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Name: Caftaliu Diana Nicoleta

Date: 18th of November 2015
Lesson title: Verb HAVE GOT with SOME and ANY
Timing: 50 min
Grade: VI (Structura Urluieni)
Textbook: Snapshot
Aids: textbook
Lesson Aims:
To arouse students interest in the topic;
To assimilate new grammatical rules
To learn how to use the verb have got it in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms
To learn when to use SOME and when to use ANY
ACTIVITY 1 Warm up
Timing: 5 min
Interaction: T-Ps
Skills: speaking
The teacher cheks the homework and asks wheter there have been something difficult
encountered during solving the exercise.
ACTIVITY 2 Presentation
Timing: 5 min
Interaction: T-Ps
Skills: writing
Procedure: -the teacher asks the pupils to open their course books at page 27
-the teacher asks the pupils whether they remember the difference between countable and
uncountable nouns
-children are supposed to give some examples for both the categories
-pupils are asked to give an example in their native language with a verb that expresses
possession: ex. Eu am doi frati si trei surori.
ACTIVITY 3 Practice
Timing: 15 min
Interaction: T-Ps, group work,
Skills: speaking, writing
Procedure: - the teacher introduces the new notion: verb have got. Have and Have got are
essential to express ownership, possession and relationships. In most cases we can use have or
have got as equivalent terms. In the negative form we also have two forms (havent/hasnt got

and dont/doesnt have). Additionally, for questions we also have two forms (Does he have? and
Has he got?).
-for short answers we use the forms Yes, I have/No I havent.
ACTIVITY 4 Guided Practice
Timing: 15 min
Interaction: T-Ps, individual work, Ps-Ps
Skills: speaking, writing
Procedure: -the teacher introduces the notion of SOME and ANY
-We use "some" in positive sentences. We use some for both countable and uncountable
nouns.Example: I have some friends.
Exception: We use "some" in questions when offering or requesting something that is
there.Example: Would you like some bread? (offer) - Could I have some water? (request)
-We use "any" in negative sentences or questions. We use any for both countable and
uncountable nouns.Example: Do you have any cheese? - He doesn't have any friends in
ACTIVITY 5 Feedback and homework
Timing: 10 min
Interaction: T-P
Skills: speaking
Procedure: -the Ps are asked to give their feedback on the different activities they had (Which
activity did you like the most and why?/ Which activity did you like the least and why?)
-Homework: 4 page 27


Exercise. Fill in the blanks with some or any, where they suit:
We will have ___ news soon.
Would you like ___ breakfast?
There is not ___ rain in summer.
Can I have ___ coffee?
I think I will have ___ toast.
Do you have ___ pets?
She had ___ good ideas.
He does not have ___ patience.