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What does a material safety data sheet not contain?

Manufacturers part number

What language must warning signs, hazardous

material labels and other forms of warnings be
written in?


What is a temporary increase in the threshold of

hearing called?

TTS- temporary threshold shift

What are the three components of every noise


Noise source; path and receiver

When doing training for welders on the fire

characteristics of liquid hazardous chemicals, what
would not be discussed?


What is the proper sequence for hazard control


1. Engineer hazard out if at all possible

2. Guard the hazard
3. Educate personnel

In ventilation hood design, what is the function of the

slot in a slot hood?

Obtain proper air distribution

What is characteristic of carbon disulfide, CS2?

It is an extremely flammable liquid

What class of organic chemicals forms potentially

explosive peroxides?


What are the three main classes of occupancy that

the NFPA has for the sprinkler standard?

Low hazard; ordinary hazard and extra hazard

What was the 1947 Texas city disaster that took over
460 lives and injured over 600 caused by?

Ammonium nitrate mixing with oil

What is dilution ventilation used for?

To control low toxicity vapors

What class of firefighting standpipe systems is

designed to be used only by fire departments?

Class I

Why is explosive proof equipment allowed to operate

in a flammable or explosive atmosphere?

Because it is capable of not producing sparks under

any condition

What is the term AQL defined as?

Acceptable quality level

In a newly constructed building; when should safety

problems have been discovered and corrected?

During review of the building design plans

What does the acronym LTPD stand for?

Lot total percent defective

What are variations in noise levels occurring at a rate

more than once per second considered?


Are excursions above the Threshold Limit Value (TLV)


Only if below the TLV-C

What is the most effective noise control barrier


Airtight enclosure

In a ventilation system, which operation would

require the greatest capture velocity?


What is characteristic of a heat stroke?

Elevated body temperature

What term is not associated with the pulmonary

function testing conducted during the normal
industrial physical?

Tidal volume-that is the volume of air or gases

inspired or expired during each respiratory cycle and
is normally not considered during standard
Pulmonary function evaluation.

What is the greatest danger from current X-Ray

equipment from?

High voltage

At what level do the effects of carbon dioxide

inhalation result in the loss of consciousness?

Nine percent