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Academics: Please describe any previous or current experience relevant to this program,
and how this program may contribute to your future academic goals.
I have previous experience from high school learning about art history and the historical
relevance of architectural and visual design in Europe. During my AP World History course, I
learned extensively about the cultural aspects of a nation that can be deciphered from these
observable aspects.
As an engineering major, I need to fulfill several general studies through liberal studies courses,
and as a member of the University Honors Program, I must meet the requirements of taking
several honors liberal studies courses and an honors topics course. Since it can be both risky and
difficult to find an engineering study abroad opportunity that will cover the exact transfer credits
I need, it would be more beneficial to me to focus on achieving my general education and UHP
credits through study abroad than any math or science course, which is why this particular
program interests me.
The program involves an intensive study of historical culture over the course of a month, and
requires each student to maintain an ongoing journal about the experience. I feel that I will gain a
better understanding of the knowledge through the two courses I will take by participating in this
study abroad experience; learning abroad will immerse me in the culture directly and allow me to
experience the historical art and visual design in-person, which I feel will help to strengthen my
perspective more than what I would gain from sitting in a classroom and learning from a
2. Personal: Please describe your personal motivation for taking part in this program.
Please detail any previous international experiences that may be relevant in this section.
Although I have chosen a more technical and scientific plan of study for my undergraduate
education, I have a personal interest in travelling and learning about other cultures. I think it is
fundamental for people to have experience in exploring numerous cultures and traditions, and I
expect that I will be able to witness this by studying abroad.
The summer prior to my senior year of high school, I participated in a faculty-led educational
tour in Europe. Beginning in Lisbon, Portugal, we travelled in a group of nearly ninety students
and faculty through Portugal, Spain, France, and England over the course of fifteen days. I was
able to learn about the ethics and culture of a multitude of cities, one of the most interesting
being the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, however two weeks was simply not enough
time for me to feel fully immersed. During that time, I was in Paris for roughly a day and a half,
and had time to visit the Louvre and Notre Dame, but I left with more questions about the city
than answers. When I heard about this faculty-led study abroad program, I was ecstatic to find
out that the courses offered matched with my plan of study, but I was even more excited about
the opportunity to learn in Paris and the surrounding neighborhoods and cities.
3. Professional: Please describe how this program may contribute to your professional
goals and provide any previous professional experience that may be relevant to this study
abroad experience.

Interpersonal communication and professional growth are the top two goals that I aim to achieve
in all my experiences, and study abroad serves as a strong candidate to strengthen both of these
skills. Being able to listen, both verbally and nonverbally through gestures, is a skill necessary in
all workplaces. I do not have extensive knowledge in the French language, only basic grammar
and vocabulary; by studying in France, I will need to rely heavily on behaviors and body
language. Living in a different country for a month will also test my own behaviors I will learn
to be polite and respectful with more than just words. This opportunity will strengthen my
charisma I expect to become more self-confident by relying on my own independence, more
optimistic, and learn to communicate more dynamically. Although I have only taken one
engineering course at UNC Charlotte so far, I understand the importance of soft skills, especially
communication, in technical fields. I feel that this study abroad experience will help me gain a
better insight into personable communication.