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Clark Jay Morgadez Lim



Grace Legaspi
Human Rights Law

Free Writing

Choose one country in the world and write about its

worst human rights violation.
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and its Human
Rights Violations







widespread in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

(DPRK) or North Korea. Many of these violations even
constitute crimes against humanity. DPRK is currently a
member of the United Nations, however, it continues to shock
the conscience of man by pursuing national policies that
promote violence, fear and deaths all over their country and I
feel somewhat resentful because of the lack of response from
the international community. In the past decades, its political
system had already shifted to something more radically
distinctive and unparalleled to any political system in the
contemporary world. DPRK do not only ensure unquestioning
obedience from its people, but it also tries to be in control in
every aspect of the lives of its citizens and uses coercion by

By definition, DPRK is, without a doubt, a totalitarian

state, which is characterized by a government where its
political authority exercises absolute and centralized control.
The State tries to be in control of its citizens by indoctrinating
them since childhood thereby suppressing all political and
religious expression, which, in any manner, challenges the
propriety of their official ideology, and restricting the physical









communication with each other and with those in other

When it comes to food access, the State monopolizes the
same in order to impose political loyalty from its people. As a
matter of fact, food distribution is greatly allocated to those
people who are essential to the survival of the current political
system to the detriment of the most vulnerable classes of the
society. This inefficiency and discriminatory system of resource
allocation inevitably propagates mass starvation among its
people, which is quite believed by some to be one of the worst
cases of famine in history.
DPRKs security and polices forces also uses surveillance,
cruelty, terror, coercion, violence and excessive punishment to
persons who are audacious enough to disagree with its
authority. The State employs public executions and enforced
disappearance to political prison camps which is used to sow

fear among the population and submit to authority. Foreigners

are not even spared from such measure with all the abductions
and enforced disappearance that had been going on even to
this day. This creates a climate of fear to anyone who dares to
challenge the States authority and policies.
We are now in the twenty-first century and yet DPRK is
left hanging in a bygone era where barbarous, cruel and
unusual punishment is still pursued. Countries in all other parts
of the world are already progressing economically, politically
and technologically but the State tries to hide these matters
from its people by means of propaganda in films, movies, and
radio broadcasts all throughout DPRK. For this reason, the
State deters its people using violence and punishment when it
comes to their right to leave the country. Such right is highly
cherished in many countries but DPRK remains the lone
menace in this regard. For those who tried to escape the North
Korean borders but were soon caught by Chinese authorities,
the so-called defectors will be forcibly repatriated back to
DPRK, but prior to that, they will be made subjects of arbitrary
detention, torture, summary execution, rape and other forms
of sexual violence. Escaping from the country is a torturesome
and arduous task. In order to escape, defectors will have to
pass Chinese borders in cognito and reach South Korean
Embassies in Laos, Vietnam or Thailand for them to be
transported to Seoul, Korea, as a refugee.

Up to this day, the perpetrators consisting of the security

and police authorities led by the Supreme Leader of North
Korea, Kim Jong Il enjoy impunity from violations in the
international law. These human rights violations are welldocumented by human rights organizations like Amnesty
International and serves as a proof of the crimes invariably
committed against its people. Undoubtedly, DPRK must be
held accountable for these human rights violations.