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Favio Ramirez - Caminatti Executive Director Facebook: El Centro Del inmigrante “Twitter: @EICentroNY Dear New York City Council Members, El Centro del Inmigrante is the largest NYC’s Worker Center and community-based organization. It was founded in 1997 in Staten Island; since then, we are the older NY member of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), and proudly co- founders of the New York Worker Center Federation (NYWCF). Our mission is to promote the economic advancement and well-being of immigrant workers and their families El Centro works mainly with the community of day laborers and domestic workers on Staten Island, but also on the other four boroughs. Like street vendors, day laborers are frequently the targets of anti-immigrant bias. Like vendors, they are often the subjects of complaints from local businesses owners who would rather not see them on the comer. Like vendors, they receive harassment from police and from community residents. Even with all the struggles they face, both street vendors and day laborers perform vital services that our city could not function without. Many people who call to complain about day laborers will just as quickly hire them to renovate their home or mow their lawn, And the same is true for vendors. Many of the titans of Wall Street buy a cup of coffee from an immigrant vendor each morning. ‘And itis not just the bankers on Wall Street. Many of our members work such long hours that they don’t have the time to cook their own meals. They cannot afford to eat from restaurants, and they may not have the time to sit down. They rely on street vendors for their daily sustenance. In this way, one community of immigrant workers is supporting the other. Isn't that what good neighbors do? Inrecent years the City Council has made efforts to improve the lives of low-wage immigrant workers in our ety, including domestic workers, day laborers, restaurant workers, and carwasheros, We ask that you do the same for our brothers and sisters who sell tacos, tamales, and other foods on the street. We stand in solidarity with them in ther efforts to increase the cap on vending permits, so that more of them can work without the fear of ticketing, arrest and deportation Intro 1303 would be a postive step forward forall immigrant workers in New York, That is Why we urge you to pass this proposal into law. In solidarity, Favio Ramirez-Caminatti EL CENTRO Seman | 950Po" Remmend Ae, Stn Kas NY 0902 | 947-8262088 | wanking