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Department of Petrochemical

College of Technical Engineering

Duhok Polytechnic University

Workshop lab.
Year Level

Name of student: Muhammad Akram

Group: C
Name of experiment: welding
No. of experiment:1

At the end of this lab work, student able to:

Understand of arc welding in joining process such as make a T-joint.

Know the problem that occurs on the arc welding process.

Type of metal and electrode that are used in arc welding.

Know the angles that are used in arc welding process.


The principle of arc welding is to attach a ground cable to the work piece
.The machine was set to the correct amperage base on the thickness of the the electrode in the electrode holder and with the head shield down the
strike the rod against the work to start a flow of current .That procedure intense
heat and light and your seam together. Welding thicker work piece requires more
heat in the form of higher amperage from the machine.


1) Ac/Dc or combination of Ac/Dc machine.
2) Glove.
3) Wire brush.
4) Chipping hammer
5) Apron.
6) Head shield.

7) Electrode holder.
8) Pieces of metal.


1) Wear safety equipment such as head shield, glove and apron before start
2) Dont watch the ultraviolet rays spatters when welding using eye without a head
3) Carry Out at a comfortable area and where the is good welding will be done
away from the flammable materials.
4) Do not disturbed other student that are still work.


The basic principal of arc welding involves heating or melting of the base
metal using electric arc. The electric arc is formed when there is a voltage
difference between the metal coating at the end of the electrode and the surface of
the metal. The Arc will produce enough to the melt the base metal and the end of
the electrode to form a pool of molten metal.


1. Clean the surface of the metal plate with wire brush before welding. Place as
close to
the weld as possible to the metal plate
2. Before striking an arc, insert an electrode to the electrode holder.
3. Adjust the electric current according to the electrode size I use 100V.Arc length
between the plate n electrode is 1/16 and 3/32 in diameter --- 1/16 in (1.6 mm).
4. Weld along the base from left to right.
5. Positioning electrode holder hold the electrode nearly perpendicular to the
although tilting it ahead


At the end of this experiment:

There are problem occurs on the arc welding process.

To get a best result of this arc welding process, student must know the angle that
are used, concentration, and the movement of the electrode and speed of moving
the electrode.

The thickness of the metal and type of the electrode are used are the factor in arc
welding process.

Factor that affect result of that arc welding.