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Turnersville, NJ 08012

856-374-3739(H) 856-577-0404 (C)

Senior executive with extensive inter-disciplinary expertise. As a toolmaker and tool-user, a strong developer of
internal staff and supporting capabilities. Builds high level of trust internally and with clients in a collaborative
and consultative fashion, and recognized for innovative approaches to answering difficult problems with
outcomes both actionable and elegant. Possesses outstanding leadership skills with a solid reputation for building
highly effective organizations. Software developer. Methodologist for all types of research: qualitative,
quantitative, primary and secondary. Fully engaged in business development activities. Articulate and polished
presenter. Relishes a challenge and energized by adversity.

2014 Present
Marketing, primary and secondary research, econometrics and forecasting, software and database design and
implementation, social media and Big Data analytics
Recent projects include:
Non-US retail pharma pricing projects
Designed formal model and analytical process for corporate reputation diagnostics from social media
sources, including implementation of method and software for deriving corporate reputation from equity
market data from multiple exchanges
Developed and coded novel method for identification of meaningful target sub-populations in Big Data
Psychophysical analysis of wine preferences from POS preference / purchase data
Novel temporal segmentation analysis of favorability / receptivity to messaging via web-based video
testing identifying both optimal segments and points of message strength / weakness
Analysis of small-sample data from augmented qualitative research to determine physician points-ofview on treatment paradigms
Consulting regarding research design with several companies
Development of Excel add-in pricing analysis tool for modeling and simulating own and competitive
price effects on product demand for large pharma client

Kantar Health (formerly The MattsonJack Group), Horsham, PA

Pharmaceutical consulting firm

2005 December, 2013

Senior Vice President, Brand and Stakeholder Management, Commercial Development

Final projects included:
o Analysis of assumptions behind the Affordable Care Act using KH National Health and Wellness
Study data, a large-scale survey of the US population
o Simulator and presentation tool for the traffic trauma pathway, a leading cause of death in the world,
showing benefits to economic and health outcomes in six countries by improvements made along
every point in the patient journey



Head of Brand and Stakeholder Management, covering

o Stakeholder Management customer satisfaction, corporate reputation, sales force effectiveness,
brand equity and touch-point management and related research and consulting
o Promotional response modeling estimating return on marketing investments, launch and in-line
resource allocation and forecasting, marketing mix and competitive scenario planning
o Influence mapping custom physician influence mapping studies, syndicated influence mapping
product in oncology
Leader of initiatives on innovation and Big Data
Consulting in social media marketing, measurement and returns including corporate reputation
Measurement and analysis of customer relationship management systems
Developed custom software in support of analytical requirements in epidemiology, forecasting and

Chief Methodologist, Commercial Development

Designed and assisted in implementation of marketing research organizational structure, workflow and hiring
In charge of design and development of qualitative and quantitative research methods and software tools in
support of marketing research, consulting engagements, forecasting, epidemiology and other projects
Develop methods and tools specific to cancer epidemiology in the area of lines of therapy
Participate in effort to develop patient flow offerings through use of systems dynamics methods and software
Manage and hire to produce standardized templates for presentation of research, proposal and methods
components and capabilities, as well as survey instrument batteries
Manage and execute advanced methods in support of consulting engagements
Train all staff in research methods while building MJG capabilities pre- and post-launch, including qual and
quant research with primary and secondary data in early phase research, Delphi methods, strategy, product
profiling and demand, pricing, positioning, messaging, execution, implementation and performance
assessment, integration of secondary data with primary research and other custom research in support of
strategy, tactics and business development and licensing
Develop new business and deepen existing relationships through direct client contact, speaking engagements
and seminars / webinars
Responsible for Promotional Response Modeling Group, market mix modeling and related econometric and
timeseries analysis, forecasting and tool and product development
Formulate staffing and organizational plans to support significant continuing growth
TVG Market Research and Consulting, Inc., (Division of PDI, Inc.), Fort Washington, PA
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Marketing Research firm.
Executive Vice President and Chief Methodologist
Head of Quantitative Process Area with a staff devoted to advanced quantitative analysis.

2001 2005

Member of Executive Committee, which managed all general business activities, including M&A.
Responsibility for Quant and overall company sales, revenue and profitability goals.
Led efforts toward new business development and credentialing quantitative research offerings.
Speaker at various industry events, including PMRG Forecasting, IIR, PMSA and PBIRG.
Restructured workflow to optimize profitability through proper in-sourcing and outsourcing balance.
Formed and led Enterprise Forecasting Group for analysis and forecasting products using secondary and
primary data, including staffing for enterprise data warehouse project.
Head of Innovation Initiative; rounded out company quantitative offerings from early-stage development
through post-launch.
Member of TVG Technical Committee.
Developer and faculty for TVG Seminars for clients (Post-launch and Advanced Quantitative Methods).
Chaired TVG University for internal staff training and development.
Led Field Group and Operations Group.


Opinion Research International, Princeton, NJ

Vice President and Chief Methodologist


1999 2001

Methodological consultant for all projects requiring advanced research designs, implementation or analytics.
Internal consultant on operational issues and training of research staff.
Directed Sampling Group, designing, acquiring, and processing samples for virtually all research projects.
Developed new sources for sample and testing quality.
Proposed new lines of business.
Member of United States Management Team.

1995 1999
Firm specializes in statistical, economic and marketing research in telecommunications and energy industries.
Vice President
TNS Telecomms, (formerly PNR and Associates, Inc.), Jenkintown, PA

As 4th member of start-up, contributed to successful double-digit growth each year for 4 consecutive years.
Built entire analytical staff capability through hiring and training.
Headed research and the formulation of new techniques in statistical modeling, market segmentation, and
allied software development.
Executed and managed business and residential research in consumption, product concepts, market
segmentation and switching behavior under competition.
Developed software for response modeling, clustering, and survey research.
Developed large-scale panel survey design, syndicated studies, custom research projects, business panel
creation and development.
Oversaw and estimated models and segmentation schemes for direct response use.

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, Philadelphia, PA

Director of Marketing Information / Market Research

Directed all information and research activities for the Marketing Department with full budgetary control.
Performed or directed primary and secondary research, mail and television response models and various
statistical analyses (including forecasting of interest rates, lapsation risk and others).
Oversaw management of DR database of 48 million households.
Developed statistical and database tools to leverage resources to best advantage and achieve economies of

Aurion Corporation, Harleysville, PA

President and Co-Founder

1992 1995

1988 1992

Co-founded software development and consulting firm specializing in market research, modeling and
forecasting systems and services for Fortune 2000 clients.
Primary consulting in automotive, package goods and measurement of quality in human services.
Led all management aspects of small business, as well as software design, implementation, statistical
analysis, modeling, and client and vendor management.



Robinson Associates, Inc. Bryn Mawr, PA

1984 1988
Preeminent boutique firm specializing in applications of mathematical psychology techniques and market
modeling; first firm to commercially introduce perceptual and preference mapping and hybrid conjoint analysis.
Clients included GM, National Geographic, the Armed Forces of the United States, Polaroid, Sun Oil, and many
others. Academic affiliate was Dr. Paul Green of the Wharton School.
1985 1988
1984 1985

Vice President

Independent Consultant Woodbury, NJ

Economic analysis, forecasting, economic timeseries database and software development

1983 1984

Chase Econometrics, Inc. (Division of Chase Manhattan Bank), Bala Cynwyd, PA

Firm provided subscription and custom econometric analysis and forecasting.

1976 1983

Associate Economist, Consumer Economics Group

Associate Economist, Food and Agriculture Group
Research Associate, Food and Agriculture Group
Simulation and Modeling Systems Developer

1981 1983
1979 1981
1978 1979
1976 1977

Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, Philadelphia, PA

Simulation and Modeling Systems Developer
1973 1975
Part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and directed by Nobel Laureate Lawrence Klein
Worked part- and full-time while undergraduate and graduate student

MA, Comparative Government, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Dual BA cum laude, Comparative and Developmental Politics and Spanish Literature, University of
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
BA, Central High School, Philadelphia, PA, 231st Class
Antis, C., William Serad and M. Heiney Assessing Changes in the Residential Telecommunications and Electric
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Austin, David and William Serad How to Identify the Many Attributes of Quality: The QA Project at
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Rappoport, P., L. D. Taylor, D. J. Kreidel and William Serad The Demand for Internet and On-line Access in
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VA: IOS Press, Inc, 1998), pp. 205-218
Serad, William The Small & Medium Business Market: An Investigation of Attitudes and Loyalty Toward
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Serad, William Residential Customers: Perceptions About Utility Providers and Electric Switching Intentions
Electric Power Research Institute, TR-108465 4846-02, July 1997
Speaking Engagements
2012-2013 Intra-mural webinars and presentations on new product forecasting methods, KOL mapping, and Big
2009 PBIRG Pricing Workshop, New Jersey, How Much? Advanced Pricing Research Methods
2004 PMRG Forecasting Seminar, Brand Equity Analysis for Long-term Brand Performance
2004 IIR Pharmaceutical Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Advisory Panels and Delphi Methods
2004 PMSA, San Francisco, California, Augmented Delphi Forecasting Methods for Early-phase Products
2004 PBIRG, San Diego, California, International Brand Equity Research for Pharmaceutical Products