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Please note: This is a revision week.

I do not need any books in class, only bring your pencils and anything that you may need for art on Monday. I will either be working from worksheets or from displays. Where
I've used a worksheet in class I'll try to upload it onto the website as well in case you want to use it again for practise. There is no homework set for this week.
Also, please remember that the school day finishes at 12:00 this week and the children need to be collected from school promptly at that time.

Grade 1C - Weekly Planner

Week 31: 12th June 2010
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English: Phonics English: HFW & Comprehension Arabic Arabic Science English: Grammar Math Social Studies

Revision Staying safe at home and

Practising these skills by

What makes up Earth? Revision: Days, months and school;
Revision: mute 'e' with long o looking at Frog and Toad
Arabic Final Exam What changes land? holidays; One and more than Revision worksheet 1 Fire safety;
and u. Long 'e' sound. Together HFW &
How can you measure one; action verbs Staying safe around
Comprehension questions.
weather? strangers;
Avoiding poisons

Math Islamic Studies Arabic Arabic Social Studies Science English: HFW & Comprehension English: Phonics

Preventing illness; Revision
Practising these skills by

Allergies; What are the four seasons?

Revision: Prophetic seerah - looking at Henry and Mudge Revision: -y endings,
Revision worksheet 2 Arabic Arabic Using medicine safely; What is matter?
worksheets 4.1 - 4.4 HFW & Comprehension compund words, ir er & ur.
Showing your feelings; What are solids, liquids and questions.
Respecting others; gases?
Families change

Art English: Grammar English: Phonics Math I.T. Arabic English: Handwriting

Practise of a handwriting

Revision: Verbs that add -s;

assessment sheet 10
Continuation of art final exam verbs that do not add -s; Revision: dge, ai & ay, ea. Revision worksheet 3 I.T. Arabic
(Also available on the class
verbs for now and the past

Islamic Studies P.E. Science Math English: Phonics Arabic Arabic English: Grammar


How can water change? Revision: Am, is, are, was

Revision: du'a, dhikr and Revision: suffixes to words
P.E. What makes things move? Revision worksheet 4 Arabic Arabic and were; contractions with
Islamic etiquettes ending -y, oa & ow, ie & igh.
What do magnets do? not; adjectives

P.E. Math Science Arabic I.T.


What gives off heat?
P.E. Revision worksheet 5 What makes light and Arabic I.T. Class party
What is in the day/night sky?