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Now I have come to learn that the Yin Yang symbol, the Tai Chi, is from the Yi J

ing. More specifically, the Tai Chi symbol is a tracing of the sun's annual shad
ow as the earth makes its solar revolution.
Quoting from this excellent web site (
In general, the Yin Yang symbol is a Chinese representation of the entire celest
ial phenomenon. It contains the cycle of Sun, four seasons, 24-Segment Chi, the
foundation of the I-Ching and the Chinese calendar.
Observing and recording the shadow of the sun through the use of the gnomon was
instrumental in discovering a calendar and served as a guide for human evolution
and prosperity. The Chinese recognized the gnomon as the most sophisticated mat
h instrument for thousands of years and it is the math of the gnomon that is the
basis of the Yi Jing. (
However, the gnomon was no more than a verticle stick in the ground. Hardly soph
isticated at first glance, but the Math of the gnomon was revered as the greates
t foundation of Chinese philosophy. The Math of the gnomon would help humankind
establish order over chaos and lead to evolution and prosperity.
As the gnomon is intricately related to the Yi Jing, the Lo Shu, and the Hexagra
ms it's Math can not be underestimated. Chinese mythology is based on Fu Hsi and
his discovery of the He Tu and the Lo Shu, gifts from Heaven.
The Lo Shu/He Tu was the Chinese cosmological model for Time (as in the calendar
) and Space (as in the Pythagorean Theorem).
Quoting from the Chou pei suan jing translated as the Arithmetical Classic of th
e Gnomon and the Circular Paths of the Heavens:
He who understands the earth is a wise man, and he who understands the heavens i
s a sage. Knowledge is derived from the straight line. The straight line is deri
ved from the right angle. And the combination of the right angle with numbers is
what guides and rules the ten thousand things.
Sir Joseph Needham, Science and Civilisation, Vol. III
A sage was not a shaman nor a magician. A sage was one who understood the Math a
nd could functionally apply it for the benefit of humankind.
Unfortunately, the importance of Math has been forgotten in reference to the Yi
Jing. It is not necessary to know all the Math connected to the Yi Jing, but it
is a shame that western civilization does not get the connection to Math and the
evolution of humankind.
It is always instructive to know the root origins of a tradition if one is to in

corporate this tradition in order to evolve and prosper. .