOinl ,oulMa,I if' )10,,,,,,, weapon "~itiPlleare5" (I.e .. , Is appr;oprlatuly destroyed and d:h!i'catded 80 Ib8. it is i,mPlJssfb~B' ~',o rel.riovQ Of to, ella!' a,galn rind] aitter use" y,o.u 08nnot ,be p,r;oven 10 be the .pef$Qn who used the' wea:PQII'I on ,anyone'. lit is you,!" wOi'd ag'iJmSE the ompbag's: and since Ille erapbagl pntbnb Y' has a prior record (mo3't vlol'enu o:rf,8nci.ers ~re to'd,ay rouune~y reJlscatliad wltlh B, slap on the WIII'IS'O Vo~ word VII" out! All iOf ~hlJs doesn't a,ppl'y in yaUi'" hame. natu.rsll'y. IBUE it diD. apply n the s~reB't 10 your home I ,tUJf}S' you wi,lI haye iiitGQ:~ 10a 12 g~a~e shotgufl er-a .45 aLno w~@n trouble s~rikes' At ths ",ary' leMll~ you IIhourd have a nght,ngl knife or a combat .. bowio, kmfe in your home.


MOIn:V man, Incllldil'lg,. mysel'[, like the Ide'il Qlr thE! r 'WiVMi or glrlfrhifnds being armed ,and p1rep,8fI8d to eliminste alilY scum that 8tccosts, them. Tilrlia irs prudent" wise and' I.mder51sndab!e tg' amycma, bul a I.ultliim. splllial:i1Ss Ut;!eliam.

II cenainly ,cain s-ympa:t1f1lze wl~h Uliii!! rnal!"l Who actively f:ln~ courages his WOlman 101 lesrn mania' skmS and the plii'oper use 0' weapoI'll s, HOWEVIER... pleaae allow me 'to off'sr sCl1rneadvio9. ,l)Ome 0' hol Ine(!I;I"I<!~iderabl'e, Dxrpemll"lOO workrng with women.

Woman tend gemuBlll)iI to be VElty Ire'lluctant ,to use o!'ry :sorll: of 'edg,ud w~apol'l. I "S!!I8 ne'91 knaw,n a ~emal,e pupn (andl • have known malrly]'1who wa.S wilUlngi 10 '!.J,s-a a razorag,al,n.sl an OPPt;!JlB'ti,t'. U· jlU<st doesn't S!lfi,1 most' wome,njillinrd ~,ra.nlkly ,I have little q,uesth)I'I' B.,!, to why.

Don't I!ry to shBl'fIJe vour wiiffi'e a,r girlfriend I(ar bullll:y trier) hdo keeping a rumr - or Bnytfling else - as D YlI9a:PCfI" Ul"lfogs: slih.SI wHIII1Q~~ ,agl1t85 Whon th'8 ch!ps are dOWn she wl'll rum,b~B and' 'fail wUh ,I weapQrJ slh", rinds alblilJcHI&nt - and ,she will probably ha;rs III used! a§,J'ainst her.

A ~dOi'-fl'I'1Bi'P doUble--:edged boot kni'fe (lIke tiIn& Ghlu'ber Mali'lk II) Is. 'I"fufect ~Qr I!II woman ~h.CI willuM.'l'!.el'i1.etingly usa It. anOi who wUlI wllllng~,y undergo ~h8 ten hOUI1I or so or U'sininQ, neoos:s.ary liD hUllJre pronel ency. Gel your lady Q knife, tihel1; U Ilihe is agrellablfl'. but noi a raze I No. tlru~"t Is, unless!lhe la'llltuamly W8J11ts oniBI


~dem:n!l, a hai'id'gun of .38 ca,ubsf or bette I is 'he ~de:al~ Clere'lI'Isiiile arm for a lady;, aJnd she shou~d be encoullraiged ~o prBo~lce wili! ilil umn she cain pump "2 In Ute boely and 1 In the' head In 1!.oi seconds", as: I $ay to those ladlR whom , ~eaeh ,to u~e handguns,

RUD,r's are net, I'm afrallil. for wuman. NIQlt 'or any whom I have corne Into contact w,llh. anvwayl

.Now our 'vlG)IBn:t ~iUle work has (lome to a close. I ShllCEnely hO,lD'S' ~hat cur meeting ~n lhesa pages has· resu1lted 1.111 yOUIII' attalnin:g glleat,er IlI!:tII. grea,ter ,confidence, and greQt8r martlsl compatet'lce than YOY IPt'GI%IiousiV had.

In tnase ,lolenE Urnes. no one can predict" 0'11' Wfl€:m you will be the vlc1~m oJ a sudden :oIIQlo"'1 8I!1S'QUU. I 'hope y,Clu Ii'lBver are se \I',i:eJlmiud. bu~ the probability -- SD 'stglisUcS prp,ye ~ ls always thoJie il1l, FfiBsentd.av Amllri~.

Mainlaln a state of menh:1JII and "'h'~5Jeal JI:i.~epa.redl1e$S a.t lill limes. learn to use ,eH.!,!" razor well and ceri')llt when you think you mlgh\ nled ill Neveii'" lOOk ',or ~'Qy'br. s~art EJ1 'figi'll, ortfol:!al anotnEtJl' human be'ingl In Bl'ly manner tha~ you yoursel' would I'lO~ wish, to be 'treated In"

If ~lr.oubIB' 9lr,i:k,e:s, s.tI'Jkle bac!!:_ Ha.rd.

The CG:m,l!e1e 'Eliook ,ot Ha~lIr IFlghUmg By ID~'~/s, J., ,511/".,

H:e". ilJ II ~ 'Ita D'NI.' IID.ol' e:w.sr wrlUl!lI 01]' Ilia i!tJ't'J.OQ81,' ",,..'&,

ItI"'URal e~nhii'l!r:i ut' ~l/rll' ,DmlI'J,nQ' liDO'*' ffoJC!hlf~1: -

'liQlffJ. gnp ~~d ·.lIa:l';lu

'iii 'V:lra$filfgl" liIN,n a!!ld II Ire 11'110 dl: 'i!! :S~mMj;l!!J!!! li!!lI'dfjll!;la

'. Satt"d1,r.nQi' brclln.'4IUim wIi'~' mill' J'SlJfU" I. SlJl"lt.,tl'n~a' Ilga~nsE "UJi' ~z'fl1lr

'I!< f~e m.liQi!" n,ghi

," And ,much, ,mu:cll ,mgq1

All 'hl~' 'MIi!!I' rrlla,m If'll CLOSE :SIHIAV,!iStTHIE 'COMIPIbI61"f: BOCI'I~, OF RAZOR FI'GHlING~ MQr.' ~"I'J 6fl1 ,,,,001'0''',,,. 11,m .... fo, ~~e 11I111!)!l-I., utl'!ii'a"ra"d t" ... t. IOLOSE SIHIAYIE.'S iflm mah' VO,U' _i'!1 ~K:~fIIl" ~hl!11l1m(F

,inD'iIIA . combil' .'rift .

'FbI' ".It,lb~JI'" flradlq ,.I. ,S~.'{ltJ'. M'!!!sr.Jf IfiJ'I ,(i~ffib;ijII'lti''''iB' ;1m • ",;til ,1F,1t,u1:1I:i1Ji' IliJ ~ti 1I,8efl'lC!'1il' leOMS:~ W SDrf...O "'''''' SI &,n«m. gUmr Ileli!h b" Mr • .st.llfn., ,fu'duu' ~:ANU"L:s ON MAY,HE."'~ BfElQ'W 1'HE'IB!E'I!.T, Iilult nlE 'fACTI,CAl SIU.U!..S, Of' HAND-TO-HAND ICOMDAT.