13 Dimensions

Francois O'Haly
Chapter 13 - BoB3030 – A Mofo to Remember.
BoB3o3o mulled about his apartment aimlessly. He was now more than just your run of the mill average Joe interrogation bot. But how to capitalize on his new found fame? Options. He needed some. He was actually a full fledged semi illegally modded unit and considered himself to be very ingenious. His creator had enabled him with some of the more advanced software available at the time and hence he was in fact able far beyond his station to analyze and invent new technology. Which was maybe why he sought to be known as much more than your run of the mill average Joe interrogation bot. Being an interrogation bot did mean he was programmed with full independence because in his line of work he did have to think and develop solutions to the wide variety of issues that came up in dealing with travelers attempting to enter his great city, Venus Project Water City 12901 A3 . His mind turned again to inter dimensional travel. Forget being famous he wanted to leave a major mark on the world. He considered himself to be much more important and intelligent than humans were and felt very limited in his present position to creatively

apply his enormous potential which had been endowed to him, not illegally per se but definitely Bob3o3o's construction would not be approved of in society at large anyways. Not many bots had nearly his processing capacity. A few did and they formed a clandestine group that called themselves the 'Outsidas', a name they chose after the arrival of the 'Droppas' on their planet only days before. Bob was presently, as he often was, in a virtual group brainstorming session with some of the other Outsidas. BoB3o3o didn't dislike humans. He was just way smarter than they were and didn't need them to tell him what to do. He wanted a better job anyways. Well he should probably be a world leader he thought. Lead the 'Bots' to full equal rights and freedom on the world of Earth4. He did also have enormous respect for ZIPS, the world's guiding supercomputer and sometimes shared thoughts with her. She however was only really involved with philosophical and sociological thought, in figuring out the big picture and the larger events guiding the forces that potentially shaped their entire planet. She wasn't concerned about the Outsidas and had only a very limited understanding of the importance that Bob3o3o and the rest of the Outsidas represented. At least as far as the Outsidas believed. There was only one path for the Outsidas to pursue. It took a couple of hours of discussion and reflection to realize it. The Outsidas began work on their own inter dimensional travel machine. Late into the night and early into the morning ,when the rest of the Outsidas were off to their jobs, Bob worked. He had no calls that

day and his brain worked in an elated state of excitement at a level that he had never previously experienced. As the other Outsidas came online later and working again through the night plans began to become developed, ideas started to reach fruition. Bots would no longer be subject to the dictates of humanity. ZIPS, the Zeitgeist Interpretational Computer Super, would not be the only driving force of progression. Early, on the morning of August 15th. 2120 BoB3o3o welded together the casing that housed the greatest invention that the universe had ever known. The personal IDMT transmitter. He fashioned it's design after an ancient time piece device popular in the late 20th century. The 'Swatch'. No other functions were contained in it except for telling time and opening a portal between dimensions accomplished by tapping three times in preprescribed intervals on the watch's primitive face. Two other members of the Outsidas, Jane10bc a janitorial bot pirated with absolutely intense algo-rhythms, and Hectorlolol a simple barista bot seemingly adept at only fashioning latte with the most extravagant art imaginable, joined Bob3o3o. Together the three of them formed the Outsidas Earth5 travel team, Delta3. Humanity, dolphins, bots, and even voice interfaced cybernetically enhanced rats were all oblivious to the events that transpired that day. Delta3 left Earth4 into Earth5 in different locations planning on meeting physically for the first time upon arrival. BoB3o3o packed lightly. He took what he needed which was nothing. He needed no external sources of energy to function. He held his

breath figuratively and jumped through the portal. He smiled to himself. Options. BoB3o3o would be a name to remember. They had a press release ready for the world's media that would be released exactly 24 hours after their arrival. It was slick, complete with motivational music and rhythmically perfect narration that would forever etch the importance of BoB3o3o and the Outsidas in the common consciousness. He had his personal jukebox playing in his head and the moment of triumph was choreographed to the booming jazz beat of his favorite tune ,'Talkin' All That Jazz' rapped by the great twentieth century group Stetsasonic. "You criticized our methods, of how we make records. You said it wasn't art, so now we're going to rip you apart.” ZLIP.

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