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Introduction (5:30 pm)

Greg Armstrong (5:35) We would like to introduce the members of the

Advisory Board that could be here tonight: Gerry Tschinkel, the Chair of the
Advisory Board and the VP of Sales and Marketing at Hunter Mountain,
Ken Cieplik, an independent business consultant, Tom Gallagher, Chair of
the College Council and President for the Cortland Community Foundation,
Tyrel Kirkham, VP of Global Merchandising for the Brooklyn Nets and
Barclays Center, and Kaylin VanDusen, the Associate Director of Audience
Research for ESPN.
Greg Armstrong (5:55) The Awards Ceremony will be starting in about
five minutes. At this time, I would like to ask all those in attendance to take
their seats.
(Lisa Dent speaks, then Dr. Kobritz speaks)
(As Dr. Kobritz begins his last sentence, Greg will walk towards podium)
[Greg Introduces Himself]

Most Outstanding Sophomore

Greg Armstrong - Our first award of the night will be presented by

Professor Matthew Seyfried. Each year we recognize one student from each
class that has stood out academically as well as through their involvement,
dedication, and hard work as Sport Management majors. We begin with

presenting this years Outstanding Sophomore in Sport Management. Please

congratulate Serena Mitchell on her award of Most Outstanding Sophomore
in Sport Management.

Most Outstanding Junior

Greg Armstrong - Our next award will be presented by Dr. Tara Mahoney.
Being a student in the Sport Management major, it becomes obvious from
day one that experience within the industry is what will set you apart from
others. With her high GPA, and various academic accomplishments, she has
been named this years top Junior in Sport Management. We present Paige
Hammond with the Most Outstanding Junior in Sport Management Award.

Event Manager of the Year Award

Greg Armstrong - The Event Manager of the Year Award will be presented
by Jaclyn Lawrence. This annual award recognizes an event manager who
has made substantial contributions to SUNY Cortland athletics and the Sport
Management Department. The award is given to the event manager who, in
the performance of their duties and responsibilities, displays a positive
professional attitude, and exceptional work ethic, and an unwavering
dedication to sporting events on campus. The winner of this award is Karl


Dolores Dee Bogard Award

Greg Armstrong The Dolores Dee Bogard Award will be presented by

Dr. Ryan Vooris. The Bogard award is presented to a student who has
completed both SPM practicum classes, is in good academic standing, is an
active member of the sport management club, and serves as a leader in event
management. This years award winner helped to organize various events
through the Sport Management Club including the Dodgeball Tournament,
March Madness Bracket, and the clubs trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in
Cooperstown. This student balanced their extensive responsibilities as a
member of the club with a full course load of work and with having to watch
his beloved New York Mets blow three ninth-inning leads in the World
Series. He is currently serving as a marketing and sales assistant in the
Athletic Department. This years recipient of the Bogard Award is Michael

Lisa A. Scherer Internship Award

Greg Armstrong This next award is named in honor of former internship

coordinator, Lisa Scherer, who is here tonight to present the award. The Lisa
A. Scherer Internship Award is presented to the graduating senior who
demonstrates professionalism, leadership, character, and consistent
exemplary performance during his/her internship reflecting favorably on the

department and the college, and indicating great promise in the profession.
The winner of this award is Mason (Thorb-yorn-sen) Thorbjornsen.

International Sport Management Awards

Greg Armstrong - The International Sport Management Award will be

presented by Dr. Justin Lovich. This award is given annually to two students
who have demonstrated a genuine commitment of time and effort to the
SUNY Cortland Sport Management Departments international initiatives
either through participation in a study abroad experience, international
internship or practicum, or an international exchange experience. Recipients
must demonstrate a high degree of personal initiative, leadership and
scholarship in the area of international sport. The winners of this award are
Iain Nelson and Andrew No.

Sport Law Awards

Greg Armstrong - The Sport Law Awards will be presented by Professor

Genevieve Birren and Professor Mark Dodds. This award originated by
Professor David L. Snyder, is given every spring and fall semester to the
undergraduate student who receives the highest percentile grade in Sport
Law. The winners of this award are Brad Hemmer and Paige Hammond.


Graduate Service Award

Greg Armstrong - The Sport Management Graduate Service Award will be

presented by Professor Genevieve Birren. This award is presented to the
graduate student who has contributed above and beyond normal program
expectations and demonstrated an unselfish attitude and passionate
commitment to the Sport Management Department. This award goes to
Robby Emmett.

Fay/Wolff Award for Diversity, Social Justice, and


Greg Armstrong - The Fay/Wolff Award for Diversity, Social Justice, and
Multiculturalism will be presented by Professor Tamara Demeree-Lindhorst.
This award is named in honor of Ted Fay and Eli Wolff and is presented to
the student who actively engages in activism and advocacy regarding issues
of diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism, as evidenced through
coursework, research projects, service learning, and civic engagement. The
winner of this award is Taulie Frierson.

Excelsior Awards

Greg Armstrong - The Excelsior Award will be presented by Professor

George Vazenios. This is given to the Sport Management students who
consistently strive for excellence, demonstrates the ability to overcome

obstacles, and displays an unselfish devotion and unwavering commitment

to the program and the field. The winners of this award are Jessica Briggs
and Kyle Soldani. Unfortunately, Kyle is out of town this weekend so could
not attend tonight. The Sport Management Club will be accepting this award
in his absence.

External Partnership Award

Greg Armstrong - This award will be presented by Lisa Dent, Sport

Management Club President. The External Partnership Award is an award
that recognizes the significant contributions to our program, and our club,
from our many industry partners. Sport management is unique in that we
rely heavily upon external relations with industry partners in order to fuel
the applied learning component of our program, and to support the many
events staged by our club. The recipient of this years award has been a
steady partner to our program for several years.
More significantly, our award winner, the Brooklyn Nets, made a
significant donation of merchandise this past year, which positively
impacted the success of the Wingate Tournament. Would Tyrel Kirkham
please come forward to accept the award on behalf of the Brooklyn Nets?
Mr. Kirkham has continuously demonstrated a unique and strong
commitment to the sport management program since his own graduation

from Cortland. He readily volunteered to serve on the departments advisory

board, has reached out to give his most prized advice to students and was
instrumental in securing merchandise for the Wingate Golf Tournament.
Thank you, Mr. Kirkham, and the Brooklyn Nets, for your continued support
of the program.

Announcement of Wingate Scholarship Award Winners

Greg Armstrong - We would now like to take time to recognize the two
students who have received the Suzanne Wingate Memorial Scholarship. If
you could please stand when I announce your name. Please give a warm
round of applause to Masahiro Ide and Jason Martinez. Congratulations to
you both.

Outstanding Senior in Sport Management

Greg Armstrong This award will be presented by Dr. Jordan Kobritz.

The award for Outstanding Senior goes to a woman who made the most of
her years here at Cortland. This award winner has already been recognized
by SUNY Cortland as an exceptional student leader at a student leader
awards ceremony on Thursday. She has served as the President of the Sport
Management Club for the past school year and has balanced that immense
extracurricular work with stellar performance in the classroom. She has
earned an A or better grade in every sport management class. She has also

taken a leadership role in integrating the new advisory board into the sport
management club. Shes well known around our faculty offices as the one of
our shining stars and is a student whose future we are all eager to watch.
This years award for the Outstanding Senior in Sport Management is
awarded to Lisa Dent.