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How Maulik Gandhi scored 99.74 in XAT 2014 to get XLRI admission

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT)
Exam Type: P.G
Exam Level: National Level Exam

How Maulik Gandhi scored 99.74 in XAT 2014 to get
XLRI admission







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Updated On:04 Sep 2014 05:31 PM IST By: Urvashi

Maulik Gandhi cracked XAT 2014 with an impressive percentile of 99.74 and secured admission in XLRI Jamshedpur. An engineer, Maulik is currently pursuing PGDM- Human Resource from
XLRI, Jamshedpur.
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In this interview with Careers360, Maulik shares his XAT success strategies and preparation tips for the prestigious entrance exam. He speaks on how he converted his weak areas into one of his
forte during his exam
6799preparations. He also explains his step-by-step strategy for XAT exam along with key factors that contributed to his performance in XAT exam.

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Careers360: What motivated you to pursue MBA? What do you aspire for?
Maulik Gandhi: My motivation for pursuing an MBA was my determination to emerge as a leader in the field of management. Five years down the line I see myself as an established HR in the
market for which a professional degree in MBA-HR is a must. A guidance and supervision from industry experts would support me to become an independent and a dedicated Manager.
My aim is to contribute my best in the HR profession so as the Indian HR practises are kept as a benchmark for the world.
Careers360: Apart from XAT 2014, which other MBA entrance exams you took and how was your performance?
Maulik Gandhi: The first exam I appeared for was the September CMAT and scored 252/400 and my All India Rank was 593. I took CAT 2013 and my percentile was 96.36, which was fairly
accepted compared to my preparations.
I appeared in NMAT twice, October and November, and scored 219 and 226 in the respective months. I also appeared in the IIFT entrance test in which I scored 49.84.Then SNAP in December
and achieved a percentile of 99.79. I cracked the Maharashtra CET in April with a percentile of 99.99.
Careers360: Which other B-schools made final admission offers to you, and also why did you select XLRI Jamshedpur?
Maulik Gandhi: My first final convert was IIFT, Delhi. After that, I got admission letters from NMIMS, Mumbai and SIBM, Pune. However, I was more inclined towards the Human Resource
Management course in XLRI because XLRI offers the best HRM programme in India and the availability of highly specialized, corporate faculty. The academic excellence what you receive at XLRI
is impeccable and develops you in a totally new personality.
Careers360: What was your preparation strategy for XAT 2014?
Maulik Gandhi: I started preparing for XAT 2014 in the last week of October. I had my Engineering Semester exams scheduled in November and they were supposed to end in the last week of
December. Since I would not have got much time to prepare after my semester exams, I decided to start early and save myself from the last minute jitters.

channelize it positively. and exercising. A stroll in the local mall would help me gather my thoughts. There will be times when you will be under immense pressure.Before my XAT. For essays. XLRI Interviews to be lengthier: XAT 2015 Convenor Dr Munish Thakur XAT 2015 Cut off XAT 2015 Result XAT 2015 Selection Procedure XAT 2015 Important Dates XAT 2015 Admit Card . I had attempted everything I knew before the time finally ran out. since the nature of topics was difficult to predict. To summarize. Careers360: Do you think Coaching or Mentoring is important to crack XAT or any other MBA entrance tests? Maulik Gandhi: To be honest. I would answer 2 RC passages in a day. I’ve appeared in CAT so I was comfortable with Quantitative Techniques and Verbal Ability. My weak areas were Logical Reasoning and Decision Making. the strategy was – practice. Apart from that. I solved more number of LR sets of different types and took more time to answer the DM questions. I used to find my problem areas and determine which areas needed to be worked upon. For any MBA entrance test. For these two areas.careers360. I read the newspaper diligently and also read news summaries on websites. 3 Decision making sets and 2 Reading Comprehension passages along with 2 Decision making sets a day. I practiced as much as I could. I was well prepared with Quant & DI. Careers360: How did you manage XAT preparation schedule along with your graduation studies? Maulik Gandhi: I started early because I knew I would not get time to prepare once my semester exams would start. Careers360: What were your strong and weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving your weak areas? Maulik Gandhi: My strong areas were Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation. For General Awareness. 2 sets per day. For Logical Reasoning.bschool. especially the editorial section. I would solve at least 10 questions on any 2 VA topics. I used to solve 20 Quant Questions. I started solving the previous year XAT papers to understand the format of the paper and decided the topics on which I had to work hard. I had joined coaching classes to prepare for CAT as I was finding it difficult to juggle between my preparations. implement. you should tackle it with a calm mind. reading the newspaper. Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning: For VA. I used to take walks daily in my colony. practice again. MDI How to fill XAT 2015 Application Form XAT 2015 exam pattern may change. Careers360: What is your advice for the MBA aspirants who will take XAT 2015? Maulik Gandhi: Practice and Self-belief are the most important things during the last 4 months of XAT. I used to spend the remaining time studying for my end term exams. For XAT. practice and dedication are the two pillars of success. It is also important to manage your time well as you don’t want to leave questions unanswered. XLRI. for XAT. I required 50 minutes for the Decision making section as I found it to be more time consuming. I answered the General Knowledge section in 5 minutes. Finding a good coach or a mentor is important but what’s more important is the belief that you can achieve what you have set out to achieve. do not let the pressure trouble you. Careers360: How did you plan and work for Decision making and General Awareness section of the paper? Maulik Gandhi: I solved previous XAT questions on Decision making. my engineering studies and my positions of responsibilities. So by the time I gave the CAT in October 2013. the Verbal Ability and Logical Ability section in 35 minutes. Recreational activities are very important to me as I believe that for every important problem that needs to be tackled. I also gave a lot of online LR tests. Do stress relieving exercises. I did not take any special coaching. crack the paper. I read newspapers daily. too much pressure would ultimately lead to failure. Never give up! Careers360: How important are recreational activities for you? Were you involved in any of the activities besides preparing for the exam? Maulik Gandhi: As the head of the trekking club of my for more news and updates on XAT Topper Interview Post Comment Suggested Reading: Topper Interview|XAT Topper interview|How to crack XAT|XAT 2015 Follow 1 follower 7 Related Articles How Ancy Varghese secured admission offers from 10 top B-school including 7 IIMs. If not acted upon well. Careers360: Please share your preparation strategy for the Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning separately? Maulik Gandhi: Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation: I started my CAT preparations in October 2012. Next day. 5 Logical Reasoning sets. I organized various treks to Sahyadri Ranges in Maharashtra. I would solve questions on those topics and try not to make any mistakes. I used to solve 20 Quant Questions and 3 Decision making sets a day. I would solve 5 sets a day as it was my weakest areas. Careers360: How did you manage your time while attempting the actual XAT paper? Maulik Gandhi: I started with the Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section of the paper and finished it in half an hour which left me with 90 minutes to answer the remaining two major sections. and take walks in the gardens. Other Feature Stories on B-School and MBA: Life @ B-School Campus Changes in CAT 2014 CAT Topper Interviews MBA Internship Series Stay tuned on www. watch sports on TV. I also took 5 mock XATs to review my preparation and have an idea of how the actual exam would be. find problem areas.

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