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MARYLAND CIRCUIT COURT BALTIMORE CITY _/MITULR. PATEL, / Plaintiff, No. 246-(-CO3S 7S vs. MATHEW CHAN, Defendants. ORDER GRANTING CONSENT MO , The parties having filed a Consent Motion for Injunction and Final Judgment, and therefore, good cause appearing, IT 1S HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED as follows: 1. The Court finds that Defendant Mathew Chan (“Defendant”) posted false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff Mitul R. Patel (“Plaintiff”) on the following webpage(s): patel-3kvwh , http: « °2BR.-PATEL-SUWANEE-GA.him! , hup:/ fact 7/ mitul-patel , mitul-patel._(the “Defamation”. 2. The Defamation is not otherwise protected by the First Amendment. 3. Defendant shall remove the Defamation. 4. If the Defendant cannot remove the Defamation from the Internet, the Plaintiff shall submit this Order to,,,,, or any other Internet search engine so that the comment can be removed from their web page pursuant to their existing policies concerning de-indexing of defamatory material. 5. Upon entry of this Order, this matter shall be closed. 22ud dey of July, mick DATED this Beruf Feira rE, : Pee Judge Philip Senan Jackson } Judge's Signature appears.on the \ original document —BUICTHS, Pad, 3409 TROE COPY? * = TEST TAVITA CG ALRXANDFR ACTING CERK

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