October 26, 2016

RE: Int. No. 1303 - in relation to expanding the availability of food vendor permits, creating an
office of street vendor enforcement, and establishing a street vendor advisory board

Dear New York City Council Committee on Consumer Affairs:
As a second generation owner of Shanghai MKS, a local manufacturing business, I am writing
to support this bill.
In 1979, Shanghai Stove Inc, DBA Shanghai MKS opened its door in Manhattan Chinatown,
manufacturing kitchen equipment for the Chinese foodservice market. During the early 1990’s
recession, the pressures of loss leader pricing and high rent forced my parents to make some
serious adjustments, starting by moving into Brooklyn.
Knowing sheet metal fabrication for the food service industry, they took a chance in the mobile
food industry. Currently, Shanghai MKS is the premier outfitter of mobile kitchen solutions in
New York City and its surrounding areas.
Throughout the years, by working with NYC DoHMH and always pushing the envelope for
compliancy, new solutions and technologies were implemented into mobile foodservice units.
Contrary to popular belief, these improvements helped promote sustainably safer, cleaner, and
healthier work and food environments.
Shanghai MKS currently employs 14 full-time employees, and there are over 10 local
manufacturers of mobile foodservice units in NYC. By introducing this bill, the number of skilled
labor jobs will increase. This will not only locally anchor good paying jobs, but manufacturing
businesses, as well.
Moreover, the mobile food vending industry is extremely robust, not only made of food vendors
and manufacturers. There are over 120 NYC-licensed commissaries where mobile food units
are required to be stored at and cleaned, a multitude of food purveyors, distributors, and
wholesalers, as well as insurance companies offering worker compensation insurance. This bill
will create exponential growth in the industry, which in turn will bring in millions of tax dollars.
Shanghai MKS kindly welcomes the opportunity to work with NYC to improve street vending.


Ernie Wong
Shanghai MKS