Alice POV I saw them while looking at magazine!

They were at the meadow where Edward always goes… “Alice!! What’s wrong?” Jasper, my love called from beside me. There were 3 of them, I was sure of it. I had seen them before … “They’re closer…” I whispered. The rest of my family come pouring in. “I can see them in the meadow, Edward.” I look up to see one of my favorite brothers. He looks at me with a bewildered expression. “Its 3 of them…” Esme walks to the front of the living room. “Why don’t we just go say hello.” She says with a smile. “I’m sure their stable.” Everyone looks at her. Carlisle comes to the front. “I’m sure too.” Everyone nods and we head to the meadow. Once at the meadow we see them. Three as I had presumed were sitting in the soft flowers and enjoying the sun shining like diamonds, but the two in the front didn’t really shine not like Edward and me, like barely noticeable by a human eye. I swear I could here a heart beat. Was it one of theirs? They saw us and immediately go into a crouch. Rose and Jasper follow suit. “Calm down everyone.” Carlisle says kindly and steps in to the middle while one of the girl hisses at Rose. “We mean no harm, promise.” One of the girls slowly steps out of her crouch and so does the other, but the oldest looking one stays defensive. I look at all of the taking them in. The two in the front look pretty young about 18 they look sord of alike in ways. One had dark brown hair while the other had red hair.



They were wearing tank tops with tiny shorts. They must have been sisters but what are they? The one in the back hisses loudly and I hiss back taking her in too. She’s tan but has great skin with long brown hair.

Probably the leader. Carlisle gives me a stern look and turns back to the three girls. “I’m Carlisle this is my family Esme, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper.” He gestures to all of us while we straighten out of our crouch. Jasper sends a wave of calm towards me and I gladly take it. “Hello” says a wind chime voice; it was so beautiful I doubted they were even vampires. I realize it was the one in the front. “I’m Sapphire and these are my sisters Cookie,”- she gesture towards the beautiful red head- “and this is Roxanne.” She gestures toward the gorgeous light brunette who is finally out of her hunting crouch. “Who are you?” asks Carlisle and he sits down preparing to hear their story. Sapphires POV I look at the beautiful man and decide to trust him; he seems nice. I sit down and so does Cookie giving me a warning glance. Roxanne still stands not trusting anyone. I roll my eyes so paranoid. I look back at the man who called himself Carlisle and decide to tell him “As I said before I am Sapphire, Cookie, and Roxanne and we are all sisters. I grew up in California, LA but I am a half vampire and half human so is my twin sister- everyone gasps from the strange family, I continue- we have traveled here because Roxanne could not fully control her thirst and we tried to train her on animals but as stubborn as she is she refused. So we went to my father and he spoke of you and your family, we decided to come here but had difficulty to convince Roxanne, so we have been waiting for three whole days to get her to budge with no luck. I can turn invisible, while Cookie can transform into any animal. And we have not figured out what Roxanne can do…” I look back at Roxanne who is fuming with my information of her, still standing. “OH DAMN IT ROXANNE WILL YOU PLEASE SIT DOWN THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO HELP US!!!” yells Cookie. Roxanne gives her a glare but soon sits down. “Roxanne is a full vampire and needs full vampire needs unlike us, but she also can like us can eat, sleep, and hunt but I prefer human food while Cookie prefers hunting and Roxanne prefers humans, which we don not like, thank you very much.” Roxanne growls at me which I ignore. “We are 18, Cookie and I but we do not age any more, and Roxanne is 19, she also doesn’t age.” “And that’s it” I sigh, I look away from Carlisle’s curios face to look at the rest of his family. I see beautiful woman with caramel hair and pale shiny skin, I could almost feel the motherly aura coming from her. I look down to see a tiny girl who is grinning from ear to ear with spiky hair, obviously excited. I look to the left on her side to see a young broad man with golden locks. I look to the back to see a big and I mean BIG man in the back. He has dark brown short curly hair with a big grin on his face. I look beside him to see a very, very beautiful girl and I felt a sharp pang of jealousy! Her face is beautiful, she has grimace on her pink full lips with great long blonde hair. I look beside her to see the most handsome young man with great bronze hair and perfect face with full lips, strangely he was alone I wondered why? His head shot to my face and I quickly look away feeling the blood rush to my face curse my human traits.

Carlisle breaks me from my embarrassment and invites us back to his house. I agree along with Cookie but Roxi refuses “I don’t trust those squirrel eaters!!!” She yells at the top of her lungs. I growl at her and grab her arm to tow her back to the Cullen’s house. Edwards POV We are finally back home and I look at Carlisle like he’s crazy. You don’t know them Edward trust me… I look back to see Sapphire the beautiful dark brown headed girl dragging her sister Roxanne behind her. I try to focus on Sapphire’s mind. Nothing. Like a force blocking me. But I swear I could hear her before in the meadow. Weird. I try harder… still nothing. Don’t strain yourself Edward you can’t read her because she’s a shield she’s blocking you. I snap my head up to see Alice grinning at me. “And how do you know this?” Can’t mess with a pixie physic! She elbows me. I look back at Sapphire to see her scolding her sister with a perfect scowl on her face. So beautiful when she’s angry! Wait! Why am I thinking this I just met her get a grip! Roxanne obviously ignoring her younger sister rolls her eyes and walks away to look at our beautiful home. I look at Cookie, a strange name probably a nickname, she looks uncomfortable and rocks back and forth on her heels. “What a beautiful home you have…” Sapphire looks at Esme and Carlisle. A brilliant smile starts on her lips, like a sun breaking through the clouds. She looks up at me and smiles wider I have no hope but to smile back. Carlisle explains the rules of the hunting activity. Cookie and Sapphire nods their heads in agreement while Roxanne rolls her eyes and continues to look around the room. They all agree finally and Esme starts to show them the house. “This is the guest room you all can sleep here.” Sapphire walks in and spends around the large room breathing in and out deeply. “I love it, thank you for your hospitality.” She smiles widely at Esme. Esme nods and walks out of the room. I lean against door frame not able to take my off Sapphire. She grins widely at her sisters and continues to twirl. Are they decent? Carlisle steps into the room and clears his throat to get their attention. “I see you enjoy your room?” Sapphire stops twirling and grins at Carlisle her long great hair caressing her shoulders. “We love it, thanks for letting us stay for a while.” She sits on one of the honey brown beds. “Well, you can stay here as long as you want as long as you agree to the rules... understand?” he looks at all the sisters. Cookie nods happily and Sapphire grins and we all turn to Roxanne slowly sitting on the largest bed in the corner of the room. She looks up startled to see everyone looking at her and nods her head slowly. “Great!” Carlisle exclaims. “You are apart of the family!!!” a brilliant smile on his lips. They all grin widely and look at each other. I can’t believe this! How do we trust then? Roxanne. Awesome House! Cookie with a grin.

Beautiful! Gorgeous! Great family! WAIT!!! It was Sapphire thoughts that I just heard! She looks at me with a confused expression I look back I was tense all over. I turned quickly and walked quickly to the steps. “WAIT!!” I hear a beautiful voice like angels harps. I turn around slowly to see the beautiful brown eyes looking desperately at me… Sapphires POV I continue to twirl in the beautiful room, happy that I was apart of their family, a real family. I let everything go and just feel free. Out of the corner of my eye I see Edward tense I look at him confused that my sisters or I upset him somehow. Then he turns abruptly and heads to the stairs I hurry after him before he runs. “Wait!” I cry. He turns slowly and looks at me with beautiful golden eyes. “I didn’t get to properly introduce myself… I’m Sapphire Swan and you must be…” waiting for him to finish my sentence I outstretch my hand waiting for him to shake. He looks at me nods and turn away again I start after him again but he uses his vampire speed and I here a door slam. Great. Imma freak. I slowly put down my hand and turn for my room and suddenly stop when my lungs are crushed and have no air in them! I’m in the air! I realize, I hear booming laughter. “I HAVE ANOTHER SISTER, YES!!!!” Emmett booms. I gasp for air. “Ok y-you can p-p-put me down now!!” I gasp. He laughs but puts me down. I hear a hiss and look up to see Cookie in a hunting stance scowling at Emmett. “AND ANOTHER!!!!” he booms again and charges toward Cookie, fear in her warm blue eyes. He tackles her and hugs her as tight as me. I grin knowing I’ll defiantly get along with Emmett. I turn for downstairs but are stopped by great big golden brown eyes and a huge grin. I look down to see spiky hair and pale skin. “HI!!!” she waves her tiny hand and grins wider.” We are defiantly going to be great sisters I can see it” she screams and dances. Oh right, Carlisle told me about this: Alice can see the future, Jasper can manipulate and feel emotions around him, and Edward can read minds… WAIT!!! Edward can read minds holy Shit! He can read my mind right now! Sorry Edward! A small hand waves in my face breaking my concentration I look down again forgetting my small sister in front of me. “You okay?” Looking worried. “Yeah, fine, I was just worrying about Edward and my mind and me and-” I was cut off. “He can’t read your mind unless you let him like if you calm down.” She smiled at me. I understood now that’s why Edward was acting weird today. She suddenly grabs my hand and takes me to her room. Pink I like it…it suits her. She grinned at me, let my hand go walked to her bed and grabs her laptop. She hands it to me; I look at the tiny screen to see clothes in my sizes and my sisters I scroll down thousands of clothes still scrolling… I finally reach the bottom and look at her obviously she had prepared for this but it was 500,000,000 dollars at the bottom. I gape at her while she smiles. “Do you like it I guessed your sizes and I was right on point?” I was still in awe when a slam of the door scares me. I jump a foot in the air and turn around. I sigh it was just Jasper; he looks at me and smiles. “Nice to meet you Sapphire.” His grin widens. He stretches out his hand and I gladly take it. A lot more nice than Edward. I spend the rest of the day getting to know everyone: Esme like my mother so much. Carlisle like a great noble father. Alice so much like a sister I never had. Emmett the monster brother I never

had. Rose too good to be true. Jasper I just love to be around him. And Edward he’s just been ignoring me all day. A week later… I sat lazily on the couch just watching TV. Everyone in their rooms just relaxing, I look at the clock, 3 o’clock in the morning. I groan I’m never going to sleep. Then I hear it: a great symphony coming from the dining room. Edward’s piano… beautiful… I get up and walk slowly to the room. I lean against the door frame and listen, beautiful I think again and again. “It’s nothing, just playing around.” He murmurs. I stand in awe, he finally talk to me, and I thought he was ignoring me. I pout. “I wasn’t ignoring you just…avoiding.” He chuckles and stands. He walks toward the door where I’m standing; my fast heart grows faster until I feel like it’s going to burst. He breathes in sighs and walks past me up the stairs and I hear a door softly close. I sigh sadly how will he ever like me if he keeps running away? I cross my arms and continue to pout. I can feel my cheeks grow red and tears overflow my eyes, I wipe them away before they can flow down my cheeks. I look down at my outfit; a pink and white striped camisole and short white pajama pants. I look up again and see the piano. It’s beautiful I walk over to it and rub my hand over the black shiny keys. I sit on the bench and play the soft lullaby my mom made me, I remember all the notes all the time she hummed it in my ears till I fell asleep. I sigh softly then jump when I hear a soft voice: “What’s that” he asks. I look at his gorgeous face to see his golden dark eyes staring at me intensely. I look away quickly and say: “My lullaby” I sigh. “Play it again.” He demands. I look at him angrily. “What?” he looks at me confused. “There is a magic word you know.” “Please?” “Fine…” I start again and start to play the sweet lullaby again. I mess up on the third measure as I see him move closer to me. I try again, he scoots closer, and I mess up again. And again and again until I can feel his cool breathes on the side of my face. “Try again…please?” he smiles a crooked smile that makes me blush bright red. I try again determined to get this one right but my plans crumble when I feel his breath once more on my cheek, I shudder. “Here let me try” he put his hand on the correct keys and plays the whole song correctly. I gasp about how fluidly he does it. “Now you try.” I try again but can’t. I huff angrily and pout. He chuckles “Come here” He suddenly grabs my waist-I gasp-and pulls me towards him, on his lap and puts my hands on the keys. I swear I must have been as red as a tomato. “Now try again” he presses. I try again and fail miserably when I feel his hands stop mine. He puts his hands over mine and I play it fluidly we do it over and over and the whole time it feels good and relaxing to be in his cool chest, but I know not to make any sudden movements with him, but I long for him to come closer. All of the sudden he moves closer and closer until his chin rest on my shoulder. He grins at me and I smile back. Suddenly Emmett and Jasper come running down stairs Emmett just stares at us with a shocked expression while Jasper suddenly stops and smiles. “Why do I feel

mountains and mountains of lust and love?” he asks with a grin. I turn bright red and head for my room. Edward POV I see Sapphire turn bright red obviously embarrassed. Scrambles out of my lap and hurries upstairs. I stare after her, was it just me our was there a spark? Then I hear the thoughts. Whoa Edward! You sly dog…what were you doing? Emmett. Wow! All that lust in one room? What were you doing? Jasper. HAHAHAHA!!! What were you doing bro?” Emmett boomed and laughed. I ran my hand through my hair “I was giving a… piano lesson.” I growled. “YOU’RE NEVER GIVING ME A PIANO LESSON!!!” Emmett laughs. Jasper just smiled and looked at me a sly look in his eye. “I don’t care can we just play the Wii” and he starts over to the games. Roxanne POV Ugh. I still couldn’t sleep. I was hungry and I was tired of all these animals. I needed a human. I looked at Cookie she tossed and turned and finally fell asleep. I crept out of my bed and slowly jumped from the window I landed light on the balls of my feet. I had a tiny light blue sleeping gown that girl Alice bought me. I ran and ran till smelled something disgusting. I heard a growl behind me I turned slowly around and saw a pale moon like colored wolf. But it wasn’t a regular wolf it was a size of a horse and had a terrible wet dog smell. I slowly eased back until I bumped into a tree. The wolf shining daggers at me. I realized what it was: a werewolf! I heard of these from father he said that they were gigantic and really smelled. I hissed back at him or her or whatever it was. Then to my surprise, it stalked back into the trees. Probably scared of me. I heard rustling of fabrics and a so called pretty girl came out of the bushes (nothing compared to me) she had long black curly hair and a pretty complex face with dark deep eyes. She was

Wearing all black and a weird crest on her neck and she reeked just like the dog.

WAIT!!! She was the dog! A growled slipped from my lips. And she growled back. She stepped closer to me and I couldn’t stand the smell. I outstretched my arm trying to hold her back. She looked at my arm and back at me. “Don’t come any closer; you reek!” I exclaimed. My hand over my nose and mouth. She frowned, “You don’t smell so good yourself you blood sucker!” she growled. I glared at her she was talking to me? That bitch! Growls erupt from my chest and I switch my weight to a crouch. “I’m not going to fight you.” she rolled her eyes. “This is a warning if you ever kill a human or cross this place and beyond”- she gestured toward the rest of the area-“We will kill you!” All of a sudden the smell got worst and growls came from everywhere. Werewolves came from the forest behind the girl creeping up slowly on me, crowding me until I couldn’t breathe. There were about 12 of them. And I knew I couldn’t fight them by myself so I jumped over the wolves and landed on something hairy and round. It was the girls head! She flinched and screamed: “AFTER HER!!!” I ran fast back to the house but stopped short when I realized they weren’t chasing me. I saw a moose and attacked it and sucked him dry. I sat back and took quick unnecessary breaths. I wreaked and I was tired. I ran home and jumped thru the window to find Sapphire in her bed bright red. I walked over to her and she wrinkled her nose. “I know, I know. I’ll tell you later.” She nodded still bright red. I sat next to her and she was biting her nails. I grabbed her hand she was biting. “What’s wrong?” she frowned still red. She took a deep breathe. “Edward and I sort of had a moment.” She frowned again. I laughed of course Sapphire was always shy but Edward really? She glared at me “You think this is funny?” I laughed again. “Yes” She smacked my arm and stalked out of the room. I decided she needed some time to cool off. I went into the shower and washed off the wet dog smell, and headed to bed.

Edward POV I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. I rethought it over and over again hoping I could pull her impossibly closer rubbing her waist, turning her around so I could stroke her face, trace her lips and finally kis- I was interrupted by a knock on the door. I climbed from my couch and opened the door and my eyes met with a pair of beautiful brown crystal eyes. If my heart was still beating it would be speeding up. Her gorgeous dark brown hair was straighten and in a ponytail. She had a beautiful yellow summer strapless dress that stopped at her knees. I smiled warmly at her hoping it wouldn’t be awkward, but she blushed and looked away. “Can I come in?” she asked in the sweetest voice. I look into her deep eyes and gesture for her to come in. She stands there for a moment and I take an opportunity to take in her face she was wearing pink lipstick. She walks past me and sits on my couch. I close the door and walk over to her and sit beside her. She shifts uncomfortably and opens her full lips to talk but stops then starts again “I’m sorry” she mutters. She looks at her confused. “Why?” she looks shock. For thinking that way. She looks down and turns red again. I grab her warm chin and make her look back up at me. “I didn’t mind” and I smile. She finally looks up at me. “Sapphire I like you and I would love to be with you you’re beautiful and kind, and great! I just wish I was little like you sometimes. And when you let me in your mind I want to thank you, because I love your sense of humor! You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m the one who should apologize. You’re so beautiful and warm and-!!!!!! My lips suddenly stop working and were met with a pair of full pink lips. Her small soft hot hand grabbed my face to pull me closer and the other grabbed my hair. Her warm chest pushed against me eagerly. My hands started to explore her magnificent body. One hand went up to her great ponytail to pull out the holder and ran my hands thru the great strawberry smelling hair. The other ran down her side (she shuddered and pressed herself harder to me even pulled my hair harder, even though it didn’t hurt) to her waist to hold her tighter to me. Her heart raced frantically in her chest and it was music to my ears. She opened her mouth and let out a soft warm sigh and clutched impossibly closer as I held her tighter around the waist. I let go of her hair to bring us down to the couch so I was on top, to ran my hand down from her waist to trace down from her leg to her beautiful soft toes, she shiver again and this time I pressed myself closer to her. I ran my hand up back again to her thighs, up her dress, to feel her glorious smooth skin against my own. Another shiver of pleasure as she moved her lips against mine. I cup my hand around her inner thigh and hitch it around my hip not worried if things get too heated. She didn’t need another round of shudders, so she wrapped her other leg over my waist, I grinned in pleasure. As I was going to run my hand back up to her hair there was another but small and rhythmic tap on the door. Sapphire POV The werewolves came one by one about to attack my family. I was tied up and I knew there was no way I could save them. I screamed and screamed but couldn’t find the strength to break free. The werewolves lunged at Esme and she went down in defeat. Then Carlisle, then Rose, Jasper, Alice, Roxanne, Cookie…and Emmett who put up an awesome fight, soon fell too. I looked at Edward, my only hope, as tears dragged

sensuously down my pale cheeks. He stared at me for a moment then a white shadow attacked him. It was so quick I saw only white. He fell to the ground like the others. More tears dragged but soon stopped when I saw 12 different dog faces all looking at me. I closed my eyes then opened them again accepting my fate and I stared at a pair of cold dark eyes. I woke up in a start. What the hell was that?!? I never had these kinds of dreams… until now! I once again saw the faces of the dead that used to be my family, I grabbed my face but suddenly stopped when I felt my face wet. It wasn’t sweat it was tears. I cried in my sleep? Great! I took in deep breaths and looked at the two beds beside me, Cookie was still moving in her sleep muttering something about pizza and so was Roxi. I sighed and decided to go take a shower. I reach my hand up to run my hand thru my hair but stop short when I feel the tangled mess it was now. I sighed again and headed towards the bathroom. I grab a towel and step into the bathroom looking at the beautiful tile that Esme had installed in our bathroom. (I chose gold it looked good) I step in the shower to wash my hair and body. As the steam fills the room, I suddenly remembered something that happened last night! Oh shit! Edward pulled me towards him and I sat on His lap. We would have had a real moment if Emmett and Jasper didn’t ruin it and I didn’t scurry away and blush like a ten year old. I sighed once more and got out of the shower. I brushed my teeth, dried my hair and blow dried it till it was silky and smooth. And since I felt casual too I put it up in a ponytail. I walked back to my room still in a towel and put on some underwear that Alice had bought me. I then found a really cute yellow sundress and decide to dress in that. I put my favorite strawberry lipstick on and walked down stairs. Everyone was down there (except Edward of course) Alice and Rose were looking at magazines, Emmett and Jasper were playing the Wii and Esme and Carlisle were curled over a book. But they all smiled up at me when I entered the room, I smiled back always polite. Esme got up from the book with Carlisle and came over to me to give me a hug which I gladly gave back. “So… what do you want to eat?” she asked while hugging me. I was just about to say eggs and maybe what else she could whip up but Emmett interrupted. “She would like a nice hot bowl of Edward.” He snickers. I turn bright red and glare at him. How dare he!? Jasper sends waves of calm which I try to ignore but failed. Everyone looks at me shocked; I blush harder and rock back and forth on my heels. “About damn time” Rose replies from the magazine. Jasper and Emmett laugh while Carlisle returns to his book, and Alice just smiles at me. Esme still holds me in her embrace then finally takes me to the kitchen to make me some breakfast. I sit down on my bed still deciding what to do with Edward. Should I confront him? Or let him do that? I sighed; I didn’t know what to do! “Boy troubles?” Cookie sits beside me on the bed and wraps her arms around me. “Yea!” she smiles and looks at me I look back at her. Her red beautiful hair is let loosely on her shoulders and she’s still wearing those tiny shorts Alice bought her. “How did you know?” she was sleep the whole time wasn’t she? “Lets just say I played a fly on a wall.” She laughs and bats her eyes innocently at me. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. Cookie is a shape shifter so she must have been a fly on the wall the whole time listening to our conversations. We stop laughing and get a serious look on her face. “You should confront him Saphi; maybe he likes you, too.” She kisses my forehead and grabs her shampoo and soap to head to our

bathroom. I sighed she was right and I hated when she was right! I scramble out of the bed and headed toward his room determine to confront him, but my plans go south for the winter when I realize I’m a coward! I sit next to his door and bang my head on the wall. I sit there for hours rethinking every time I make a decision. I hear him scramble in his room and I regret sitting out here so long what if he notices and calls me a stalker?! I hear footsteps and scramble to my feet awkwardly about to make a run for it but stop short when I realize it’s just Roxanne eating a banana coming down the hall. I sigh in relief; she looks at me then, to the door and back again. An evil grin forms on her face; before I know what she is doing she knocks on the door and runs laughing the way down stairs. I panic, I can hear him getting up from a couch or bed and walking his way to the door that I didn’t even knock on, my idiotic sister did! I pace back and forth decide not to turn invisible and fix my dress and hair and hope I’m not as red as a tomato. He opens the door slowly and grins widely, which of course makes me blush. “Can I come in?” I ask timidly. He nods and gestures for me to come in. I panic again should I or should just run? Don’t be a coward! I whisper to myself in my head. I walk past him to sit on his couch (I was right a couch) and look around his room it blue and white and very open it has a giant case of music and piles of books. He walks over to me and sits beside me. I hesitate then start again something simple “I’m sorry” I whisper. “Why?” his question startles me. What does he mean why I practically used him for my own sexual fantasy need? I decide to calm down and tell him in my mind far too embarrassed to tell him out loud. For thinking that way. I look down ashamed. Suddenly, a cool hand grabs my chin gently. Coaxing me up to look at him. “I didn’t mind.” I look up and he smiles. “Sapphire I like you and I would love to be with you! You’re beautiful and kind, and great! I just wish I was little like you sometimes. And when you let me in your mind I want to thank you, because I love your sense of humor! You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m the one who should apologize. You’re so beautiful and warm andI couldn’t take it anymore he thought I was beautiful and kind and he loved my eyes. I lunged at him, my lips molded to his in a strange passionate way. He tasted sweet and his smell ran through my nose. I grabbed at his cool face and beautiful sexy hair to pull at it. His hand reached to my hair to pull out the clip and ran his hand thru it. He ran his other cool hand down my side only making me shiver for more. He traces all the way down to my toes then back up to my thigh only to cup his cool hand around it. I shiver harder but he only moves closer this time till we fall back onto his sofa (him on top) I pulled his hair to make his face closer. He grabbed at my waist and his hand found his way up my dress to my thigh and hitched it around his hip. I let out soft sigh and pulled closer. I felt his lips curve up in to a smile. He was just about to move to my neck when there was a knock on the door. Alice POV I could hear Sapphire wake up and sighing then finally going to take a shower. I grinned hoping she liked Esme and my work. She finally turned off the water to get dressed. I

decided to leave my room to be able to greet her and her sister when they came down stairs for breakfast. I saw Emmett and Jasper fighting over which one of them can win at canoeing on Wii sports I just laughed and made a cute face at Jasper and he smiled back. I looked over at Rose who was looking at the new Victoria Secret catalog with earphones in her ears. I sighed and grabbed the Teen Weekly who had Zack Efron who was jumping in the air with colorful balls everywhere and a toothy smile. I ignored the cocky star and opened the book to only find more pictures of him and Vanessa Hudgens. I heard Saph prancing down the stairs with a grin on her face obviously happy to see us. (Carlisle and Esme made it down here before so she could feel welcomed and comfortable.) We all turned our heads to grin at her and I wrinkled my nose and grinned wider when I saw her in the dress I bought her at the beautiful Claire Futune warehouse and dresses, cost me 80 bucks but I loved the color yellow on her it made her look cheerful as if she would even need that. Esme gets up from Carlisle to hug her motherly. Saph grins wider and hugs her back. “So… what do you want to eat?” her basic motherly instincts come in. She was just about to say something when Emmett’s booming voice came from the game station (or what they call it) answers for her “She would like a nice hot bowl of Edward!” he laughs. I glare at him! We were supposed to make her feel welcome not embarrass her to death. Rose scowls at him and growls lowly. I look up at Saph hoping this didn’t effect her but it did she was so red I thought her head was going to explode. Esme takes her to the kitchen and closes the door behind her. “EEEEMMMMEEEETTTTTT!!!!!!!” Rosalie hisses. “Sorry, sorry I can’t help it.” Rose and I continue to glare at him I stand and leave the room to sit in silence in my own room. I sigh sadly and jasper sprints over to me to kiss my neck I bite my lip to not let my moans come out. He turns me around and kisses me passionately. His hands move down to my waist and pull me closer to him. I let my tongue fly freely in his mouth. I hear moans but they were defiantly not ours. I look towards upstairs. “I’ll be right back.” I whisper to Jasper. “Hold those lips.” Then I head upstairs. I lean my ear on Edward’s door. Yup! They were defiantly kissing! Yes! Wait! I don’t want things to get too heated up! What if Sapphire gets pregnant?! No way! She is going to school!!! I decide to interrupt I knock on the door. I hear shuffling and Edward answers the door. His eyes lustful, his shirt wrinkled and his hair really messed up, but he had a huge grin on his face! “Yes Alice” he looks at me impatiently and twitches, anxious to get to Saph, huh? “I need to borrow Saphi for a moment.” I batter my eyes innocently. He frowns and opens the door wider to reveal Saph on his sofa hair tangled. My eyes bulged for a second

and look up to see Edward still looking at me. “Alice?’” Jasper comes up behind me to see Saphi. He gasps then Emmett then Rose then her sisters then Carlisle and Esme… no damn privacy in this house. Rose and I are ready to pounce on her for details. She blushes fire truck red the scrambles from the couch to run down the stairs away from us. “Emmett after her!!!!” I yell. He runs down the stairs to chase after her. Sapphire POV “EMMETT AFTER HER!!!!!” I run for my dear life. Holy shit! Emmett! I run outside and into the woods knowing he was close behind. “RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!” he sings from behind. I laugh at the old nursery song “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME I’M THE GINGERBREAD MAN!” His booming laughter is far behind now and looks behind me to only see a white wolf! The one from my dream. Edward POV Emmett and Saphi were outside playing hide and go seek. And Alice was begging for details not able believe I kissed her myself. Her soft warm lips tasted so sweet under mine. And that smell!!!!- I heard a scream, not just a scream, a scream of fear and pain. We all hurried to the Quilete the one we could not cross but it smells like Sapphire all ready did. About 12 wolves were growling at us from the border. We all hissed and growled back already in our hunting stances. Sam, one of the first boy in tiny Forks to turn into a werewolf slow walks up to us (in human form) holding Saphi in his hands.

I glare at him. HOW DARE EVEN PUT ONE HAND ON HER BEAUTIFUL HEAD!?! Growls erupt from my chest and I prepare to spring. “Come any closer and we’ll kill her” he speaks slowly, deadly. “LET…HER…GO…NOW!!!!!” I growl. And he laughs. “Actually I like her, she doesn’t smell like the rest of you blood suckers!” he say seductively, a kisses the side of her unconscious face. All I see is red! THAT BASTERD HOW DARE HE TOUCH HER!!!! I”LL RIP HIM TO SHREDS!!!

Edward! Calm down your making me want to rip them up and dance by their fires! Jasper. I try to calm down but my plans ruin when I see the wolves growl at me. I realize that we are out numbered. “Come towards our boundary again, we’ll kill all of you!” he smirks and puts down Saph, to put his foot on her magnificent body and roll her over the invisible boundary. I’m the first to touch her warm, beautiful skin. Everyone rushes over to check if she’s okay. I pick her up, and snarl at the wolves that are retreating back to the trees. We take Saph home to inspect her. There are several bruises on her arms and chest and only a few on her neck. She flinches in her sleep and rises from her bed that we put her in. She looks around shocked then turns to me and flinches again at how close I am to her face. Then she looks at me with her warm and beautiful brown eyes. Then she sees my mad expression and her eyes turn sad. “What’s wrong?” and she kisses my nose. I smile to try to make her feel better but I know she wouldn’t fall for it. She winces and begins to fall off the bed and I grab her before she falls on the ground. She falls softly on my chest and sighs. “What happened?” she looks up at me innocently. “You don’t remember?” “No” I put my lips in her hair and she sighs happily, and snuggles into my chest. “You were attacked by the werewolves.” I hear her intake of breath then winces again. I growl remembering what Sam had done to her. I take her from my chest. “You must promise me something.” I tell her sternly. She nods and looks at me confused. “You must never, ever go past that forest!” she nods again and begins to sob. I grab her waist and pull her tighter to me. “You scared the living shit out of me, Saphi.” And she cries harder. I grab her face to make her look at me. “I love you.” I whisper. “I love you so much, I don’t know what I would do without you.” I grip her waist harder and bury my face in her long lovely locks. This time she takes my face and rubs my cheek affectionally. “I love you, too Edward.” I grab her face again roughly and kiss her the second time. This time was different; she locked her hands around my neck while wincing and pushed me against her chest. Her tongue licks my bottom lip, asking for permission to enter, which I grant and she slides her warm tongue into my mouth. I groan and our tongue battle for dominance. She reaches both hands up from my neck and grips my hair. I let go of her face and grabs her waist to lift her legs to wrap around my waist. She kisses me harder and pulls me down on top of her. Then I hear Emmett and Jasper’s whispers outside the door. “How long do think they can keep this up till they take their clothes off?” Ask Emmett. “I don’t know but things are getting sexy.” Whispers Jasper. “WOOOOOO!!!!! TAKE HER SHIRT OFF EDWARD!!!!!” booms Emmett. I let Sapphire go and open the door. “What?” I look down at them both, and then look up at the ceiling to keep from laughing; they both had their mouths filled with popcorn like they were watching a movie. “Carlisle said to come check on you but we saw you were busy.” Emmett grins. Jasper stands and dusts off his shirt. “Is she ok Edward?” “She fine, just in a little pain.” “Ahhh she just need to rest, she is a half vampire and we heal quickly give it a day or two and she’ll be good and ready for school.” Jasper grins too.

“SCHOOL!!!” I hear running and turn around to see Sapphire next to me falling. I grab her before she hits the floor. “Sapphire go back to bed, you need to rest.” She pushes me away gently and grins shyly. “I’m fine, now what I do need to do is know about this school thing!” she looks at Jasper excitedly. “You and your sister Cookie are going to school next week.” He grins wider at her. She looks confused. “Only Cookie and I, what about Roxi?” “Roxi is not ready but is practicing.” He says mater-of-factly. She grins and grabs my waist tight. I grin at her. Sapphire POV Edward lets me go to go talk to Emmett, and Jasper grins at me. “Happy?” he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and started toward my room. Jasper kept pace with me in case I fell, and I frowned. He poked me in my rib cage and I giggled. “Jasper stop that tickles” I gasped and he kept poking me. I frowned at him and he snickered. “You know I’m hurt you took Edward and not I and I thought I was actually attractive.” He pouted. I laughed and he frowned. “What?! Edward was alone and he was HOT!!!” I grinned. “I thought it was a connection when we met.” I laughed harder. “How did you think that?” “Because I felt lust in the air and was ecstatic that I still had the moves.” He slicked his hair back and made a seductive pout. I laughed at his pout and walked into my room with him behind. “Well Jasper I thought we were going to be friends and I would hate to be punched in the face by Alice.” I snickered. “She doesn’t have to know.” He laughed too. “STOP! Before Alice comes in here and slaps you!” I whispered and swatted his arm playfully. “ OWWW!!!” he winced and rubbed his arm. I laughed at him and took out an Advil.

I step out of the shower to see all my bruises gone. I grin happily and walk to the mirror. I curl my hair on the ends and walk to my closet. I try to find something that Alice would approve of. I pick out a black tight tank top with gray tight skinnies. Then I grab my new gray jacket with big black buttons on it. I grab my black high heel stilettos and walk downstairs. Everyone is waiting for me and I look at Alice for approval. She gestures for

me to turn around I turn around slowly and look back to face her. She grins and nods. I look over at Edward and he grabs my hand. I ride in Edward’s Volvo with Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Cookie. Cookie and I am nervous so Jasper sends a wave of calm so I don’t bounce out of my seat. We finally make it to the school and Emmett and Rose already beat us there. I rise from my seat and walk up the school parking lot with Alice by my side. I don’t realize everyone is looking at me until I enter the school. Edward POV Sapphire jumps from her seat and I watch her ass switch as she walks away. I just love her curves. I can feel my eyes darken. Edward! Can you calm down?! You make me want to attack Alice! Jasper screams in my head. I quickly calm down and hurry around the car to open then door for Cookie she grins at me kindly and steps from the car looking around her nervously. She quickly walks after Alice and Sapphire careful not to draw any attention. I walk in after the girls to find Saphi and her sister in the office with the rest of my family. “Why don’t you all go to class and I’ll copy out Ms. Swan’s schedule.” Mrs. Cope answers quickly to Alice who has an impatient frown on her face. I hear Mrs. Cope’s heart beat speed up when I walk closer to the desk. I grin at her. “Alice lets just go to class and we’ll wait for Saph there, ok?” she looks at me for a moment then turns out the door and so does the rest of the family. I walk over to Saphi touch her cheek and walk out. I help Cookie get to her first class and she grins at me then walks in. I walk back to my homeroom listening to the thoughts of students. That Swan girl is so gorgeous! I hope she’s not taken! I would love to plow her over and over again with that body! I growl at the last one. It came from that new boy Austin Richards, he was already popular and only here for a week. We knew his secret he was a half vampire half human just like Sapphire and Cookie. We asked him to join our family but he refused. He looked at me grinned cockily and walked to class. Then I realized he was in my 1st class… great! I walked to class and sitting in the back where I usually sat. Class finally starts and 10 minutes past before my worst nightmare enters the room.

Alondra Richards walks into the room. I gasp Alondra once lived with our family and was once my so called mate. My family tried to make us one but we never got along. She likes me but I didn’t like her. She gave the teacher a tiny slip of paper and walked towards the back of the room, and her scent hit me, I hated the scent it was too sweet. She looked at me and smiled sweetly. Alondra was also a half vampire and Austin was her brother he came here searching for her but end up staying here. She had left more than a year ago and out of all of the times she could have come back she comes now. She’s wearing a blue strapless blouse with khakis. She finally sat down and looked over at me. Wow Edward it’s been too long I almost forgot how sexy you were. Almost…she sighed in her head. I sighed too. What’s the matter? Cats got your tongue? You can say hi to your fian- I cut her off. “Would you please stop, Alondra?!” I hissed at her. Then finally my beautiful savior comes in. Sapphire looking marvelous comes in the room with a brilliant smile on her face carrying her books. And I could feel a giant goofy grin forming on my face too. Alondra looked at Sapphire, then back to me then over again. Then a furious expression forms on her face. Edward who is she? I ignore her question and focus on my Saphi. The teacher gives her a book and tells her to sit in the front. She looks at me quickly and smiles wider then sits next to that vile Austin. He grins at her and shakes her hand. I growl loudly prepared to spring if he did anything to upset her. Sapphire POV I finally got my schedule from Mrs. Cope and headed toward Mr. Banner’s room. I followed Edward’s scent and ended up all the way across the frikin’ school. I started to hurry and finally made it to the room. I hurry and give him my slip and he gives me a thick book and tells me to sit in the front next to this really handsome guy maybe even as sexy as Edward. He has light blonde hair and light green eyes and a very serious face, yes he defiantly was handsome.

I looked back where I smelled Edward the most, he was in the back with the funniest grin on his face, and I smile wider to keep from laughing and sat down. I looked at the handsome boy and smelled his scent he was one of us! He was a half breed. I fixed my composure and looked at him. He smiled a dazzling smile and shook my hand, the same temperature as me. The teacher gave us a worksheet to work on as partners and sneaked a look back at Edward. The girl he was sitting next to was pretty with blonde hair and bright green eyes just like this guy next to me, must be brother and sister, she’s a half breed too huh? Edward saw me staring and grinned at me, I grinned back and blew him a kiss he acted like he caught it and smiled wider. I turned back around to my partner and he looked up at me. “Hi, I’m Austin Richards you must be Sapphire Swan?” he grinned his handsome smile again. I smiled back at him and nodded. “So you’re a half- breed, huh?” he asks quietly. I nod again. “What’s the matter? Cats got your tongue?” he laughs a low laugh then turns back to me. We finish the worksheet and we still have 10 minutes to talk, I turn back to him to see him staring at me intensely. He smiles at me when I turn around and laughs again. “What so funny?” “Your Edward is extra possessive over you.” And he grins wider and slides his chair closer to me only to hear a hiss in the back of the room. I look back at Edward and plead with him with my eyes. Then look at the girl beside her Austin sister, she glares at Edward she looks angry and…jealous? I look back at Austin “That’s your sister?” I gesture toward the blonde in the back of the room. “Yup.” He sighs. “She just came here from Italy again. She was going to go talk to our father, Aro.” He sighs again. “Wait, Aro of the Volturi?” I ask, and he nods his head slowly. “Oh…” was all I could say. And he grinned at me and slides his chair closer again. I could feel Edward’s eyes burning into my back. Finally the bell rings and I rise from my seat, and hurry to the back of the room with all my books. Edward grins at me and takes my books without my permission. I pout; I could take care of my own books thank you very much! “Yeah love you could but what would be the fun in that?” and he grinned wider. “Hey Edward aren’t you going to introduce me to this gorgeous girl?” asks a high voice, I look to the side to see Austin’s sister. She’s glaring at me and I frown. “Alondra Sapphire, Sapphire Alondra.” He gestures toward both of us and she grabs my hand to shake. She grips it hard and I grip it harder. Then she lets go and flexes her hand

as I do the same. Edward grabs my flexing hand to take me from the room. “Who was that?” I hiss at him. He smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “That is Alondra Richards.” He says slowly. I frown at him he knew what I meant. “Ok, fine she’s an old friend.” “What kind of friend?” I realized we stopped walking. “OK she used to be my girlfriend but I never liked her then she left for Italy and then came back and she still likes me.” He said quickly. I gape at him then rip my hand from his, and walk away. He hurries after me, grabs my waist, pushes me against a locker, and kisses me with his sweet cold lips. “Edward everyone is watching!” I murmur against his lips. “I don’t care” he murmurs back. He lifts my legs and wraps them around his waist. I gasp realizing that this could be caught on camera and turn bright red. He kisses me harder as I try to escape his lips. “Edward, Edward stop!” I gasp and his lips move to my neck. He sighs and lets me go then grabs my hand again and heads toward the direction of our 2nd period class. He grins at me. “Ever try to runaway again and you’ll never escape.” He says seductively. I blush again and we walk towards 2nd period. I walk inside and give Mrs. Vann my schedule she nods and tells me to sit right in front of Edward. I grin at him and he smiles back. Then a familiar girl walks in the room she tan with long legs long light brown hair and beautiful eyes. IT WAS MY OLD FRIEND BAILON AKA BUFFY!!!

She had black skinnies on with a white polo shirt. She sits in the desk in front of me. She was Hispanic and I loved her to death she was my best best best friend! I squeal and she turns around slowly. “I know that squeal from anywhere.” She looks at me then squeals too. “¿Dónde has estado, Saphi?” and she squeals again louder this time and hugs me tight. Edward looks at us confused. “You two know each other?” “YEAH!!! She used to be my best friend then she disappeared…” Buffy looks down sadly remembering the memory. “But you’re here now girl!” she looks at me excitedly. “Wait you know the Cullen’s?” She looks at me incredously. “Yeah their my family.” nod once then realize I am crying then wipe the tears away. She grins at Edward. “Ya’ll 2 a thing now?’ she grins at Edward and me and we nod. She squeals once more and hugs me again. “You haven’t told her?” he asks me. “No!” “Tell me what?” Buffy asked. “Ohh, You’re a vampire right?” and she smiles at me while I looked at her shocked. How did she know this? She was a human she could get killed. “Technically, Saphi she’s not human… she’s a wizard.” Edward replies to my thoughts.

I gape at her and him. She’s a frickin’ wizard?! What the hell?! She smiles at me then the teacher calls the class to order. When class is over Edward takes my books again and I walk next to Buffy and she tells me all about her spells and what she can do. We head o lunch and Buffy sits at the table with my family. I look around for Cookie but I don’t see her then I see her walk in hand and hand with Jacob Black. Cookie POV Ugh! I couldn’t stand it; I couldn’t find any of my classes and I didn’t know anybody. Every boy in the school was flirting with me and girls just glared at me. I needed to get to my family. I rushed over to my locker after 2nd period to hurry and make it to lunch on time. I hurried and put in the combination for the lock and put my science and math book inside, since I already went to those classes. I dropped my science book but a tan hand reached down and grabbed it before I could. He was tan and tall with really big muscles and shining white teeth. He had short cropped black hair and had on a black short sleeved shirt with baggy pants. He was cute with his dark intense eyes but he smelled like a dog. I winced from the stench and took my book from him.

“You must be the new bloodsucker.” He smiled a white toothy grin. I stared at him. “You must be the mutt that attacked my sister!” he frowned. “No but I was in the crowd. I just wanted to apologize, Sam’s pretty brutal but he’s a good guy. I’m Jacob by the way.” “Right a good guy attacks a girl that is half human and weaker than the rest of us. She was playing a game and didn’t know anything about the boundaries!” I spat at him, and he growled. “She is not alive and deserves to be punished!” “What the hell is your problem?! You attacked her and she actually has a heart beat just like me! Are you saying I should be punished?” “No, and I said I was sorry!” “Sorry doesn’t cut it!” I glared at him. “Can you please just take me to her I want to say sorry…” his eyes turned sad. I sighed grabbed his hand, closed my locker, and walked towards the cafeteria. I walked into the great smelling room and saw my family. They were staring at me like I lost my mind and I walked up towards the table with Jacob. They were sitting all the way in the back. I sat

down while Jacob stood and looked at Sapphire she frowned at me in disapproval and looked back at Jacob. Edward suddenly rose and growled loudly at him. “How dare you even show your face around here mutt?!” he hissed at him. “I wanted to say I’m sorry to the girl! Jeez!” he held up his hands to defend himself. Sapphire looked at him and waited for him to continue. “I’m sorry and I knew Sam went too far this time. You didn’t know anything about the rules and I did talk to the pack.” He sighed happy that he finally got it off his chest. Edward sat back down still glaring at him. “Can I go now? My nose really hurts.” He whimpered. “By all means.” Edward said harshly. Jacob nodded at him then gave Sapphire a sorry look then threw me a smile. I couldn’t help but smile back, and he walked away to get lunch. I turned back around to my family and they all look at me with shocked expression. (Except Emmett of course who just grinned.) “I’m sorry he said he just wanted to say he was sorry my bad!” “Well maybe you should say something before you do!” Sapphire whispers to me. “AGGGHHHH!!!! COOKIE YOU TOO!!!! Yells a girl beside Sapphire. She was tan with a beautiful face and long light brown hair- wait! It was BUFFY!!!! “BUFFY!!!” I scream and hug her. She tells me all about her being a wizard and the stuff she could do. Sapphire POV Finally the end of school, and only my first day. I groan and put my stuff in Edward’s Volvo. “I’ll be right back” and Edward kisses me on the forehead. I turn around to see Alondra getting into her vehicle a nice shiny basic car obviously new. I groan again and might as well make amends with her. I nod to Alice and head over to her car. I see her trying to fix her wheel with an air pump, and knew she needed no help. She huffed and kicked the tire hard as a rock. She smiled to her self. She looked up and glared at me. “Hi” I say nervously. She nods her head. “I know we didn’t make a good connection before but I would love to be your friend so we could just get along.” I smile at her kindly and hold out my hand. She looks at it then back to me and laughs an annoying high pitch laugh and I look at her confused. “Edward didn’t tell you, huh?” she laughed again. “Tell me what?” “I’m his fiancé and I don’t know why he got stuck with you when I said I’ll be coming back. Maybe he needed some skank to help him survive without my presence. But alas we had a big argument before I left and I threw the ring at him. So maybe you should go back to the sleaze place you lived in before you get hurt.” She turned for her car. All I saw was red. I grabbed her arm before she could get in her car, she looked at the hand I grabbed her by then back up at me and pushed me off of her. “Don’t ever put your filthy hands on me!” and punched me directly in my face. I turned to face her slowly and grabbed her hair. She did the same kneed me in the stomach; I gasped and when I heard screaming. Edward POV “I’ll be right back” I whisper to Saphi and kiss her forehead. I walk past her and walk into the school to my locker to retrieve my books. Suddenly I hear thoughts.

Sapphire! I hope she whoops Alondra’s ass! WOOOO! Catfight! Edward hurry outside Sapphire doing something really stupid!! I hear Alice’s thoughts scream in my head. I run outside. Sapphire POV I hold on tight to her hair and push her down onto the wet ground. I hear screaming like; “SAPHI LET GO OF HER!” “Woo!!!! FIGHT!!” “SAPPHIRE!” “KICK HER ASS ALONDRA!!! I ignore all of them and dig my nails into her scalp. She punches me in my stomach again and rolls on top of me. She was swinging in the air then got lower and starts punching my arm. I dig my nails deeper in. She flinches and closes her eyes. I let one hand let go of her hair to grab her hand from punching me. She looks at me surprised and I kick her as hard as I can in her stomach. She gets off of me clutching her stomach and steps back. I tackle her to the ground and grab her hair again. She screams and scratching at my neck. Then I’m in the air; being lifted off of her. I grab my hands uselessly around and grab the air pump she had been using and swings it aimlessly in the air determined to get the last punch. I scream and kick at the person who lifts me and I am suddenly swung over their shoulder. Alice grabs Alondra who is yelling at me. “NO! NO! LET ME AT THE BITCH!!!” she tries to break away from her grasp, screaming and kicking. Emmett grabs her as well and takes her in the school. I yell as well when I am put on my feet. “YOU STUPID ASS BITCH I”LL FUCK YOU UP!!! LET ME GO!!!!” but strong long white arms restrain me. Edward takes the air pump from me and puts it on the ground, still restraining me. I kick and scream against his strength but have no luck. “LET ME GO!!!!” “No, Sapphire you must calm down.” He says calmly “so I can take you to the nurse.” He touches my cheek and I wince. I must be bruised up. He picks me up and slings me over his shoulder again. We are in the nurse’s office on the other side of the building, far from where Alondra is. She gives me an ice pack for my cheek and I wince again. Buffy comes busting in the room, looking really mad. “WHERE…IS…SHE?!” Buffy looks at me and Edward, then back to Edward. I understood who, “She’s in the other nurses office in the front of the building.” I grin at her and wince. “IMMA BEAT HER ASS!!!” and she runs down the hallway. “SHIT!!” Edward runs after her. Buffy POV Imma beat that bitch ass! I head toward the 9th grade hall and hear Edward following me. “¡déjame en Paz, Edward!” I yell at him. Suddenly he’s in front of me and I still have 2 hallways to go. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, YOU STUPID BITCH!?!” I yell at

the top of my lungs, while Edward grabs me. She must have heard me because I could hear her yell: “COME AND GET ME YOU STUPID ASS IMMIGRANT!!!” oh hell no. I take out my wand and chant a spell. “Alondra, Alondra, where could she be? She’s not right here so bring her to me!” There was smoke and I was in the office out of Edward’s arms and in front of Alondra who was in a chair with an ice pack on her head. She stared at me and opened her mouth to say something but I stopped her. “SO IM A STUPID ASS IMMIGRANT?” I grab her hair and slam her into the desk of the frightened nurse. She grabs my hair and pulls it too. I kicked at her and my hands found something hard and had buttons on it. A phone I realize. I grabbed the phone, yanked it out of the wall and beat Alondra in the head with it as hard as I could. She screamed and grabbed my neck. Then Edward grabbed me, I still had her hair and Alice came in to pry my fingers. They finally got me to let go and then took me to the office. “¿Alguna vez le toque de nuevo y voy a matarte, perra estúpida!” Sapphire POV It had been two weeks since the fight and I didn’t go back to school. Buffy stayed with us now and I liked it. I got up off the couch and went to Edward’s room. He was lying on his couch reading a book and looked up and grinned at me. I had nothing but his shirt on, a fancy white shirt that he gave me when I first got here. It was too big of course but I liked it. I walked over to him threw the book from his hands and grabbed his hair. His eyes darkened with lust and he grabbed my waist to pull me to his lap. I moaned and he pulled my lips to his. They were sweet and soft, but hard. He licked the bottom of my lip asking for permission which I allowed and his tongue crashed with mine. As our mouths molded together I grabbed the collar of his shirt and started to unbutton them. He shivered for more and I unbutton them faster. I looked at his chest; perfect abs and a perfect chest. I traced the way his abs flexed when I touched him. He couldn’t take it anymore he grabbed my face again and licked my lips. I shuddered and pushed my self eagerly to him. He grabbed my breast through the thin shirt and I moaned. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his bottom closer. His erection hit my core and I shook with pleasure, I needed him so badly. I grabbed at his hair and he growled seductively at me. I pushed him away, he looked at me confused. “I’ll be right back” and I kissed him on the cheek and he shivered. I walked to my bathroom took a long hot shower to make him wait, brushed my teeth and redid my make up. I then went to my room and took out lingerie that Alice had gotten me. I looked in the mirror and gasped, way too sexy but I’ll have to deal with it. I put on a robe and walked back to Edward’s room. His eyes popped nearly out of their sockets when he saw my hair and makeup. There’s more… if you want to see? I thought seductively and he pleaded with his eyes. I dropped the robe slowly. And he gaped at me, and then jumped across the room. Edward POV

She was gone for what seemed like days. I groaned wanting to have her now! Then she came in. I looked at her. Her hair was beautiful and curly and so was her make up that made her look extra exotic. She grinned at me and I fixed my composure. There’s more… if you want to see? She looked at me innocently; I pleaded her with my eyes. She then dropped the robe and I saw heaven. She had on the most beautiful lingerie I had ever seen. It was white and lacey and didn’t cover anything but her breast and personal areas. It fit her curves perfectly and made her breast look mouth watering. I lunged at her and kissed her neck. She moaned and pleaded for more. I grabbed her arms and put them over her head, she gasped and pouted wanting to touch me; I smiled. I grabbed her legs and hitched them around my waist lifting her completely off the ground. Then I got an idea, since she teased me, I could tease her. I slid off my already open shirt and let her go to back away. She looked at me confused her hands still in the air. She walked towards me and I ran 30 feet away. She ran after me but I was too fast. She pouted and suddenly a smile came at her lips. She walked over to me and I was about to run but her walk distracted me; too sexy. When she got in front of me she grabbed my hand and put me on the bed (that I had just bought for her if she ever fell asleep in here) she then sat on my lap facing me and grabbed my hair, she licked her lips slowly and I wanted to attack her then. She hovered her lips over mine and then disappeared 10 feet away from me. We played run away from each other for a few minutes when I suddenly grabbed her waist and she grabbed my shoulders at the same time. “Ha!” we both exclaimed each other’s captures. We were on the bed and she was on top. She pouted “I’m on top so that means I win.” I grinned at her “Fine” then I turned us over so I was on top and she pouted again. I grabbed her face and licked her lips; she shivered and put her legs around my waist again to pull my groin towards her core where she wanted me so badly. She groaned and her back arched when it touched her core. She locked her hands in my hair and rubbed up and down on my erection I groaned not able to take how good it felt. I finally laid her down and unclasped her bra. Her breast were so perfect, I started on her stomach by licking at her navel. She squirmed a little and I went upwards to her breasts. I licked the hard nipple in my mouth and bit down on it carefully. She moaned again and moved on my erection again. She pushed me away and grabbed my pants, and ripping them off during the process. She then grabbed my groin about to position her self. I pushed her away gently, she looked at me shocked. “I’m not done playing yet, love.” I laid her back down gently, starting on her stomach again and going lower this time. I look at her panties and start to remove them but stop to tease her; she looked down at me begged for me to continue. I continued to pull down her underwear and looked at her; she was so beautiful. I kissed her bundle of nerves then licked it. She moaned and arched and shook so violently that I didn’t want to stop. I licked her again and she tasted so good. All of a sudden, she grabbed my face up to hers and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her lips glued to mine, and her feet that were now on my waist kicked off my boxers. I looked up at her to see if she would let me in. She nodded and I pushed inside her. She was so warm and beautiful. We both moaned together at how good it felt. Her back arched and her chest came up to meet mine. Her breasts moved against my chest in rhythmic movement. I continued to move us then she suddenly lowered me down on top of her. I pushed inside of her deeper and her back

arched higher. Then there was a knock on the door. “Edward, Sapphire? We don’t mean to disturb you…” Carlisle said through the door and we hear snickering “but Alondra is here to see you both.” I groan and get off of Saphi. “We’ll be out in a second.” And I hear them leave. Sapphire already has on one of my shirts and I grin at her. I loved her in my clothes. I grab her and lick her lips she shudders and presses herself to me eagerly. I stop kissing her and look at her in disapproval. “We have guests down stairs.” I whisper to her. “Who cares they could wait a few seconds or hours.” And she smiles and locks her arms around my neck and kisses me hard. “Love, we have to go downstairs.” I murmur against her lips, fighting the urge to wrap my arms around her waist. She groans and opens the door and walks downstairs. I walk right behind her not able to take my eyes off her ass. I finally look up to see my whole family then Austin and Alondra with all their stuff. Alondra smiles at me and Sapphire hisses. Alondra screams at her. “YOU BITCH!!!! THERE YOU ARE!!!” and she charges toward Sapphire. Jasper grabs her before she gets near her. Buffy, Cookie, and Roxanne come from up stairs. Buffy glares at her then charges, but Cookie and Roxanne restrain her. “Perra!!!” “What are you people doing here?” hisses Saphi. Austin grins and walks over to her. “I just wanted to see you.” He replies coolly, and she smiles back. I glared at him and step between them. He growls “Why so protective?” and he smiles. I growl back at him preparing to rip his fucking head off! Sapphire looks at me and restrains me. I step back and glare at him again. “We actually came because we wanted to live here.” Alondra replies, still glaring between Saph and Buffy. “NO WAY!!” the whole room shouts. Then we all turn to Carlisle and Esme who frown at us all in disapproval. “We open our arms to anyone.” Carlisle says calmly. We all sigh and Esme shows them their new rooms. Everyone starts to settle down; Esme and Carlisle hover over a book, Alice works on the computer finding designs with Rose, Emmett and Jasper play Resident Evil and I stay downstairs watching them play with Sapphire in my lap lazily. When her eyes start to droop I pick her up and take her to my bedroom. I sit and watch her sleep for a few hours then she starts to squirm so I put more covers on her. She stops squirming and relaxes under my touch and sighs happily. She starts murmuring something about wolves, and I growl at that dreadful day. I let her go kiss her forehead and walk back down stairs. Sapphire POV The werewolves came one by one about to attack my family. I was tied up and I knew there was no way I could save them. I screamed and screamed but couldn’t find the strength to break free. The werewolves lunged at Esme and she went down in defeat. Then Carlisle, then Rose, Jasper, Alice, Roxanne, Cookie…and Emmett who put up an awesome fight, soon fell too. I looked at Edward, my only hope, as tears dragged sensuously down my pale cheeks. He stared at me for a moment then a white shadow attacked him. It was so quick I saw only white. He fell to the ground like the others. More tears dragged but soon stopped when I saw 12 different dog faces all looking at me. I closed my eyes then opened them again accepting my fate and I stared at a pair of cold dark eyes. I woke up in a start; sweat and tears on my face, then a white figure stepped in the bed with me and I cried out and scrambled from the bed. I ended up in the corner of Edward’s

room. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything but I knew the white figure could see me, I shook with fear as sobs builded in my throat and I whimpered. Then hard, cold, strong arms wrapped around me and I cried in Edward’s chest. His sweet scent invaded my nose and I felt better in a few minutes. When I was done crying he grabbed my face and kissed me softly, while wiping my face with his cold thumbs. I kissed him back and he picked me up and put me in the bed. “You want to talk about it?” he asked softly, while stroking my cheek. I grimaced and he stared at me with black eyes, he needed to hunt. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” And he kissed my hair. I sighed “No, No I’ll tell you.” And I looked up at him; his expression wary. “I keep dreaming about the wolves attacking everyone I love and I am tied up and I can’t break free and save you all.” I start to cry again. He strokes my hair but I could here the growl building in his throat. All of the sudden he grabs my waist and kisses me lovingly. He licks my bottom lip asking for permission, which I granted and open my mouth for his tongue. He slipped it in and our tongue tangled. I moan as his erection hit my center and I wanted more. He got up off me and smiled a crooked smile. “Not now love, why don’t you get some sleep.” And he puts the cover over me once more and I fall asleep in his cold chest. For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night again. I turned over stretching to find Edward gone. I felt around for him but only found a piece of paper. I turned on the lamp beside the bed and it said.

You were asleep for a whole day and as you could see I needed to go hunting. Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and I have gone hunting all together and will be back in two days. Take care of your self and I’ll be back bright on Monday morning for school. Love, Edward P.S. you will be going to school on Monday.
I frowned at the words on the page. I had been sleep for a whole day and Edward was gone. I yawned and got up to take a shower and brush my teeth. I walked into my room grabbed some sweats and walked downstairs to get a banana. I wandered upstairs and see Austin in his room reading a book. I knocked on the door and poked my head in, happy that he doesn’t share a room with Alondra. He grins at me and gestures for me to come

in. I come in slowly and shut the door behind me. I walk over to his bed and sit down next to him, he keeps grinning at me. “What’s up?” he replies and turns back to his book. “Nothing but the ceiling.” I reply back. He laughs and looks back at me. “Where’s…Edward?” and frowned. “He went hunting with the rest of the boys.” “Hey! I’m a BOY!” he said with faux anger, and grinned. I laughed at him and shoved him playfully, and he grinned even wider. “You want to wrestle.” He asked suddenly. I looked at him surprised. “Sure!” He leaned back, preparing to spring and lunged at me. I laughed as we hit the floor, him on top. We tossed and turn on each other until finally he pinned me to the ground. I pouted and he laughed, enjoying my expression. He picked me up, slung me over his shoulder, and ran to plop me on the bed. I kicked and screamed but he pinned me down again and I laughed. “Oh you think that’s funny huh?” he grabbed my waist and swung me around in his arms. I laughed harder then I could feel his stomach growl. He put me down and we walked downstairs together. He boiled a pot of water but soon forgot about it and it got cold while we talked for hours. He grabbed my cereal bowl and started to wash it slowly. “What are you doing?” I objected. “Your going so slow.” I grabbed the dish from him washed it and put it in the cabinet. He stared at me, amused and grabbed the sprayer from the sink to spray me with cold water. I glared at him. “So this is the part when you get me really wet for your own amusement, huh?” I grabbed the cold water on the stove and poured it all over him. He glared at me then a smile came to his lips. Before I knew it I was over his shoulder heading towards the bathroom as he laughed. I screamed and kicked but he plopped me into the shower and turned the cold water on to rain on me. He laughed and closed his eyes; I took my chance and grabbed his shirt and pulled him in the shower with me. “HEY!!” he yelled then laughed when he realized he was in the shower with me. He grabbed the detachable sprayer for the shower and sprayed me in the face I reached for it and fought with him for it. He fell on me and our faces were so close. He stopped laughing and looked at my lips as I did the same. He looked into my eyes and I could taste his sweet breath on my tongue. I bit my lip and made a decision. I grabbed the sprayer and sprayed him directly in the face, ruining the electricity between us. He got up off me and went up stairs still laughing. I put my head in my hands; I can’t believe I actually was that close to kissing him. I walked upstairs to get some new clothes. I put on some new shorts and white t-shirt. I watched TV for a few hours then fell asleep. I woke up about 2 hours later in somebody’s lap. I looked up to see Edward smiling at me. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” He stroked my hair. I sighed and got up from his lap to kiss him intensely. I immediately grabbed his hair and gripped at his cheek. He gasped, surprised, and then kissed me back hesitantly. He grabbed the back of my neck and twisted his fingers in my still damp hair. I kissed him one time, twice…three times and looked at him lovingly. I snuggled my way

back into his arms and buried my face into his chest. He looked at me confused and then I heard steps coming down the stairs. It was Austin of course and he grinned at me. Edward suddenly jumped up and growled loudly at him, letting my face fall into the sofa. I looked up at them both to see Edward still growling at him. “HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER THAT WAY!?! MUCH LESS EVEN LOOK AT HER!!!?!!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. I quickly got between them the realized what was going on; Austin must have thought about what happened between Austin and me today. “YOU DON’T OWN HER!” he yelled back. “EDWARD STOP!” and I try to push him back. “WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU DO?!?” he shot back. “AT LEAST I’M FUN TO HANG AROUND WITH HER, AND I DON’T HAVE TO HOLD BACK ANY OF MY STRENGTH ON HER, UNLIKE YOU!!!” he spat back. Edward growled and nearly ran me over, but I stood my ground and held him back. Emmett grabs Edward and Jasper grabs Austin. Emmett heads upstairs to Edward’s room with him in his iron grip and jasper keeps Austin under control. I glare at Austin who still looks upset and I walk out of the front door. I run and run until I hit a tree, it didn’t hurt, and I just slid down on the tree to think. I look up at the sky. Pitch black I realize and frown. The moon was so round and white. I sat there for a few hours and then decided I was tired of staying in the house all day I wanted to go out. I headed back to the house to tell Rose, Alice, Cookie, and Roxi. That we were going to the club they all jumped up and down excited except Roxi who looked at me like I was crazy and went back to sleep. I took that as a no. every one got dressed in the sexiest out fits we could find. I found a black strapless dress with black high heels. Edward gaped at me when I stepped out of the closet. “Where are you going at 12am at night?” he asked me suspiciously. I grinned at him thru the mirror while putting on my hoops. “To a club with Alice, Rose, and Cookie.” I said finishing my hoops. He frowned and was suddenly behind me and turned me around. “No your not.” He said sternly. I glared at him. “Yes I am and none of you guys are coming.” I spat back and headed down the stairs. Buffy stood in front of me with puppy dog eyes. “Can I come?” she begged, I grinned and told her to put on her sexy dress. She squealed and ran down stairs soon everyone was ready and we headed toward the clubs. Edward POV “Hey where are all the girls?” Emmett looked around confused. They had been gone for about 3 hours. “They all went to a club.” I muttered quietly. He stared at me shocked then grabbed his car keys. “Emmett what are you doing we don’t want to bother them.” I said taking the keys from him. He glared at me. “Would you really like Sapphire giving someone a lap dance and guys looking at her and her getting drunk?” he asked. I thought about Saphi in the corner with another guy and growled. He grinned and we grabbed or coats and headed outside with Jasper following behind us fumed.

We followed there scents in my Volvo. We figured out they went to a fancy club in Port Angles. We made it to the club, had to pay 105 bucks to get in and were surrounded by thumping music. Yes, they were certainly here. They must have used fake ids. I see her. “EDWARD!!!” she started jumping up and down, she was obviously drunk. She locked her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist as well. She locked her mouth around mine and slid her tongue in my mouth. It tasted like liquor and strawberries. I held her face back and let her down and she pouted. “What are you guys doing here? You’re ruining all the fun!” she crossed her arms. I grab her hand and look over to see Jasper carrying Alice over his shoulder and Alice kicking and screaming for him to let go. Emmett grabs Rose, who is on the dance floor dancing and takes them both to the car. Emmett grabs Cookie that was making out with a random guy and Jasper grabs Buffy who was arguing with a random girl. I sigh and pull Saphi out of the club and she starts screaming. “LET ME GO EDWARD!!!” we take them home and Saphi falls immediately on the bed when I bring her in my room. Sapphire POV I wake up, my head is thumping and my throat hurts. I must have a hang over and I groan. I walk to the bathroom take a shower and brush my teeth but soon have to brush my teeth again because I threw up. Edward holds my hair and pats my back gently. He then carries me down stairs and gives me two Advil. I take them with a glass of water and Edward goes and sits down on the sofa. I go into the kitchen to grab an apple when there is a sharp pain in my neck. Then it gets worst and my stomach feels like it’s on fire! I grip at my stomach and fall to the ground. I grip at the fridge with one hand and scream. “SAPPHIRE!” is all I hear then everything goes black. Edward POV I gave her two Advil and walked back to the living room. I watched Emmett and Jasper wrestle on the play station. I hear Saphi in the kitchen moving around and opening the fridge. Then I hear a thud and a scream. Not just a scream, a scream of agony and pain. I rush to the kitchen to see Sapphire on her back twitching and screaming. “SAPPHIRE!” and I grab her face. Her eyes are open wide but not the color brown I loved; they were black, I mean the whole eye the pupil and the iris was all black. She screamed again and my whole family barged into the big kitchen. Her back arched and twitched some more. Her black eyes widen again and she opened her mouth to scream but blood just came out. Alice held her head up to let her breath and Emmett held her sides. I listened to her heart that spluttered frantically. She coughed and then stopped twitching. Emmett let her go and Alice kept her head up. Sapphire closed her eyes then opened them again and they were the lovely color blue. She got up and coughed blood onto the floor then looked up to meet my frightened gaze. “Ugh… Hi!” and she smiled shyly. We all looked at her surprised and I stepped closer to her to cup my hand around her cheek. She smiled wider against my touch and Alice handed her a cloth to wipe her mouth, she stood and I tried to help her up which she refused and walked to the living

room. We still looked at her shocked but she just padded the seat to make me come sit next to her. Sapphire POV It’s all black and I could feel the fire rushing to my throat. I could feel cold fingers holding me back and holding my head. I shut my eyes then reopened them, to see my family all looking at me with scared expressions. I frown and look at Edward who looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. “Ugh … hi!” and I grin at them. Edward walks toward me carefully to touch my cheek. I lean into his touch and smile happy that I was able to see him. Suddenly there was a green cloth in my face and I took it and wiped the disgusting blood from my mouth. I stood up and Edward tried to help but I told him I was fine. I walk slowly to the living room with my family close behind me. I pat the seat for Edward to come but Carlisle whispers something in his ear and they head upstairs. I watch them walk up the stairs and wait for the door to close. When it does I burst into tears. I feel the pain again in my neck and I run outside. I run and run until my lungs feel like they are going to burst and I stop in the middle of the unfamiliar forest. I grip at the grass to stop the pain but have no luck. “Not so great is it?” says a low voice. I look up to see a black haired girl with dark eyes.

I don’t recognize her so I growled. Then the pain gets worst I scream and fall to the ground. The pain stops and I pant hoping that it was over. I look up at the girl and she laughs obviously enjoying it. “Ed… ward…” I pant over and over again. “They can’t hear you. I put a force field around us.” She walks quickly over to me and her scent hits me. It smelled like wet dog and I wrinkle my nose in disgust. “I have brain powers. I can make you feel pain- and the same pain rolls thru me again-“I can make force fields or shields.” I look up at her again. “What do you want from me?” I gasp. She brings her face close to mine. “I want you not to exist anymore.” She says slowly. More pain rolls thru me and I scream. “Why are you doing this?” she looks at me and laughs. “It looks like our poor Jakey has imprinted on your sister, The Cookie Monster.” And she grinned. I gasp as another wave of pain comes thru me. “Tell your sister to stay away from Jake.” She shivers and growls until she looks like she’s vibrating. She falls onto her hands and knees and fur burst thru her back. I gape at her as a white wolf took her place. She growled at

me and I backed up into a tree. “Sapphire!” I turn around to see Edward lunging at the white wolf. “Alleeyah you have gone too far this time!” he yells into the dog’s face. She lunges at him and he jumps off of her to land in front of me protectively. She growls and lunges at Edward but he jumps out of the way, grabbing me, she bumps into the tree I was on and whimpers. I hear a howl in the distance and she howls too then turns abruptly and leaves. I’m still in Edward’s arms and he touches my cheek. I jump but look up at him and he smiles. “Are you okay?” and he puts me on the ground. “How did you find me?” I look up at him. “I followed your scent but there was a force so I waited and she finally turned into a werewolf and I jumped thru.” I looked at him confused. “You see when they transform they can’t focus on what ever powers they were using.” He let me down. I looked at his beautiful face then took it between my hands. He smiled at me and I brought my warm lips to his cold hard ones. He pushed me against a tree and lifts my legs up to his waist and licked my neck. I shuddered and unbuttoned his shirt. I brought my lips up to his then pushed his unbuttoned shirt off of his shoulders. He lifted my shirt over my head and my breasts fell down softly on his chest. He bent his head down and licked them and his erection hit my core. I arched my back as he moved it up and down on me. He sucked on my breasts until they were hard. Then he tore off my shorts and put his teeth on my panties to slowly ease them down my legs. I moaned and shuddered for more. He licked my clit and I arched my back higher. He then tore off his boxers and pants at the same time and entered me. He started soft. Edward! Harder! I screamed in his head and he went faster and harder. I scratched at his back and brought his mouth to mine again. He moaned and I did to as I realized we were close to the end. He went faster and faster and I screamed as we dropped off our high. He grinned over at me and I put my clothes back on as he did the same. I rode on his back and everyone grinned at us when we got home. Everyone soon settled down and Alice brushed my hair. Emmett and Jasper were watching TV, Rose was on the computer, Esme was making dinner for all the half humans, Carlisle was up in his office, Buffy and Cookie were playing Life, Roxi was talking on the phone with dad, Alondra went out, and Austin was in his room keeping his distance. I looked up at Edward and he smiled at me. Alice soon went upstairs with Jasper, Rose went out with Carlisle and Esme, Cookie and Buffy went out on a jog, Alondra was still out, Austin upstairs in his room, and Edward went hunting with Emmett. So I was all alone… I soon wandered upstairs; I looked in Austin’s room to see him on the computer, playing a game. I walked inside and he smiled at me then looked at my shirt. I looked down too to see that I was wearing that jersey shirt that Emmett had given me with no bottoms; I blushed of course and he grinned wider. “I like your legs.” He said still grinning and I blushed even more. I walked over to his bed and plopped my self down on it. He got off the computer and came to sit with me. I knew I shouldn’t be in here, and I knew I would

be in a load of shit with Edward, but I didn’t care; I liked Austin. He grinned at me and I grinned back enjoying his company. “So… where’s Edward.” He arched his eyebrow. “He went hunting again.” “So… when he goes hunting is the only time you can see me?” he says nonchantly. He stared at me intensely searching in my eyes for something. “I’m taking he doesn’t like to share, correct?” he tilts his perfect head. I frown and look away. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you.” I look back at him to see him looking at me sadly. “You’re just so beautiful, I can’t help it.” He grins, and I grin back. “I like you Sapphire and Edward isn’t here.” He lifts one hand to stroke my cheek, I blush and smile wider. He cups his warm hand around my cheek and rubs circles with his thumb. He looks me deeply in the eyes and I loose my concentration as I look in his light beautiful green eyes. A weird feeling comes over me and I look at his lips. His warm breath fans my face and he brings his face closer to mine. I close my eyes and my lips crash with his. He kisses me back automatically and twists his fingers in my hair. I know I shouldn’t be doing this. I knew I loved Edward more than my own life. And I don’t know what came over me but I had to kiss him. He traced my lips with his tongue and I shivered. He lowered us on the bed and switched his weight so he was on top. My lips molded to his in a strange way and my hands instantly shot up to his wavy light blonde hair. He lowered his hands from my hair to my waist then my ass, pushing me closer. He squeezed my ass and I moaned. He then lifted my shirt up so all was there was the panties I was wearing. He lowered his hands in my panties and squeezed again. He lowered his hand to my clit and rubbed. I moaned and my hips bucked. Suddenly the strange feeling was gone and I opened my eyes. I saw his eyes closed and I kicked him in between his knees. He groaned and twisted his hands to go to his groin, and rolled off the bed in pain. I covered my mouth where he had kissed me and ran out of the room. All I heard behind me was “SAPHHIRE!” until I ran faster. Cookie POV I ran with Buffy, happy to have her company. She grinned at me and ran faster up the trail. I followed behind her when she suddenly stopped and I ran into her. I landed on top of her and we both looked up to see Jacob. He grinned at us and held out both of his hands to help us up. We grabbed them and stood up. I brush my self off and look up to see Jacob looking at me intently. He smiled and Buffy looked at me and Jake then back again. “Dejaré que ustedes dos entonces…” she smiled with a grin then headed back the way we came. I blushed and looked at Jake, who was rocking back and forth on his heels. “So... how’s it been going Cookie?” I giggled I liked when he said my name. I looked back up to see his drooling face. I cleared my throat and he immediately snapped out of it and smiled shyly. “Sorry I really like your laugh…” he admitted adverting his eyes and blushing under his russet skin. I blushed too and he immediately brought his eyes to my face to look at me in wonder I blushed harder and looked away.

Suddenly he was in front of me. He grabbed my chin to make me look up at him, when I did he stroked my cheek with his hot hand and cupped my face. I could no longer smell the wet dog smell; all I could smell was Jacob. He smelled of men cologne and his own scent and I loved it. He grinned at me and I looked up at the sky to find it completely dark. He had been touching my face for hours! I quickly kissed him on the cheek and headed home still red.

Sapphire POV I stood over the couch pacing and trying to think of what to do. Suddenly I felt cold strong arms pull me towards them. I sighed sadly guilty of what I done. Edward nuzzled into my hair and I sighed again. “What’s wrong?” he murmured in my hair. “Nothing!” I said to quickly then I heard thumping on the stairs. NO! NOT NOW! “Sapphire, can we please talk I’m sorry!!!” Austin looked at Edward and rubbed the back of his neck. Edward looked at him incredulously and growled. I wrapped my arm around his torso restraing him. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?” he roared. “EDWARD STOP HE DIDN’T MEAN IT!!!” I screamed. “HE KISSED YOU!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE DIDN’T MEAN IT!?” he yelled back. I was immediately taken to tears. Then I realized Austin didn’t say anything all this time and I stared at him. He looked furious at Edward. “I KISSED HER CAUSE SHE WANTED ME TO!” he spat, and I cringed. “HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE WANTED TO KISS YOU ASSHOLE!!!???!!!” Edward was ready to kill him. “BECAUSE!!!” he screamed back. “BECAUSE WHAT YOU OAF!?!” “I LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER EVEN DREAM OF!!” he looked at me passionately and I stared back in horror, Edward stepped between our view and launched himself at him. The wall made a sickening crack and Edward roared at him. Austin just punched him in the gut in response him, and him and Edward started to brawl. The whole family comes barging in the spacey living room. Carlisle gets between Edward and Austin, Austin growls at Carlisle. Carlisle pins him by the neck to the wall. We hear a hiss in the back of the room and we all turn to see Alondra all staring at us in disbelief with shopping bags, she drops her bags and lunges at Carlisle growling, that’s when Esme comes in; she pins Alondra the same way as Carlisle did on the same wall and hisses. “We will not kill you because we do not kill…” Carlisle said calmly. Austin growled. “KILL THEM!!! KILL THE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!” yelled Edward who was being held back by Jasper and Emmett. We all looked at him stunned but his eyes remained on Austin. I put my hands chest to calm him but he just growled more. There

was a slam from the front door that made us all jump a foot in the air but we relaxed when we saw Cookie standing huffing and red. “Am I interrupting something?” she huffed. We all stared at her and Alondra suddenly thrashes and screaming roaring profanities at me and Edward. Esme puts a stronger hold on her and she stops. Then I hear a chuckle and we all whip our heads to see Roxanne chuckling to her self watching Alondra. She was on the staircase her chin in her hands and eating skittles. “SHE DOESN’T BELONG WITH A MONSTER LIKE YOU!!!” we all turn our heads back to Austin who was screaming at Edward. Edward roars and thrashes against his brothers strength but have no luck. “YOU BASTARD I”LL KILL YOU!!!” he roars again and I jump away. Jasper tries to calm him down but has no luck. “Jasper, take your brother outside.” Carlisle says calmly. Jasper nods lets go of Edward and grabs Emmett’s arm. Emmett looks at him confused. “Not THAT brother your other one.” Jasper gives an apology and grabs Edward to take him outside. Everything soon settles down and next thing I know I’m in the living room with my face in my hands. I get up to go take a shower and see Edward with his head in his hands in his room. I step in and prepare for the talk I know we’re about to have. Cookie POV I huff over to the staircase to see Roxanne done with her skittles and looks up at me. I grin at her and she grins mischievously. “What was that?” I asked gesturing to the scene that just happened between my family. I had never seen Edward like that, I didn’t like it. I look back at Roxanne and she shrugs. “Austin did some stupid shit.” she exclaimed, and grinned. “So… where were you?” she got up and started sniffing me head to toe, I froze and she wrinkled her nose. “You were with that dog! Jack… no Jake!” she pointed her finger at me. I blush and look away and she folds her arm with a smug smile on her face. “So… what were you doing with Jack?” she asks slyly. I blush harder and say

“Nothing, why would we do something we’re friends… and by the way I love your hair, and where did you get that jacket, hey you want to go to the movies I got some money we could go see that movie Avatar, oohhh you think Alice would want to come-?” I was cut off and I realized I was babbling. “Did you kiss him?” she asked slyly. “No!” I said quickly, and she grinned at me. “Fine! But I’m keeping my eyes on you!” she frowned and ran up the stairs. I sighed and went upstairs to take a shower. Sapphire POV Edward looked up to glare at me and I immediately cringed away from him. “What… were…you…thinking…?” he said slowly.

“I wasn’t.” I said sadly. He continued to glare at me and I stared back sadly, until he finally broke the silence. “So you just kissed him?” he asked. “No! Yes…” I looked back down and he growled. “Sapphire what did he do to you?” he growled. I was frustrated and tears of anger were forming in my eyes. “What do you mean?” I looked up to glare back at his beautiful gold eyes. He frowned. “He kissed you and you didn’t do anything you let him!” he rose his calm voice. The tears started overflowed. “It’s none of you business!” I spat back. He looked shocked. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN NONE OF MY BIUSSNESS; I LOVE YOU!!!” he screamed finally standing up. “OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T OR YOU WOULDN’T BE YELLING RIGHT NOW YOU WOULD BE FORGIVING!!!” I yelled back tears forming again. “Well I’m not now…” he answered arms crossed and sitting back down. “I bet Austin would…” I muttered not looking at him and wiping the tears away. Suddenly a cold hand was coaxing my face back up. “You…think…he…loves…you?” he said looking at me with wide gold eyes. “I…don’t…know.” I said looking him straight in the eye. He frowned and huffed and walked back over to the bed. I was still crying and my vision was getting blurry. “You wouldn’t care though would you?” I asked hanging my head and letting a sob come out of my mouth. “About what?” he huffed. I looked back up at him. “If I ever loved him back?” I said my eyes locking with his. His eyes widened and he stood back up. “You don’t Saphi…” “DON’T SAPHI ME!!!” I snapped and he cringed away. He was suddenly in front of me his hands on either side of my face. “You…don’t.” he said sternly. I slapped his hands away. “Don’t touch me!” I spat. “You are not the authority of me, I am grown and I can do whatever I want without your permission. I make my own decisions and right now I’m deciding to leave this room.” I headed for the door but Edward grabbed my face and locked my lips with his. I pushed him off and slapped him on the cheek with as much force I could summon from my body. My hand reddened with pain. He cringed back and staggered from me. I grabbed the door again and when I got it open he grabbed my wrist. “LET…ME…GO!” I tried to twist my hand from his steel grip. “Sapphire, don’t do this…” I could feel the tears coming back. “Leave me alone Edward.” And I headed out the door. I run downstairs with tears in my eyes and bump into Jasper. “OWW!” he rubbed his head. He looked at me and his expression turned shock. “SAPHI? Are you ok?” he frowned. He wiped my tears away and I felt soothed. Jasper was always my friend and I loved him.

“What happened, did he hurt you?” he pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead. “J-Jasper, he doesn’t trust me.” I sobbed. “Do you want me to punch him?” “No I already slapped him.” “That’s what that was? Damn Saph I know that hurt!” I frowned at him and punched his chest weakly and sniffed. “Am I your punching bag or something?” he frowned. “Yes, now shut up, punching bag.” He chuckled and held me closer. I heard thumping from the stairs and I frowned. “Edward leave me alone, can’t you take a hint? I FUCKING SLAPPED YOU!!!” I turned around from Jasper’s chest and glared at his perfect face. “Sapphire I’m sorry can we please talk?” “NO! Actually we can’t, now leave me ALONE!!” I ran away from Jasper’s shocked face and Edward’s sad eyes. I ran and ran until I was in the misty dark forest. Edward POV WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!?! I can’t believe she slapped me and I couldn’t believe she just walked out of the room. I put my head back in my hands then looked up from the couch, when I heard the front door I open but I sigh when it’s Alice looking at me like she’ going to kill me. She has a knife in her right hand and I scream like a girl. She raises the knife and runs over to me screaming. “AYAYAYAYAYAAAAA!!!!” she yells. She tries stabbing me but the weak metal just bends against my skin. I frown and sigh while she continues to poke me with the knife. Poke Poke Poke Poke Poke “God damn it Alice what!!!?” I look up at her exasperated. She frowns in disproval. “EARTH TO EDWARD, WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROB!?” she screams in my ear and I cringe. “I DON’T KNOW ALICE I GOT… JEALOUS!!!”

“Well… you have to fix it” and she grabs the knife to try to stab me one more time then sighs when she’s an inch away from my skin. “I love you Edward and I would hate to see what happens if you loose Sapphire…” and she went up the stairs with Jasper. I sigh again and put my head back in my hands. Cookie POV I was laying in my bed my hair damp from the shower listening to ‘Linkin Park’ when I hear a peck at my window I ignore it then I hear it again and again, so I get up to check what it is. “Psst… Cookie!” whispers a voice and I look down to see Jacob by a black motorcycle. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I hiss back and he cringes. “Sorry I wanted to talk to you for a minute.” “Who’s at the window?” yells Roxanne from her bed. “No one.” I say quickly. “I’ll be down in a minute.” And he nods. I put on a sweater and heads outside then Roxanne blocks the door. “Where you going? What’s with the sweater? Whose outside?” she grins and walks over to the window and leans her head out. “HOLY SHIT IT’S JACOB!” she screams loudly. I grab her arm. “STOP! I’m just going to talk to him.” She nods and skips back over to her bed. I take a deep breath and head outside again. He is standing next to his motorcycle and he looks up and grins at me. “What is it?” I hiss at him. “I was wondering if you would like to go for a ride with Me.” he grinned again. I look at his motorcycle then him I nod, he grins and hands me an extra helmet, I put it on and he sits on the front half and pats the back for me to sit on. I grin and sit on it and wrap my arms around his hard chest. “Hold on tight!” and the motorcycle roars to life. I laugh and he speeds toward the street. “Where are we going?” I asked. “It’s a Surprise!” Sapphire POV I’m still walking in the woods, not caring where I was going or even who I was. I was all out of tears and I knew I looked terrible. I froze when I heard rustling behind me. “EDWARD! Leave me alone!” more rustling. “I’m serious!” It was getting closer and it certainly wasn’t Edward, WEREWOLVES! I ran as fast as I could not looking behind me or caring if they were following. There were growls behind me and they were getting closer. I pushed my legs harder and my lungs burned. Then there was white and pain. The wolf scratched my back. A good, clean, spine swipe. The pain! I screamed and fell to the ground in defeat. I couldn’t move and my back stung and screamed for help. I

screamed for it and I saw white again. “I told you to stay away from Jake!” and then I blacked out. Edward POV I was in the living room pacing waiting for Sapphire to come home to me. It was 12:00am and she still was not here. I decided to go find her scent and beg for her forgiveness. “EDWARD!!!” I turn around to see Alice’s scared face. “Alice, what is it?!” “Sapphire her future went black, Edward! I can’t see her!” I ran out the door determined to find Sapphire. There were wolves’ stench everywhere but I wasn’t focused on that I needed to find Sapphire. I followed the wolves scent and hers then I smelled her blood. The sweet fragrant blood, not enough to drive me off the edge luckily she was half vampire, but enough that made me want to suck her dry. Then I saw her body. Lying flat and lifeless in a pool of blood. “SAPPHIRE!!!” I rushed over to her and pulled over her light body to my lap. She groaned and panted. Good! She was alive. I looked into her beautiful face that was twisted in pain. She fluttered her eyes opened and groaned again. “Ed-w-ward …Edward!!! I can’t feel my body!!” she screamed. I picked her up and she groaned again. I ran back to the house as fast as I could probably breaking my own record. Emmett and Jasper were the only ones in the living room and they looked at me shocked then looked at the bloody Sapphire. Sapphire groaned and screamed. Emmett and Jasper were immediately by her side to comfort her. I gave her to Emmett and he headed toward the dining room. Jasper cleared off the table and Emmett laid her carefully on her stomach on the table. Carlisle came rushing down with his medical bag and started to remove her shirt. She was pretty bruised up in her front and I looked away afraid that I would go and kill every single one of those filthy mutts. Some how Saphi came around because she muttered “Am I dying?” Carlisle said it simply. “Yes” “CARLISLE!!!!” “Don’t worry Edward.” He said calmly. I walk over to her and kiss her dirty cheek. “I’m so sorry.” I mutter in her hair. I hear her gurgle and I look up to see her being violently sick. Jasper gets a towel and holds her head up. Great! She was poison. Damn them all to hell! I leave the room not able to take this. “She’s going to be fine.” I hear someone mutter from behind me. I look back to see Alice sitting on the couch. I walk over to her and plop down next to her. “No… this is all my fault.” I could have been there but I wasn’t. “Edward no one was there she is okay trust me…” she looks at me with wide gold eyes. I nod and she looks away. Then I hear Sapphire scream. “HELP ME!!!! EDWARD MAKE IT STOP!!!!” I immediately run into the dining room with Alice behind me. Sapphire is thrashing and

screaming. Emmett and Jasper trying to hold her down while Carlisle works on her back. “EDWARD!!!!” she screams again. I head over to throw Emmett and Jasper off of her but Alice and Esme restrain me. “EDWARD!!!!” I fight against their strength anything to help her pain. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?!?!” I scream at Carlisle. “I’m getting the poison out.” “EDWARD HELP ME PLEASE!!!!” she screamed again and I wanted so badly to comfort her. After he had the poison out Carlisle poured Unknown substances in her wounds and she thrashed some more. Then she stopped and panted finally the pain was over. Carlisle started blotting her wounds and she relaxed. Carlisle kissed her cheek and started up the stairs. Emmett and Jasper let her go and left the room as well. Alice slowly walked over to her to kiss her cheek and walked out. When everyone was gone I walked over to her I gasped when I saw her real scar there were three and very long. Carlisle must have given her that potion he got from Buffy to heal people because they were turning pink. “Sapphire?” I knew my voice was not calm but I had to make sure she was ok. “Hmmmm?” good she ok, just exhausted. “I’m so sorry…” I mutter. She looks up at me and gives a weak smile. “Don’t be…I’m fine really!” she starts to get up. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING LAY DOWN!!!” I push her down gently and she winces. “NO! I’m trying to tell you I can handle this.” She starts to get up again. “Lay down!” I say sternly. Suddenly she grabs my face and brings her lips to mine, her breasts on my chest. She kisses me passionately I respond back and she stops. “I’m so sorry Edward, I didn’t mean to do that, please forgive me.” I was taken back a little by the kiss but I nod and she giggles. “You do know what I’m talking about right?” “The woods?” “No! Austin…” and she looks down. I grimace and take her face. “I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU!!” “I love you too.” I kiss her again and she cringes. I thought that I hurt her but she looked down at her body which is covered in dirt. “I need a shower!” I throw my shirt on her and she ogles over my chest. I laugh and clear my throat and she buttons up the shirt. I laugh again and help her down. Before we make it down stairs Emmett comes bouncing down stairs with a giant grin on his face. I read his mind but he gives me a sly look. BAD ROMANCE!!! SHE WANT YOU’RE UGLY SHE WANTS YOUR DISEASE SHE WANTS YOUR EVERYTHING AS LONG AS IT FREE! Love, LOVE, Love, she wants your love!

I raise eyebrow and he grins wider. “So…Sapphire how’re you doing?” she smiled an angelic smile at him and even though I thought was impossible but his smile got wider. “Why don’t you go up stairs and take a shower I think I fixed it.” He kissed her dirty cheek and giggled to himself. She started up the stairs but I picked her up and carried her up the stairs, she started to protest but she was already up the stairs before she could get a word out. I froze in my tracks when I saw Austin walking out of his room. He glared at me and I glared back. Sapphire stopped giggling and looked at Austin he smiled back and I growled. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” I stepped forward. Sapphire whimpered in my arms and I rushed to the bathroom. I put her down and she giggled again. She slowly undressed in front of me and I laughed. She slowly took off her shorts and then glided her hand down her panties. She throws it at me and I reflexivity catch it. She smiles then slowly unbuttons my shirt. I grin back at her and I look at her chest. I see the bruises are all gone and she turns around for the shower to turn it on. I see her back and the scars were barely noticeable just a couple minutes and they would be gone thanks to Buffy’s potions. I leave her to take her shower and lay in the bed. Cookie POV I wake up in my bed. Great! I only got 3 hours of sleep. I had spent the whole night and morning with Jake. We talked about our whole lives and he absolutely was engrossed by my life and I laughed when he looked at me intensely. He told about him being a werewolf and his dad and his pack and how loyal they are. I really wanted to meet Seth or Leah they sounded cool. He always grinned adoringly at me when I blushed at some of his questions. Did I mention that he took me to a beautiful Mountain top with a water fall? It was beautiful and he just grinned when I saw it. He actually asked for my number, of course I gave it to him, and asked me out on a date tonight, YES again. I came back home at 3:00am and luckily Roxanne was asleep. I sighed and decided to get up and take a shower. I got up and snuck past Roxanne bed who was actually muttering “Imma getcha, Cookie! …Jack…Jake…” I sighed and went to go take a shower. I pulled my hair in a ponytail and put on my favorite shirt and sweat pants and headed down stairs. I made myself an omelet and I watched TV until I heard Roxanne yell, “COOKIE WHERE ARE YOU!!!” she came running downstairs with an evil gleam in her eye. I looked at her bewilder and made a run for it. “YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!” I scream at her. We start running all over the house then Emmett comes prancing down stairs with a grin on his face. He stares at us then start run after us both. “EMMETT!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??!!” we ask in unison. He just grins and says, “I’M PLAYING THE GAME!!!” then we hear a scream from upstairs. “EEMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!” we all turn our heads to see Sapphire and Edward running downstairs fuming. Emmett gulps and we all start running all over the living room. I’m running from Roxanne, Roxanne is chasing me, Emmett is running and chasing both of us and Edward and Sapphire are chasing Emmett. Esme enters the room skipping with a note pad and looks at us in shock. “YOU GUYS STOP YOU’LL MESS UP MY LIVING ROOM!” no one stops running so she runs after

Edward to make them stop. We all stop suddenly when we hear a giggle. We all turn our heads to see Alice laughing at us with Jasper snickering at her side. Roxanne turns me around and looks me in the eye. I frown. “Emmett I leave you my spice girls’ collection.” I whispered. “YES!!!” he exclaimed. “Where were you last night?” Roxanne glares at me. I gulp. “W-W-With J-Jake…” I mutter and my whole family whips their heads around to face me. “YOU WERE WITH THAT DOG!?!” Edward yells at me, and I frown. “Don’t call him a dog, he’s my friend and he tells me anything!” “WELL DID HE TELL YOU THAT HIS PACK ATTACKED SAPPHIRE LAST NIGHT!?! SHE NEARLY DIED!!” I cringe how could he not tell me that? “THAT’S NOT TRUE!” Edward frowns. “WHY DON’T YOU GO ASK THE PUP?” and he grabs Sapphire hand who was in a towel with an apologetic look on her face and walks upstairs. I feel tears form in my I eyes and I run upstairs into my room. I change out of my sweats into a white camisole and my jean shorts and run to go see Jake. My family looks worried but I just keep going. It was starting to drizzle then raining harder and I could feel my shirt and hair sticking to my skin. Great day to wear a red bra! I head over the boundary to see the Quilete beach and Jake and all his friends all over a rock enjoying the rain and grinning. I feel more tears come up and I whistle. They all immediately snap their heads up to glare. I glare back not scared of any of them. Leah I’m guessing stands up and prepares to lunge but Jacob holds her back with a worried expression on his face. Leah has a tan face like the rest of them but is beautiful!

I glare at him and growl he looks confused and jogs over to me. “Cookie, what are you doing here?” he frowns and strokes my face. I flinch away from his touch and hiss. He cringes away and frowns. “What’s wrong?” and he has the nerve to step closer! “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S WRONG YOU ATTACKED MY SISTER YOU BASTARDS!!!” the rain gets heavier and I shiver. “Cookie I talked to the-” “YOU KEEP SAYING THAT BUT THEY KEEP ATTACKING MY FAMILY!!!” “Cook-” “YOU KNOW WHAT THE WORST PART IS? I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME!!!” I screamed at him. He looked hurt and I felt guilty, he wasn’t there, but he didn’t tell me; he deserves this. “DON’T TALK TO ME YOU MUTT!!!” I start toward the woods crying and sobbing. I was in the middle of the woods but a hot hand grabbed my shoulder and my eyes were met with sad dark ones. “COOKIE!! HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT!?!” I frowned at him and told him to leave me alone. I headed back to the woods. He grabbed my shoulder again. “WHAT!?” he didn’t say anything. He was looking at my chest and then adverted his eyes. Even at a time like this I blushed, then snapped out of it. “WHAT!?” he turned red under his russet skin, and then I realized something. “Your going to make me say aren’t you?” I looked at him desperately. “GOOD GOD WOMAN!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!” he yelled and threw his hands up in exasperation. “JAKE JUST SAY YOU LOVE ME AND GET IT OVER WITH!!” he looked at me shocked and grabbed my face. “I love you…” he muttered, and crashed his lips with mine. My hands went up to his wet hair and locked my fingers in it. I was suddenly pushed against a tree and I locked my legs around his waist and I moaned. His mouth moved with mine in a rhythmic way. “JACOB WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” an unfamiliar voice echoed off the trees. Jake immediately froze and looked behind him. I look with him and he immediately goes into a protective stance. It was the pack! They must have followed us. Then there was pain and I fell to the ground and screamed. I looked up again and saw I’m guessing Alleeyah. She grabs my hair and another roll of pain goes thru me. Then I hear hissing and growling and ripping. In less than five seconds my whole family was there hissing at the dogs and most of the pack were already dogs. Aleeyah was on the ground panting and clutching her arm with Sapphire over her. Carlisle was trying to calm Jasper down. Alice was growling at Leah who was towering over her growling. Edward was growling at Sam determined to kill him. Jake was towering over me making sure I was safe. I figured out that I was pushed up against a tree and was surrounded by growling and hissing. “Everyone Calm down!” Carlisle said calmly. Esme hissed at Sam. “WE’LL KILL YOU BLOODSUCKERS!!! WE KNOW YOU KILLED THAT GIRL!!!” Sam yelled. We all looked confused. “WHAT GIRL!?!” Edward growled. “BELLA!!! SHE WAS ONLY6AND YOU SUCKED HER DRY!!!” Alleeyah yelled. “WE DID NOT!!!” Sapphire screamed. “WE DONNOT KILL!!” “WE’LL KILL YOU ALL…” Sam replied back. “Well...Let the war begin!” Edward growled. The wolves started to retreat. “JACOB… COME!” I looked at Jake with sad eyes.

“No Sam… you did this and you fix it. I will not fight.” I looked at him in total awe. Sam looked like he was ready to kill him but Aleeyah grabbed his hand and he grinned at her and walked away. Sapphire POV We all walked to the house to have a house meeting. Rose and Emmett just came back from the grocery store looking totally confused and we filled them in. “AWWW MAN! I could have beaten those dogs to a pulp.” Emmett animated punching a werewolf with an upper cut. Rose frowned and glared at us. “If it’s a war they want… then that’s what they are going to get!” she looked determined. “There is no need for a WAR!” Carlisle rose from his seat. Edward frowned. “Carlisle we cannot calm them they have made their choice.” “Maybe your right…but we need reinforcements.” “We could call Tanya and her clan…” Alice chirped from Jasper’s lap, and Edward groaned. “I know some great vampires from my past.” Jasper murmured. “I’m sure my dad can pull some strings too.” I grinned. “I know some good wizards!” Buffy smiled. Alondra and Austin entered the room. Alondra had on a tight mid thigh black dress on, while Austin had on a handsome tux. “Where have you two been?” Esme asked. “At a ceremony for Eric.” “Eric?!” the whole room gasped. “Yes, we haven’t seen him in a while and he has new friends.” Austin laughed “Bill and Sookie wasn’t it?” I was totally lost, who were these people. “What are you guys talking about?” I looked at Edward confused. “Have you heard about the new species of vampires?” he asked. I nodded remembering what my dad had said. “Well… Eric is one of them; he has fangs and burn in sunlight and sleep in coffins. The whole vampire Hollywood bit. He does live in Tennessee.” “Ahhh… maybe Eric could help us.” Carlisle sighed. “NO WAY!!!! That pervert!” Alice crossed her arms. “Alice don’t worry he’ll be on his best behavior.” Carlisle smiled. She still had her arms crossed and huffed. “What do you need help with?” Austin asked and he and Alondra walked over to the living room to sit on a sofa next to Rose and Emmett. “The werewolves are attacking because they believe some of our family has killed several humans.” Carlisle answered. I looked up to see Alondra glaring at me. “WHAT!?!” I sneer at her. “What have you done you stupid whore?” she growled back. “YOU THINK I DID THIS!?!” I yelled. “Oh I know you did.” “What have I done to you?” “YOU WANT TO KNOW YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?!?” she rose from her seat and stood in front of me.

“YOU STOLE MY EDWARD YOU STUPID BITCH!” and she grabbed my hair. I screamed and punched at her. “SAPPHIRE!!!” “WHOOO FIGHT!!!” Suddenly I saw two tan long legs stand in front of me. “GET THE HELL OFF OF HER YOU BITCH!!!” Buffy screamed and grabbed her hair. We were all fighting together and I was still kicking and screaming when I was in the air over Emmett’s shoulder. Alondra was still fighting with Buffy was and Jasper grabbed her. “YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!” I scream at her. And she flips me off. “EDWARD OWWW!!!” Jasper winced when she kicked him. Edward grabbed her arms. She suddenly turns around in Edward arms and grabs his startled face and locked her lips with his. She locked her arms around his neck and kissed him harder. All I saw was red I kicked and screamed profanities so bad I was sure I was going to hell. I kicked harder but Emmett kept a strong hold on me. “Tu maldita perra!!!” Buffy screamed and kicked at Jasper. Edward pushed her off and growled at her. Austin grabbed her wrist while Jasper held her legs. I finally managed to get out of Emmett’s grip and I tried to lunge myself at Alondra but Edward grabbed my torso and held me back. I wrinkled my nose I could smell her on him. “YOU FUCKING BITCH, YOU TOUCH EDWARD AGAIN I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!” I scream at her. That’s when Carlisle comes in. “That is no way to act you all calm down. I need to call Eric. He’s having a bouquet tomorrow night and you all need to be on your best behavior.” I growled at Alondra and prepared my self to spring again. Edward took me upstairs still in his arms and when we made it up the stairs I pushed him away from me. “Sapphire…” “I need some sleep I’ll see you in the morning.” I murmur heading for my bedroom not looking him in the eyes. He grabs my wrist. “Sapphire, why won’t you look at me?” “Because Edward YOU just LET her KISS you!” “But my heart belongs to you.” He pleaded. “I only love you.” His hands cupped my cheek and I melted. I smiled I was sucker for him. I leaned forward and brushed my lips with his. He moaned and grabbed my face to make the kiss deeper and I grinned against his lips. He licked my bottom lip and I granted permission. He growled seductively and kissed me all over my face to stop at my ear. “Mine.” He growled in my ear and nibbled on my earlobe. I shuddered and pulled him closer. I sighed and let him go. He looked at me confused. “I need sleep.” And he laughed. I laid myself on his bed and he lay beside me. I turned over so I was facing him. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Then he lunged at me his lips on mine desperate and urgent. I kissed him back and locked my arms around his neck. He started kissing my neck and I fell back to the pillows. My hands squeezed on the sheets and I squirmed when he continued to go lower. He stopped at my pants and kissed my legs and inner thighs. I moaned and whimpered. He slowly lowered my pants and kissed my inner thighs again teasing me. He stopped at my core and kissed it. I moaned and my back arched and my legs pooled thru the panties.

He starts licking thru my panties and I moan again. He lowers my panties and licks my nerves again. I moaned louder. I grab a pillow to cover up my noise but Edward grabs it off my face. “I love your sounds.” He whispered. I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck. I fall asleep against his chest. I woke up with Edward kissing my neck. “Wake up sleeping beauty we have to go to Eric’s bouquet in an hour.” I groaned. “What time is it?’ “12:30.” Ugh! I only got 2 hours of sleep. I’m not getting up. I put the covers back over my body. “Come out or I’ll have to come in and get you by force…” he murmured. Nope! I felt cold hands on my ankles and pulling me out of the bed. I gasped and grabbed onto the bed, gripping at anything I could find, but to my disappointment I only grasped a pillow and sheets. I groaned again and glared at Edward’s smug face. Jerk! And he laughed and carried me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Since it was an all white party I curled my hair up in gentle waves and put on massacre and pink lipstick. I took out a short white tight dress with shoulders out. I liked it and I knew Edward would like it but hate it. I stepped out of the bathroom and Edward looked at me in awe then glared. I laughed and took a look at him. He had on a white suit with a blue shirt. It was charming. I took his hand and we headed down stairs. I rode with Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Buffy. Cookie rode with Roxanne and Jake in his car, Emmett and Rose rode in Rose’s car, Alondra and Austin took their car, and Esme rode with Carlisle. We rode up to a beautiful looking white mansion with a parking lot and coiffures and everything. I stepped out of the car with Edward’s help and he threw the keys at the coiffure. We walked up to the beautiful house and walked thru the door. No one was inside they must have been outside. “CARLISLE SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!” a voice boomed echo went thru the narrow hallway. I saw a blonde man with green eyes and tall, lean and absolutely handsome.

He smiled at Carlisle and hugged him. “Eric good to see you too, you look well.” He smiled back at him. “Yes good thing I’m full because some things here look appetizing.” He turned to look at me and lingered on my body. Edward growled. I tensed and Eric raised his eyes from me and landed on Alice. “Alice so nice to see you again… how’s the ass?” he asked casually. Jasper looked livid and Alice hissed. He chuckled in return and looked over at Emmett and Rose. “Emmett you still owe me my 30 bucks.” He said with a smile. “Dude you lost your just mad cause I won.” “Right!” he rolled his eyes. “Rose still looking as hot as ever.” “Eric still the same dick.” He looked over to Esme and smiled at her and gave her a hug. He greeted the rest of the family and sighed happily when his eyes rested on me. “Who is this vixen?” he looked me up and down and I blushed. Edward hissed and said, “MY Sapphire.” And he smiled smug. Eric grimaced at the word ‘My’ but took my hand and kissed it gently. He pressed his tongue on my pale hand and I sighed getting aroused. He lifted his head back up and his fangs popped out of his once normal teeth. Edward growled and Eric smiled and put them back in his teeth. He walked us to the back of the house, out of the door and in the backyard. There was a giant pool that vampires were jumping into, good thing Alice packed swimsuits. Buffy took on the stage and held up the microphone to her face. She was asked to sing by Eric and she happily obliged. “Love…love will confine you It reminds you and takes what you got. Ohhh love, love will forsake you Try to drown you Leave you for dead.” “Every body laughs everybody cries, don’t hurt me baby let’s give another try That’s the thing about love. So long I wanted to kill you Leave you and take what you got.” I was so happy that she was having fun. When she was done with her song that when the real music started. I grinned I could salsa real good. Edward POV Sapphire was itching to dance so I took her hand and led her to the dance floor. We twisted and turned elegantly and she laughed. I twisted and dipped her and she expertly brought herself back up only to cha-cha in front of me. I followed suit and then it was time to switch.

Alice came twirling towards me and I smiled she turned elegantly only to grin at me. “Enjoying the party Edward?” “Very much pixie!” She grinned and the rotation kept going. I was met with hard arms and looked down to see Pam in my arms. Ugh! I could tell by her smell and red hair. Such a bitchy attitude.

She grinned up at me and laughed. “Ahh… Edward where have you been these last 40 years I’ve missed you.” She said sarcastically. “Ahh running away from you of course.” I said just as sarcastically. She grinned wider and we swayed to the music. Ugh. Why do I have to be jealous? I looked down at her confused. “Jealous of what?’ “Of your girlfriend they’ve been dancing like no tomorrow.” She muttered into my chest and I tensed. “One moment Pam.” I walk over towards the crowd that was forming around Eric and Sapphire. I push thru everyone and see Eric and Sapphire twirling gracefully and slipping and sliding. Sapphire dropped to her knees and held her hands up. Eric grabbed them and brought her to her feet. She turned to face him and they got unbearably close and she fell back and dipped and Eric caught her elegantly. She arched her back and came forward toward him. Her hair was flying beautifully around her face and their faces got closer again. Too much this time. I stepped on the other side of Sapphire grabbed her hand and her warm body meant mine. She gasped in surprise and smiled when she saw me. Another hand grabbed hers to pull her back to Eric but I grabbed her hand and while swaying to the music we were pulling her back and forth. “CANNONBALL!!!” I look up to see Emmett in his swimming trunks and flying over everyone heads and landing in the water with a huge splash. We get the after splashed only trickles of water but Pam got the whole ocean on her. She looked like a drowned cat and I chuckled. “Sapphire I would like you to meet my good friends Sookie and Bill.” Eric came out of no where and pointed to a couple in his arms. The girl was blonde and looked adorable, she had gap between her teeth which made her look even more adorable, she had a figure and I thought she looked about 24. The man was defiantly a vampire he looked weathered but young and had dark hair with dark serious eyes.

Sookie smiled at me and shot a thought. Another telepath huh? she looked up from the martini she was holding to smile at me. I nodded and smiled Carlisle had told me she was telepathic and I thought it was pretty damn cool. Bill smiled a huge smile at me then turned his attention to Sapphire. Beautiful…no offence Edward. And I nodded still smiling. “Sapphire care to dance some more?” Eric. Sapphire turned to him and smiled, he smiled showing his fangs and she smiled wider. I had heard of this, Eric was a really good dazzler but he wasn’t taking my Saphi. “Actually”-I went in front of them-“we were going swimming weren’t we Saphi?” She looked at me surprised. “Edward can I go get a drink real quick, I’m in dire need!” she pretended to choke. I grinned at her. “Sure I’ll stay here and wait.” Eric smiles and walks after her, I grab his shoulder. “I see what you’re doing… you stay away from her Eric! I mean it don’t touch her…” he turned slowly and smiled his fangs once again showing. “I’ll stay away from her but I don’t think she will stay away from me.” he said seductively. Before I could reply, he was gone following after Sapphire. I figure he could take care of her and keep his hands off of her for 5 minutes. I sighed and sat in a chair. BOOOMM!!!!! My ears rung and I was blasted from my chair. It was heat coming from everywhere. Moans and groans of pain were coming from behind me. I turned around slowly to see fire coming from the house. “EDWARD!!” someone called my name and saw Alice helping Jasper up. I frowned and looked back over to the house. I saw Rose and Emmett looking shocked still in the pool. I saw Esme sobbing over the thing and Carlisle comforting her. I saw Buffy, Austin, Alondra, Roxanne and Jacob all looking shocked and calling someone’s name. I frowned again and looked at the house. Someone. Someone was missing; the name they were calling was familiar. Sapphire… SAPPHIRE!!! I jumped up and headed in the hell house. I saw blood and smelled blood, but I didn’t smell HERS!!! I searched and finally saw her. Eric was on his back with his hands wrapped around someone’s waist with that someone sucking his chest. I gasped when I

Realized it Sapphire on top of him drinking his blood. (I DID STEAL THAT FROM TRUE BLOOD JUST WANTED TO GIVE IT A SHOT!!! SORRY IF I OFFENDED ANYONE!!!) Sapphire POV I sipped on my martini about to go back to Edward when suddenly Eric was in front of me. I gasped then smiled, I liked Eric he made me safe, and my insides got all squishy when I was near him, AND he made me just a little, little, little bit horny; that’s why I’ve been staying away from Jasper all night. He smiled his fangs at me and growled seductively. He pushed me into a dark corner and I gasped. I was a little buzzed and at first I didn’t know what was happening and I blushed. He growled again and then there was a slam. I looked up and so did Eric and there stood a boy a tan boy. And he stunk, like…like a dog. WEREWOLF!

He had on a long coat and I frowned what was he doing here? “CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE LEECHES?” They all turned their heads to the dog. “I HAVE A MESSAGE FROM SAM YOU DAMN BLOOD SUCKERS!!!” It all happened in slow motion then. He slowly opened his jacket and there sat a bomb on his stomach. I gasped and the dial read 00:00:05! Everyone seemed as surprised as me. 5…4…3…2…1! “DO SOME-” I was cut off. BOOOOMM!!! I opened my eyes and I saw hell. I saw vampires limping and I was 20 yards from the place I was before. I gasped for air when I realized someone was on top of me. They were heavy and white and cold. I looked down and saw Eric’s pained face. I pushed him off and stood up. I looked down at him and he looked at me with sad eyes. “Help me Sapphire… the silver… its killing me.” he closed his eyes.

“Damn it Eric, where?” he pointed to his chest. I knew silver was fatal to them and I didn’t want him hurt. I leaned down to the part he was pointing at and unbuttoned his shirt. I looked at the tiny hole in his chest that was bleeding softly. I groaned and sucked on his chest. It tasted marvelous and I grinned against his chest. I finally got the silver out and I spit it out glad that I was strong enough to do that. He groaned again and pointed to his collar bone. I groaned as well and sucked on it too. I hear his fangs pop out of his teeth. I jumped a little and sucked harder. DAMN IT! This one was in there deep. I stopped sucking and sat up, he looked at me confused and I put my hair in a ponytail. He groaned again. “Alright…alright Eric, jeez.” I got on top of him and he smiled his fangs smile and I sucked on his shoulder blade. He wrapped his cold arms around me and I shuddered and sucked harder. I can’t believe this we were actually have 1st stage sex on the floor. There was sudden familiar intake of breath and I wrapped my tongue around the silver and spit it out, happy that I was victorious. Eric looked to my side and I looked with him, and saw Edward looking very angry. I looked down and saw that Eric’s arms were still around my waist. “Uh…Edward… YOUR OKAY!!!” I just realized. I ran to hug him and he immediately hugged me back. He looked down at Eric and growled at him. I stepped between them. “Don’t blame him I was trying to just help him, the silver was going to kill him.” Edward didn’t relax he kept glaring at Eric. “He was in no danger…” he finally said quietly and raised his black eyes to me. I looked back at Eric. “They would have pushed themselves out.” He continued. I was dumbstruck how dare he? “This way he has forced you to drink his blood. Now he can tell what you’re feeling or find you anywhere.” I was still speechless. “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” Edward roared. Eric finally rose. “I don’t take so kindly to threats” he growled. “Edward back off.” I yelled at him and he looked down at me shocked. “What the hell Sapphire he forced you to drink his blood and you stand up for him.” “How do you know he did?” He pointed to his head. “I don’t know lucky guess.” He said sarcastically. I grew angry. “He saved my life if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be alive!” I spat at him. “Well I would have been there too, love, if I knew it was going to happen.” “You know what; I think this ‘love’ needs to take a break.” I said quietly and he looked at me in shock. “I just need sometime to think that’s all.” I walked past him and walked thru the huge hole in the side of the hell house and walked past my dumbstruck family that probably heard the whole thing and got into Jacob’s car.

It has been 1 week since me and Edward took a break. Eric of course came to see our family yesterday flirting with me which caused him and Edward to fight. Carlisle pulled

them off each other and Edward and I had a giant argument and I started to sleep in my own room. I even avoided him during school. I can’t stop thinking that maybe I over reacted and I needed Edward but I had to stay strong and meet other people maybe, but I didn’t have the strength. I stepped out of the hot shower, brushed my teeth and put on some shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. I walked downstairs to only see Jasper watching TV I looked around but saw no one else and I frowned. Jasper looked at me and grinned I sat down next to him on the tan couch and looked at him expectantly. “Where is everyone, lover?” I said sarcastically. He raised his eyebrows and grinned. “Did you change your mind then?” he said seductively and I laughed. “Where is everyone?” “Rose and Alice went out of town for a shopping trip sale in New York and will be back in 3 days, Edward, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle went hunting in Seattle and won’t be back until tomorrow, Roxanne and Cookie are hanging out with Jacob, and Alondra and Austin moved out; their heading back to Italy.” I looked shocked I was left alone with Jasper; even though I loved him dearly I still wanted more company. “Why are you here?” I turned back to him “Oh I’m here to baby-sit you by Edward.” He swung his arm carelessly around my shoulders. I was enraged I didn’t need to be baby sat. Jasper saw my expression and winced. “Can you stop I can feel that to you know.” He said sternly. I relaxed and he did too. “Listen I won’t be baby sitting you today because I have stuff to do in the city, so my friend is.” He sat up and grinned at me. “WHAT?! No way! Your not leaving me here with a guy are you!?” “I won’t be jealous I promise.” He laughed and I glared. He looked away guilty and I frowned. “Fine Jasper you have stuff to do I understand. I just can’t wait to meet him.” I said calmly, and he looked up at me and smiled then looked guilty again. “What?” I asked. “He’s gonna be here in 10 minutes and I gotta go.” I nodded. “Just let him take care of you he’s vampire so don’t worry.” He got up and kissed my forehead and grinned. I heard the front door close softly and I sunk into the couch. About 5 minutes later I heard a knock at the door and I get up to open it. He was leaning against the door frame and smiled at me. He was absolutely GORGEOUS! He had dark brown hair and green intense eyes. He had a white t shirt on with black skinnies and black converses.

I heard someone clear their throat and I realized I was drooling. I quickly wiped it off and he looked amused. “Can I please come in?” he said in a beautiful voice. I was in awe again and he laughed an angelic laugh and walked past me. He looked at me with expectant eyes. “Aren’t you coming in your own house?” he smiled again. I nodded and rushed over to him. He walked towards the living room and sat down. He patted the spot next to him and I rushed to sit down. He smiled again and relaxed. “So... how do you know Jasper?” I asked wanting to hear his beautiful voice again. “Oh we were best friends when he was turned and we both went our separate ways when he went with that girl Alice and I went to Italy to work for Aro. Then I realized after 20 years that I didn’t want to kill people. I didn’t need it so I came down here and this family helped me. I lived with them for a few years then moved to California, and I studied many things, oh I’m rambling sorry. Completely off topic.” And he grinned at me. “I don’t mind.” And I grinned like a fool. “You have a really pretty smile, I like it.” And he grinned wider. “Thanks.” And I blushed of course. “Oh! I’m Alec by the way!” and he outstretched his white hand. “Sapphire.” I shook it and smiled We continued to talk about different things until he asked me if I had a boyfriend. “I don’t know!” I huffed and crossed my arms tightly, he looked at me confused. “No! No! I don’t know because we took a break and we don’t talk much. I want to try other people but I’m drawn to him so…” I trailed off making myself sad. I looked back at Alec to see he had on a thinking face. “Hmm… It’s Edward isn’t it?” he waited for my approval and I nodded. “Well Edward was always a difficult one but I loved him dearly like a brother. I’m glad he found you

but he could be jealous most of the time because he always was alone. So… maybe if you give him some time he would lighten up.” He grinned at me and I smiled back. He scooted closer. “But…you can date other people right?” he wiggled his eyebrows playfully. I laughed “Yes even though he might be jealous.” I rolled my eyes. “Well what do you say to a day out tomorrow?” he smiled at me “Where?” “To the park maybe or to my house. It’s going to be cloudy and I want to go out.” I thought about it for a sec then nodded; he smiled and looked at his watch. “I better go I’ll see you later.” He hugged me and I wanted so badly to rip his fucking clothes off but I didn’t. “Oh let me get your number real quick if I want to talk to you.” He said quickly. I took out my phone and he put in my number and I put in his. He smiled at me and left. I sighed to my self. I watched TV for about an hour then fell asleep. I woke up in cold, white arms and I gasped. I scurried out of them and Edward looked at me sadly. “Edward that wasn’t cool.” I sighed. “Sapphire can’t we just talk I didn’t mean to hurt you or make you mad.” He got up off the couch and stepped closer to me. “No, Edward I can’t I have stuff to do today.” I stepped away. “What do you have to do?” I sighed. “I have a date.” He looked more than angry he looked more than livid. He sighed angrily then closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. “That’s why you smell different…” “Edward…” “NO! Just go please I’ll wait here.” He spat and walked out of the room. Tears of anger started down my cheeks. “FINE!!!!” I yelled after him and stomped up the stairs. I walked into my room and threw stuff on the floor. I stopped when I saw Rose, Alice, Cookie, and Roxanne looking at me sadly. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?!” I sneered. They all jumped and continued to talk. I stomped to the shower and turned it on. I slid down the wall and silently cried my eyes out. Soon the water turns cold and I turn it off. I brush my teeth and look at the mirror. My eyes were a little puffy, but since I heal quickly my eyes would be normal in a couple minutes. I put on some massacre and eyeliner and lip gloss. I smiled at my reflection cause well… I looked hot! I walked back to the room and smiled at everyone. “Where are you going looking all sexy?” asks Alice. “To go see Alec.” I said smug. “Sapphire, you know I don’t like that you and Edward are taking a break but I know your doing the right thing, you needed time and I understand that, just give him a chance to talk ok?” Rose murmured.

I frowned and grabbed my gray striped jacket with a blue v neck t shirt and skinny legs I loved and my favorite blue converses. I put them on and put a blue hair band in my curly hair. I texted Alec and he said he was on his way. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch. Edward walked out of the kitchen and gaped at me. He slid next to me and I glared at him, and crossed my arms. “What?” “Sapphire please can we talk?” he looked at me with pleading eyes. “Fine let’s talk; first you lie to me about Alondra-” He looked at me confused. “SHE’S YOUR FUCKING FIANCÉE YOU ASSHOLE!!!” He cringed and closed his eyes. “Edward I need some time to stay away from you.” I say calmly. I jump when I hear a car in the drive way and smiled. I started towards the door but a cold hand grabbed my wrist and I frowned. “Edward let go!” I turned toward him. He looked at me with pleading eyes. “Sapphire please, talk to me.” “I JUST DID, EDWARD!!! EVERY TIME I HAVE PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE I SUCK IT UP AND KEEP GOING, BUT SINCE I STARTED BEING WITH YOU TOO MANY PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN IN MY LIFE! THIS IS TOO MUCH AND I SAID I NEEDED A BREAK! I’M GOING OUT AND I’LL SEE YOU LATER!!!” He looked at me in shock the whole time then finally let go of my wrist. I walked over towards the door and opened it. Alec smiled at me and he looked even better than yesterday. He had on a black tight shirt with white skinnies and the same converses from yesterday. He grinned wider and walked past me. I frowned I didn’t want him to see Edward. Edward looked at him shocked and frowned. He growled. “Edward…” I warned him and he crossed his arms. Alec just grinned and Edward growled again. “Alec this is Edward, Edward this is Alec.” Alec held out his hand and smiled. Edward glared at him. He rubbed his neck awkwardly and slowly brought his hand back toward him. I huffed and grabbed his hand, which Edward growled at, and headed towards the door. “Sorry if I made that awkward.” Alec apologized, when we got outside. I turned around and stared at him. I hugged him tightly. He was taken aback by my sudden hug but wrapped his arms around my waist. I sighed happily and buried my face in his chest. He pulled me closer and sighed. I sighed too, happy that I was being comforted. I frowned and pulled away and grabbed his hand again. He intertwined our fingers and gave a gentle squeeze. I looked at his car in shocked it was black and sexy.

He opened the door for me and I could smell the great smell of leather and him. He grinned at me then walked over to his side. He slams the door and put the key in the ignition. It purred to life and he sped down the driveway. “So…first we’re heading to my apartment for a while then we’ll go somewhere ok?” he turned to look at me. I nodded. He suddenly brought his cool white hand up and stroked my warm cheek. I shuddered and leaned into his hand. He smiled and put it back on the steering wheel. I wanted to feel his touch again. I could feel the electricity between us. He suddenly stopped the car and pulled into a parking lot. He grabbed my hand and we walked into the elevator. I could still feel the electricity that was eating away at my nerves. We finally stepped out of the elevator with our fingers still intertwined and went down a long hall way. He opened a random door that had big bold gold numbers on it that said 264 and walked into the dark room. He turned on the light and I was in awe. It was a bachelor pad and was absolutely beautiful.

“You like it?” he turned to me. “It’s beautiful.” I whispered. He chuckled and pulled me into another hug and finally let me go. The electricity sparked and I moaned. He grinned and I pouted. He traced my lips and I shuddered. He leaned in and I closed my eyes. He pressed his lips softly to mine and I lost it. I grabbed his great

hair and pushed myself to him. He moved his lips with mine and licked my lips. I moaned and pushed him to the long couch. He shifted his weight so he was on top and grabbed my shirt. He slowly moved his hand up my shirt and grabbed at my hot skin. I moaned and he grinned against my mouth. He suddenly broke off and grabbed my face with cool hands. He grinned a white toothy grin and sat up. I pouted and he laughed and traced my lips again. We soon settled down and I lay on his lap while we watched TV. I took the remote from his and changed it to Power Puff Girls. He frowns then smirks at me. I laugh and he lunges at me. He tries to reach for the remote and I laughed again. We wrestled all over the floor and he finally pinned me. I stopped laughing and his lips met mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, remote and all and opened my mouth to sigh. He suddenly grabs the remote and runs over to sit on the couch and changes it to a basket ball game, leaving me on the floor gasping for air from the kiss. He chuckled at my expression. I got up and glared at him. He opened his arms and begged me to come sit with him again. I laughed and wrapped my arms around him. He laughed and we sat there for a couple hours. I gasped when I saw the time was 10:30pm. It was Saturday but I had homework. He grinned at me and he took me home. I was about to say goodbye but he grabbed my face and brought my lips with his. His cool tongue entered my mouth and I pushed against him eagerly. He laughed and broke off and I stepped out of the car wobbly. He laughed again and I waved goodbye and he sped around the corner. I walked into the house and to my surprise all the lights were off. I took off my shoes and headed upstairs. I need to do my homework really bad and it was defiantly piling up. I stopped short when I realized I left my math text book in Edward’s room. I slowly walked over to his door and knocked timidly. He opened the door. “I SWEAR TO GOD ALICE I DON’T HAVE JASPER’S COWBOY SEX BOOTS!” he looked surprised to see me and grinned shyly. I walked into his room and spotted my book on his bed. I rushed over to retrieve it and tucked it under my arm. I started towards the door but Edward stepped in front of it. “Sapphire I know you don’t want to talk to me but I need you too. I really need to tell you how I feel. I love you and I’m sorry I haven’t told you anything about my life, and I’m sorry I’m over protective, and I’m sorry I can’t always be there, and I’m sorry I can’t see you all the time but I need you Sapphire.” Before I could even reply he locked his lips with mine. I gasped and resisted the urge to twist my fingers in his messy bronze hair. He pushed me against his wall in lifted my legs up to his waist. My breathing sped but I resisted the urge to even move. I finally got the courage to push him off and he let me down. “Saphi…” “NO! NO! NO! NO!”I pounded his chest angrily with my fists. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” I started towards the door again, but he grabbed both of my wrists. “Please you have to talk to me!” “What do you want to talk about?!” I was exasperated. “Why...are… you…going…out….with…ALEC?!” he asked slowly. “Because he makes me feel safe and happy.” “I don’t?” “Edward I don’t want to have this conversation.”

“But we need to fix things.” “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!!!” I yelled at him, he didn’t even flinch. “WHY DO YOU INSIST ON BEING SO STUBBURN!!?!!” he yelled back. “YOU KNOW WHAT I DON’T KNOW EDWARD! MAYBE THAT’S WHY WE SHOULDN’T BE TOGETHER!” I left the room. I ran downstairs turned off all the lights, put my shoes back on, and ran out the door. I ran down the street as fast as I could hoping to get at least a mile in. I gave up and called Alec. “Sapphire?” his velvet voice answered after the second ring. “Can you please, please, please come get me?” I was breathless. “WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU!?” he was on the verge of anger. “Nothing! Calm down just an argument. Please come get me?” “Ok I’m coming!” he hung up. 10 minutes later his sexy car pulled next to me and he picked me up bridal style and put me in his car. “You okay?” he cupped my cheek when he stopped the car. I leaned into his chest and he picked me up again. He carried me into his dark house and turned on the lights. He carefully put me down on his sofa and laid next to me. I sat up and my lips locked with his. I climbed onto his lap and locked my arms around his neck. He bit my bottom lip playfully and I laughed as he rolled on top of me.

Edward POV I was a mess. Sapphire won’t talk to me and I needed her to if we were ever going to fight this. I was a stupid, stupid man. Also in love don’t forget in love. A small knock at my door disturbed me from my thoughts. “Edward? You in there?” oh God I know that voice, no she went to Italy. Alondra poked her blonde head in the room and smiled at me. She was wearing a long PJ shirt and that’s it. “Edward, Edward didn’t I tell you she was going to leave you?” “You need me.” she sat down on the bed. She grabbed my face to make me look at her. “You need me…” she kissed my cheeks, my forehead, my nose, and then finally my lips. She massaged her lips with my own. I knew this was wrong but she was right I needed her. She brought me on top of her slowly and unbuttoned my shirt. She lowered it off my shirt to the floor and then took of hers. I sucked on her pink nipples and she moaned. She took out my member and I thrashed inside her. She moaned and pleaded for more. I kissed her neck as I thrashed and she grinned. Finally I reached my climax and she kissed me all over my face. “Sleep Edward sleep…” she sung I was getting dizzy and I black out on top of her. I woke up and my head was thumping…WAIT!!!! I woke up I don’t sleep.

I looked beside me to Alondra naked in my bed and last night’s memories came back to me. She grinned at me and saw my surprised expression. “Don’t worry Edward that’s my power I can convince people or make them do stuff. Like for instance I made you go to sleep last night.” I heard whispers outside my door, GREAT! Everyone knows. I stepped out of the bed and started to put clothes on when my door opened. “What the-” Sapphire looked at us shocked. “I CAME BACK TO SEE YOU!!!! AND YOU DO THIS!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM! I WANTED TO TALK TO YOU!!! AND I’M THE FLIRT RIGHT!!! FUCK YOU!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! She stormed out of the room and I struggled to put my pants on. I finally got them on and hurried after Saph. “LEAVE ME ALONE AND GO BACK TO YOUR LITTLE VIXEN!!” she screamed at me. I grabbed either side of her face. “Saphi…” “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY HUH? WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE THIS TIME? HUH?! HUH!? HUH!?” she spat at me. Alondra laughed from down the hall and Sapphire glared in her direction. “YOU BITCH!!!” “Sapphire NO!” Jasper grabbed her wrist and glared at me. He took her in his and Alice’s room and closed the door. I twisted the doorknob and it was locked. “ALICE LET ME IN!!! SAPPHIRE PLEASE TALK TO ME!!!” Jasper answered the door and glared at me. “Not now man. No one wants to talk to you…” and tried to close the pink door. “Jasper I have to see her please.” I put my hand on the door to restrain it, he growled. I heard stomping then I saw a black streak. A small white hand snatched forward and punched me in the nose. “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!” I screamed as I fell back to the ground. “GETAWAY FROM MY FUCKING DOOR YOU DUMBASS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!” Alice screamed at me. Jasper grabbed her waist and pulled her back inside. I was in shock my family was mad at me and I deserved it. The front door opened then closed and the scent hit me. Alec! He came jogging upstairs and glared at me. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! I spat at him “THE DOUCHE IN THE HALLWAY!!!” “I hope your talking about your self.” “Oh do you now?” I stood up and growled at him. He walked past me and knocked on Alice’s door. “Sapphire it’s me, Alec, ready to go?” Sapphire slowly walked out of Alice’s room and wiped her eyes to wrap her arms around Alec and gave him a peck on the lips. I growled and she glared at me and rushed to the bathroom. “Please tell her to talk to me.” I looked at Alec.

He ran a hand thru his hair. “I don’t know, I don’t want you to hurt her anymore.” He said quietly. I growled at him. “Hey, you know it’s true. I’ll try but please try to do something right for a change.” He looked at me, exasperated. I nodded weakly and we both snapped our heads up toward the sound from the bathroom door. Sapphire looked even more beautiful than yesterday. She looked like a model. She had a strapless purple shirt under a black sleeves vest. She had on dark skinny legs and black high heel stilettos. Her hair was wavy and she had on red-pinkish lipstick. “Hey…you ready?” she asked Alec in a hoarse voice and he nodded and smiled apologetically at her. He cupped her cheek and lowered his lips to hers. I hissed and they suddenly stopped and Sapphire glared at me again and she stomped downstairs. Alec stared after her then glared at me. I growled at him and he stomped toward me. “I’ll help you but you have to do me a favor; you stay away from her and wait for her to come to you, and clean yourself up!” he walked down the stairs and I could hear them practically sucking on each other’s faces. I shuddered and walked to my room. Alondra giggled. “GET OUT…NOW!” she frowned and grabbed her stuff. “Fine Edward but you’ll come back…” she kissed my lips gently and left the room. I sighed and slid down my door to think. Sapphire POV I walked around Alec’s house; he had left me here to go to the store for me. I wandered into the kitchen and went thru the cabinets until I found what I wanted. I grabbed the huge bottle of vodka and smiled to myself and grabbed a cup. I poured it all the way to the tip and chugged it down. I was on my 6th glass and I was totally buzzed. I grinned to myself. I jumped a foot in the air when I heard a door open, and Alec walked in. He looked at me confused then grabbed both sides of my face. “Sapphire…are you drunk?” he looked down at the empty vodka bottle and grabbed it from me. “You do know this was a two litter bottle right?” he looked at me confused again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. It was slow at first then it got more passionate and steamy. I pushed him against the wall and straddled him. He suddenly broke off and looked at me confused. “Sapphire I think your too drunk for my liking.” And he smiled. I frowned I wanted him right now. I rubbed up against him, and he threw his head back. I laughed at his lusty expression and kissed him again. I let him go and sat on the couch. He followed after me. “Sapphire…I need you to talk to Edward.” He took my hand. “Ugh! Not you too.” I put my head in my hands. “I like you Saph, but…Edward loves you, and I have to let you go for a better life then I will…” he put his arm over my shoulders to hold me tight.

I looked up at his sad eyes. I frowned I didn’t want to hurt him, I really liked being with him. “Alec…don’t make me choose.” I whispered into his shoulder blade. “I wont, you need Edward, and I’ll be ok.” I let out a sob, then another one and another until I was in hysterics. Alec patted my hair and winced when I got louder. I finally stopped and he looked at me sadly. “I’ll take you home, ok?” I smiled back and we got up to go home. We pulled up at my house and he kissed my forehead. I opened my phone it was officially 4:00am. I sighed. I walked into the dark house and took my shoes off. I was about to turn on the front room light but it turned on by itself. I looked up and saw Edward on the couch looking infuriated. “Where the FUCK have you been?!” he spat at me. I cringed. “What do you mean?” “Did you fuck him?” “What?” “Did. You. Fuck. Him?” he was suddenly in front of me. “NO! Edward I love you! Why would you even think tha-?” he didn’t let me finish. He took my face between his cold hands and I shivered. He leaned down slowly and pressed his cool lips to mine. I had missed him so much I didn’t realize it. He moved his lips with mine then I stuck my tongue in his mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself to him. He lowered his mouth to my neck and I moaned. “I’ve missed you so much Sapphire.” He said in a hoarse voice. He picked me up off the ground and pressed me against the wall. He picked me up bridal style and carried upstairs. He laid me carefully on the bed. I kissed my neck then my mouth again. I started to unbutton his shirt and I slowly eased it off his shoulders. He slowly started kissing my jaw and neck and I bit down on his earlobe. He lowered my underwear and thrashed inside of me. I moaned and my back arched. He smiled against my neck and thrashed deeper. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me off the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned. He finally reached his climax and fell on top me panting. He kissed me and I smiled. “Saphi I have missed your body.” He smiled. “Oh yeah did you miss Alondra’s?” I frowned to him. He looked at me with sad eyes. I got up and put one of Edward’s shirts on. “You know we still have to have that talk?”

He nodded and sat next to me. “Sapphire I slept with her because I wasn’t thinking and I love you and not her. I made a mistake and that was wrong. If I hurt you I am so sorry and please forgive me…” I smiled at him and kissed his lips. Edward POV I was downstairs and Sapphire was lying lazily over my lap. Alice and Rosalie were looking at magazines; Emmett and Jasper were playing Resident Evil again. Esme and Carlisle went out for the evening, Buffy and Cookie went cliff jumping with Jacob, and Roxanne was out with Alec on a date. They had immediately gotten to know one another pretty well. “Hey did you guys know Miley Cyrus might be pregnant?” Alice murmured from her magazine. We all looked up at her shocked and I chuckled. “Where did you here that Alice?” “Teen Weekly…” she murmured again. “You can’t believe everything you hear you know?” Jasper laughed. She pouted. “What do you mean? If I don’t believe them no one will! BAH!!!” she threw her hands up exasperated and we all laughed as she scowled. “HAHAHA!!!” Emmett suddenly boomed and grinned at Jasper. “You know ya’ll I was just tickled pinked when ya’ll distracted Jasper all for me!!” he said in a country accent. Jasper suddenly lunged at him and punched him in the face. “WHAT THE HELL DUDE?!?” Emmett bellowed. “That’s for the southerners!” Jasper shouted. I laughed and Jasper glared at me. “I don’t want to see any of you picking on southerners again, it’s not fair!” he crossed his arms and sat down. Sapphire’s laugh rung thru the living room and soon everyone joined in. Sapphire soon fell asleep in my lap and I carried her upstairs. I laid her down gently on my bed and wrapped the covers around her. I stroked her cheek and she smiled then sighed happily. I smiled too and went back downstairs. I looked down at my family and I saw Alice still bickering over that stupid Miley Cyrus thing, I laughed and sat down next to Rose. She frowned at me and put her high heel shoes on my lap. I gently touched it and soothed the velvet. Then took the high heel and snapped it like a twig. She gasped and punched me on the arm. “YOU BASTARD

THESE ARE ORIGINALS YOU CANNOT BUY THIS IN THE STORE!!!!” she punched me again and I laughed. “I just can see it…she’s pregnant and that’s probably why she quit Hannah Montana…” I frowned and rolled my eyes. Alice was going to keep going until she goes to Miley Cyrus herself and take her to an ultrasound. “I’m sure she just needed a break, honey.” Jasper snickered. “She certainly does not! She will keep going with the show or I’ll kill her I really will.” “Wait! Isn’t she starting that Hannah Montana forever thing?” Emmett asked “She better be…”Alice growled. Jasper laughed again and I walked over to him. “Listen Jasper I need you to take care of Sapphire again, I’m going out of town with Carlisle and Esme, and I need you just until tomorrow afternoon.” He grinned at me and nodded and then continued the conversation with Alice. Sapphire POV I tossed and turned in the bed after Jasper had told me Edward left for the night. I sighed and looked at Jasper on Edward’s sofa who was reading a magazine. “Jasper come sleep with me.” I begged. He looked at me seductively. “Ok but keep your moans down, I don’t want every one to hear you…” he climbed in the bed and smiled. I laughed and pushed him playfully. “No Jasper I mean to keep me company, I hope Alice won’t mind…” “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle.” He smiled again and rubbed my thigh. “Ugh! Jasper you’re as bad as Emmett.” I punched his arm playfully, and turned my back on him. “Fine! I’ll be good but if I see any boobs I’m off the hook.” I laughed and smiled. I cuddled up into his cool chest and he kissed my forehead.

2 hours later I was still tossing and turning still. I got on top of Jasper and laid there for a while and squirmed a little. Jasper chuckled into my neck. “You know Saph I might be a vampire, but I have teen needs just like any other teen boy and you’re kinda messing with my…” he trailed off and laughed again. I turned over so I was facing him on top and I looked down. “Oh…Eew Jasper!!!” “Hey you’re the one who’s moving around on him, stop grounding into it woman!” he pouted. I laughed again and I finally fell asleep in his cool chest. I woke up from the sunshine in the window, great no school for the Cullen’s. I frowned and stretched. “Good morning sweetheart, sorry if I was rough last night…you kept saying ‘harder Jasper harder’ and if you have bruises you have to explain that to Edward.” I busted out laughing, actually throwing my head back and laughing. Jasper laughed with me and pushed me off the bed. “OW!! I’m defiantly telling Edward about that!” I rubbed my butt. Jasper looked down at me and cringed. “I knew I was too rough!!” he wailed exasperated and snickered. I stood up to go take a shower and brush my teeth. After I was done I put on black skinny legs with a white long sleeved shirt with the shoulders out and black boots. I let my hair flop down in curly wavy pigtails and skipped downstairs. I made myself some eggs and bacon and drunk some orange juice. Emmett came prancing downstairs. “Hey little sis.” He scooped me up to hug me. “AGH! You smell like bacon and…Jasper.” And he laughed. I laughed with him and kissed his cheek. “Aww shucks Saphi…” he grinned. I grabbed my book bag and called down Buffy, Cookie, and Roxanne. “GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE!!!” I screamed while twirling Edward’s car keys around my index finger. Cookie came down first with her hair curly and massacre on her eyes and shell pink lip stick. She had on a green shirt with black skinnies and black converses. Roxanne came down next with her ipod in her ears. She had on a blue baggy t-shirt with tiny shorts showing off her nice tan legs and her hair was in a ponytail and she had on blue flip flops.

Buffy came down last, wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt and black skinnies and yellow flats. Her hair was crinkled and she had a phone pressed to her ear. “Yes girl, you have to come. We would love for you to come…ok…bye…love you too.” She hung up the phone. “You guys my friend Brenda is coming over and she is a siren.” “Cool SIREN!” I exclaimed. “What’s a siren?” Emmett looked at all of us confused. “It’s a female who can call any male to do what she asks by singing.” Buffy answered simply. “COOL!!!” Emmett laughed. We pulled into the school in Edward’s Volvo and Roxanne literally broke his seat by launching herself at a surprised Alec. I never felt jealous just worried, if he ever hurt her… I stepped out of the car and my eyes locked with blue ones. I grinned cockily and sneered at Lauren. She frowned and glared at me. I waved angelically and grabbed my book bag. Lauren was always jealous of me and Edward and I honestly didn’t care. She tried to flirt with him but he didn’t even look her way. I walked toward the school with Buffy at my side and I shivered. Good thing I wore a long sleeved shirt. It was sunny but it was cold also. “Ok I think Brenda is in the office…” Buffy whispered. I was excited to meet Brenda she sounded nice when she wasn’t hunting boys for her own amusement. I frowned when I saw all the boys looking at my body. Didn’t they have anything else to look at? We walked slowly into the school and walked into the office. Then I heard her voice. It sounded like symphony and I felt jealous. “Yes I’m new here and my friend Buffy is going to show me around if that’s ok?” she had long brown hair with pretty soft green eyes, she had on short shorts, with a green shirt and green flats, she was a little tan and looked like a model.

“OMG BRENDA!!!” Buffy squealed. The beautiful girl turned around and squealed too. I laughed at how Buffy can make people feel. “And you must be Saphi…” she hugged me tight. I laughed and hugged her back. “Excuse me young ladies those kind of shorts are not suitable for school.” Mrs. Cope sighed. Brenda turned around to glare at her. “Shut up old hag…” and she turned back around to hug Buffy. We grabbed her schedule off the counter and headed to home room. Buffy and Brenda had different home rooms from me and I headed to Ms. Hawkins room. She grinned at me when I entered the room and I took my regular seat. Then I heard her nasally voice. “Edward likes me I know it. He’s always looking at my chest and licking his lips then staring at Sapphire then me again, like comparing us. I know I win though.” Lauren sneered. I grew angry, there was no way in hell he did that. I wasn’t even going to ask him. I glared back at the table of girls. Jessica was sitting on the table looking amazed and Ashley and Kendra were looking at her like she had something on her face. I glared at all of them. “Lauren, why would you think that?” I yelled back at her with my back turned to them.

I could feel her cold blue eyes boring into my back and I looked back at her. “Huh Lauren I thought you said he liked you or something?” I sneered and she narrowed her eyes. “You know when I sit at my family’s table and Emmett says something and we all laugh, it’s because we’re laughing at you and that’s why Edward looks at you, to laugh at you!” I rose from my seat with my hands balled at my side. “To laugh…” I sneered again. She glared at me harder then giggled. “Jealous much, I saw you two break up…” she smiled devilishly. “And we know you’re desperate for him just like the rest of us. You’re just jealous and I hope you enjoy disappointment because when he sees what a sleaze you are then he’ll come back crawling to me now that you and Alondra are out of the way!” she smiled again, proud of her little rant. I glared at her. “Ooh she is jealous Lauren, look she’s turning red.” Jessica laughed. I started to shake. My hands were itching to punch her in the face but I had to control my self. Lauren walked up to me slowly and looked me up and down. I frowned and shook harder. “Listen…when Edward comes for me can you stay like far away because I don’t want him having second thoughts…” she put her hands on her hips. I glared at her and grabbed her hair. She screeched and started to scratch and my face. Great this was my second fight and I was only in school for 4 months. I saw another pair of manicured hands step in and grab one of my pigtails. I looked to my right to see Jessica pulling my hair and kicking my shins. Ashley grabbed my other pigtail and kneed me in the stomach. Kendra pushed me down and kicked at me while I felt dozens of fingers grabbing at my hair. Lauren landed on top of me and punched me in the shoulder. I pulled harder at her hair and kicked in between her legs as much force I could summon. She winced and rolled off of me. “Sapphire! What the hell are you bitches doing?!” Buffy screamed at them. Brenda grabbed Ashley and pushed her off of me. “DON’T EVER GET ME ANGRY YOU STUPID BITCH!!!” she lunged at her. I pushed Kendra off of me and scratched at her neck. She pulled harder at my hair that nearly pulling out of my scrunchies. Buffy lunged at Lauren who was still wincing in pain. People around us were yelling different things or the same. Yelling things about “cat fight!” or “WOO!! 20 bucks on Sapphire.” Then again in the middle of a great fight, I was being lifted off of the whore and my wrists were held by cold firm hands. I thrashed and squirmed and the strong pale arms snaked around my chest. I screamed and made an attempt to kill her but was held back as

usual. I decided it was Edward and was too angry to care what he was doing here or even if he was mad at me. He pulled me into the hallway. I was pushed against a locker and the strong arms turned me around to savagely suck on my neck. I smelled the air, this wasn’t Edward, and if it wasn’t then I shouldn’t want this guy kissing my neck. I pushed him away and looked at the most friendliest green eyes I had ever seen. “Victor?” He was wearing his old contacts. I looked confused at my old best friend from the Volturi he was a half vampire. I had missed him so much and he used to hang out with Buffy and me. “Hey there sexy…” he grinned and swung me around in his big arms. I laughed and punched his arm until he let me go.

He had cut his hair and dyed it black. It used to be dark red, and I loved it, but I guess he didn’t like it. He had on a black leather jacket and he had on ripped dark jeans. I laughed again as he kissed my lips, cheeks, forehead, and neck. I giggled and he finally put me down. I slapped him across the face and he looked at me shocked. “What?!” “I’m dating someone! You can’t just kiss me, if you get killed that isn’t my fault.” I crossed my arms and he grinned hugely. “Well then let’s make him jealous…” he kissed my neck again. I pushed him off and he grinned again. Then I heard a crash and screaming, I forgot about the fight!! “YOU STUPID BITCH!!” Buffy was being held back by Alec, and she pushed him off of her and she lunged herself at Lauren but was cut off by Alec again. A police officer came in and grabbed her hands. She kicked him in between his legs and he winced.

“Ooh I see Buffy hasn’t changed, ooh that’s a charge, and another, and another and another…” Victor whispered to me as Buffy fought with the officer. I laughed as the officer finally got cuffs on her and dragged her out of the school.

6 hours later I was at the county jail with Buffy, Brenda and Victor in the waiting seats. I frowned and cringed when I saw Carlisle and Esme and the rest of my family rush in, all angry expressions, except Emmett of course he kept giving me thumbs up the laughing. “Sapphire what happened?” Carlisle asked in a strained voice. “Well Lauren made me mad and I attacked her and Buffy and Brenda came in and helped and my friend Victor came and got me and Buffy got arrested and I attacked the police officer for touching my boob that’s when Brenda and Victor stepped in…” I looked away as Emmett laughed. “Ok Esme can you go bail them and Edward help them up.” He said, exasperated. Edward grinned at me and I grinned back shyly. He helped Buffy up then Brenda and Victor raised himself and glared at Edward who raised a eyebrow in response. Edward came to me next and grabbed my ass and lifted me up. He ground his hand into me and found my clit. I shuddered and Jasper raised an eyebrow at us. I laughed and he did too. Edward snaked his arm around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. He ran his hand thru my tangled hair. Esme came in with a police officer with dark brown hair and unlocked our cuffs. I rubbed my wrists and Edward grabbed my hand. I frowned at the police officer and he glared at all of us. “Ok well Buffy Henderez Athonies Marez Shanties Janise Cullen is charged with attacking and injuring a police officer.” He murmured. “And since we have lifted ALL the charges and you have a history for that…but Mrs. Esme has bailed you so you’re free to go.” He gestured toward the door. “Thank you Charlie,” Carlisle grinned at him. “Your very much welcome. You guys stay good and in school.” he grinned exposing his wrinkles. Edward led me out of the police station and I growled. “I’ll kill that human! He touched my boob and I know it! I KNOW IT!!!” I screamed as Edward picked me up. “Sapphire we know now stay calm before you get arrested again.”

Jasper laughed as he hopped into the car with Alice on his lap. Cookie looked at me shyly and giggled with Jasper. Emmett slid in too with Rose who was glaring into space. Carlisle knocked onto the glass on my window. “Sapphire I’m very disappointed in all of you,” he started when I rolled my window down. “And all of you will have a discussion with me when you get home.” And he strode away to join Esme. Brenda and Buffy got in the trunk with Victor and glared into space like Rosalie. I frowned and crossed my arms tightly and Alice did the same. Edward started the car and backed out of the parking lot and sped down the highway. It was an awkward silence then Jasper finally broke it. “WHAT THE HELL!!! WHY ARE ALL OF YOU GIRLS GIVING OFF TENSION EXCEPT COOKIE!?!” he yelled and we all jumped. “Because imma kick Ashley, Kendra, Lauren, and Jessica’s ASS!!!” Alice screamed and threw her tiny hands up in the air. Rose frowned and scoffed at the sound of their names. Everyone suddenly felt tense and Jasper pulled at his hair and screamed. “STOP! Oh and Edward if Sapphire has bruises it wasn’t me, she kept saying harder!!” Edward looked at him confused and I glared at him, Emmett laughed and I finally giggled too. Edward finally got it and lunged at Jasper letting go of the steering wheel and all. “EDWARD HELP ME!!!” Edward looked at the steering wheel and me, which my part of the car was going to crash into a tree and he chose the car over me! “Edward you would choose a car over me!!!” I put my hands on my hips and glared at him. “Uhh no!” and everyone in the car erupted in laughter. Edward even cracked a smile then finally started laughing. I pushed him playfully. “So… Sapphire when are you going to introduce me to your friend?” he pointed his thumb to the trunk where Victor was glaring at him. “I won’t because I know you two won’t get along…” I looked out the window. “Why is that?” “I’m not telling you.” “Is he gay?” “Edward!”

“I’m just asking!” “EEW FAGS!!!” Emmett bellowed. “He’s not and I still can’t tell you!” I said to them both. “Please Saph at least tell me in your mind…” It’s ok if he kisses me on the lips right? “No.” Well he already did and he thinks its ok… and besides what am I supposed tell him? Oh we can’t kiss anymore because I have an overprotective jealous vampire boyfriend? His grip on the steering wheel tightened as did his chest and he growled. “Edward…” I said softly. He frowned and looked back at the rode. “What’s up Edward, why you so mad?” Jasper winced away from him and scowled. “No reason…” he growled. “LOOK I’M SORRY ABOUT THE BRUISES!!!” he yelled and pretended to sob. I giggled again. “OK THAT’S IT!!!” Edward turned around again and hit laughing Jasper repeatedly. I grabbed the steering wheel, and laughed the whole way home. So…we had a giant house meeting and I ended up being suspended for 2 days, while Buffy did community service, and Brenda got suspended for 3 days. Brenda moved in and shares a bed with Buffy and you want to know where Victor sleeps? Oh you really don’t want to know. You really, really don’t want to know. Really? Ok here it goes… maybe you should sit down. He sleeps in Edward’s room. Carlisle bought him a king sized bed and put t on the other side of the room. WHAT THE HELL CARLISLE!?! We can’t even have make up sex!!!

I was sitting in Edward’s room eating some chocolate and Victor came in with a towel on and wet. I frowned and shielded my eyes. “Ha ha very funny.” He said sarcastically and I laughed harder. He grinned at me and took off his towel, I pretended to puke a little and he laughed. “I already have saw you naked before remember?” He grinned wider. “Yeah we did have sex didn’t we?” he tapped his chin and pretended to think. “SHUTUP,” I whispered, “Before Edward hears you, you dumb as-” I was cut off by Edward walking into the room. “What am I not supposed to hear?” he asked casually. “NOTHING!!!” Victor and I said at the same time. Edward pursed his lips and frowned then looked confused. “Ok…” and he sat on the bed with me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I licked his lips and pushed closer. I pushed him down so I was on top and ground into him. I heard someone clear their throat and I rolled my eyes. I looked up at Victor who was leaning on the bed and he grinned at me. “Wanna do a threesome?” he wiggled his eyebrows. I grimaced and Edward growled. “Hey, hey we can do this, I know a girl in Seattle that does some really kinky shit!” I giggled and Edward growled louder. “Calm down Edward… He’s just kidding.” I tapped his arm playfully. He frowned and put his arms behind his head to relax. I glared at Victor and he grinned back. Alice walked in; in only underwear and put her hands on her hips. Victor whistled and she rolled her eyes. “Edward where’s my gel?” “I don’t know…” “Well I need it…” “I don’t need gel; this hair is done with an expert’s hand.” He ran his hand thru his hair. “Ugh! I need my gel cover up sex hair when I’m done with Jasper!” “Thanks a lot Alice, for those pictures…” Edward murmured.

“Just give it to me!!” “Fine if you like it rough.” Victor said and stepped closer. “Ew just give it to me when you find it.” “But it’s right here…” he pointed to his pants. “Ew I’m leaving, and find my gel!” she huffed and left the room. I kissed Edward on the cheek and headed out of the room. Edward grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bed. “No come sleep with me…” he whined. “Hey hey hey I don’t want to hear Sapphire’s moans all night.” He complained, and Edward growled. I started towards the door again and he grabbed my hand again. I frowned and he growled seductively. I let him pull me into the bed and pull the covers over me. I relaxed into his cool chest and sighed happily. He grinned down at me and Victor turned off the lights. I grinned at Edward in the darkness and he grinned back. “Edward I have a secret…” I whispered. He looked at me confused and smiled crookedly. “What is it, love?” I grinned wider. “I love you so much…” and I cuddled up to him again. I could hear him chuckle and he brought his lips to mine. His lips covered mine and I felt the fiery tingle all over my body. He got on top of me and ground into me. I arched my back and scratched at his chest. He kissed my neck and I moaned. Victor groaned and I laughed. Edward continued to go lower then lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it over his shoulder. He licked my navel and went lower. He kissed my hips and the inside of my legs. He lowered my pants and threw it over his shoulder again. He kissed my core thru my panties and I arched my back and clutch at the sheets. He lowered my panties and did the same thing. He licked me slowly up my folds. I shook with pleasure and begged him to continue. He kissed my clit delicately the licked another slow stride. He rose back above me and kissed me. I took off his shirt, pants, and underwear and he thrashed inside me. I scratched at his back and whimpered. He went in and out of me a few times then went faster and harder. I whimpered some more and bit my bottom lip. He climaxed and fell onto me breathing heavily. “And that’s why you’re mine…” he hugged me close to him. Edward POV The next morning it was raining and Sapphire was asleep. She was naked and beautiful.

She was pale compared to her beautiful dark hair and I loved it. Her chocolate eyes were the most beautiful accessory on her face. Her full lips pulled in air slowly and steady. Her full eyelashes fluttered while she dreamed. I loved her so much and I needed her. I slowly lowered the covers to expose her whole naked frame, and she shuttered in her sleep. I kissed her stomach, then her thighs and rested between her legs. It only took one slow stroke with my tongue and her eyes fluttered open. She gasped and grabbed my hair. She moaned and quivered under my mouth. I kissed her once, twice…and a third time, and she thrashed and squirmed and even tried to push me away but I held on tight to her waist. By time I was done, she was breathing hard and sweaty. I kissed her cheek, her nose, foreheads, eyelids, and lips. She frowned at me when I was done and slapped my arm. “What the hell, Edward? I was sleep!” she growled. “Sorry your so irresistible.” I clung to her. She laughed and tried pushed me off. “Time for school. Go!” I frowned “I’m not going without you…” I clung to her harder. “Edward whatever now GO!” she pointed to the door. I sighed and went to the bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on a green shirt and black pants. Sapphire already had her hair in a crinkly ponytail with bangs. She had on a yellow baggy PJ dress that went to her knees. She grinned at me and grabbed my hand. Carlisle stepped into the room and grinned at us. He looked extra excited about something and looked like he was twitching. Ooh such a great idea!!! Their going to love this!!! “Yes Carlisle?” “You have to come downstairs, Buffy has a new spell that will defiantly help us with humans!!!” he grinned and left the room. We followed him downstairs and everyone looked confused except Carlisle and Buffy who was grinning ear from ear. “Everyone Buffy wants to show you something…” he gestured toward Buffy. “Hey ya’ll, I, Buffy Henderez Athonies Marez Shanties Janise Cullen, have found a new spell to turn vampires into humans.” everyone gasped and Rose practically broke down. “Well something like that, you will still be vampires with power’s and everything, but you’ll have your eye color from when you were human and you’ll be warm like a human, and have blood. And yes Rose you can have periods, and babies.”

Rose broke down again and Emmett caught her. “Thank y-you I love you s-so mmuch…” she crawled toward Buffy and hugged her tightly while shaking. “Your welcome Rose.” I realized that I was shaking. I could be human, well half human. I would be able to eat, to cry, to be warm, and to have my old eyes back and I grinned widely. “Ok who wants to go first?” Buffy grinned. Of course Rosalie wanted to go first and trembled with happiness. My own baby girl…. I will b-be s-so happy… Buffy touched her forehead gently and then there was a bright light and Rose stood up. She turned to us and we gasped. She was flushed with redness, blood. Her eyes were no longer the golden color, they were blue. Beautiful blue, like the skies. Shed blinked and touched her red skin and gasped. “I-Its w-warm…” she broke down again and cried. Real clear tears. She wiped them away the crystals and gasped again. Alice came next and she had big hazel eyes with tiny freckles on her pale sin. Jasper was next and he had dark blue eyes. Emmett had dark eyes and he boomed with laughter when he saw them. Esme came next and she had dark brown eyes. Carlisle had blue eyes. I came last and I gasped when I saw my eyes. They were vivid green. And my cheek … was warm…and I had blood. And I could eat. I looked over at Emmett who was ordering a pizza already. I turned to my family and they gasped, Esme gasped and a tear went down her cheek. Carlisle looked at me proudly. “Just like I remembered them…” he whispered. He grinned widely and I grinned back. Sapphire POV “UGH!!! This is stupid Edward!” I whined as I looked at the math problem. He laughed and I frowned. Jasper snickered with him and came over to help him with me.

“It’s quite simple Sapphire… x divided by 5 would be what?” he pointed toward the math question again. “I DON’T KNOW!!!” Jasper sighed and drunk some of his purple soda. It had been 3 weeks since they could eat like humans. I stared into Edward’s green eyes. Ever since he got them I immediately fell in love with them. At school no one really asked and they fell in love with them too. “Ok try to think about what time the train would be there if they arrived at the train station at y time?” Jasper smiled. “AGH! I’m about to kill myself.” I muttered to myself. “Sapphire focus.” Edward murmured. “I think she’s brain dead.” Jasper took another swig of soda. “Th- thanks for the encouragement Jasper, thanks a lot…” I murmured sarcastically. They laughed and my eye twitched. I glared at them both. “Why am I doing this? It’s the weekend lets have fun.” I grinned. Edward frowned and Jasper gave me a high five. “I’ll go get Alice!” he hopped up and ran upstairs. “Finally.” Edward lunged at me and kissed my lips. I giggled and locked my arms around his neck then my legs. “Math smath…” I pulled him closer and he sucked on my neck. “WOOO!!! DUDES!!! PARTY TIME!!! NOT ORGY TIME!!! WE’RE GOING PARTYING TO MIKE’S!!!!! Emmett grinned. He had on a black t shirt with blue jeans and white tennis shoes. I frowned and pushed Edward off of me. He growled at Emmett and stood up. Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to her pink room. Rose was doing Brenda’s hair and was trying to put it up in a fancy bun. Cookie was curling her ends; she had on a pink dress with white high heels with the toes out. Rose had on a dark green dress that was figure hugging with black high heels. Alice had straightened her hair to a short style and a yellow dress with yellow bangles. She had on white stilettos. “C’mon we’re going to get you dolled up.” Alice pushed me in the bathroom to wash my hair. She used my strawberry shampoo and coconut conditioner. She combed it thru then

blow-dried it until it was poofy. Then she straightened until it was flat then it started to curl on it’s own to its natural curls. She put moose in it until it was all the way curly and fluffed it until it looked worthy. She put my strawberry lipstick on my lips. Then put black and blue eye shadow on me. She put blush on my cheeks then eyeliner then massacre. Rose smiled at me when I came out and I grinned back. Alice went into her closet and brought out a strapless black figure hugging dress that was pretty short and black 8 inch heels. She painted my toenails and fingernails black and then told me to put on the black dress and high heels. I did what she said and slid into the black outfit. She beamed at me. I looked into the mirror and gasped. I looked beautiful. My eyes popped with the eyeliner and eye shadow. My figure looked more like an hour glass and my lips looked fuller. My hair looked like beautiful curtains of dark brown and fell down my back in curly locks. I loved it and Alice squealed. We all walked downstairs and bid Esme and Carlisle a farewell. I walked downstairs last trying to gain balance and everybody gasped when they saw me. Emmett started drooling. “Can I have 15 minutes with Sapphire in the closet?” Emmett grinned and Edward glared at him. Edward eyes were out of his head and he fixed his composure he had on a green button down shirt that went with his eyes and black pants with black shoes. He grinned at me when I walked down the stairs and grabbed my hand. “Hey wait! We’re ready!” Buffy came running downstairs with a blue dress that stopped at mid thigh. Victor tripped down the stairs and grinned at us. He had on a black suit and black sun glasses. We laughed at them and walked out the door. Victor snaked his arm around my waist to kiss my cheek then my neck and I pushed him off. Edward growled and I frowned at them both. I got into Edward’s Volvo. Victor got in the back with Buffy, Cookie, and Roxanne, while Brenda sat on Victor’s lap. I heard a slap and Brenda growled. “EW! He slapped my ass!” she screamed. “C’mon babe you know you liked it.” He grinned. Edward started the car and he sped toward the way where Mike’s party was. We finally made it there and I saw Alice hop out of her yellow Porsche and grinned at Jasper who had on a blue shirt and black jeans. Rose and Emmett came behind us in her red mustang. I grinned at them all and we walked towards the door.

Emmett banged on the door and Tyler poked his head out. The music was thumping so loudly around the big mansions neighbor hood. Of course Mike Newton would have a mansion. I walked in with Edward’s hand on my lower back. I winced at the music, because it was so loud, I knew this song it was a rap song. Apple bottom jeans (Jeans) Boots with the fur (with the fur) The whole club was looking at her She hit the floor (she hit the floor) Next thing you know Shawty got low low low low low low low Emmett was already dancing to it, shaking his booty and everything. I laughed as Edward took my hand. He led me over to the middle of the dance floor and started doing a jig. I followed him and turned around to grind into him. He smiled and laughed. He put his hands on my hips and I grounded harder. I smiled at him and he grinned back. He lowered his lips to my ear and nibbled on it before whispering to me. “You are so beautiful.” He whispered, and I blushed. He pulled me to him harder and I followed his lead. Jasper suddenly cut in and grabbed my hand and I matched his embrace. “Go dance with Alice she’s getting tipsy and you can read her mind, I’d be there but I want to look at Sapphire’s body for a little while.” He looked down at me and grinned. Edward glared at him for a while then stomped off toward Alice who was tripping and wobbling. “C’mon you can grind into Edward but not me?” Jasper grinned as he grabbed my ass. “EW! Jasper!!” I pushed his hands off. “C’mon you know you like it.” He rested his chin on my shoulder. “Whatever Jasper.” I sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the ground. I squealed and kicked my feet. He laughed and swung me around. I let him go when he said he needed a drink and asked if I want one. I nodded and he walked over towards the punch table. I was just waiting for my drink when someone tapped my shoulder I turned around and smiled at who ever it was but was ended up being punched in my face. I spit out blood and glared at Ashley. She grinned at me and I charged. Edward grabbed my torso and I roared.

“NO LET ME GO!!!” I screamed and threw off my high heels and earrings and gave them to Emmett. He looked confused. Suddenly, Rose ran in and grabbed Ashley’s hair and threw her head on the ground so hard that it made a pounding sound thru the house. Emmett immediately grabbed Rose. She screamed profanities and Emmett carried her outside. Ashley started crying and Kendra picked her up and screamed at me. I kicked at Edward. “Hey, hey, love. Calm down.” He turned around with me in his arms. He went over to the punch table and put me down to get me a non alcoholic drink and I grimaced at the cup and poured it back into the punch. Edward looked at me confused and I grabbed another cup to fill it all the way up to the top and drunk the alcoholic beverage. Edward frowned and I muttered something I didn’t even understand. Jasper patted me on the back and laughed loudly at Edward’s shirt for no reason before passing out on the ground. I frowned down at him. Roxanne and Alec walked past us and walked up stairs smiling. I growled and Edward frowned at me. “Don’t worry I think their okay.” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled at him. I picked up another beer and walked over to Ashley. I tapped on her shoulder and she turned around slowly and glared at me. I snapped my arm back and punched her across the face. She fell and I glared at me. “I’m not crazy but if you ever pull another cheap shot again I’ll fucking kill you.” Brenda and Buffy grabbed me. Before they pulled me away I poured all my beer over Ashley’s satin blue dress and she screamed loudly. So loudly that all the music cut off and everyone turned to us looking shocked. Brenda grabbed my arms and dragged me back. Lauren and Kendra helped her up and glared at Buffy. Buffy turned away from them then stopped suddenly. “Oh yeah I forgot something.” She punched Lauren and she fell to the ground just like Ashley. “Well confidentially I am crazy, and I’ll fucking kill you.” she spit in her direction, fixed her dress and followed after us.

Roxanne POV I licked Alec’s lips and pulled him closer. He was thrashing inside of me and I loved every second of it. It still bothered that I was kissing the lips my sister used to kiss. But he was mine now and I liked it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he kept doing the same rhythm. I gripped at his chest and he brought his lips back to mine. He rubbed my clit while thrashing and I screamed. He smiled and ran his hand thru my brown locks. He

thrashed in me deeper and I wrapped my legs around his waist again to make him go deeper. To tell him it didn’t hurt anymore. Actually it was better that I ever thought it was going to be. He licked my hard nipples and bit down on it. I cried out and he went faster. “I love you Roxi…” he whispered before he climaxed in me.

Edward POV I looked at Sapphire shocked. She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. She twisted so her back was facing me and started to grind into me. I smiled at her and she turned around so she could face me. She grabbed my face and met my lips. She licked my bottom lip and I was about to loose it on the dance floor. She giggled against my lips and shook her head. What a tease! She grinned at me and dropped it like it’s hot. And she did a good job too. She vibrated on me while biting her bottom lip innocently and I growled at her. She laughed and licked her lips slowly. Correction what a FUCKING tease!!! I frowned at her and nibbled on her ear. “I’ll be right back, ok?” she nodded and she smiled and kept dancing. Alice came over and started dancing with her elegantly. Twirling and twisting in her yellow dress. I laughed when I found Jasper still on the floor drinking a beer. He looked up at me confused then smiled. I helped him up and he grinned at me again. “Thanks dude, Alice wouldn’t even help me up. And I LOVE BEING HUMAN!!!” he screamed. The whole party stopped and everyone looked at him shocked. I glared at him and then the whole crowd cheered with him. They picked him up and he surfed the crowd. I looked at the dumfounded and picked up his beer off the floor to finish it off. Alice walked over, well wobbled and stole the cup from me to finish it off. “Alice! I was drinking that.” She looked over at me lazily and smiled. “Sorry Edward here.” She handed me the empty cup and walked away grinning. I refilled the cup and leaned back.

HEY!! Ed-fucking-ward!!” Jasper smiled at me. He walked over to me holding Emmett’s hand, who looked confused. A guy was following him and he looked cool. He smiled at us and Jasper let go of Emmett’s hand that stood next to me and took my beer. WHAT THE HELL CAN I DRINK MY BEER PLEASE!?! “Hey you guys, I wanted you to meet Justin.” He gestured toward the tall dark haired guy. He smiled at us and looked at me shyly. I was confused. Was he blushing? What the fuck? So so so CUTE! He thought. I gagged a little. Suddenly my phone got a text message and I flipped it open. Text message from: Emmett How gay is this guy? I laughed and disguised it as coughing. Justin looked at me like I was crazy. I text him back. I know right lol! I pressed send and waited for him to text back. Emmett grinned at his phone and looked over at me. My phone dinged and I laughed. I opened it and glared at him. Aww Edward he’s blushing at you! I hope Saphi wont mind! Maybe 3 way? ROFL!!! Emmett was actually on the floor laughing and I frowned down at him then smiled at Justin. Then I smelled them. How dare they even show their faces? Sam, Paul, Embry, Leah, Alleeyah, Ginger, Seth, Chris, Lily, Faith, Greg, Derek all walked in and their scents invaded my scent. I growled and Emmett held me back. Sapphire walked over to me and smiled. I growled again and she looked at the direction I was looking at. She growled at Sam and he smiled at her. She frowned and stormed toward them. I tried to grab her but she was already far over there. Sapphire POV

I stormed over to the fuckwads and glared at Sam. He touched my cheek slowly and I bit his finger. He jerked it back and laughed. “Hello Princess.” He laughed again and Alleeyah growled. I hissed back at her. “What the hell are you guys doing here?!” I hissed again. “Oh fine I thought we were invited, and I just wanted to see you again.” He stepped closer to me and touched my cheek again. I slapped him with as much power I could and a loud slapping noise rang thru the party. He glared down at me and started to shake. Alleeyah whispered something in his ear and he stopped. He looked down to glare at me then suddenly, grabbed my hand in his large one. I fought against his strength but he pulled me out the door with the rest of his pack following him. I hissed when he twisted my hand an odd angle, and he then threw me down on the green grass in the front yard. “Hey dude you didn’t have to throw her down like that!” Seth whispered to him and stepped forward. “Seth your either with us or not!” Alleeyah sneered at him. He looked down at me apologetically and stepped back. I heard growling then I saw Embry being thrown across the yard. He landed with a thud and I winced as he groaned. “FUCKING MUTTS!!! WHERE IS SHE?! SAPPHIRE!!!” I heard Edward’s voice scream at them. He came rushing over to me and helped me up. “Keep your damn voice down bloodsucker she was getting physical.” Greg grinned. I stood up and glared at them. “We just wanted to make sure you bloodsuckers weren’t falling out of this war.” Alleeyah grinned at us. Edward sneered. “Oh we’re not out like that you mutts, don’t worry, a date would be good though.” He frowned. Sam laughed. “When ever you bloodsuckers admit to killing that FUCKING GIRL!!!” he roared. “NO ONE KILLED ANYONE!!!!” I screamed, and clawed at Edward’s strength. He frowned at the kill but kept a hold on me.

“You pick a time and place and we’ll be there!” I yelled. “I’ll kick all you motherfuckers’ ass. Oooooohhhhhh Edward let me go!!!! I’ll do it now!” I scratched at Edward’s arms. Sam laughed. “Feisty one you got here Edward… what ever happened to Alondra, I liked her.” His eyes lit up and pain shot thru my chest when I heard her name. I looked up to glare at Edward and he looked away quickly. I snapped my head up to Alleeyah who was laughing. I growled and she stopped to glare at me. “Oh my bad if you can’t control your vampire.” She smiled evilly and I hissed. “Ok how about we take this to a different place.” Jasper murmured. We all walked to the deep woods in the back of Mike’s house. I frowned when we stopped. “We’re not having the war here.” Edward kept a firm hold on my wrists still and I hissed in frustration. Sam laughed and I growled at him. “Jeez man control your bloodsucker.” Greg grinned at Edward who hissed back. “FOR YOUR FUCKING INFORMATION, I DON’T FUCKING HUNT, YOU FUCKING MUTTS! AND BY THE WAY I’M DRUNK AND I’ LL FUCK UP YOUR FUCKING IN HEAT BITCH OVER THERE IF SHE KEEP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! TAKE YOUR FUCKING POCAHONTAS WEAVE OUT BITCH!! C’MON!!!” I screamed at Alleeyah. She was taken aback by my screaming, shit the whole pack was. She growled at me and started to vibrate. A huge white wolf took her place and she roared at me. I squeezed out of Edward’s grip and she lunged at me. She pinned me to a tree and I screamed at her. I kicked her off me and she roared louder. Edward grabbed me and I yelled at the top of my lungs. “I KNOW ABOUT YOU AND SAM!!!! HE’LL NEVER WANT YOU BITCH!! HE HAS EMILY!!! AND I’M SURE SHE’S A BETTER SLEAZE THAN YOU!!! YOU FUCKING COCKWAD ASS FUCKER WOLF BITCH!!!!” I kicked against Edward. Everyone looked at me shocked, but I didn’t care I was looking at the hurt looking white wolf. She twisted her expression to make it look mad and I hissed at her. “Control your little whore man!” Leah growled at Jasper who was holding back a livid Alice.

Jasper lunged at her and she turned into a gray wolf. Emmett lunged at a black wolf that was attacking Rose. Alice attacked Greg who was laughing at her petite frame. The rest of the wolves attacked and I saw Jacob protect Cookie who was hissing at a wolf. Buffy was creating force fields around Brenda and her and Roxanne was fighting wolves outside of it. I growled when I saw a wolf walk slowly toward Edward and I and I realized it was Sam. He was jet black and I hissed at him. Edward let me go and I glared at Alleeyah who was looking hurt and angry at the same time. She roared again and charged I hissed in frustration as she pinned me down. Victor came to pry her off of me. “BITCH!” I roared. “ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!” someone roared and everyone turned their heads to see Carlisle standing with Esme attached to his hip. He looked livid and everyone backed off. My vision started to get fuzzy and I took one more glare at Alleeyah then blacked out.

I woke up with a complete bad hangover. I looked around confused because I didn’t know where I was. I frowned and looked over to see Edward lying next to me but I still didn’t know where I was. “Edward!” I shook him. “Hmm?” he moaned. “Where am I?” “My bat cave!” “WHAT THE FUCK?!” I smacked him in the back of the head. “O