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Lesson Plan 2

Name: Amal Ali

Theme/Subject: Plants Math (rectangle shape)

Time: 45 minutes
Learning Goals/Outcomes:
1. Identify the shape of the

Date: Sunday 23/10/2016

Main area of learning:
1. Cognitive domain.
2. Language domain.

2. Explore the features of

the rectangle.
3. Engage in drawing the
shape of rectangle.

Age group: 5 years old.

Class: KG 2

Number of students: 20 students

Materials/ resources:
PowerPoint/Video songs/papers /board
/boards markers /scissors /glue /clay /sticks
/boxes /different shapes objects.

3. Kinesthetic domain.
4. Social domain.

Teaching the lesson on the mat (15 minutes)

Greeting children:
Good Morning Song.

2 minute

2 minutes

3 minutes

Warm up by quick exercise:

Children will jump in their place and counting from 1 to 10 at the same time.
I will review with children about the days of the week by singing with them a song that I taught them
before. Then, I will ask them about the theme of the week.
In the beginning of the lesson, I will show children a video about the rectangle shape. I will sing with
them and explain that this shape ( ) called rectangle. After that, I will put pictures in the PowerPoint,
which are full of shapes including circle, triangle square and rectangle. They have to point only on the
rectangle shape. I will ask each child individually to search the rectangle in the picture and point at it.

4 minutes

Discovering the features of rectangle activity:

I will create a rectangle using clay and sticks in front of children. I will show them the steps of making
this rectangle. Then, I will explain for them the features of rectangle by asking them question. For
example, how many sides the rectangle have? How many angle it has? They will count using rational
concept. Once they understand the feature, I will give them clay and sticks to make the rectangle as I
did. I will give them some instruction on how to use the sticks in the right way to avoid hearting others
and ourselves.

4 minutes

Drawing the rectangle activity:

I will provide children boards and markers. I will ask them to draw rectangle in different sizes. Each child
will draw individually.


Sequence of activities ( 30 minutes)

Activity time: All students will do the activities. I will divide the students into 3 groups. One group will do math
activity with me. The second group will do a English activity. The third group will do Arabic activity. All the groups
will apply the 3 activities. I will only design activity for English which is about the letter p.

25 minutes
Math activity: I will give children boxes. Inside this box, I will put many materials with different shapes.

Children have to pick up the rectangle shapes only and leave others shape inside the box. Each child will
do this activity individually.
After the children finish applying the activity, I will give children a worksheet with pictures of different
5 minutes

shapes. Children have to color only the rectangle shape. By this way, it will show me that if the children
color all the rectangle shapes only, they understand and acquire the knowledge. However, if children
color others shapes, it will show me that they did not understand.