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Summary "The giver"

Chapter 5 - chapter10
It began with a meeting which it was realized all night by familiar unity of
Jonas, these meetings consisted in an open declaration of dreams. The first
round was given by lily who always was excited for she counted their
fantasies, then it began to talk the mother's Jonas, to beginning she was
very worried because she had a dream where she had been accused of she
doesnt understood the rules. While, the father's jonas decided to not count
nothing because he had not dreamed.
Finally, it was turn of jonas, he was very shy because he did not find the
adequate words to express his stranger dream. The dream consisted erotic
something, typical of adolescence. where he expected to bath to fiona, his
friend, but she didnt want to accept proposal, in other words, she did not
took attention.these behaviour enfaded so much to jonas. The parent's
jonas excluding to lily to said him that he was experimented hisfirst burning
sensation but it could control with pills. Jonas accepted and he said that
their consummed it peacefully. His mother said him that dosis was all
morning until his old age.

Lily was inpatient because i missing little days to ceremony. She wanted to
take off her braid which were very weights and uglies. However, there she
will receive her first jacket with front buttons like symbol of indepedence
and also with some pocket which it means security to protect anythings.
While, Jonas doubted of the capacity the ancients to desing missions, but his
parents said him that ancient had never been make mistake becuase they
asses the behaviour people detaictedly.
It come ceremony, it was presented Gabriel, patient of father's jonas, also,
lily became in nine, the comitee give hsi bicy and jacket, Whilie jonas was
very nervous for his ceremony and misteryous mission.

All eleven formed by groups accordding to their number, the number of

jonas was 19-11 becuase there was many people con these number, but
then he come back to be 19, Some youngs was more nervous than jonas
and it happende becuase they did not know their mission and they began
to count absurd hsitoy of liberated people who they were angry with their
assigned job.
it arrived the ceremony of twelvee, all were emotiocionated, the president
design each mission by numbers. Until that it was of turn of asher, Jonas's
fiend who the number 4. They began to count history funny about him, in
special childhood, he received the charge of Recreations director. then it
took him to fiona, she was the number 18 and obviously she was to the side
right off jonas. She was designed like carefull people of old. But, the
president did not call to jonas, she mentioned the number 20, pierre. The
people was very confused, they did not understand the stranger sucess.
wHile, jonas was embarrased and he did not want to see to his parents, he
had not value.

Public were unconfortoble for the situation, nobody explained something.

The ancient were calling one by one until they arrive to people last, But then
it happened something really incredibly, the president give a special place
to jonas, in other words, to final ceremony she called to jonas in front to said
him that he was "the sellected", The new Receptor memory, the job more
honestied of comuimity.
The president said him that their behaviour had been evaluated by ancient
and it served the requisites for mission. i was 4 atributes: Intelligence,
Integrity Value and wising, bur it there was a characteritc that only it had
the receptors, capacity of seing more, It consisted in seing distints thing in
aspect diaries.
In these Jonas incremented the security myself.

After the ceremonity, Jonas was preparated.It come night, dinner, he doesnt
want to express emotions.
Then he began to read the rules op his mission, He seen that all had a
notebook with many rules, but he only had a sheet paper with 8 rules.
These rules didnt convence to Jonas, it look like very liberal to him, becuase
he was a educated and conservated young.
Finally he accepted any rules, but there was any that they were very strong
like lie.

The youngs was very nervous becuase they didnt know what happened.
When the scchool finalized, Jonas went to an house, where it went received
cordially for receptionist and she showed him the road of his office
preparation, Here it was a great place, it look like to his home buut it had
more books, he seen all books and he began to imagine the thousand ideas
that in the world there was.
But, jonas turned around to see who it was, the ancient receptor, he
explained softly that his new job was extremadetyley difficult and it
consisted in he will save all remembers of world.