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San Diego Community College District Trustee, Trustee

Area D
For Community College:
Mary and Alyce
The San Diego Community College District is governed by five locally elected Board of Trustees and a student
board member. The members approve the districts budget, curricula, various school purchases and
renovations, appoint the superintendent of schools, and establish educational goals. Their mission, evaluated
and revised on a regular basis, is to provide accessible and high-quality undergraduate education at an
affordable price. They are an institution which responds to the needs of student populations and local

Mary Graham

Alyce Pipkin-Allen

Expand and Endorse

Free Community College
For Well-Paying Jobs

Work Effectively
To Keep Tuition Costs Down
And Support Students

Mary Graham has twenty-five years of experience

in educator as a community college professor and
university educator. She is also the vice president of
the Board of Trustees in the San Diego Community
College District, District D.
During her term, she made bachelors degrees
available to students through the San Diego
Community College District for only $10,560, thus
becoming one out of the fifteen community colleges
in the state that offer a Baccalaureate degree. She
also supported the pilot program announced by the
district called Free Community College inspired by
President Obamas College Promise Advisory Board.
As a part of the Board of Trustees, Mary has provided
avenues for students to transition from high school to
college or career training, financial aid for low
income students, and increased the number of
students completing a degree by 39%.

Alyce Pipkin-Allen grew up in San Diego with her

military family and has been involved in the San
Diego community for over 30 years. She is a mother
and grandmother, widowed due to her late
husband's' service in the Vietnam war, who served in
the County of San Diego Human Resources
Department which allowed her to understand the
importance of affordable, high-quality education.
Keenly aware of the challenges facing the
veteran's community, she wants to establish a
connection, provide the information, and create the
concept of the SDCCD as a veteran friendly
institution in under-resourced areas of the city.
Furthermore, she wants to "close the skills gap,
improve access to affordable education and connect
District D and other residents to opportunities in the
city's growing innovation economy and broader job
Her goal is to work effectively with the Board of
Trustees, Chancellor, staff, students and professors
to provide good quality education for all students in
the community college district. She also plans to
work closely with District D residents, educators, and
students to ensure that the policies reflect their
input. Lastly, she plans on working with California
legislators for additional funding to keep tuition cost
down, expand the supportive services offered at all
campuses, and support the expansion of the
availability for the 4-year degree.

Her goal is to expand and establish the program

for free community college, which also covers books
and supplies for students. Throughout her last term
she has learned that there are various gaps among
ethnic, socio-economic, gender, age, and disability
groups and plans to continue progress on addressing
that problem. Lastly, she wants to provide San Diego
and other California community college districts
baccalaureate degrees that can lead to community
work, thus leading to well-paying jobs.

We have been a leader in awarding building project

contracts to locally owned, minority, women, and
disabled-veteran contractors.
--Mary Graham
SUPPORTERS: Senator Marty Block, San Diego Community College
District Chancellor Dr. Constance Carroll, all four of the other
current San Diego Community College District Board Members,
San Diego Unified School District Trustee Richard Barrera, all five
San Diego County Board of Education members, the San Diego
and Imperial Counties Labor Council, and the American Federation
of Teachers

I believe that we can improve our community as a

whole, by helping our students achieve academic
--Alyce Pipkin-Allen

SUPPORTERS: Speaker Emeritus of the Assembly Toni G. Atkins,

AssemblyMember Shirley Weber, Council Member Myrtle Cole,
Dems for Equality Democratic Club, SDCCD Trustee Advisory
Board Member Cecil Steppe, SDCCD Trustee Advisory Board
Member Dr. Willie Blair, Publisher of the Voice & Viewpoint
Newspaper Dr. John E. Warren, President Neighborhood Market
Association Mark P. Arabo, Vernon Sukumu, Civil Rights Activists
Dr. Norm Chambers

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